How to Make Better Google Slides | Google Slides Tips and Tricks

Tasia Custode
13 Apr 202307:38

TLDRIn this tech tutorial, Tasia shares five top tips to enhance Google Slides presentations. She recommends starting with templates for a design headstart, adding animated GIFs for visual interest, and incorporating transitions and animations to engage viewers. The ability to add audio to slides or entire presentations is also highlighted, making presentations more dynamic. Lastly, she introduces browser shortcuts for quick access to Google Slides, saving time and increasing productivity. These tips aim to help users create more professional and engaging presentations with ease.


  • 📐 Use templates to streamline your design process and start with a solid foundation.
  • 🎨 Customize templates by changing fonts, background colors, and slide organization to fit your presentation's needs.
  • 📚 Store and reuse templates for your organization to save time on repetitive presentations.
  • 🕺 Add animated GIFs to your slides for an engaging and dynamic presentation.
  • 🔗 Incorporate GIFs by using direct links or uploading them from your computer or Google Drive.
  • 🎭 Enhance your slides with transitions and animations to create a smooth and visually appealing flow.
  • 🎬 Set slide transitions and object animations to add depth and interest to your presentation.
  • 🔊 Add audio to your slides or throughout your entire presentation to engage your audience with sound.
  • 📥 Ensure audio files are in your Google Drive to easily add them to your slides.
  • 🚀 Save time with browser shortcuts like '' or '' for quick access to Google Slides.
  • 🔄 These shortcuts are universal for the suite of Google apps, making your workflow more efficient.

Q & A

  • What is the first Google Slides tip mentioned in the video?

    -The first tip is to use templates, which can be especially helpful if you struggle with design or don't know where to start, as Google can do the heavy lifting for you.

  • How can you access Google's template gallery in Slides?

    -You can access the template gallery by clicking on the template gallery option at the top of your Google Slides, which allows you to view and select from all available templates.

  • What can you customize in a Google Slides template?

    -You can customize every element of a Google Slides template, including the font, background colors, and even duplicate or reorganize slides to fit your needs.

  • What is the bonus template tip provided for organizations?

    -The bonus tip is to create and store templates for your organization, which can be useful if you're constantly creating the same type of presentation repeatedly, allowing you to make a copy of the template instead of recreating it each time.

  • How can you add animated GIFs to your Google Slides?

    -You can add animated GIFs by either inserting them as a URL from a site like giphy or by downloading the GIF to your computer or Google Drive and then uploading it to your slide.

  • What is the process for adding a GIF from a URL?

    -To add a GIF from a URL, go to 'Insert' then 'Image', and select 'by URL'. Copy the direct GIF link from the source site, paste it into the 'Insert image' box in Google Slides, and click 'Insert image'.

  • How can you add transitions and animations to your slides?

    -With a slide selected, you can right-click and select 'Transition' or click on 'Transition' at the top. This opens the motion options where you can set the slide transition, its speed, and apply it to all slides if desired. Any element on the slide can also be animated by selecting the element and choosing from the object animations options.

  • What are the options for adding audio to a Google Slides presentation?

    -You can add audio to an individual slide or have audio play throughout your entire presentation. The audio file must already be in your Google Drive to be added to a slide.

  • How can you ensure audio plays throughout your entire Google Slides presentation?

    -To play audio throughout the presentation, add the audio file to the first slide, and in the audio formatting options, select 'start playing automatically' and uncheck 'stop on slide change'. You can also enable looping if the audio is not long enough.

  • What are the browser shortcuts mentioned in the video for Google Slides?

    -The browser shortcuts mentioned are typing '' in the browser bar to go directly to your Google Slides if signed in, or '' to open a new blank Slides presentation. These shortcuts work across all Google apps.

  • What should you do if you find the video helpful and want to see more content like it?

    -If you find the video helpful, you can give it a like, subscribe to the channel for more similar content, and check out the link in the description for another video on Google Slides tips for collaboration.



📈 Enhancing Google Slides with Templates and GIFs

The video script introduces a series of tips to improve presentations in Google Slides. The first tip is to utilize templates, which can be accessed from the template gallery to streamline the design process. This allows users to customize slides with various elements such as fonts and background colors. Additionally, the script suggests creating and storing templates for repetitive presentation types to save time. The second tip is to add animated GIFs to slides, which can be incorporated by either using a direct URL from a site like Giphy or by uploading a saved GIF from the computer or Google Drive. This enhances the visual appeal and engagement of the presentation.


