How to Find Your Perfect Career (in the Age of AI & ChatGPT)

Tina Huang
12 May 202316:10

TLDRIn this video, Tina shares her journey of creating a multifaceted career involving content creation, freelancing, business ownership, and investments. She emphasizes the importance of designing your ideal career by envisioning your perfect lifestyle, determining your ideal daily routine, and identifying the skills you want to develop or already possess. Tina introduces a two-pillar framework of diversification and dissociation for career design and discusses the impact of AI on the workplace, suggesting ways to leverage AI for career advancement and stability.


  • 🎯 Tina's current career is a blend of content creation, freelancing, consulting, business ownership, and investments, with a focus on YouTube and her self-learning platform, Lonely Octopus.
  • 🌟 Despite having a fulfilling career, Tina acknowledges she's not yet at her dream career but has a plan and is making progress towards it.
  • 🛣️ Tina emphasizes the importance of designing your perfect career, which is highly personalized and based on individual interests, ambitions, and desired lifestyle.
  • 🔍 To determine your ideal career, start by envisioning your perfect life and then your ideal day, which will provide clues about the career that suits your dreams.
  • 📝 Tina suggests writing down your ideal life and day in detail, as this exercise helps clarify what kind of career would align with your personal goals and aspirations.
  • 🔄 She also introduces a two-pillar framework for career design: diversify income streams and dissociate from traditional work hours to achieve freedom in various aspects of life.
  • 🤖 Tina discusses the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on the workplace, highlighting how it can increase productivity and create opportunities for side gigs and entrepreneurship.
  • 🌐 AI is changing the landscape of work, offering tools that can help individuals diversify their income and achieve more independence and flexibility in their careers.
  • 🏡 Tina's personal career plan includes leveraging her skills in coding, data science, and content creation to build multiple revenue streams that offer flexibility and stability.
  • 📚 She shares her own career design process, which includes prioritizing remote work, being her own boss, and having control over her time and projects.
  • 📈 Tina encourages viewers to consider their own values and priorities, such as stability, independence, willingness to work, and desired lifestyle, when designing their careers.

Q & A

  • What is Tina's current career and how does she describe it?

    -Tina's current career is a mixture of different things, including content creation mostly on YouTube, freelancing, consulting, and owning a self-learning platform called Lonely Octopus. She also has investments and has been dabbling in real estate.

  • How does Tina feel about her current career?

    -Tina is pretty happy with her career at the moment, but she acknowledges that she is still far from her dream career. She has a plan to progress towards it and has seen herself making progress little by little.

  • What is Tina's perspective on the journey towards one's dream career?

    -Tina believes that it's not about the destination but the journey. She emphasizes the importance of heading in the right direction and making progress, even if the path is winding and full of mistakes.

  • What is the two-pillar framework Tina introduces for designing a perfect career?

    -The two-pillar framework Tina introduces consists of 'diversify' and 'dissociate'. Diversify refers to creating multiple income streams, while dissociate is about separating one's time from money, allowing for more freedom and control over one's work and life.

  • How does Tina suggest one should determine their ideal career?

    -Tina suggests that one should first determine their ideal life and then describe their ideal day in detail. This process helps to identify the characteristics of a career that would fit into that ideal life.

  • What are the four parameters Tina suggests ranking oneself on to understand career aspirations?

    -The four parameters are stability, independence, willingness to work, and luxury. These parameters help individuals understand their preferences and needs in terms of job security, autonomy, work ethic, and desired lifestyle.

  • How has Tina utilized her skills in coding and data science?

    -Tina has used her skills in coding and data science to work remotely and create multiple income streams. She has also developed a self-learning platform called Lonely Octopus, which is another source of income and aligns with her desire for independence and control over her work.

  • What is Tina's approach to passive income?

    -Tina has built passive income through her YouTube channel, affiliate marketing, and creating courses. She also emphasizes the importance of having multiple streams of income to maintain stability and flexibility in her career.

  • How does Tina incorporate AI into her career and workflow?

    -Tina integrates AI tools into her content creation process and her business, Lonely Octopus. She believes that AI is a powerful tool that can increase productivity and open up opportunities for diversifying income and dissociating time from money.

  • What advice does Tina give regarding the impact of AI on the workplace and careers?

    -Tina advises that AI is disrupting the workplace and shifting the landscape of jobs. She suggests that individuals should consider diversifying their income and learning about AI to take advantage of the opportunities it presents and safeguard their careers.

  • What is Tina's stance on the importance of having a home base?

    -Tina wants to have a home base in both North America and China because that's where her family and friends are. She also desires a house near the beach or mountains and an apartment in the city, indicating her preference for a stable foundation while still enjoying the benefits of different environments.

  • What is Tina's perspective on starting a family and balancing work?

    -Tina wants to start a family in the next three to five years and she acknowledges that it feels scary. She aims to have a career that allows her to focus most of her time on her family while still maintaining income through flexible and sustainable revenue streams.



🎥 Introduction to a Multifaceted Career Journey

The speaker introduces their current career as a blend of various activities, including content creation on YouTube, freelancing, consulting, and owning a self-learning platform called Lonely Octopus. They also mention personal investments and a recent interest in real estate. Despite not being at their dream career, they express satisfaction with their progress and share a personal anecdote about their age and the unconventional title they give their career – 'YouTuber and internet stuff'. The speaker emphasizes that their success was not accidental but a result of design and shares their intention to reveal their formula for designing the perfect career in the video.


