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14 Feb 202309:51

TLDRThe video script introduces an AI program named Dali 2, which generates images from text descriptions. It guides users through the process of setting up an account, utilizing free credits, and crafting effective prompts to create desired images. The tutorial also recommends a free ebook for crafting precise prompts and demonstrates how to generate variations of an image, download creations, and manage credits. The video encourages user engagement by inviting feedback and suggestions for more AI-related content.


  • 🎨 Dali 2 is an AI program that creates images from text descriptions, making the process seem magical and user-friendly.
  • πŸ“ To begin using Dali, sign up with an email address and verify it, along with your name and phone number.
  • πŸ’‘ New users receive 50 free credits for the first month and 15 refills each subsequent month.
  • πŸš€ Utilize the 'surprise me' button for inspiration on what to create if unsure about the image description.
  • πŸ“ˆ Be mindful of the limited free credits and aim to use them for creating useful and high-quality images.
  • πŸ” Check remaining credits by clicking on the top right corner of the Dali interface.
  • πŸ“š A free ebook provides guidance on crafting precise prompts with examples and keywords for various image styles.
  • 🎭 Experiment with different styles and keywords within the same prompt to generate diverse image results.
  • πŸ”— The ebook's table of contents allows easy navigation to sections featuring examples and keywords for prompts.
  • πŸ”„ Generating variations of an image provides options with different textures and colors, enhancing creative possibilities.
  • πŸ’¬ Engage with the community by sharing prompt ideas and providing feedback on the tutorials to help shape future content.

Q & A

  • What is the main purpose of the artificial intelligence program mentioned in the transcript?

    -The main purpose of the artificial intelligence program, Dali 2, is to create realistic images and art from textual descriptions in natural language.

  • How can one access Dali 2 AI system?

    -Dali 2 can be accessed through a specific URL provided in the transcript.

  • What is the sign-up process for Dali 2?

    -To sign up for Dali 2, one needs to enter their email address, confirm they are not a robot, and continue to verify their email by clicking on a link in a confirmation email. After that, they need to enter their name, last name, and verify their phone number through an SMS code.

  • What are the benefits offered to new users of Dali 2?

    -New users of Dali 2 receive 50 free credits for their first month and 15 free credits every month thereafter, which can be used to create images.

  • How can users replenish their credits if they run out?

    -If users run out of credits, they have the option to purchase more to continue creating images with Dali 2.

  • What is the 'create with Dali' button mentioned in the transcript?

    -The 'create with Dali' button is what users click to start creating images with the Dali 2 AI system. It leads them to the interface where they can type their image descriptions and generate images.

  • How can users come up with ideas for their image descriptions?

    -Users can use the 'surprise me' button in Dali 2 to generate description ideas, or they can refer to a free ebook that provides examples and keywords for crafting image prompts.

  • What are some of the features available after an image is generated?

    -After an image is generated, users can edit the image, generate more variations, download the image, or report the image using quick actions accessible by clicking on three dots on the image.

  • How can users navigate through their recent creations in Dali 2?

    -Users can hover on an image to see quick actions, and by clicking on the three dots, they can view variations, go back to previous images, or download the image.

  • What is the importance of crafting precise prompts for Dali 2?

    -Crafting precise prompts is important because it helps ensure that the images generated by Dali 2 match the user's intended vision and desired style.

  • How can users provide feedback or share their creations with the Dali 2 community?

    -Users can share their creations and prompt ideas by leaving comments on the platform where the tutorial is hosted, thus contributing to the community and providing feedback.



🎨 Introduction to Dali 2 AI Image Creation

This paragraph introduces the viewer to the Dali 2 AI system, an artificial intelligence program that creates images from text descriptions. The speaker shares their experience with the technology and guides the audience on setting up a Dali account. The process includes signing up with an email, verifying the account, and understanding the free credits offered for new users. The speaker emphasizes the importance of crafting precise prompts to make the best use of the limited free credits and directs the audience to a free ebook for guidance on creating effective prompts.


