How to Use Chat GPT on iPhone - Getting Started Tutorial for Beginners

Tim Harris Video AI
15 Jan 202305:15

TLDRThis tutorial guides beginners on using Chat GPT on an iPhone, highlighting the process of accessing it via a web browser since there's no native app yet. It demonstrates account creation, verification, and navigating the Chat GPT interface. The video also shows how to generate content like a 300-word blog post on performance cars, emphasizing the AI's capabilities and the importance of not sharing sensitive information.


  • 🚀 Start by opening a web browser and navigating to to access Chat GPT.
  • 🔒 There is no native Chat GPT iPhone app yet; use a web browser for access.
  • 👍 Create a shortcut app for Chat GPT on your iPhone for quicker access.
  • 📝 Click 'try Chat GPT' on the OpenAI homepage to start using the service.
  • 📧 Sign up for a new account by entering your email and creating a password.
  • ✉️ Verify your email address with the code sent by OpenAI to activate your account.
  • 🤖 Complete the account setup by providing personal details and verifying your phone number.
  • 📝 Chat GPT can generate content such as blog posts, essays, jokes, and video scripts.
  • 🚗 Example usage: Chat GPT can write a 300-word blog post on the top 5 performance cars.
  • 📱 The tutorial provides a step-by-step guide for beginners to use Chat GPT on iPhone.
  • 👀 Chat GPT may review conversations for AI training purposes; avoid sharing sensitive info.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the tutorial video?

    -The main topic of the tutorial video is how to use Chat GPT on an iPhone for beginners.

  • Does Chat GPT have an official iPhone app?

    -As of the video, there isn't a native Chat GPT iPhone app available for download.

  • How can one access Chat GPT on an iPhone?

    -One can access Chat GPT on an iPhone by using a web browser to go to and try Chat GPT.

  • What is the first step to create a new account on Chat GPT?

    -The first step to create a new account on Chat GPT is to click 'sign up' and enter your email address.

  • Why is it necessary to verify the email address when creating a Chat GPT account?

    -Verifying the email address is necessary to confirm the account's authenticity and to prevent the creation of multiple accounts.

  • What is the purpose of the 'I'm not a robot' verification during the sign-up process?

    -The 'I'm not a robot' verification ensures that the account is being created by a human and not by automated bots.

  • How many accounts are allowed per phone number on Chat GPT?

    -Chat GPT allows only two accounts per phone number.

  • What kind of content can Chat GPT generate based on user prompts?

    -Chat GPT can generate various types of content such as blog posts, essays, jokes, and video scripts based on user prompts.

  • What is the process to clear the chat history in Chat GPT?

    -To clear the chat history in Chat GPT, one can click 'clear conversations' and confirm the action.

  • What is the significance of the AI trainers reviewing some conversations in Chat GPT?

    -AI trainers review some conversations to improve the system by understanding user interactions and enhancing the AI's performance.

  • How can users provide feedback or get support for Chat GPT?

    -Users can provide feedback or get support through the Discord server mentioned in the Chat GPT interface.



📱 How to Use Chat GPT on iPhone for Free

This paragraph provides a step-by-step tutorial on accessing and using Chat GPT on an iPhone. It begins with the premise of using Chat GPT to generate a 300-word blog post on top performance cars, highlighting the AI's capabilities. The tutorial then guides users on how to access Chat GPT through a web browser since there is no native app available. It details the process of creating an account, including email verification and phone number verification to ensure user authenticity. The paragraph also mentions the possibility of creating a shortcut app for Chat GPT on the iPhone and encourages viewers to like the video for support. The final part of the paragraph describes the Chat GPT interface, its capabilities, limitations, and the option to clear chat history.


🔗 Accessing Chat GPT via Shortcut on iPhone

The second paragraph briefly mentions the convenience of having Chat GPT readily accessible on an iPhone through a shortcut, which is a topic to be further explored in a subsequent video. It serves as a teaser for viewers to stay tuned for more content on this subject, indicating that the tutorial on creating a Chat GPT shortcut app will be shared in another video, thus providing a seamless and quick access method for iPhone users.



