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3 Dec 202306:01

TLDRThis video tutorial introduces viewers to Star AI, a platform for generating AI images using prompts. The presenter guides users through the sign-up process, image creation options, and the importance of crafting effective prompts. They demonstrate how to create a realistic image by specifying desired elements and avoiding unwanted features through the use of negative prompts. The video also explores additional features such as project management, style selection, and the ability to upscale or share the generated images. The presenter encourages viewers to explore their creativity and offers inspiration from the platform's explore section.


  • 🌟 Introduction to Star AI: A platform for generating AI images using prompts.
  • 📸 Accessing the platform: Visit the Star AI website and sign up or sign in to start creating images.
  • 🎨 Image creation options: Choose from styles like art, photos, illustrations, and more.
  • 📝 Prompting the AI: Describe the desired image in a prompt to generate an AI-based image.
  • 🚫 Negative prompts: Specify what not to include in the image by typing it in the negative prompt section.
  • 🖼️ Style selection: Select a style for the image, such as cinematic or photography, to influence its appearance.
  • 📷 Reference images: Optionally, add a reference image for the AI to use as inspiration.
  • 📐 Aspect ratio: Choose from available aspect ratios to set the dimensions of the generated image.
  • ⏱️ Wait time: Decide how long you're willing to wait for the image to be generated.
  • 🔄 Variations and editing: Star AI generates multiple variations of the image; you can upscale, evolve, or delete them.
  • 🔍 Exploring projects and styles: Browse other users' projects and styles for inspiration and learning.
  • 📢 Sharing and publishing: Option to share or publish your generated images on the platform.

Q & A

  • What is Star AI and how does it function?

    -Star AI is a platform that allows users to generate AI images by inputting prompts. Users describe what they want to create, and the platform generates an image based on that description.

  • How do you begin creating AI images on Star AI?

    -To start creating AI images, users need to visit the Star AI website, sign in or sign up, and then click on the 'Create' option to begin the process.

  • What types of styles are available on Star AI for generating images?

    -Star AI offers four styles: Art, Photos, Illustration, and Cinematic. Users can choose the style that best fits the image they want to create.

  • What is a prompt in the context of Star AI?

    -A prompt is a descriptive input provided by the user that explains what kind of image they want to generate. The platform uses this description to create the AI image.

  • What is the purpose of the negative prompt feature?

    -The negative prompt feature allows users to specify elements they do not want in their generated images, ensuring the final product aligns with their preferences.

  • Can users include a reference image when creating AI images on Star AI?

    -Yes, users have the option to include a reference image if they want the AI to consider a specific visual while generating the image.

  • How does Star AI handle the aspect ratio of the generated images?

    -Users can choose from several aspect ratio options when generating an image, selecting the one that best suits their needs.

  • What are the possible actions users can take after an AI image is generated on Star AI?

    -After an image is generated, users can upscale it, share it, download it, evolve it for further refinement, or delete it if they are not satisfied with the result.

  • How can users get inspiration for creating images on Star AI?

    -The 'Explore' section of Star AI showcases works published by other users, providing a source of inspiration and ideas for creating new images.

  • What is the significance of the 'Project' section on Star AI?

    -The 'Project' section is where users can view and organize the images they have created, keeping track of their work progress and outcomes.

  • How does the video demonstrate the effectiveness of Star AI in generating realistic images?

    -The video demonstrates the effectiveness by showing the process of generating an image based on a user's prompt and highlighting the realistic quality of the resulting images, which closely resemble photographs.



🎨 Introduction to Star AI and Creating AI Images

This paragraph introduces viewers to the Star AI platform, explaining its purpose and how it functions. It guides users on how to access the website, sign up or sign in, and start creating AI images. The process involves selecting the type of art desired, such as photos, and providing a prompt to generate an image. The paragraph also discusses the use of negative prompts to exclude unwanted elements from the generated images. The user demonstrates creating a realistic image by describing a scene with a person holding a cup of coffee amidst a wintry background. The paragraph concludes with a brief overview of the platform's interface and features, including style selection, reference image inclusion, aspect ratio choice, and the generation process.


