How to Make a FREE Logo with AI in 3 minutes (NO SKILLS)

Jake Dimo
4 Oct 202303:51

TLDRThe video script offers a step-by-step guide on creating a free logo using AI, highlighting the use of platforms like, Luca, and Brandmark. It emphasizes a workaround to access high-quality, AI-generated logos without the paid subscription by utilizing the SVG file format and code beautification tools. The tutorial also suggests converting the final design into different image formats like PNG or JPEG for versatile use, and mentions a site called Flaticon for further icon customization.


  • 🎨 The video provides a tutorial on creating a free logo using AI.
  • 🖌️ AI-generated logos are high quality and can be obtained for free from various online platforms.
  • 🔍 Examples of logo generators mentioned include, Luca, and Brandmark.
  • 💰 While the mentioned logo generators are paid services, the video offers a workaround to access them for free.
  • 🔥 The process begins by entering the brand name and selecting related words or icons, such as a robot, to define the logo's theme.
  • 🎨 Users can choose a color palette to customize their logo.
  • 🔗 The video instructs on how to access the SVG file format of the logo by right-clicking, inspecting, and copying the SVG code.
  • 📈 SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics, a file format that maintains image quality at any size without pixelation.
  • 🌐 The video introduces a website, Code Beautify, for cleaning and beautifying the copied SVG code.
  • 🖼️ Users can download their logo in SVG format and also convert it to other formats like JPEG or PNG using another website.
  • 📌 The video suggests using a site called Flaticon to change the logo's icon in editing software like Photoshop.
  • 💡 The video creator shares this information to help save time and resources for those looking to create a logo without incurring costs.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video?

    -The main topic of the video is creating a free logo using AI.

  • Are all the logos shown in the video AI-generated?

    -Yes, all the logos mentioned in the video are AI-generated and of high quality.

  • What are some of the logo generators mentioned in the video?

    -The video mentions, Luca, and Brandmark as some of the logo generators.

  • What is the workaround for using paid logo generators for free?

    -The workaround involves using the SVG file format, which is a vector image that can be copied from the generator's website and then beautified and converted to other formats without losing quality.

  • How does one access the SVG file format of a logo?

    -By right-clicking on the logo image, selecting 'Inspect', and looking for the SVG code, which can then be copied and used elsewhere.

  • What is Code Beautify and how is it used in this process?

    -Code Beautify is a website that takes the copied SVG code and beautifies it, making it easier to understand and use. It also allows the user to download the logo in SVG format.

  • Can the logo be converted to different file formats like JPEG or PNG?

    -Yes, the logo can be converted to different file formats such as JPEG or PNG using a separate website mentioned in the video.

  • What is the benefit of using an SVG file format?

    -SVG files are vector images that can be scaled up without losing resolution or becoming pixelated, making them ideal for high-quality logo designs.

  • How can one change the icon of the logo in editing software?

    -One can use a site called Flaticon to find and download different icons, which can then be replaced in the logo using editing software like Photoshop.

  • What additional tip does the video provide for users?

    -The video suggests that after downloading the PNG, it can be uploaded to the conversion website again to create a vector image, allowing for further customization.

  • How can the information in the video benefit someone starting an online business?

    -The video provides a cost-effective method for creating a high-quality logo, which is essential for branding and marketing an online business.



🎨 Creating a Free Logo with AI

The paragraph introduces the process of creating a free logo using AI technology. It mentions various logo generators such as, Luca, and Brandmark, noting that while these services offer high-quality results, they typically require payment. The speaker then presents a workaround to access these AI-generated logos without cost. The chosen tool for demonstration is Brandmark, and the steps include entering the brand name, selecting related words for the icon (e.g., 'robot'), choosing a color palette, and navigating through the generated options. The speaker emphasizes the utility of the process and encourages viewers to subscribe for more similar content.




Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think and learn like humans. In the context of the video, AI is used to generate high-quality logos, showcasing its capability in creative tasks. The script mentions AI-generated logos as the central theme, highlighting the technology's role in providing free and accessible design services.


