How to Use Grammarly AI to Improve Your Writing

Kevin Stratvert
12 Sept 202310:23

TLDRIn this tutorial, Kevin introduces Grammarly, an AI-powered writing tool that assists with the entire writing process from brainstorming to polishing. He demonstrates how Grammarly can help draft messages, generate event ideas, and even create job postings, emphasizing its free access and additional features available with a premium account. The video showcases Grammarly's capabilities across various platforms, including email, Word, and social media, highlighting its convenience and effectiveness in enhancing communication.


  • 📝 Grammarly is an AI-powered writing tool that assists with the entire writing process from brainstorming to revision.
  • 🆓 It's free to start using Grammarly, offering base functionality and 100 AI credits for new users.
  • 💡 The free version includes features like grammar checks and suggestions to improve writing.
  • 💼 A premium account unlocks advanced features such as full sentence rewrites, tone modification, and plagiarism detection, with 1000 AI credits per month.
  • 🔗 Users can access Grammarly through various platforms including Windows, Mac, web browsers, and mobile devices.
  • 📧 Grammarly can be integrated into applications like Outlook, Word, and PowerPoint, and used across websites with browser extensions.
  • 📲 The mobile app allows Grammarly to be used on-the-go, providing writing assistance on smartphones and tablets.
  • 📝 The overlay feature in Grammarly helps users compose messages and emails by suggesting text and offering revisions.
  • 📈 The AI tool can generate ideas, improve text, and even create job postings or marketing copy based on user input.
  • 📊 Grammarly provides a document score and statistics to help users understand the quality of their writing.
  • 📝 Users can refine their writing by adjusting the tone, assertiveness, and persuasiveness of their messages within the Grammarly interface.
  • 📲 Grammarly's mobile app also evaluates how a message might sound to readers and offers suggestions for improvement.

Q & A

  • What is Grammarly and how does it help with writing?

    -Grammarly is an AI-powered writing tool that assists with various aspects of writing from brainstorming topics to revising and polishing the text. It functions like a personal proofreader and editor, offering suggestions to improve grammar, clarity, and style.

  • Is Grammarly free to use?

    -Yes, Grammarly offers a free version that includes basic functionality, and users also receive 100 AI credits to utilize more advanced features.

  • What additional features does a premium Grammarly account offer?

    -A premium Grammarly account provides advanced features such as full sentence rewrites, tone modification, plagiarism detection, and more, along with 1000 AI credits per month.

  • How can one get started with Grammarly?

    -To start using Grammarly, one needs to visit the Grammarly website, sign up for a free account, and then install the Grammarly app or browser extension as per their writing needs.

  • Can Grammarly be used on mobile devices?

    -Yes, Grammarly is available on mobile platforms including iPhone, iPad, and Android, allowing users to use it on the go.

  • How does Grammarly assist in composing messages or emails?

    -Grammarly provides an overlay when composing messages in supported applications, offering suggestions and AI-powered tools to help draft, revise, and improve the message's tone and assertiveness.

  • What is the purpose of AI credits in Grammarly?

    -AI credits in Grammarly are used to access advanced AI-powered features that can enhance writing, such as generating ideas, rewriting sentences, and improving the overall quality of the text.

  • Can Grammarly help in planning events or generating ideas?

    -Yes, Grammarly can suggest ideas for events or activities, as demonstrated in the script where it provided ideas for a cookie company morale event.

  • How does Grammarly assist with social media posts or job postings?

    -Grammarly can analyze and improve the text for social media posts or job postings by suggesting relevant emojis, hashtags, and rephrasing for better clarity and engagement.

  • What is the Grammarly document editor and how does it work?

    -The Grammarly document editor is a feature that allows users to write and edit documents directly on the Grammarly website. It provides real-time suggestions for improvement, an overall document score, and AI tools to enhance the writing.

  • Can Grammarly help with creating titles for documents or texts?

    -Yes, Grammarly can suggest titles for documents or texts, helping users to craft engaging and appropriate headings for their content.



😀 Introduction to Grammarly's Writing Tool

Kevin introduces Grammarly, an AI-powered writing tool designed to assist with all aspects of writing, from brainstorming to revision. He highlights its features, such as personal proofreading and editing, and mentions that it's free to start. Viewers are directed to the Grammarly website for sign-up, and a premium account is suggested for advanced features like sentence rewrites and plagiarism detection. The video is sponsored by Grammarly, offering a discount for new premium subscribers.


