How to Create FREE Viral Video with Viggle AI & Capcut Tutorial

Sejin AI
1 May 202408:07

TLDRIn this tutorial, Sejin reveals how to transform a simple image into an animated dancing character using Viggle AI and CapCut, both free tools. The process involves searching for images on, animating them with motion templates on Viggle, and then editing in CapCut with effects and music to create a viral video. This engaging guide offers a fun and easy way to produce captivating content.


  • 📸 Learn how to convert an image into a dancing character using Viggle AI and CapCut.
  • 🆓 Create viral videos for free with Viggle AI and CapCut.
  • 🖼️ Use to find and download user-generated images.
  • 📥 Download both character and background images from
  • 🎥 Animate your images using Viggle AI's motion templates.
  • 🖥️ Join Viggle AI's Discord to access animation tools.
  • 📹 Use CapCut for video editing, including Chroma Key and auto cutout features.
  • 🎶 Add and adjust music in CapCut to sync with character movements.
  • 🎨 Apply effects in CapCut to enhance video transitions and overall look.
  • 📤 Export your final video from CapCut with the desired settings.

Q & A

  • What is the main purpose of the video tutorial?

    -The main purpose of the video tutorial is to demonstrate how to create a free viral video using Viggle AI and CapCut by converting an image into a dancing character.

  • What is used for in this tutorial? is used as a Text to Image Generator to find and download free user-generated images, such as a Female Character from Pixar, for the video project.

  • How does one find a background image for the video?

    -A background image is found by searching for a specific theme, like 'Living Room, Pixar Style', on and selecting an image that fits the desired video style.

  • What is Viggle.AI and how is it used in the tutorial?

    -Viggle.AI is a next-generation AI Video Generator that is currently free to use. It is used to animate images by applying motion templates and creating dance moves for the characters.

  • What is a motion template in Viggle.AI?

    -A motion template in Viggle.AI is a preset template that allows for easy animation of characters in a consistent style, such as the 'Crisscross' prompt used in the tutorial.

  • How does one join the Viggle AI beta and start animating?

    -To join the Viggle AI beta, one must click on the 'Join The Beta' link, join their Discord, and start generating animations in the 'Animate' channels using the '/ANIMATE' command.

  • What video editor is recommended for editing the animated videos?

    -CapCut is recommended as one of the best free video editors on the market, available both as a web version and a Windows app.

  • How is the Chroma Key function used in CapCut?

    -The Chroma Key function in CapCut is used to create a transparent background by selecting the green area on the video and increasing the strength to smooth the edges, which helps in overlaying the character onto the background.

  • What steps are taken to remove the Viggle logo from the video?

    -The Viggle logo is removed by using the 'Auto Cutout' option in CapCut, which leaves the character and removes everything else from the video frame.

  • How can one add music and synchronize it with the character animations?

    -Music is added by searching for a desired genre in CapCut's audio library, dragging the music file into the timeline, and aligning character animations with the melody repeats in the music track.

  • What effects are used to enhance the video and how are they applied?

    -Effects like 'Tracking Shot 2' for camera movement and 'Flickery Shots' for a popping effect are used. They are applied by dragging and dropping them onto the timeline and adjusting their length to fit the video.

  • How does one make the character appear magically in the video?

    -A magical appearance is created by adding an Opacity keyframe at the beginning of the character's video, setting the opacity to 0%, and then increasing it as the video progresses.

  • What is the final step in creating the video before exporting?

    -The final step is setting the IN and OUT points of the video to determine the portion to be exported, and then clicking the 'Export' button to save the completed video.



😀 Creating a Dancing Character Video

Sejin introduces a tutorial on transforming an image into a dancing character for viral video content using free tools like Viggle AI and CapCut. The process begins with finding a character and background using Lexica, a text-to-image generator. Sejin selects a female Pixar character and a Pixar-style living room as the background. The next step involves using Viggle AI's video generator to animate the character with motion templates like 'Crisscross', 'Bobbin', and 'Where Is Matt'. The video emphasizes the ease and fun of creating engaging content.


🎨 Editing and Enhancing the Animated Video

This paragraph details the editing process in CapCut, a free video editor. It starts with setting the background and aspect ratio, followed by importing and adjusting the dancing character using the Chroma Key function to remove the green screen background and the Viggle logo. The character's size, placement, and color tone are fine-tuned. The tutorial continues with adding effects like 'Tracking Shot 2' for camera movement and 'Flickery Shots' for a dynamic flickering effect. Music is added, and characters' appearances are synchronized with the melody's repetition. Opacity keyframes are used to make characters magically appear. The final steps include trimming excess parts, setting IN and OUT points, and exporting the finished video.