A logo is a graphic mark or emblem that is used by companies, organizations, or individuals to represent their brand or identity. In the video, the creation of a logo is the primary focus, with the host demonstrating how to obtain one without incurring expenses. The term 'logo' is central to the video's message, as it is the end product that the AI technology is helping to generate.


The term 'free' refers to something that is available without any cost or payment. In the context of the video, 'free' is an important keyword as it emphasizes the no-cost aspect of the logo creation process. The host is guiding viewers on how to utilize AI to get high-quality logos without having to spend money, which is a significant part of the video's appeal and educational value.


A brandmark is a specific type of logo that refers to a unique and memorable symbol or design associated with a brand. In the video, the host uses the term 'brandmark' to describe the type of logo that can be created with the AI technology. The brandmark is the visual representation of the brand's identity and is crucial for brand recognition and marketing purposes.

💡Color Palette

A color palette refers to a set of colors carefully chosen to be harmonious or aesthetically pleasing when used together in design. In the video, the host selects a color palette for the AI-generated logo, which is an essential step in the design process to ensure visual consistency and brand identity. The choice of colors can significantly impact the logo's overall look and feel, making it a critical concept in the video.


SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics, a file format for vector images that can be scaled to any size without losing quality or resolution. In the video, the host instructs viewers on how to download the AI-generated logo in SVG format, which is beneficial because it maintains the logo's crispness and clarity at any size, an important feature for print and digital media use.


To inspect means to examine or review something carefully and critically. In the context of the video, 'inspect' refers to the process of using the 'Inspect' feature in a web browser to view and copy the code of the AI-generated logo. This action is a crucial step in the workaround shared by the host to obtain the logo without payment.

💡Code Beautify

Code Beautify is a tool or service used to format and improve the readability of source code. In the video, the host uses a website called 'Code Beautify' to clean up and beautify the SVG code copied from the logo generator website. This step is part of the process to obtain the logo in a usable format without any additional cost.


Conversion in this context refers to the process of changing one file format into another, such as turning a logo from SVG to JPEG or PNG. The video demonstrates how to use online tools to convert the AI-generated logo into different formats for various uses, emphasizing the flexibility and adaptability of the design in different applications.


Flattening an image or design means to merge all the layers into a single layer, making it a flat image. In the video, the host mentions using a site called 'Flatten' to modify the icon of the logo in editing software like Photoshop. This process is useful for making adjustments to the logo's design elements without affecting the overall branding.

💡SMMA Business

SMMA stands for Social Media Marketing Agency, which is a business that specializes in providing social media marketing services to clients. In the video, the host mentions creating an SMMA business, indicating their personal venture into the field and suggesting that the logo creation tips are particularly relevant and useful for such businesses, as branding is a key component of their service offerings.


Creating a free logo with AI is possible, as showcased in the video.

A variety of AI-generated logos are available, which are high quality and free to use.

Websites like, Luca, and brandmark can generate logos, though they are usually paid services.

A workaround for the paid services is provided, making logo creation accessible without cost.

The process begins by clicking 'create new logo' on the chosen platform.

Users enter their brand name and select words related to their desired icon, such as 'robot'.

Choosing a color palette, like a simple blue, is part of the logo creation process.

AI-generated logos are displayed, and users can select one they like.

The logo is already branded with a color palette and other details, but it requires a purchase.

A method to bypass the purchase by using the SVG file format is introduced.

SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics, a lossless image format that maintains high resolution.

By copying the SVG code from the website and using a tool like code beautify, users can obtain the logo in SVG format.

The logo can be further converted to other formats like JPEG or PNG using additional websites.

The video provides links to all mentioned websites for free use.

An additional tip on using flaton to change the icon in editing software like Photoshop is given.

The video creator is creating an SMMA business and encourages viewers to follow along.

The video aims to save viewers time and money by providing a cost-effective solution for logo creation.