💡Chat GPT

Chat GPT, in this context, refers to an AI chatbot that can generate unique content based on user prompts. It is central to the video's theme as it demonstrates the process of using this AI tool on an iPhone to create content such as blog posts. The script mentions using Chat GPT to generate a '300 word blog post on the top 5 performance cars,' showcasing its capability to produce content based on specific requests.


The iPhone is the device on which the tutorial is focused, illustrating how to access and use Chat GPT without a native app through a web browser. The script emphasizes that there isn't a native Chat GPT iPhone app yet, and it guides the user through the process of accessing Chat GPT via Safari or another web browser on the iPhone.

💡Blog post

A blog post is a written article or entry published on a blog. In the video, the AI chatbot is instructed to generate a blog post, which is an example of the type of content that can be created using Chat GPT. The script specifies that the blog post should be about 'the top 5 performance cars,' indicating the subject matter and the desired length of 300 words.

💡AI chatbot

An AI chatbot, or artificial intelligence chatbot, is a computer program designed to simulate conversation with human users. In the script, Chat GPT is described as an AI chatbot with a 'superpower database of knowledge,' highlighting its ability to draw from extensive information to generate responses.


OpenAI is the organization behind Chat GPT. The script instructs viewers to visit '' to access Chat GPT, indicating that this is the starting point for using the AI tool. OpenAI is presented as the provider of the service, offering different products, with Chat GPT being the focus of the tutorial.

💡Log in

Logging in refers to the process of accessing a user's account on a website or application. The script details the steps to log into Chat GPT, including verifying an email address and phone number, which is essential for gaining access to the AI chatbot's capabilities.

💡Sign up

Signing up is the process of creating a new account. The tutorial shows how to 'sign up' for Chat GPT by entering an email address and creating a password, which is a necessary step before using the AI chatbot on the iPhone.


Verification in this context involves confirming the user's identity and account details, such as through an email and phone number. The script mentions verifying an email address and a phone number to ensure that the user is not a robot and to comply with the limitation of two accounts per phone number.

💡Traffic lights

In the script, 'traffic lights' is used as an example of a CAPTCHA, which is a type of challenge-response test used to determine whether the user is human. It's part of the verification process during account creation or login to ensure security and prevent automated access.

💡Discord server

A Discord server is a chat forum on the Discord platform where users can communicate with each other. The script mentions a Discord server associated with Chat GPT, suggesting it as a place for users to receive support, share feedback, and engage with the community.

💡Dark mode

Dark mode is a display setting that uses a dark color scheme for the user interface. The script briefly mentions the option for dark mode in Chat GPT, indicating a feature that allows users to switch between light and dark themes for better visibility or to reduce eye strain.

💡Performance cars

Performance cars are vehicles known for their high power output, speed, and superior handling characteristics. In the video, the AI chatbot is tasked with writing about the 'top 5 performance cars,' which is an example of the specific content that can be generated by Chat GPT based on user prompts.


Use Chat GPT on iPhone to generate a unique 300-word blog post on performance cars.

No native Chat GPT iPhone app available, access through a web browser.

Creating a Chat GPT shortcut app for iPhone is an alternative to native app.

Access Chat GPT by visiting and selecting 'try chat GPT'.

Create a new account by signing up with an email address.

Verify your email to complete the Chat GPT account registration process.

Log in to Chat GPT after email verification.

Complete the login process by verifying you're not a robot.

Enter personal details and verify your phone number for Chat GPT account security.

Chat GPT interface includes capabilities and limitations notes.

Input requests for Chat GPT to produce content such as essays or scripts.

Chat history can be viewed and cleared in the sidebar.

Dark mode and Discord link are available in the Chat GPT interface.

Chat GPT can generate content based on prompts such as writing a Facebook ad.

The generated blog post includes a title and can be reviewed in the chat history.

Conversations with Chat GPT may be reviewed by AI trainers for system improvement.

Feedback is appreciated, and there's a Discord server for further interaction.

Learn how to download Chat GPT as an iPhone shortcut app in a follow-up video.