How to Create Logos in seconds: Midjourney Logo Tutorial

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20 Jan 202405:22

TLDRThis tutorial demonstrates how to swiftly create various types of logos using Midjourney, a powerful design tool. It guides viewers through the process of generating logos for different scenarios, such as a soccer team and an F1 racing team, and highlights the improved text recognition in Midjourney version 6. Tips are shared for refining logos, including using online background removers and Canva for text adjustments. The video also showcases how to emulate the styles of renowned logo designers and create 3D character logos, providing a comprehensive guide to logo creation with Midjourney.


  • 😀 Use Midjourney to create various types of logos quickly and efficiently.
  • 🔎 Perform a Google search to explore the best logo styles and use them as templates for crafting logos.
  • 📝 For Midjourney to recognize text in logos, enclose it in quotation marks to improve the prompt.
  • 📈 Switch between Midjourney versions to see which handles text better; version 6 is known for better text recognition.
  • 🎨 Create logos in different styles, such as emblem logos for an F1 racing team, and evaluate the results.
  • 🔄 Use the 'V3' option in Midjourney to generate more variations of an image based on a selected variation.
  • 🎨.1 Create logos in the style of famous logo designers by researching their iconic work and using it as inspiration.
  • 📱 Midjourney can render 3D characters and logos, such as a logo for an iPad app that teaches kids to draw.
  • 🖼️ To remove the background from a logo, use online background removers like Adobe's free background remover.
  • ✍️ If the text in a logo is incorrect, use Canva to make adjustments and correct the text for free.
  • 📚 For further use of Midjourney beyond logos, such as creating AI avatars or social media presence, watch additional tutorial videos.

Q & A

  • What is the purpose of the video tutorial?

    -The purpose of the video tutorial is to demonstrate how to create logos quickly using Midjourney, a design tool, and to provide tips for crafting the best logos possible.

  • What is the first step suggested in the tutorial for creating a logo?

    -The first step suggested is to do a Google search to find the best logo styles and use them as templates for crafting logos.

  • What is the significance of using quotation marks in Midjourney prompts?

    -Using quotation marks in Midjourney prompts helps the tool to recognize text, which can improve the accuracy of the logo design, especially when dealing with textual elements.

  • Why is Midjourney version 6 recommended over version 5.2 for logos with text?

    -Midjourney version 6 is recommended because it does a better job with text, producing more legible results compared to version 5.2, which struggles with text rendering.

  • How can you generate more variations of a logo in Midjourney?

    -You can generate more variations by clicking on 'V3' in Midjourney, which will create four new images modeled after a selected variation.

  • What is the benefit of using the style of a famous logo designer in Midjourney?

    -Using the style of a famous logo designer can help create a logo with a minimalist, bold, and standout look, which can be particularly effective for branding.

  • What is a 3D character logo and how does Midjourney handle it?

    -A 3D character logo is a three-dimensional representation of a character or object used in branding. Midjourney does a great job of 3D rendering, especially for icons, as demonstrated by the example of an iPad app logo.

  • How can you remove the background from a logo created in Midjourney?

    -You can use an online Background Image Remover tool, such as Adobe's background remover, which automatically removes the background after you log in and download the image.

  • Canva is mentioned in the tutorial for what purpose?

    -Canva is mentioned as a free tool to make changes to the logo, such as correcting text, adding new text, and adjusting colors, without needing any design experience.

  • What is the final tip provided in the tutorial for logo creation?

    -The final tip is to use Canva to edit and customize the text in the logo, ensuring that it matches the style and color scheme of the original design.



🎨 Logo Creation with Midjourney: Techniques and Tips

The video script introduces viewers to the process of creating logos using Midjourney, a tool capable of generating various logo styles. The presenter shares tips on finding the best logo styles through a Google search and recommends a resource page for different logo styles. The video demonstrates creating a logo for a fictional soccer team, 'Lion Soccer Club,' and compares the results between Midjourney versions 5.2 and 6, noting the improved text handling in the latter. The presenter also shows how to correct text in logos and suggests using version 6 for better text integration. Additionally, the script covers creating emblem logos, generating variations, and emulating the styles of famous logo designers like Massimo Vignelli. It also touches on 3D character rendering and provides a tip for removing backgrounds from logos using online tools or Adobe's background remover. Lastly, the presenter credits Matt Wolf for a tip on using Canva to adjust and correct logo text, demonstrating the process step by step.


