How to build the Youtuber dream studio....from the future.

16 Nov 201910:18

TLDRIn this entertaining and informative video, the narrator shares his journey to create a futuristic YouTuber's dream studio. He emphasizes the importance of location and efficiency, and humorously discusses the challenges of working with a large space and thin walls. The narrator explores the benefits of sourcing materials locally and buying in bulk, while also indulging in the local cuisine. He incorporates an industrial hipster aesthetic with Brooklyn pipes and highlights the need for creativity in space and flexibility. The video takes a playful turn with a mention of a time machine, which is later revealed to be a part of a past project, now repurposed into the studio setup. The narrator showcases his DIY skills by working with LEDs and soldering, crediting online learning platforms like Skillshare for his knowledge. He also discusses the concept of neuroplasticity and how continuous learning can reshape the brain, leading to personal and professional growth. The video concludes with the successful restoration of the time machine's operating system, 'Otis,' and a reflection on the value of the studio despite its apocalyptic implications. The narrator invites viewer feedback on his content direction and teases the possibility of a live studio walkthrough, ending with an encouraging note to inspire creativity.


  • 🏠 **Location is Key**: The narrator emphasizes the importance of having a YouTube studio on the ground floor for efficiency.
  • 🎶 **Acoustic Treatment**: Addressing the need for materials to reduce outside noise and control reverberation in the studio.
  • 🛍️ **Cost-Effective Shopping**: Buying foam in bulk from the garment district in downtown LA is cheaper than online platforms like Amazon.
  • 🍔 **Local Flavor**: The enjoyment of local hot dogs adds a personal touch to the studio setup experience.
  • 🔩 **Industrial Aesthetic**: The inclusion of Brooklyn pipes and shelves to achieve an industrial hipster look for the studio.
  • 🛠️ **Creative Flexibility**: The narrator values having a lot of space and flexibility, which is crucial for their creativity.
  • ⚙️ **Modular Design**: The belief that everything that can go on wheels should, to facilitate easy movement and setup.
  • 🖥️ **Technological Integration**: The use of a time machine's operating system, Otis, to enhance the studio's capabilities.
  • 💡 **Lighting Solutions**: The challenge of making use of natural light with tall ceilings and the need to manage it effectively.
  • 🧠 **Neuroplasticity**: The narrator's belief in continuous learning and how it rewires the brain for better problem-solving.
  • 🔋 **Power Supply and LEDs**: The mention of a power supply for 700 LEDs and the troubleshooting process for a short circuit.

Q & A

  • What is the first prerequisite mentioned for a YouTube studio?

    -The first prerequisite mentioned for a YouTube studio is that it should be located three minutes door to door from the main location.

  • Why is it important for a YouTube studio to be on the ground floor?

    -Being on the ground floor is important for a YouTube studio because it allows for efficiency in moving equipment and materials, although the narrator also humorously admits it might be a bit about being lazy.

  • What material is suggested for soundproofing the studio walls?

    -The narrator suggests using one material to reject outside noise and another to soften reverberation, but does not specify the exact materials.

  • Where does the narrator recommend buying foam for soundproofing?

    -The narrator recommends buying foam in bulk from the garment district in downtown LA, as it is cheaper than purchasing from Amazon.

  • What look is the narrator trying to achieve with the studio's shelves?

    -The narrator is aiming for an 'industrial hipster look' for the studio's shelves.

  • Why does the narrator mention Brooklyn pipes?

    -The narrator mentions Brooklyn pipes as a cheaper alternative to traditional construction materials, which can be found on Amazon for less than at Home Depot.

  • What does the narrator consider the best feature of the studio's location?

    -The best feature of the studio's location, according to the narrator, is its tall ceilings with natural light.

  • What is the time machine's operating system called?

    -The operating system of the time machine is called Orbiting Travelers Intermediary Station, or Otis for short.

  • How does the narrator describe the process of learning new skills through online tutorials?

    -The narrator describes the process as rewiring the brain due to neuroplasticity, allowing him to learn and forget information based on interest and necessity.

  • What is the name of the platform that the narrator uses to learn new skills?

    -The narrator uses Skillshare to learn new skills through various courses.

  • What does the narrator suggest for people who want to learn without spending hours searching on YouTube?

    -The narrator suggests using platforms like Skillshare, where one can directly access information and courses without being driven by view counts.

  • How does the narrator feel about his studio after setting it up?

    -The narrator feels super lucky to have a studio like this, even though it implies a humorous end of the world scenario for civilization as we know it.



🏠 Setting Up a YouTube Studio: Efficiency and Aesthetics

The narrator emphasizes the importance of having a YouTube studio that is three minutes door to door and on the ground floor for efficiency. They discuss the challenges of filming in a space with an echo and the need for materials to block outside noise and reduce reverberation. The video features a trip to Downtown LA's garment district to buy foam at a lower cost than online retailers. The narrator also talks about the appeal of hot dogs and the desire to create a studio with an industrial hipster look using Brooklyn pipes. They mention their creative process, which is enhanced by having ample space and flexibility, and the decision to use unconventional construction materials. The video ends with a mention of a time machine project and the narrator inviting help to paint.