🎬 Adding Transitions, Animations, and Audio to Google Slides

The script continues with tips on adding transitions and animations to slides in Google Slides, which can be done by selecting the desired options from the transition menu or by using the object animations feature. This allows for a dynamic presentation flow and visual effects. Moreover, the video explains how to incorporate audio into individual slides or throughout the entire presentation by adding audio files from Google Drive. The script emphasizes the importance of placing the audio file on the first slide for continuous playback and provides a bonus tip on setting playback options and looping the audio if necessary. The video concludes with a reminder to subscribe for more content and invites viewers to share their own tips in the comments.



💡Google Slides

Google Slides is a free, web-based presentation application that is part of the Google Workspace productivity suite. It allows users to create, edit, and share multimedia presentations on the web. In the context of the video, Google Slides is the main subject, with the aim of teaching viewers how to enhance their presentations using various features and techniques. The script provides tips and tricks to make presentations more engaging and visually appealing.


Templates in Google Slides refer to pre-designed presentation formats that users can choose from to start their presentations. They are a time-saving feature that helps users avoid starting from scratch and can be customized to fit the user's specific needs. The video script emphasizes the utility of templates for those who struggle with design or need a starting point, and it also mentions the ability to create and store custom templates for an organization.

💡Animated GIFs

Animated GIFs are images that have been animated to give the impression of motion, often used to add visual interest to web content. In the script, the presenter suggests adding animated GIFs to Google Slides to make them more interesting. The process involves either embedding the GIF directly from a URL or uploading it from a computer or Google Drive. This feature is highlighted as an easy way to enhance the visual appeal of slides.


Transitions in the context of Google Slides are the animations that occur between slides during a presentation. They can make the presentation flow more smoothly and add a professional touch. The video explains how to add transitions to slides, customize their speed, and apply them to all slides. Transitions are a key aspect of creating dynamic and engaging presentations.


Animations in Google Slides are special effects that can be applied to individual elements within a slide, such as text or images, to make them move or change in appearance. The script describes how to add various types of animations to objects, set their sequence and speed, and preview them before the presentation. Animations are used to draw attention to certain parts of the slide and can make the content more dynamic.


Adding audio to Google Slides allows presenters to incorporate sound into their presentations, which can enhance the storytelling and engagement. The video script explains two ways to add audio: to a specific slide or throughout the entire presentation. It mentions that audio files must be stored in Google Drive and provides steps for adding them as a speaker icon on a slide or for continuous play during the presentation.

💡Browser Shortcuts

Browser shortcuts are quick commands or URLs that can be typed into a web browser's address bar to perform specific actions without navigating through menus or pages. The video script provides examples of such shortcuts for Google Slides, like '' to access existing presentations or '' to create a new one. These shortcuts are presented as time-saving tips to streamline the process of starting or accessing Google Slides.


Customization in Google Slides refers to the ability to modify and personalize various aspects of a presentation, such as fonts, background colors, slide layouts, and more. The script highlights customization as a key feature, allowing users to adapt templates or create unique presentations that reflect their personal or organizational branding.


Collaboration in the context of Google Slides implies working together with others on the same presentation. Although not explicitly detailed in the script, the mention of collaboration suggests that Google Slides offers features that allow multiple users to contribute to and edit a presentation simultaneously, which is a valuable aspect for teamwork and efficiency.


A presentation in the script refers to the final output that is created using Google Slides, which is a collection of slides designed to convey information, tell a story, or persuade an audience. The video aims to help viewers improve the quality and effectiveness of their presentations by utilizing the features of Google Slides, such as templates, animations, transitions, and audio.


Use templates to make designing easier in Google Slides.

Customize templates by changing fonts and background colors.

Create and store organization-specific templates for repeated presentations.

Add animated GIFs to slides for more interest.

Insert GIFs from sites like Giphy using a direct link.

Download and upload GIFs from your computer or Google Drive.

Add transitions and animations to enhance slide dynamics.

Set slide transition speed and apply to all slides if desired.

Animate any element on the slide for a dynamic presentation.

Add audio to individual slides or throughout the entire presentation.

Audio files must be in Google Drive to be added to slides.

Play audio automatically and loop it for the entire presentation.

Place audio on the first slide to play throughout the presentation.

Use browser shortcuts for quick access to Google Slides.

Type '' in the browser bar for direct access.

Shortcut '' opens a new blank Slides presentation.

Browser shortcuts work across the suite of Google apps.