How to Create Trending - Realistic AI images for free. Microsoft Bing image creator tutorial

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21 Jan 202407:17

TLDRIn this tutorial, Rejoice demonstrates how to create trending, realistic AI images using Microsoft Bing's image generator. Viewers learn to access the tool, describe their ideas for image generation, and receive daily free image generation credits. Tips for finding inspiration and customizing images are shared, along with a unique method of using chatbot prompts to generate creative ideas for African-themed images. The video encourages subscription and interaction for more content like this.


  • 😀 The video is a tutorial on creating trending, realistic AI images for free using Microsoft Bing's image creator.
  • 🔍 The first step is to visit the Bing image generator via a web browser and select the 'Image Creator from Microsoft Designer'.
  • 📝 Users can find inspiration from the text box descriptions or samples of other people's work on the interface.
  • 💡 The video suggests using the 'surprise me' feature for random image generation if one lacks specific ideas.
  • 📈 The energy bar indicates the number of free image generations available per day, which refreshes daily.
  • 🎨 After image generation, users can download high-quality images or customize them using various tools provided.
  • 🌐 The video mentions 'Chat Open' as a source of inspiration for image prompts, suggesting it can help with generating ideas.
  • 📖 The presenter demonstrates how to use prompts from 'Chat Open' to create diverse images, such as those depicting life in Africa.
  • 🎭 The video shows that specifying styles like 'pixel' or 'Disney' does not significantly alter the outcome, as the AI generates realistic 3D images regardless.
  • 🔄 The presenter encourages viewers to experiment with different descriptions and styles to find unique images.
  • 👍 The video concludes with a call to action for viewers to subscribe, like, and comment on the channel for further interaction.

Q & A

  • What is the purpose of the video by Rejoice?

    -The purpose of the video is to demonstrate how to generate realistic AI images using Microsoft Bing image creator for free.

  • What is the first step to create AI images according to the video?

    -The first step is to go to your browser and type 'bing image generator', then click on the first result to access the Microsoft image creator interface.

  • How does the image creator interface work?

    -The interface has a text box where you describe what you want to generate and samples of other people's work for inspiration.

  • What is the benefit of observing the descriptions of other people's work?

    -Observing the descriptions can provide inspiration on how to describe your own ideas for the AI image generator.

  • What is the 'surprise me' button for in the image generator?

    -The 'surprise me' button is used to generate random images if you don't have a specific idea of what to create.

  • How many times can you generate images for free in one day?

    -You can generate images 15 times for free in one day, and this count refreshes every day.

  • What happens if you are not satisfied with the generated images?

    -You can keep trying until you get the images you like, or use the customization tools to modify the images.

  • What is the 'customize' option for in the image generator?

    -The 'customize' option allows you to further work on the generated images, including removing the background, cropping, and changing filters.

  • What is the role of the 'Chat Open' website in the video?

    -The 'Chat Open' website is used to get prompt ideas for the image generator when you have an idea but don't know how to describe it.

  • How does the video suggest using prompts from 'Chat Open'?

    -The video suggests copying the prompts from 'Chat Open' and pasting them into the image generator to see what images it creates.

  • What is the final encouragement given by Rejoice to the viewers?

    -Rejoice encourages viewers to subscribe to the channel, like the video, and leave questions in the comments section for further interaction.



🎨 Generating Realistic AI Images with Microsoft Designer

In this video, the host, Rejoice, introduces viewers to the process of creating realistic AI-generated images using Microsoft Designer. The host encourages viewers to subscribe for similar content and dives into the steps needed to generate images. They guide viewers to visit the Microsoft Designer website, describe their desired image in a text box, and use samples for inspiration. The host also hints at a tip for generating creative prompts later in the video. After describing the image, viewers are instructed to click 'join and create', which leads to a registration or login page. The host explains the energy bar system, which allows for a certain number of free image generations per day, and demonstrates the image generation process, including the 'surprise me' feature for random image generation. The host then shows examples of generated images and discusses customization options, such as removing backgrounds and cropping, emphasizing the fun and creative potential of the tool.


🤖 Using Chatbot AI for Image Prompt Inspiration

In the second paragraph, the host shares a resource for generating creative prompts for image generation: Chatbot AI. The host explains that by visiting, users can interact with an AI chatbot to receive prompt ideas. Demonstrating the process, the host asks the AI for prompt ideas related to life in Africa, aiming to create authentic and realistic images. The AI provides several suggestions, which the host copies and pastes into the image generator to produce a diverse range of images celebrating African ethnicities and traditional attire. The host credits the AI chatbot for inspiring most of the prompts used in the video, with some personal adjustments made to tailor the prompts to their vision. The video concludes with a call to action for viewers to subscribe, like, and comment, and the host expresses gratitude for the viewership.