📝 Utilizing Grammarly for Communication and Event Planning

The script demonstrates using Grammarly to draft a response to an email about volunteering for a morale event, suggesting the use of AI to generate a starting message and refine it for assertiveness. It also showcases Grammarly's capabilities in generating ideas for a cookie company event, editing a job posting for a safety manager position with suggestions like adding emojis and hashtags, and transforming text into a professional job listing. The versatility of Grammarly across different platforms and devices is emphasized, including its use on mobile for on-the-go writing assistance.




Grammarly is an AI-powered writing tool designed to assist with various aspects of writing, from brainstorming to proofreading. It acts as a personal proofreader and editor, enhancing the quality of written communication. In the video, Grammarly is shown to help with generating ideas, revising drafts, and even composing messages, which is central to the video's theme of improving writing skills.

💡AI credits

AI credits in the context of Grammarly refer to a form of virtual currency within the platform that allows users to access advanced AI features. A free account comes with 100 AI credits, while a premium account provides 1000 AI credits per month. These credits are essential for utilizing the full potential of Grammarly's AI capabilities, as demonstrated in the video.


Brainstorming is the process of generating a multitude of ideas in a short amount of time. In the video, Grammarly is used for brainstorming new topics and ideas, which is a key part of the writing process. The tool suggests various activities for a morale event, showcasing its utility in creative thinking.


Outlining is the act of organizing thoughts or ideas into a structured format, typically used before writing to plan the flow of content. The script mentions using Grammarly to outline ideas, indicating its utility in helping users to structure their writing effectively.


To revise means to review and make changes to a piece of writing to improve its clarity, accuracy, or style. The video demonstrates how Grammarly can assist in revising and polishing writing, which is a critical step in the writing process to ensure quality.

💡Personal proofreader

A personal proofreader is someone who checks written work for errors and suggests improvements. In the context of the video, Grammarly serves as a personal proofreader by providing real-time feedback and corrections, highlighting its role in enhancing writing quality.

💡Free account

A free account on Grammarly offers basic functionality for free, allowing users to experience the tool's capabilities without cost. The script mentions signing up for a free account to get started with Grammarly, emphasizing the accessibility of the tool.

💡Premium account

A premium account on Grammarly provides additional advanced features beyond the basic functionality, such as full sentence rewrites and tone modification. The video suggests that a premium account is beneficial for those who write frequently, offering a more comprehensive writing experience.

💡Plagiarism detection

Plagiarism detection is the process of identifying content that has been copied from another source without proper attribution. As a feature of Grammarly's premium service, it helps ensure originality in writing, which is important for maintaining academic and professional integrity.

💡Tone modification

Tone modification refers to adjusting the tone of written communication to better suit the intended audience or purpose. In the video, Grammarly's ability to modify tone is highlighted as a feature that can help users refine their writing to convey the right message.


Extensions are additional software components that extend the functionality of a web browser or application. The script mentions adding Grammarly extensions to web browsers like Chrome or Safari, allowing users to use Grammarly across various online platforms and enhancing the writing experience.


Grammarly is an AI-powered writing tool that assists with all aspects of writing, from brainstorming to polishing.

It functions as a personal proofreader and editor, available anytime you write.

Starting with Grammarly is free, offering base functionality and 100 AI credits.

A premium account unlocks advanced features like full sentence rewrites and plagiarism detection, with 1000 AI credits per month.

Grammarly can be installed on various platforms, including Windows, Mac, web browsers, and mobile devices.

The tool overlays in text fields to help compose messages and emails effectively.

Grammarly suggests preset options and allows customization for specific communication needs.

It can generate persuasive and assertive messages, enhancing communication skills.

The tool provides a history feature to review and refine previous interactions with the AI.

Grammarly suggests ideas for events and activities, streamlining the planning process.

The AI can rephrase and improve job postings for social media platforms like LinkedIn.

Grammarly's document editor offers real-time suggestions to enhance writing quality.

Users can set goals for their writing, such as tone and formality, for tailored AI assistance.

The tool provides an overall document score and detailed statistics for improvement.

Grammarly's AI tools can generate bullet points and organize content for better readability.

The tool can suggest titles for documents, enhancing the吸引力 of the content.

Grammarly is mobile-friendly, allowing users to receive writing suggestions on-the-go.

The app can evaluate how a message sounds to readers, ensuring effective communication.

Grammarly helps in composing messages, providing a draft that can be edited and sent while mobile.

The video encourages trying Grammarly for free to improve communication skills.