🚦 Understanding the Perfect Career and Lifestyle

The speaker delves into the concept of an ideal career and lifestyle, arguing that they are intertwined. They share their personal experiences of how moving for jobs affected their lifestyle and stress levels. The speaker encourages viewers to envision their ideal life and day, providing a detailed account of their own preferences, including financial, time, and location freedom, intellectual freedom, and future aspirations such as starting a family. They stress the importance of this exercise in determining one's ideal career and highlight the need to prioritize building multiple sustainable revenue streams for future family commitments.


🛠️ Designing Your Career: Skills and Preferences

The speaker discusses the importance of aligning one's skills with their career preferences. They share their own plan for a remote career with multiple income streams, being their own boss, and avoiding tasks they dislike, such as interacting with many people. They explain how they've implemented this plan, including quitting their job at Meta, working on diverse projects, and developing Lonely Octopus. The speaker also emphasizes the significance of understanding what one does not want in a career, in addition to what they desire.


📈 Parameters for Career Design and AI's Impact

The speaker outlines four parameters to consider when designing one's career: stability, independence, willingness to work, and luxury. They share their own scores on these parameters, highlighting their need for stability and independence. They introduce the two pillars of career design: diversification of income and dissociation of time and money. The speaker also discusses the impact of artificial intelligence on the workplace, emphasizing its role in increasing productivity and offering opportunities for side gigs and business creation. They suggest that AI can be leveraged to achieve career goals faster and in new ways.

💡 Embracing AI and Future Career Considerations

The speaker expresses enthusiasm for the opportunities presented by artificial intelligence, particularly in diversifying income and dissociating time from money. They mention the growing impact of AI on the job market and suggest that full-time workers should consider diversifying their income as AI capabilities expand. The speaker shares personal experiences of integrating AI tools into their workflow and encourages viewers to explore AI's potential in their career paths. They conclude by inviting feedback on their thoughts on AI and offer to share more about incorporating AI into their business in future content.



💡Content Creation

Content creation refers to the process of producing various forms of content, such as videos, articles, or podcasts, to engage and inform an audience. In the video, the speaker primarily creates content on YouTube, which is a significant part of their career and income stream.


Freelancing involves working independently as a self-employed professional, offering services to clients on a project or contract basis. The speaker discusses freelancing as one of the income streams that contribute to their career's diversity.

💡Self-Learning Platform

A self-learning platform is an online resource that allows users to learn at their own pace through interactive courses and materials. The speaker owns a business called Lonely Octopus, which is a self-learning platform focused on data science, coding, and artificial intelligence.


Investments refer to the act of allocating money into financial instruments or projects with the expectation of generating a profit or achieving financial growth. The speaker has made investments, both from their previous job at Meta and personally, which contribute to their financial stability.

💡Real Estate

Real estate involves the buying, selling, renting, or development of properties, such as land, buildings, or housing. The speaker mentions dabbling in real estate, indicating an interest in expanding their investment portfolio beyond stocks and into physical assets.

💡Career Design

Career design is the process of intentionally planning and shaping one's professional path to align with personal goals, interests, and desired lifestyle. The speaker emphasizes the importance of designing one's career to achieve a balance between work and life.


Diversification, in the context of career and income, refers to the strategy of spreading efforts across multiple areas or income streams to reduce risk and increase stability. The speaker discusses diversification as a key pillar in designing a career that offers both financial security and independence.

💡Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to the development of computer systems that can perform tasks typically requiring human intelligence, such as learning, reasoning, and problem-solving. The speaker discusses AI's impact on the workplace and its potential to enhance productivity and create new opportunities for career diversification.

💡Remote Work

Remote work is a work arrangement where employees perform their job duties from a location outside the traditional office setting, often using digital tools for communication and collaboration. The speaker emphasizes the desire for a career that allows for remote work, providing freedom and flexibility.

💡Intellectual Freedom

Intellectual freedom refers to the ability to explore, learn, and express ideas without restrictions or limitations. The speaker values intellectual freedom, wanting the autonomy to learn and create content without being constrained by financial dependencies.

💡Passive Income

Passive income is income that is earned with little to no ongoing effort after an initial setup or investment. It is a source of earnings that can provide financial stability without requiring constant active work. The speaker seeks to build passive income streams to support their desired lifestyle and future family commitments.


Tina shares her current career mix, including content creation, freelancing, consulting, and her business Lonely Octopus.

She discusses her various income streams and investments, as well as her recent interest in real estate.

Tina is not at her dream career yet, but she has a plan and has seen progress towards it.

The importance of the journey, not just the destination, is emphasized with a quote about career progression.

Tina introduces her formula for designing the perfect career, tailored to individual interests, ambitions, and desired lifestyle.

She explains the two-pillar framework of diversify and dissociate for career design.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its impact on the workplace is discussed, including how it can be leveraged for career advancement.

Tina emphasizes the intermingling of career and lifestyle, and the importance of considering both when planning for the future.

She shares her personal goals for financial, time, and location freedom, as well as intellectual freedom.

Tina describes her ideal day, which includes a mix of deep work, relaxation, and quality time with family and friends.

She outlines the exercise of determining one's ideal life and day to gain clarity on the desired career path.

Tina talks about the importance of identifying both what you want and what you don't want in your career.

She shares her own career plan and how she's implementing it, including the decision to quit her job at Meta.

Tina discusses the parameters of stability, independence, willingness to work, and luxury in designing one's career.

She explains how AI is disrupting the workplace and creating opportunities for those who can adapt and leverage it.

Tina encourages viewers to consider diversifying their income and dissociating time with money, especially in the face of AI advancements.

She expresses envy for those learning to code now, with the help of AI tools, and encourages others to explore these opportunities.