How to Make Viral 1950's Super Panavision 70 Videos - Tutorial

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15 May 202409:45

TLDRThis tutorial guides you through creating a 1950s-style video using AI, from scripting with ChatGPT to voiceovers with Elevenlabs, and selecting music from Suno or Udio. It covers generating vintage images with Midjourney on Discord and converting them into videos using Runway. The final step is editing the trailer in Adobe Premiere Pro, adding retro touches for a nostalgic feel. The video promises to teach you to make engaging, original content that can go viral, like the creator's own videos which reached nearly a million views in just three weeks.


  • 🎬 Create a retro 1950s-style video using AI to achieve a viral effect.
  • 📝 Start by crafting a script with ChatGPT, focusing on characters and a 1950s vibe.
  • 🎵 Select or generate music that fits the era using platforms like Suno or Udio.
  • 🖼️ Produce images that match the script's theme with Midjourney on Discord.
  • 📹 Convert images to videos using Runway's image to video creator.
  • 🎬 Edit the final trailer with Adobe Premiere Pro or similar software.
  • 👥 Include era-appropriate script, music, and video footage for authenticity.
  • 📈 Utilize AI tools for scriptwriting, voiceover, music generation, and image creation.
  • 🔍 Test multiple AI-generated options for the best results in each step.
  • 🎥 Add cinematic effects like black overlays and grainy layers for a retro feel.
  • 💡 Top tips for creating retro videos: focus on quality, be original, and have fun.
  • 🌟 Final result showcases a trailer with a mix of Star Wars characters in a 1950s setting.

Q & A

  • What is the main goal of the tutorial video?

    -The main goal of the tutorial video is to teach viewers how to create a retro 1950s-style video using AI, including scriptwriting, music selection, image creation, video transformation, and final editing.

  • How does one begin creating a script for a 1950s-style video?

    -To begin creating a script for a 1950s-style video, one should log in to ChatGPT, select a movie, and ask ChatGPT to create a first draft of a script and voiceover trailer in a 1950s style.

  • What is the significance of using AI in creating a voiceover for the video?

    -Using AI to create a voiceover provides a realistic and customizable narration that fits the 1950s theme. It also allows for adjustments in style, exaggeration, and stability to achieve the perfect voice for the video.

  • Can you explain the role of Elevenlabs in the video creation process?

    -Elevenlabs is used to generate a text-to-speech voiceover for the video. It allows users to select a narrator voice, generate the voiceover, and adjust settings for emphasis and style to match the desired tone of the video.

  • What are some sources for finding copyright-free music for the video?

    -Some sources for finding copyright-free music include the internet platforms like YouTube and Pixabay. Alternatively, custom AI-generated music can be created using platforms like Suno.

  • How does one create vintage images that match the script?

    -To create vintage images that match the script, one can use the Midjourney AI tool on Discord by subscribing and creating a private server. Then, using specific prompts, one can generate images that capture the 1950s vibe.

  • What is the purpose of the Runway software in the video creation process?

    -Runway is used to convert static images into video clips. It allows users to upload images and transform them into videos with certain motion levels, helping to bring the still images to life.

  • How does the video editing process contribute to the final trailer?

    -The video editing process is crucial as it involves assembling all elements of the trailer, including the voiceover, music, and video clips. It also includes adding cinematic effects like black overlays and white grainy layers to give the video a retro and cinematic feel.

  • What are some tips for creating better retro videos according to the tutorial?

    -Some tips for creating better retro videos include focusing on quality over quantity, being original by choosing unique movies or creating original mash-ups, and most importantly, having fun and focusing on films that the creator loves.

  • How does the tutorial suggest enhancing the retro vibe of the video?

    -The tutorial suggests enhancing the retro vibe by manually adjusting the color and lighting of the video clips, adding a top and bottom black overlay for a cinematic feel, and including a white grainy layer for a retro look.

  • What is the final step in creating a 1950s-style video according to the tutorial?

    -The final step in creating a 1950s-style video is to piece together all the elements of the trailer using editing software, such as Adobe Premiere Pro, and to ensure that the sound and visuals match and complement each other.



🎬 Retro 1950s-Style Video Creation with AI

This paragraph introduces a tutorial on creating a retro 1950s-style video using AI, akin to the creator's YouTube channel that gained nearly a million views in three weeks. The tutorial covers creating a script, selecting music, generating images, transforming them into videos, and editing the final trailer. The creator offers to share top tips for producing the best retro videos and encourages viewers to stay until the end or jump to chapters of interest. The first step involves using ChatGPT to draft a script and voiceover in a 1950s style, exemplified with 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens,' and customizing it with elements like humor or suspense.


🎙️ Bringing Script to Life with AI Narration and Music

The paragraph details the process of giving life to the script using Elevenlabs for AI-generated voiceovers. It suggests experimenting with different narrator voices and adjusting settings for emphasis and style. The creator then discusses selecting the perfect music, either from copyright-free sources or through AI-generated platforms like Suno and Udio. The paragraph also covers the creation of vintage images using Midjourney on Discord, emphasizing the trial-and-error process and the need for a consistent character in the images. It mentions the cost of Midjourney and suggests alternatives like Microsoft's Bing and Leonardo for free AI image generation.