🚗 Exploring More Features and Creating a Second Image

The second paragraph continues the exploration of Star AI by discussing additional features such as the 'Project' section where users can view their created projects and the 'Style' section for saved styles. It also mentions the 'Explore' section where users can find inspiration from published works. The user then proceeds to create another image, this time with a different prompt featuring a cat driving a car with other animals in the back seat. The paragraph emphasizes the platform's ability to generate high-quality, realistic images and encourages viewers to use their imagination when providing prompts. It concludes with a reminder to subscribe to the YouTube channel for more informative content.



💡Star AI

Star AI is the central platform discussed in the video, which enables users to generate AI images based on prompts provided by them. It is a service that leverages artificial intelligence to interpret descriptions and create visual content accordingly. In the context of the video, Star AI is showcased as a user-friendly interface where individuals can explore their creativity by generating realistic images without the need for professional design skills.

💡AI Images

AI Images refer to visual content that is created using artificial intelligence algorithms. These images are not drawn or photographed traditionally but are instead generated by AI systems based on input data, such as textual descriptions or other images. In the video, AI images are produced by Star AI in response to user prompts, aiming to fulfill the described scenes or concepts with a high degree of realism.


A prompt, in the context of the video, is a textual description or a set of keywords provided by the user to guide the AI in generating an image. It serves as the input for the AI system to understand what kind of image the user wants to create. The quality and specificity of the prompt can significantly influence the accuracy and relevance of the generated AI image.

💡Negative Prompt

A negative prompt is a feature within the Star AI platform that allows users to specify elements they do not want to appear in the generated AI images. By inputting certain words or phrases that should be excluded, the AI system attempts to create images that avoid including those unwanted aspects. This tool helps users refine their desired output and achieve a more tailored result.


Style in the context of the Star AI platform refers to the visual aesthetic or artistic category that users can select for their AI-generated images. Different styles can evoke different moods, tones, or artistic traditions, allowing users to guide the AI towards a particular look or feel for their creations. Styles such as 'cinematic' or 'photography' offer users a way to specify the type of visual language they wish to convey.

💡Reference Image

A reference image is an existing visual example that users can provide to the Star AI platform to help guide the generation process. By including a reference image, users can offer a more concrete idea of what they want their AI image to resemble, potentially leading to a closer match between the prompt and the final output.

💡Aspect Ratio

Aspect ratio refers to the proportional relationship between the width and height of an image. It is an important consideration when creating images, as it affects how the content is displayed on different devices or within various design contexts. In the Star AI platform, users can select from a range of aspect ratios to determine the shape and composition of their generated images.


The 'Generate' action in the Star AI platform is the process of creating an AI image based on the user's prompt, style, and other selected parameters. Once the user has input their requirements, clicking the 'Generate' button initiates the AI's image creation process, which then produces a set of images that correspond to the user's specifications.


Upscaling in the context of the video refers to the process of enhancing the resolution or quality of an AI-generated image. This feature allows users to improve the detail and clarity of their images, making them more suitable for larger displays or professional uses. Upscaling is a common need when preparing images for print or digital platforms that require high-quality visuals.


Publishing, as discussed in the video, involves making the AI-generated images available to the public on the Star AI platform. Users can choose to share their creations with the community, potentially for inspiration, collaboration, or feedback. This feature promotes engagement and interaction among users of the platform.


Realistic in the context of the video pertains to the quality of the AI-generated images, where the goal is to create visuals that closely resemble real-life scenes or objects. The platform aims to produce images that could pass for photographs or actual captures, demonstrating the advanced capabilities of the AI in mimicking the complexities of the natural world.


Introduction to Star AI, a platform for generating AI images.

Explaining the process of signing up and accessing the platform.

Selecting the type of art to create: Style, Art, Photos, Illustration.

Writing a prompt to guide the AI in image generation.

Utilizing negative prompts to exclude unwanted elements from the image.

Choosing a style for the image, such as Cinematic or Photography.

Adjusting the aspect ratio for the desired image format.

Selecting the waiting time for image generation.

Viewing and evaluating the generated images based on the prompt.

Options to upscale, share, or evolve the generated images.

Exploring the 'Projects' section to view and get inspired by others' creations.

The 'Styles' section for saving and applying custom styles.

Browsing the 'Explore' section for published works and inspiration.

Creating a new image with a different prompt, focusing on multiple objects.

Adjusting the negative prompt to avoid certain image qualities.

The process of waiting for the AI to generate the new image based on the prompt.

Evaluating the final image quality and the effectiveness of the AI in capturing the prompt.

Encouraging viewers to subscribe for more informative content.