👤 Expanding Midjourney Use: Beyond Logos to AI Avatars

The second paragraph shifts the focus from logos to the broader applications of Midjourney. It suggests that viewers can use Midjourney to create consistent characters that can serve as AI avatars or social media presences without revealing one's real identity. The presenter encourages viewers interested in this application to watch a specific video for further instruction on using Midjourney for character creation.




Logos are graphic representations or symbols that represent a company, product, or service. In the context of the video, the main theme revolves around creating logos using Midjourney, a tool that can generate various logo designs quickly. The script mentions different logo styles and provides examples of how to create logos for entities like a soccer team and a microchip company.


Midjourney is a software or platform that the video script refers to for creating logos. It has different versions, such as Midjourney 5.2 and Midjourney 6, with the latter being noted for its improved text recognition capabilities. The script demonstrates how to use Midjourney to generate logo designs for various purposes.

💡Logo Styles

Logo styles refer to the different design approaches that can be taken when creating a logo. The video script suggests looking up the best logo styles for inspiration and provides a resource that breaks down various types of logo styles, such as wordmark, letter form, and abstract. These styles are essential for understanding the diversity of logo design.


In the context of the video, a prompt is a text input given to Midjourney to guide the logo creation process. The script explains that using quotation marks in a prompt can help Midjourney recognize text better, which is crucial for designing logos that include textual elements.

💡Text Recognition

Text recognition is the ability of a software to accurately interpret and render text within a design. The video script compares the text recognition capabilities of Midjourney 5.2 and Midjourney 6, noting that the latter does a better job with text, which is important for creating logos that incorporate clear and legible text.

💡Emblem Logo

An emblem logo is a type of logo that typically features a symbol or icon combined with text. In the script, the creator uses Midjourney to design an emblem logo for an F1 racing team, highlighting the versatility of the tool in generating different logo styles.


Variations in logo design refer to different iterations or versions of a logo that can be generated to provide options or to explore different design directions. The video script mentions the use of 'V3' in Midjourney to create more variations based on a selected image, showcasing the tool's capability to offer diverse design outcomes.

💡Logo Designers

Logo designers are professionals who specialize in creating logos. The script refers to a website listing the 20 most famous logo designers and their iconic work, such as Paul Rand's designs for IBM and UPS. This information is used to inspire the creation of logos in the style of these renowned designers.

💡3D Characters

3D characters in the context of the video refer to the ability of Midjourney to render three-dimensional logo designs. The script provides an example of creating a 3D logo for an iPad app, demonstrating the software's capacity for detailed and stylized design work.

💡Background Image Remover

A background image remover is a tool used to remove the background from an image, leaving only the foreground subject. The video script suggests using online background removers or Adobe's background remover to easily remove backgrounds from logos, which can be useful for various applications such as transparent logo designs.


Canva is a graphic design platform that allows users to create and edit designs, including logos. The video script credits Matt Wolf for a tip on using Canva to make changes to logos, such as adjusting text, which can be particularly useful when the generated logo's text needs correction or customization.


Learn how to create logos in Midjourney quickly and easily.

Tips are shared throughout the video for creating the best logos possible.

Use Google to find the best logo styles and use them as templates.

Creating a logo for a fictional soccer team called the Lion Soccer Club.

Using quotation marks in Midjourney prompts can help recognize text better.

Midjourney version 6 improves text clarity compared to version 5.2.

Generate variations of an image in Midjourney by clicking on V3.

Create logos in the style of famous designers like Massimo Vignelli.

Example of creating a minimalist logo for a microchip company in the style of Massimo Vignelli.

Midjourney can also create 3D logos, shown with an example for an iPad app.

Remove backgrounds from logos using online tools like Adobe's background remover.

Correct logo text issues using Canva, which is free to use.

Steps to edit logos in Canva to replace incorrect text with the desired text.

Adjust color schemes in Canva using the eyedropper tool for consistency.

Use Canva to create custom designs and add elements to your logos.

Further tips on using Midjourney for creating characters and AI avatars.