💡AI images

AI images refer to images generated by artificial intelligence, often using deep learning algorithms to create realistic and detailed visuals. In the context of the video, AI images are the main focus, showcasing how they can be created using the Microsoft Bing image creator. The video demonstrates how these images can be produced for free and are of high quality, which is a significant draw for viewers interested in digital art and technology.


Trending refers to something that is becoming increasingly popular or fashionable, often in the context of social media or current events. The video script mentions AI images as 'trending online,' indicating that they are a popular topic of interest and discussion in the digital community. This is important for viewers who want to stay current with the latest technology and artistic trends.

💡Bing image generator

The Bing image generator is a tool developed by Microsoft that allows users to create AI-generated images. It is highlighted in the video as a free and high-quality resource for generating realistic images. The script provides a tutorial on how to use this tool, emphasizing its user-friendly interface and the creative potential it offers to users.


Realistic, in the context of the video, describes the quality of the AI-generated images, implying that they closely resemble real-life scenes or objects. The video shows how the Bing image generator can produce images that are not only visually appealing but also highly detailed and lifelike, which is crucial for viewers interested in the capabilities of AI in art creation.

💡Image Creator from Microsoft

Image Creator from Microsoft is the specific application within the Bing suite that is used for generating AI images. The video provides a step-by-step guide on accessing and using this tool, highlighting its features such as the text box for descriptions and the ability to view and draw inspiration from samples of other people's work.


Inspiration in the video is discussed in relation to how users can come up with ideas for the AI to generate images. The script suggests looking at descriptions of other people's work for ideas and also mentions using an AI chatbot to generate prompt ideas. This is important for viewers who may have a creative vision but need help articulating it into a format that the AI can understand and work with.


Prompts are the textual descriptions or cues that guide the AI in generating specific images. The video explains how to use prompts effectively, showing viewers how to describe what they want the AI to create. It also demonstrates how to get prompt ideas from an AI chatbot, which can be particularly helpful for users who struggle with coming up with their own descriptions.

💡Pixel style

Pixel style refers to a specific type of digital art characterized by the use of pixels as individual units to create images. In the video, the creator experiments with generating pixel-style images using the Bing image generator, showing that the tool can be used to create images in various artistic styles, including this retro and popular form of digital art.

💡Disney style

Disney style in the video script is used to describe another artistic style that the Bing image generator can produce. The creator tests the tool by asking it to generate images in the Disney style, which typically features rounded shapes, bright colors, and a whimsical aesthetic. This demonstrates the versatility of the AI in creating images that mimic different artistic styles.


Customize in the context of the video means to make changes to the AI-generated images after they have been created. The script mentions the various tools available for customization, such as removing backgrounds or cropping, allowing users to further refine their images to fit their specific needs or preferences.


A chatbot is an AI program designed to simulate conversation with human users. In the video, the creator uses a chatbot to generate prompt ideas for the image generator. This is a practical example of how AI can assist in the creative process, providing users with inspiration and helping them to articulate their ideas more effectively.


Introduction to the video tutorial on creating realistic AI images with Microsoft Bing image creator.

The video provides a step-by-step guide on generating trending AI images for free.

The importance of subscribing to the channel for similar content.

Accessing the Bing image generator through a web browser.

Description of the interface with a text box for input and samples of other's work.

Using the interface to get inspiration from others' descriptions.

Instructions on how to register or log in to use the image generator.

Understanding the energy bar that limits the number of free image generations per day.

The 'surprise me' feature for generating random images without a specific idea.

The process of waiting for images to generate and the variability in the number of images produced.

How to download high-quality images and customize them further.

The ability to remove backgrounds, crop, and apply filters to customize images.

Experimenting with different styles like 'pixel style' and 'Disney style' in image descriptions.

The impact of the description choice on the style of the generated images.

Using to get prompt ideas for image generation.

An example of how to ask Chat for prompt ideas about life in Africa.

Demonstration of using Chat's prompts to generate diverse images.

Encouragement to subscribe to the channel and engage with the content.

The host's appreciation for viewers and an invitation to the next video.