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28 Oct 202256:20

TLDRIn this Adobe Express masterclass, Katrina, the Adobe Express evangelist, guides viewers on how to create impactful presentations using Adobe Express. She begins by selecting a template and customizing it to create a unique slide deck. The session covers various aspects, including choosing the right topic, personalizing the presentation with an 'About Me' section, and effectively using text styles and visuals. Katrina emphasizes the importance of a solid template for time efficiency and visual appeal. She also discusses the benefits of Adobe Express, such as its user-friendly interface, access to design assets, and the ability to create for various use cases like social media and content creation. The class concludes with tips on presenting the completed slides and exporting the presentation, either as a PDF or through Adobe Express web pages for an interactive experience. The engaging and informative session is aimed at empowering users to tell their stories effectively through presentations.


  • 🎓 Learn how to create presentations in Adobe Express from Katrina, the Adobe Express evangelist.
  • 🚀 Get inspired by the presentation styles at Adobe Max to make your own more visually appealing.
  • 📈 Understand the importance of having a solid presentation template for time efficiency and storytelling.
  • 🌟 Discover how to use Adobe Express features like the outline effect and transparent text for stylish presentations.
  • 📝 Know the option to filter and choose from various presentation templates based on use cases and sizes.
  • 📸 Learn to enhance your presentations with background removal and photo editing tools within Adobe Express.
  • 📅 Add credibility by including the date and your name on the presentation for easy reference.
  • 💡 Use the multi-page feature in Adobe Express to duplicate pages and maintain consistent styles across slides.
  • 📱 Recognize that Adobe Express is not just for desktop; it's also a powerful tool for creating content on mobile devices.
  • 🔍 Find out how to share your completed presentations as a PDF or through a shareable URL.
  • ⏱ Realize that creating a professional presentation can be done quickly with Adobe Express, even in under an hour.

Q & A

  • What is the topic of the presentation created in the Adobe Express masterclass?

    -The topic of the presentation is about why one should be using Adobe Express, inspired by the speakers and presenters at Adobe Max.

  • What is the role of Katrina Tachibana in the context of the video?

    -Katrina Tachibana is the Adobe Express evangelist and a content creator, who is leading the masterclass on how to create presentations in Adobe Express.

  • How does Katrina suggest to make a presentation more visually appealing?

    -Katrina suggests using a solid presentation template, customizing it by adding highlights, changing text styles, and incorporating relevant graphics and images to make the presentation more visually appealing.

  • What is the benefit of using Adobe Express for presentations according to the video?

    -Adobe Express benefits users by providing a wide range of templates, design assets, and the ability to start from scratch with limitless possibilities, which helps save time and focus on the creative aspects of presentations.

  • How can one share their completed presentation in Adobe Express?

    -One can share their completed presentation in Adobe Express by exporting it as a PDF, or by using the multi-page feature to create a web page where each block becomes a slide, and then sharing the URL of the published web page.

  • What is the significance of using the 'Highlight' feature in Adobe Express?

    -The 'Highlight' feature in Adobe Express allows users to apply different styles or fonts within the same text block, which can be useful for creating headings or subheadings that stand out.

  • What is Katrina's approach to adding social media handles in the presentation?

    -Katrina suggests adding social media handles in a separate text block, using icons or shapes to represent different social media platforms, and ensuring that all logos are roughly the same size for consistency.

  • How does Katrina handle the issue of the text justification in the presentation?

    -Katrina advises that all text justifications should match or complement each other within blocks of text to avoid confusion and maintain visual harmony in the presentation.

  • What is the recommended practice for the title slide of a presentation?

    -The recommended practice for the title slide includes adding the presentation topic, a visually appealing graphic or image, the date, and the presenter's name for easy reference.

  • Why does Katrina suggest turning off the Hardware Accelerator in Chrome when using Adobe Express?

