How to Use NovelAI for Writing Fiction

Future Fiction Academy
8 Feb 202407:25

TLDRThe video from the Future Fiction Academy introduces NovelAI, a writing software specifically designed for storytelling. It discusses the software's capabilities, such as generating stories, images, and using text-to-speech models. The pricing plans are outlined, with the most expensive offering the highest context window and early access to new features. The dashboard allows users to select AI models, adjust writing styles, and create presets. The video demonstrates how NovelAI functions as a completion model, starting from a text prompt and continuing the story. It also shows how to direct the AI with instructions in curly brackets for a different narrative direction. The software is ideal for pansters who like to improvise, as well as for those looking for a more controlled writing experience. The video concludes by inviting viewers to join the Future Fiction Academy for further learning and access to advanced AI writing tools.


  • 📚 NovelAI is a writing software specifically designed for storytelling and fiction writing.
  • 💡 It has its own LLM model trained to assist writers with narrative creation.
  • 🚀 The software allows for the generation of images and the use of different text-to-speech models.
  • 💰 Pricing plans vary, offering different levels of context window and access to newer models and features.
  • 📈 The context window, or the amount of story the model can look back on, increases with higher-tier plans.
  • 🔍 Users can choose between different AI models, including the latest KRA model and legacy models.
  • 🎨 Customization options allow users to adjust the style and how the AI generates text.
  • 📝 NovelAI features a 'Pro writer' preset and the ability to create custom presets for different writing styles.
  • 🧠 The 'lore book' is a powerful feature for managing story information, though it is not covered in this video.
  • ✍️ NovelAI works as a completion model, best used with a story starter or existing text to continue writing.
  • 🔄 Users can direct the story by changing previous text or providing new instructions to the AI.
  • 🌟 The software is suitable for pansters (those who write by the seat of their pants) and for more controlled, sentence-by-sentence writing.

Q & A

  • What is NovelAI?

    -NovelAI is a writing software specifically designed to assist writers and storytellers by training its own language model to generate stories and narratives.

  • What are the different pricing plans for NovelAI?

    -NovelAI offers three pricing plans: $10 per month for over 3,000 tokens of memory, $15 for 6,000 tokens, and $25 for an over 8,000 token context window, early access to new models and features, and additional credits for image generation and AI model training.

  • What is the context window in NovelAI?

    -The context window in NovelAI refers to how much of the story the AI can look back on to continue writing or generate content.

  • What are the different modes available in NovelAI for writing stories?

    -NovelAI offers Text Adventure Mode, which is suitable for RPGs and roleplaying games, and Storyteller mode for more traditional storytelling.

  • How can users influence the output of NovelAI?

    -Users can influence NovelAI's output by creating presets that adjust style and AI generation parameters, adding memory or information for the AI to remember, and writing author's notes to maintain a certain tone or focus on specific events.

  • What is the Lore Book feature in NovelAI?

    -The Lore Book is a feature in NovelAI that allows users to share and access all story information within the platform. It is a powerful tool for organizing and maintaining consistency in a story's universe.

  • How does NovelAI handle writing continuations from a given text?

    -NovelAI is a completion model, which means it works best with a story starter or some text to work with. It will then complete the text and continue writing from there, maintaining the same characters and writing style.

  • Can NovelAI generate images?

    -Yes, NovelAI has the capability to generate images in addition to writing stories.

  • How can users direct NovelAI to change the course of the story?

    -Users can direct NovelAI to change the course of the story by modifying the previous text or starting new text, which the AI will then pick up from and continue writing.

  • What are the advanced features of NovelAI?

    -Advanced features of NovelAI include the Lore Book for story organization, the ability to view story stats, and exporting the story once finished.

  • How does NovelAI handle instructions for story direction?

    -NovelAI can be given instructions using opening curly brackets, which signal to the AI that the text is not part of the story but information to be included for directing the story in a new way.

  • What is the Future Fiction Academy and how is it related to NovelAI?

    -The Future Fiction Academy is an educational platform that provides authors and creatives with the latest AI information to enhance their careers in an AI-friendly environment. It is related to NovelAI as it discusses and educates on the use of AI models like NovelAI for storytelling.



🚀 Introduction to Novel AI for Storytelling

This paragraph introduces Novel AI, a writing software specifically designed for storytelling. It emphasizes the software's unique capabilities, such as adapting to various styles and genres, and its flexibility in generating not safe for work content. The speaker, Stacy, invites viewers to subscribe for updates and provides an overview of the software's features, including its pricing plans and the ability to generate images and use text-to-speech models. The dashboard is introduced, showcasing how users can start a new story, choose AI models, and adjust settings like randomness and output length. The paragraph also mentions the community-shared presets and the ability to add memory or author's notes to influence the AI's output.