💡Viggle AI

Viggle AI is a next-generation AI video generator that allows users to animate images and create videos with ease. In the context of the video, it is used to animate a downloaded character image, applying motion templates to create a dancing character. The script mentions using Viggle AI to search for prompts and animate the character with the Crisscross motion template, which is integral to the video's theme of creating a viral video.


CapCut is a free video editing software that offers a range of editing tools and effects. The script describes using CapCut to edit the animated character videos, including the use of the Chroma Key function to remove backgrounds and the addition of effects and music. CapCut is central to the video's tutorial on creating a viral video, as it is the platform where all the final edits and enhancements are made.

💡Chroma Key

Chroma Key is a video editing technique used to make a selected color, typically green, transparent in the video, allowing for a different background to be inserted. In the script, the Chroma Key function is used in CapCut to remove the green background from the animated character videos, making it possible to layer them over other backgrounds, which is a key step in creating the viral video.

💡Text to Image Generator

A Text to Image Generator is a tool that creates images based on text descriptions. The script mentions Lexica as an example of such a generator, where the user searches for 'Female Character, Pixar' to find an image for the video. This concept is crucial to the video's theme as it provides the starting point for creating the animated character.

💡Motion Templates

Motion templates in the context of the video are preset animations that can be applied to images to create movement. The script describes using the 'Crisscross' motion template in Viggle AI to animate the character. These templates are essential for giving the character a dancing appearance, which is a central element of the video's content.


Discord is a communication platform used for text, voice, and video conversations. In the script, it is mentioned as the place where users can join Viggle AI's beta testing through a link and use the 'Animate' channels to generate videos. Discord serves as a community hub for users to access and utilize Viggle AI's features.

💡Aspect Ratio

The aspect ratio is the proportional relationship between the width and height of an image or video. In the script, the aspect ratio is set to 16:9 in CapCut to prepare the video for a landscape format, which is a standard for most video content and is important for ensuring the video fits properly on various screens.

💡Opacity Keyframe

An opacity keyframe in video editing is a point in time where the transparency of an object or element is adjusted. The script describes adding opacity keyframes to make characters magically appear in the video at the start of each melody. This technique contributes to the video's engaging and dynamic nature.


Finetune in the context of the video refers to a feature in Viggle AI that allows for refining the animation results. The script instructs to always choose 'On' for Finetune when animating, which suggests it is used to improve the quality and smoothness of the animated character's movements.

💡Auto Adjust

Auto Adjust in CapCut is a feature that automatically adjusts the color and tone of the video or image to match the overall aesthetic of the project. The script mentions using Auto Adjust to ensure the character's color and tone are consistent with the video, which helps in creating a cohesive and professional-looking final video.


Export in video editing is the process of saving the final video in a specific format to share or distribute. The script's final step involves setting the IN and OUT points of the video and then exporting it with a title, which is the culmination of the video creation process described in the tutorial.


Learn to create a dancing character from an image using Viggle AI and Capcut.

Discover how to make a viral video for free with the help of Lexica for image generation.

Explore the use of for searching and using free user-generated images.

Select a Female Character, Pixar style, to create an animated music video.

Download the chosen character image for use in the video project.

Search for a 'Living Room, Pixar Style' background for the video.

Download a suitable background image to complement the dancing character.

Utilize Viggle.AI, a next-generation AI Video Generator, for free.

Acquire three motion templates from Viggle to animate images.

Join Viggle's beta and Discord to start generating animated videos.

Animate the character using the Crisscross Motion template in Viggle.

Incorporate additional dance moves with the Bobbin and Where Is Matt motion prompts.

Generate videos quickly, typically within 1 to 2 minutes, and download them.

Edit the video using CapCut, a free video editor, available on the web or as an app.

Set the video's aspect ratio and adjust the background image to fit the frame.

Use Chroma Key to remove the green background and create transparency.

Remove the Viggle logo and adjust the character's size and placement.

Add effects and music to enhance the video's appeal and coherence.

Use Opacity keyframes to make characters magically appear with the music's melody.

Finalize the video by trimming excess parts and setting IN and OUT points.

Export the completed video with a title, ready for sharing.