    -Katrina suggests turning off the Hardware Accelerator in Chrome to reduce lag and improve the overall performance of Adobe Express, which can be laggy when the Hardware Accelerator is enabled.

  • What is the final slide of the presentation typically called, and what does it usually contain?

    -The final slide of the presentation is typically called the 'Thank You' slide. It usually contains a thank you message and a call-to-action (CTA) such as a subscribe or follow request.



🎉 Welcome to Adobe Live and Introduction

The video begins with a lively welcome to Adobe Live on a Friday, hosted by Katrina Terias, the Adobe Express evangelist. She introduces today's master class focused on creating presentations, inspired by the engaging presentations at Adobe Max. Katrina also interacts with the audience in the chat, discussing their weekend plans and experiences at Adobe Max. She mentions a new camera setup and discusses the importance of having a solid presentation template for success in storytelling.


📈 Starting the Presentation Master Class

Katrina dives into the master class by discussing the selection of presentation templates in Adobe Express. She highlights the variety of templates available for different use cases and emphasizes the importance of choosing the right template to build a visually appealing presentation. The class decides to create a presentation about why one should use Adobe Express, starting with a single slide and progressively building a custom slide deck style.


🎨 Customizing the Presentation with Graphics and Text

The host demonstrates how to customize a presentation by adding a photo, removing the background, and cropping it to fit. She also shows how to use the outline effect and transparent text feature in Adobe Express for a unique look. The focus is on adding the presenter's name, date, and possibly a logo to the presentation for professional touch and easy reference.


🖼️ Adding an About Me Section

Katrina explains the importance of an 'About Me' section in presentations to introduce oneself to the audience. She discusses writing style, whether in first or third person, and tailoring it to the presentation's vibe. The 'About Me' section includes the presenter's role as an evangelist for Adobe Express, streaming on Adobe Live, and creating YouTube videos.


📱 Discussing Social Media and Adobe Express

The video continues with the creation of slides that include social media handles and icons. Katrina talks about using shapes to represent social media platforms and the option to use actual logos found online. She also touches on exporting presentations as PDFs and the possibility of presenting through web pages created in Adobe Express.


🌐 Sharing and Presenting Adobe Express Designs

Katrina explores the option to share Adobe Express designs via URL and the potential for animations in presentations. She addresses the issue of animations not working when exported as PDFs and suggests focusing on creating engaging content without overwhelming the audience.


📱 Adobe Express Features and Benefits

The presentation development continues with Katrina discussing the features of Adobe Express, such as its phone app and the convenience it offers. She encourages the audience to think of one-liners to describe Adobe Express and incorporates humor and community suggestions into the presentation.


🎯 Focusing on the Benefits of Adobe Express

Katrina emphasizes the need to explain how Adobe Express can benefit the user. She suggests discussing how it saves time by focusing on the creative aspects and not the technical ones. The presentation includes a slide on the benefits, using key phrases and highlighting them for impact.


📈 Breaking Down Adobe Express's Advantages

The host breaks down the advantages of Adobe Express into three main areas: creativity, social media, and content creation. She discusses the importance of using visuals and shapes to make the presentation more engaging and easier to follow, avoiding long paragraphs of text.


🔍 Discussing Adobe Express's Creative Tools

Katrina talks about the creative tools available in Adobe Express, such as design assets and templates. She also mentions the ability to start from scratch and the limitless possibilities it offers. The discussion includes practical tips for using Adobe Express for social media and content creation, including access to Adobe Stock and fonts.


📝 Wrapping Up the Presentation

The video concludes with the creation of a thank you slide, which includes a call-to-action (CTA) for the audience. Katrina reflects on the process of making a presentation in Adobe Express within an hour and encourages viewers to subscribe for more content. She signs off with well wishes for the weekend.



💡Adobe Express

Adobe Express is a versatile online tool by Adobe Inc. that allows users to create various types of visual content such as social media graphics, web pages, and video presentations. In the video, Katrina uses Adobe Express to demonstrate how to make a presentation, highlighting its user-friendly interface and the efficiency it offers in content creation.