📚 Working with Novel AI: Story Creation and Editing

This paragraph explains how to use Novel AI for writing and editing stories. It demonstrates the process of starting a story using the Storyteller mode and how to use the AI's completion model to continue writing from a given text. The paragraph also covers how to change the story's direction by editing previous text and how to give the AI specific instructions using opening curly brackets. The speaker illustrates this by altering the ending of Jane Austen's 'Pride and Prejudice' and showing how Novel AI adapts to the new direction. The paragraph concludes by highlighting Novel AI's suitability for pansters, those who like to write not safe for work content, and users who prefer a more micro-level interaction with the AI. It also teases more advanced features like the lore book and invites viewers to request a video on these features.




NovelAI is a writing software specifically designed to assist writers and storytellers by generating text based on provided prompts or existing narratives. It has its own trained language model that is capable of creating content in various styles and genres. In the context of the video, NovelAI is the central tool being discussed for its utility in fiction writing and storytelling.

💡AI Models

AI models refer to the algorithms and computational frameworks that enable artificial intelligence applications to function. Within the video, AI models are discussed in the context of their ability to be adapted for fiction writing and storytelling, with NovelAI being a prime example of a model built for these purposes.


Storytelling is the art of telling stories, which can be passed on through writing, speech, or other means. In the video, the focus is on how NovelAI can enhance the storytelling process by generating text that aligns with a writer's vision, making it easier to develop narratives and characters.

💡Context Window

The context window in NovelAI refers to the amount of text or story that the AI can 'remember' and use as a reference when generating new content. This is crucial for continuity and coherence in the story. The video mentions different pricing plans that offer varying sizes of context windows.

💡Pricing Plans

Pricing plans are the various subscription options offered by NovelAI, which differ in terms of the features and capabilities provided. The script outlines three plans: $10/month, $15/month, and $25/month, each offering increasing benefits such as a higher context window and early access to new features.

💡Text Adventure Mode

Text Adventure Mode is one of the writing modes available in NovelAI, which is particularly useful for creating content for role-playing games (RPGs) and interactive storytelling. The video suggests starting a story in this mode for a more interactive and game-like narrative experience.

💡Storyteller Mode

Storyteller Mode is another writing mode in NovelAI that is more suited for traditional narrative writing. The video demonstrates using this mode to work on a story, allowing the AI to generate text that continues from a given starting point.


Presets in NovelAI are pre-configured settings that adjust the style and behavior of the AI's text generation. The community on NovelAI's Discord has shared several presets, and users can also create their own by tweaking parameters like randomness and output length.

💡Lore Book

The Lore Book is a feature within NovelAI that allows users to organize and access all the story information they want the AI to consider when generating text. It is described as an exciting and powerful tool, although the video notes that it will be covered in a separate, upcoming video.

💡Completion Model

A completion model in the context of NovelAI refers to the AI's approach to text generation where it takes a given text or story starter and continues to write from that point. This differs from other AI models that might work on a prompt or require a back-and-forth interaction. The video illustrates how NovelAI can continue writing a story based on the context it has been provided.

💡Instruction Sets

Instruction sets are a way for users to guide the direction of the story by providing specific directions to NovelAI using opening curly brackets. This feature allows for more control over the narrative, enabling writers to steer the story in a desired direction or make significant changes to the plot.


NovelAI is an AI model specifically designed for storytelling and writing fiction.

The software has an unmoderated model, capable of generating not safe for work content.

Pricing plans for NovelAI include access to the latest model KRA with varying context window sizes.

The $10/month plan offers over 3,000 tokens of memory, $15 gives 6,000 tokens, and $25 provides an 8,000 token context window with additional benefits.

NovelAI's dashboard allows users to generate images, utilize text-to-speech models, and work on existing stories.

Users can start a new story in Text Adventure Mode or Storyteller mode.

Different AI models and styles can be selected within the software, including the ability to create custom presets.

The community on NovelAI's Discord shares presets, and the video uses one called Pro Writer.

Users can add memory or specific information for the AI to remember, such as genre or basic premise.

Author's notes can be created to influence the AI's output regarding tone or focus on certain events.

The Lore Book is a feature that allows sharing and accessing story information within NovelAI.

Advanced Techniques for NovelAI will be covered in a future video.

Story stats can be viewed, and completed stories can be exported from the platform.

NovelAI functions as a completion model, working best with a story starter or existing text.

The software can continue writing from where it left off, maintaining the style and characters of the original text.

Users can direct the story in a different way by changing the previous text.

NovelAI allows for giving instructions to the model using opening curly brackets for specific directions.

The software is suitable for pansters who like to make up the story as they go along and for those who want to work on a micro level with the AI.

The Future Fiction Academy offers live lessons, recorded content, resources, and access to cutting-edge AI writing software like NovelAI.