πŸ“š Crafting Precise Prompts and Exploring Styles

In this paragraph, the speaker delves deeper into the process of crafting precise prompts for the Dali 2 AI system. They demonstrate how to use the 'Surprise Me' button for inspiration and explain the importance of being mindful of the available credits. The speaker introduces a free ebook as a resource for learning about creating effective prompts, complete with examples and keywords. They also show how to generate variations of an image using different styles and how to download the created images for personal use. The paragraph concludes with an invitation for the audience to share their own creative prompt ideas in the comments.



πŸ’‘Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think and learn like humans. In the context of the video, AI is the foundation of the Dada Dali 2 program, which uses AI to create images from textual descriptions, demonstrating the practical application of AI in the field of art and design.

πŸ’‘Image Creation

Image creation is the process of generating visual content, which can be done through various mediums like drawing, painting, or digital tools. In the video, image creation is achieved through an AI program, emphasizing the role of technology in simplifying and democratizing the process of producing visual art.

πŸ’‘Textual Description

A textual description is a written representation of an idea, concept, or visual image. In the context of the video, textual descriptions are used as inputs for the AI program to generate corresponding images, demonstrating the importance of clear and effective communication in AI interactions.

πŸ’‘Dada Dali 2

Dada Dali 2 is an AI system mentioned in the video that specializes in creating realistic images from textual descriptions. It represents the latest version of the AI platform and is accessible through a provided URL. The name is likely inspired by the surrealist artist Salvador Dali, reflecting the program's ability to generate surreal and imaginative images.

πŸ’‘Free Credits

Free credits in the context of the video are a form of promotional incentive offered by the Dada Dali 2 platform to new users. These credits can be used to create images without additional cost, encouraging users to explore and utilize the AI system's capabilities.

πŸ’‘Prompt Crafting

Prompt crafting is the process of creating effective textual descriptions that guide AI systems in generating desired outputs. It requires understanding the capabilities of the AI and using precise language to communicate the intended image or concept.


An ebook is a digital version of a book that can be read on electronic devices such as computers, tablets, or e-readers. In the video, an ebook is mentioned as a resource for learning how to craft effective prompts for the Dada Dali 2 AI system, offering examples and guidance to enhance the user's experience with the platform.

πŸ’‘Style Variations

Style variations refer to the different visual interpretations or artistic renditions of a given prompt. In the context of the video, style variations are generated by altering keywords within the textual description, allowing users to explore diverse aesthetic outcomes for their AI-created images.


In the context of the video, downloading refers to the process of saving the AI-generated images to one's computer, allowing users to keep, share, or further edit the visual content they have created with the Dada Dali 2 platform.

πŸ’‘User Engagement

User engagement refers to the interaction and involvement of users with a platform or service, often aiming to increase participation and foster a sense of community. In the video, user engagement is encouraged by asking viewers for their prompt ideas and feedback, as well as inviting them to subscribe for more content.


Introduction to Daddy Dali, an AI program that creates images from text descriptions.

The ease of creating a daily account and finding inspiration for crafting effective instructions.

Daddy Dali 2 is the latest AI system for generating realistic images from natural language descriptions.

Accessing Daddy Dali 2 through a URL and the initial sign-up process.

Verification of email and phone number for account setup.

The provision of 50 free credits for the first month and 15 refills every month thereafter.

The simple interface of Daddy Dali for creating images by typing a description and using the generate button.

The option to use the 'surprise me' button for generating description ideas.

The importance of mindful usage of free credits to create valuable images.

Checking remaining credits on the platform.

The availability of a free ebook as a resource for crafting precise prompts.

Examples and keywords in the ebook for generating various styles of images.

Demonstration of generating an image with a detailed prompt and the resulting creation.

The ability to edit the detailed description and generate variations of the image.

Exploring different styles by changing one keyword at a time.

Downloading and saving the generated images to your computer.

Invitation for viewers to share their creative prompt ideas in the comments.

Feedback request on the tutorial and the desire to produce more AI-related content.