How to Use Haiper AI in Action: Step-by-Step Tutorial

The Real AI Agents
29 Apr 202425:07

TLDRJessica from Real AI Agents provides a step-by-step tutorial on how to use Hyper AI, a free beta tool that transforms pictures into videos. She guides viewers on how to generate videos by crafting prompts for each line of a song, selecting filters like old film, watercolor, and cyberpunk, and adjusting settings like aspect ratio and duration. Jessica also demonstrates how to animate existing images, emphasizing the importance of detailed prompts for better results. She discusses the process of regenerating videos with altered prompts and using the repaint feature to modify elements of the generated images. The tutorial concludes with a showcase of a complete animated video created using Hyper AI and a call for viewers to share their thoughts on the future impact of advanced AI technology on creators and industries.


  • 😀 The tutorial introduces Hyper AI, a tool that can turn pictures into videos and create animations with text to video.
  • 🎨 The platform offers various art generation filters like 'old film', 'watercolor', 'cyberpunk', and 'impressionism' to apply different styles to videos.
  • 📚 It's recommended to explore the work of others and understand how they prompt the system for efficient video creation.
  • 🔍 Users can generate videos by inputting prompts and selecting a style filter, with options to adjust video duration and aspect ratio.
  • 👀 The video generation process can take time, but it's possible to queue multiple prompts for processing.
  • 🖼️ Hyper AI also allows users to animate their own images with motion, providing options to adjust the prompt for more detailed animations.
  • 📝 The importance of using detailed and descriptive prompts is highlighted to achieve more accurate and usable animations.
  • 🛠️ There are features for regenerating videos with the same or altered prompts, and a 'repaint' tool to change specific elements of a video.
  • 🔄 The system is in beta and free to use, which provides an opportunity to practice and experiment with prompting techniques.
  • 💬 The video concludes with a question about the impact of advanced AI technology on creators and industries, inviting viewers to share their thoughts.
  • 🎶 The tutorial includes a demonstration of a complete animated music video created using Hyper AI, showcasing the capabilities of the tool.

Q & A

  • What is the main purpose of the tutorial in the video?

    -The main purpose of the tutorial is to teach viewers how to use Hyper AI to turn pictures into videos and animate images, providing tips and tricks for effective prompting within the system.

  • How can viewers access Hyper AI to start creating content?

    -Viewers can access Hyper AI by going to the website, where they can either click 'try for free' or start creating from the homepage.

  • What feature does the 'explore' tab on the homepage of Hyper AI offer?

    -The 'explore' tab allows users to see what other people are creating and how they are prompting the system efficiently, showcasing spotlighted videos and art generation systems used.

  • What are the different video style filters available in Hyper AI?

    -The different video style filters available in Hyper AI include old film, watercolor, cyberpunk, arcane, Lego, blur background, gibli, steam punk, and impressionism.

  • How does the aspect ratio selection affect the video generation in Hyper AI?

    -The aspect ratio selection determines the dimensions of the video, allowing users to choose formats suitable for different platforms like real estate, story, TikTok, or social media posts.

  • What is the significance of the duration selection in the video generation process?

    -The duration selection allows users to choose whether they want their video to be 2 seconds or 4 seconds long, which is important for aligning with the overall video project's timeline.

  • Can you explain the process of animating an image in Hyper AI?

    -To animate an image in Hyper AI, users can either go to 'animate your image' from the homepage or use the 'creations' screen. They then upload their image, input a detailed prompt, select the duration, and hit 'create' to generate the animation.

  • What is the difference between using simple and expanded prompts in Hyper AI?

    -Simple prompts are short and to the point, while expanded prompts provide more detail and description. Expanded prompts can yield more accurate and detailed animations as they give the system a clearer understanding of the desired outcome.

  • How can users regenerate a video with the same or a modified prompt?

    -Users can regenerate a video by using the 'regenerate' button, where they can choose to use the same prompt or modify it to change certain aspects of the animation.

  • What is the 'repaint' feature in Hyper AI and how is it used?

    -The 'repaint' feature in Hyper AI allows users to make specific changes to certain regions of a video. Users can add a mask to select areas they want to modify, input a new prompt to describe the changes, and then generate the video with those alterations.

  • How can users download and share the videos they create with Hyper AI?

    -Users can download videos by clicking the 'download' button, which will save the video to their computer. They can also share videos by using the 'share' button to post directly to social media platforms or by copying a shareable link.



🎨 Introduction to Hyper AI Video Creation

The script introduces a video tutorial by Jessica from the Real AI Agents, focusing on using Hyper AI to transform pictures into videos. Jessica explains that Hyper AI is a beta tool that blends creativity with technology, allowing users to create animations and videos with text-to-video capabilities. She provides a sneak peek of a video created using AI and offers to share tips and tricks for effective prompting within the system. Viewers are encouraged to explore the platform, take advantage of the free trial, and learn from others' creations and prompts.


🌟 Exploring Hyper AI's Features and Filters

Jessica delves into the features of Hyper AI, discussing the importance of choosing the right filters to style the video according to the user's vision. She showcases various filters like old film, watercolor, cyberpunk, and others, demonstrating how each filter affects the video's style. She also explains the process of generating content by creating prompts for each line of a song, selecting an aspect ratio, and choosing the video duration. Jessica emphasizes the time it takes for video generation and suggests using the explore tab to learn from others' effective prompting techniques.