💡 LED Project and Skillshare Sponsorship

The video transitions to an LED project, where the narrator discusses the process of setting up 700 LEDs and troubleshooting a short in the power supply. They share their self-taught journey through online tutorials and the importance of continuous learning, which is facilitated by platforms like Skillshare. The narrator highlights the concept of neuroplasticity and how investing in learning new skills can rewire the brain. They promote Skillshare's offering of two free months and its vast course library. The video also includes a shout-out to Brandon Woelfel's Instagram photography course. The narrator then addresses a potential issue with an LED and the importance of learning from mistakes. They conclude by discussing the reactivation of a project named Otis, which involves integrating the operating interface and uploading firmware to ensure stability. The video ends with the narrator expressing gratitude for their studio and seeking feedback on content direction, mentioning a recent live stream and the use of a four-camera switcher for more dynamic content.



💡YouTube Studio

A YouTube Studio refers to a physical space designed and optimized for creating content to be uploaded on the YouTube platform. In the video, the narrator discusses the importance of having a well-equipped space for filming, emphasizing efficiency and the ability to handle both noise rejection and reverberation control.


Efficiency in this context refers to the ability to perform tasks with the least waste of time or effort. The narrator highlights the importance of being on the ground floor for a YouTube studio, not out of laziness, but to streamline the process of moving equipment and sets.

💡Acoustic Treatment

Acoustic treatment involves the use of materials and design techniques to control sound reflections and noise in a room. The video mentions the need for materials to reject outside noise and soften reverberation, which is crucial for audio quality in a studio setting.

💡Garment District

The Garment District is a commercial area, often in a city's downtown, where a high concentration of businesses related to the fashion and clothing industry are located. The narrator mentions going to Downtown LA's garment district to purchase foam for acoustic treatment at a lower cost than online retailers.

💡Industrial Hipster Look

This term refers to a design aesthetic that combines elements of industrial design with a hipster, or modern vintage, style. The narrator discusses the trend of having shelves and other elements in a studio that give it this fashionable and edgy appearance.

💡Brooklyn Pipes

Brooklyn Pipes is a reference to a specific design element that can be purchased on Amazon, which is cheaper than at a local hardware store like Home Depot. It represents the type of materials that can be used to create the desired aesthetic in a studio.


Neuroplasticity is the brain's ability to reorganize itself by forming new neural connections throughout life. The video uses the concept to explain how continuous learning and engaging in new activities can lead to personal growth and skill development. It is exemplified by the narrator's journey of self-education through online platforms like Skillshare.


LEDs, or light-emitting diodes, are semiconductor light sources. In the video, the narrator discusses working with LEDs as part of the studio's lighting setup, highlighting the technical challenge and creative potential of using these components.


Soldering is a process in which two or more metal items are joined together by melting and putting a filler metal (solder) into the joint. The narrator mentions soldering as a skill that is useful not just for electronics but also for various creative projects.


Skillshare is an online learning community with thousands of classes in design, business, technology, photography, and more. The video features Skillshare as a platform where the narrator has learned various skills, emphasizing the importance of lifelong learning and how it can contribute to personal and professional development.

💡Time Machine

In the context of the video, a 'time machine' is a creative and whimsical element, possibly a prop or a set piece, that adds a futuristic or fantastical element to the studio. It's used to inject humor and to showcase the creative and imaginative aspects of building a unique studio space.


The importance of having a YouTube studio on the ground floor for efficiency.

Challenges of filling a large studio space and dealing with echo.

The need for materials to reject outside noise and soften reverb in the studio.

Advantages of buying foam in bulk from the garment district in Downtown LA.

Creative use of Brooklyn pipes for an industrial hipster look in the studio.

The significance of space and flexibility for creative work.

Innovative use of wheels for studio furniture to facilitate movement.

Professional appearance added by carpet and a staple gun.

The benefits of tall ceilings and natural light in the studio.

The story behind the time machine and its components.

Restoration of the time machine's operating system, Orbiting Travelers Intermediary Station (OTIS).

The use of 700 LEDs for a creative project and troubleshooting a short in the power supply.

Self-taught learning through online tutorials and the impact of neuroplasticity on personal development.

Skillshare as a resource for continuous learning and its role in rewiring the brain.

The connection between diverse skills like LEDs, robotics, and soldering with filmmaking.

Brandon Woelfel's Instagram photography course on Skillshare for enhancing creative skills.

The value of learning from books and classes on subjects like dinosaurs and raspberry pies.

The integration of OTIS's operating interface with time crystals and the flux capacitor.

The humorous acceptance of the potential end of civilization for the sake of a dream studio.

Plans for creating shorter form content and engaging with the audience through live streams.