🖼️ Creating Vintage Images and Transforming Them into Videos

This section explains how to upscale images to high resolution using Midjourney and maintain consistency in character portrayal. It then transitions to converting still images into video clips using Runway's image-to-video creator, which requires trial and error to achieve the best results. The creator suggests adding text to the prompt for better AI understanding and adjusting motion levels for character portraits. The paragraph also addresses the challenge of creating videos with complex movements and mentions the limited free trial and subscription costs for Runway, suggesting free or quota-based alternatives like Pikalabs, Leonardo, Haiper, and Pixverse.

🎞️ Assembling the Final Trailer and Enhancing Retro Aesthetics

The final paragraph describes the process of assembling the video trailer using editing software, with Adobe Premiere Pro as the creator's choice. It outlines the steps of importing voiceover and music, adjusting sound settings for an 'over-the-radio' feel, and adding video clips to match the narration. The creator shares tips for enhancing the retro look, such as adding black overlays for a cinematic effect and a white grainy layer for a vintage feel. Personal color and lighting adjustments may be necessary for some clips. The creator concludes with top tips for creating better retro videos: focusing on quality, originality, and enjoyment in the filmmaking process. The paragraph ends with a dramatic teaser for 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens,' inviting viewers to experience the adventure in theaters soon.




AI, short for Artificial Intelligence, refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think and act like humans. In the context of this video, AI is utilized to create a retro 1950s-style video, including generating scripts, voiceovers, music, and transforming images into videos. For instance, the script for 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' is created using ChatGPT, an AI platform.

💡Super Panavision 70

Super Panavision 70 is a term related to film technology, specifically a widescreen process used in the 1950s and 1960s for creating anamorphic films. The video aims to recreate the aesthetic of this era, suggesting that the final product will have a cinematic quality reminiscent of that period. The script mentions creating a '1950s-inspired trailer,' which implies the use of this technology to achieve a vintage look.


Retro refers to a style or trend that is inspired by or reminiscent of styles from the past, particularly those from the 1950s to the 1970s. The video's theme revolves around creating a retro 1950s-style video, which is evident in the script's aim to produce a trailer with era-appropriate script, music, and video footage that reflects the vintage charm of that era.


A script is the written text that serves as the basis for a film, play, or broadcast. In the video, creating a script is the first major step in producing the retro 1950s-style video. The script is generated using AI, specifically ChatGPT, to draft a trailer in a 1950s style for 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens,' highlighting characters like Rey and Finn.


Voiceover is a method of delivering a message through spoken words that are recorded and played back, typically used in films, commercials, and presentations. In the script, the voiceover is created using Elevenlabs, an AI narration software, to give life to the script with a realistic voice that matches the 1950s theme of the video.

💡Vintage Images

Vintage images refer to photographs or visual representations that have a classic or old-fashioned style, often evoking nostalgia for a bygone era. The video tutorial involves creating vintage images using Midjourney, an AI platform, to generate visuals that match the 1950s script, such as depicting 'Rey as Marilyn Monroe in a desert setting.'

💡Image to Video Conversion

Image to video conversion is the process of turning still images into moving video clips. The video tutorial mentions using Runway, an AI tool, to transform the vintage images created by Midjourney into video clips. This is a crucial step in assembling the final trailer, as it brings the static images to life with movement.

💡Editing Software

Editing software refers to programs used to manipulate and combine video clips, images, and sound to create a cohesive final product. The script mentions using Adobe Premiere Pro, a professional video editing software, to assemble the video clips, voiceover, and music into the final trailer, adding effects like black overlays and white grainy layers for a retro look.

💡Cinematic Feel

Cinematic feel describes the visual and auditory qualities that give a video the appearance and sound of a professional film. The video tutorial aims to achieve a cinematic feel by adding black overlays to the video clips and a white grainy layer to emulate the look of old films, enhancing the retro aesthetic of the final trailer.


A mash-up is a creative work that combines elements from two or more sources to create something new. The script suggests being original by choosing a movie that hasn't been covered yet or by doing an original mash-up, which can make the video more enjoyable and unique for viewers.

💡Top Tips

Top tips are the best advice or recommendations given on a particular subject. The video concludes with the presenter's top tips for creating the best retro videos, emphasizing the importance of focusing on quality over quantity, originality, and most importantly, having fun with the process.


Create retro 1950s-style videos using AI technology.

Achieve nearly a million views in just 3 weeks with these techniques.

Learn to use AI for script creation, voiceover, and video editing.

Produce a 1950s-inspired trailer with era-appropriate elements.

Use ChatGPT to generate a first draft of a script in a 1950s style.

Customize the script with specific characters and desired narrative elements.

Utilize Elevenlabs for text-to-speech conversion with AI narration.

Select from various narrator voices and adjust settings for the perfect voice.

Find copyright-free music or generate custom AI music with platforms like Suno.

Create vintage images using Midjourney through the Discord application.

Use a private server to avoid mixing creations with others' on the internet.

Convert still images into video clips with Runway's image to video creator.

Add text prompts to help AI understand the image content for better conversion.

Edit the final trailer with software like Adobe Premiere Pro, matching video to voiceover.

Enhance the retro feel with black overlays, white grainy layers, and color adjustments.

Focus on quality, originality, and enjoyment to create engaging retro videos.

Top tips include prioritizing quality, being original, and having fun with the process.

Enjoy the final product, a trailer that captures the essence of the 1950s with a modern twist.