A presentation in the context of the video refers to a visual display of information, often used to convey a message or tell a story in a structured format. Katrina creates a presentation to explain why one should use Adobe Express, emphasizing the importance of presentations in capturing an audience's attention.


A template in this video script is a pre-designed layout or format provided by Adobe Express that users can utilize as a starting point for their projects. Templates save time and ensure a level of professional design, which is beneficial for creating presentations quickly and effectively.

💡Content Creator

A content creator is an individual who generates original content, often for digital media. Katrina, as an Adobe Express evangelist and a content creator herself, discusses her role in making presentations and how Adobe Express aids in the creative process.

💡Social Media Graphics

Social media graphics are visual elements such as images, infographics, or videos specifically designed for sharing on social media platforms. In the script, Katrina mentions the use of Adobe Express to create these graphics, indicating the tool's relevance in the social media context.

💡Adobe Max

Adobe Max is Adobe's annual creativity conference where professionals and enthusiasts gather to learn, share, and celebrate creativity. The event is mentioned as an inspiration for Katrina to create a presentation using Adobe Express, showcasing the impact of such events on content creators.

💡Design Assets

Design assets refer to the elements used in creating visual designs, such as images, icons, shapes, and fonts. Katrina discusses the abundance of design assets available in Adobe Express, which can be utilized to enhance presentations and other creative projects.

💡Hardware Accelerator

The hardware accelerator is a feature in web browsers that uses your computer's GPU to speed up graphics rendering. Katrina mentions turning off the hardware accelerator in Chrome when using Adobe Express to avoid lag, which can be crucial for a smooth design experience.


💡Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock is a subscription-based service that provides users with access to a large collection of high-quality stock images, videos, and other media. It is mentioned in the context of Adobe Express, indicating the integration and availability of professional stock content within the creative process.

💡CTA (Call to Action)

A call to action (CTA) is a prompt designed to encourage the audience to take a specific action, such as subscribing to a channel or visiting a website. In the video, Katrina discusses including a CTA on the final thank you slide of the presentation to guide viewers on what to do next.


Duotone is a printing technique where two colors are used to create a gradient effect. In the script, Katrina uses the term when discussing design options in Adobe Express, indicating how one can add visual interest to their presentations using this technique.


Katrina T., the Adobe Express evangelist, shares insights on creating captivating presentations inspired by Adobe Max speakers.

Adobe Express offers a variety of presentation templates, including flow charts and title slides, to enhance visual storytelling.

The presenter emphasizes the importance of having a solid presentation template to streamline the process and ensure effectiveness.

Adobe Express provides letter templates for printed materials, expanding beyond digital presentations.

The session demonstrates building a custom slide deck style based on a single template for a cohesive presentation.

Katrina discusses the use of Adobe Express's outline feature to create visually striking text effects.

The masterclass showcases how to remove backgrounds from images and integrate them into presentations for a professional look.

Including the date and presenter's name in the presentation helps in tracking and provides contact information.

Adobe Express allows for the creation of social media handles using shapes and icons for a consistent branding experience.

The presenter suggests exporting presentations as a PDF or utilizing Adobe Express web pages for an interactive presentation.

Adobe Express enables text animations within presentations, although these may not translate when exported as a static PDF.

Katrina highlights the ability to share presentations via URL, offering a non-editable version for easy access.

The session covers the use of Adobe Express for content creation, providing templates and assets to kickstart the creative process.

Adobe Express is positioned as a time-saving tool that focuses on the creative aspects of content creation, reducing technical hurdles.

The masterclass demonstrates the creation of a bulleted list in Adobe Express to outline the benefits of using the platform.

Katrina concludes the presentation by creating a 'Thank You' slide, encouraging audience interaction with a clear call-to-action.

The entire presentation is crafted in under an hour, showcasing the efficiency of Adobe Express for quick content creation.