🖌️ Animating Images and Comparing Prompts

The tutorial continues with Jessica teaching how to animate existing images using Hyper AI. She guides through the process of uploading an image, choosing a duration, and creating animations with detailed prompts. Jessica compares the results of using simple versus expanded prompts, highlighting the importance of detailed descriptions to achieve more accurate and usable animations. She demonstrates the subtle movements and effects that can be achieved with more descriptive prompts, such as animating a woman in steampunk attire or Victorian-inspired clothing.


🔄 Regeneration and Repainting Features

Jessica explores Hyper AI's regeneration feature, which allows users to recreate videos with the same or altered prompts. She shows how slight changes in the prompt can lead to different animations, providing examples of regenerating videos with modified descriptions. Additionally, she introduces the repaint feature, which enables users to make specific changes to elements within a video, such as altering the color of an item in the scene. She also shares a tip for getting unstuck with image generation by allowing the AI to animate without specific direction.


📚 Downloading and Sharing AI-Created Videos

In the final part of the script, Jessica explains how to download and share the AI-generated videos, noting that all videos will have a watermark as part of the free system. She outlines the process of sharing videos on social media platforms or via a link and downloading them to one's computer. Jessica then presents a completed animated music video titled 'Six Stories Told,' created using Hyper AI, and invites viewers to share their thoughts on the impact of advanced AI technology on creators and industries. She concludes by encouraging viewers to engage with the content and follow for more AI insights.



💡Hyper AI

Hyper AI is a technology mentioned in the video that allows users to transform pictures into videos. It is described as a key to unlocking the mysteries of digital transformation, suggesting it is a powerful and innovative tool. In the context of the video, Hyper AI is used to create animations and videos from still images, which is central to the tutorial's theme of exploring the capabilities of this AI system.

💡Digital Transformation

Digital transformation refers to the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business or industry, fundamentally changing how one operates and delivers value to customers. In the video, digital transformation is associated with the use of Hyper AI to innovate in the creative process of turning still images into dynamic videos, showcasing how technology can revolutionize traditional methods.

💡AI Film

An AI film, as mentioned in the script, is a video production created using artificial intelligence tools, such as Hyper AI. The video in the script is composed of a series of 4-second masterpieces that unite to form an AI film, which is a creative application of AI technology to storytelling and film production.


Text-to-video is a process where textual input is used to generate video content. In the context of the video, the host uses prompts to instruct Hyper AI on how to transform still images into video segments. This technology enables users to create videos from text descriptions, which is a significant aspect of the tutorial.


Prompting in the context of the video refers to the act of providing specific instructions or cues to the AI system to guide the generation of images or videos. Effective prompting is crucial for achieving desired outcomes in the AI-generated content, as it helps the AI understand the user's vision and intent.

💡Old Film Filter

The old film filter is one of the style options available in Hyper AI for generating videos. It is used to give a video a vintage or retro look, mimicking the appearance of old film stock. In the script, the host uses this filter to demonstrate how different filters can alter the style of the video generated from a given prompt.

💡Aspect Ratio

Aspect ratio refers to the proportional relationship between the width and the height of an image or video. In the video script, the host discusses selecting an aspect ratio for the generated videos, such as 16:9, which is a common ratio used for widescreen videos. Choosing the correct aspect ratio is important for ensuring the video fits the intended platform or display format.

💡Animate Your Image

Animate Your Image is a feature within Hyper AI that allows users to add motion or animation to their existing images. The host in the video uses this feature to bring still images to life by adding subtle movements, such as blinking eyes or fluttering hair, which is demonstrated as part of the step-by-step tutorial.


Impressionism, in the context of the video, refers to one of the artistic style filters available in Hyper AI. When applied, it gives the generated video an impressionistic art style, characterized by a more interpretive and less detailed approach to the depiction of forms in the video.

💡Repaint Feature

The repaint feature in Hyper AI is a tool that allows users to make specific changes to elements within an already generated image or video. The host demonstrates using the repaint feature to change the color of an element in the video, showcasing the level of control and customization possible with the system.


A watermark in the context of the video is a logo or mark embedded into a video to indicate the source or to protect the content from unauthorized use. The host mentions that videos downloaded from Hyper AI will have a watermark, which is a common practice for free services to prevent content misuse.


Hyper AI allows turning pictures into videos using AI technology.

The platform is currently free to use in beta.

Users can explore and learn from others' creations on the platform.

Different video style filters are available for customization.

Examples of video filters include old film, watercolor, cyberpunk, and more.

Prompts are used to generate specific styles and scenes.

The importance of aspect ratio selection for different video platforms.

The process of generating 4-second video clips for a song.

Animating existing images with Hyper AI's 'Animate Your Image' feature.

The difference between simple and expanded prompts for image animation.

Tips on creating effective prompts for better animation results.

Regeneration of videos with the same or altered prompts.

The 'Repainting' feature to modify specific elements of a video.

Experimenting with no prompt to see AI's own generated animations.

Downloading videos with a watermark from Hyper AI.

The debut of a song with complete animation video created using AI.

Invitation for viewers to share insights on AI's impact on creators and industries.