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28 Dec 202206:30

TLDRIn this tutorial, viewers are guided through the process of creating art using Midjourney AI. Starting with inspiration from the community feed, the presenter selects an 'epic Matrix cute girl' design and modifies it by changing the subject to an older black grandmother. They utilize the 'Imagine prompts' feature in Discord, adjust camera settings, and make the image into a portrait. After reviewing and selecting the best images, they upscale and create variations to refine the artwork. The video concludes with the presenter's satisfaction with the final outcome, showcasing the power of Midjourney AI in transforming a simple idea into a professional-looking piece of art.


  • 🎨 **Start with Inspiration**: Begin by exploring the community feed on Midjourney for inspiration to spark your creativity.
  • 📋 **Copy the Prompt**: Use the three dots option to copy the prompt of an image you like, which can then be modified to suit your vision.
  • 👵 **Modify the Subject**: Change the subject of the artwork, for example, from a young girl to an older black grandmother, to personalize the creation.
  • 📷 **Adjust Camera Settings**: Experiment with different camera settings like lens choice (24 millimeters) to alter the perspective and feel of the image.
  • 🖼️ **Create a Portrait**: Use the '--ar 2:3' command to specify that you want the output to be in portrait format.
  • 🔍 **Review and Select**: After the AI generates images, review them carefully and select the ones that resonate with you.
  • 🔧 **Upscale Your Favorites**: Choose your favorite images and upscale them to enhance the details and quality.
  • 🔄 **Request Variations**: If you want to explore different versions of an image, request a variation to see alternative interpretations.
  • ✅ **Spell Check**: Ensure that your prompts are spelled correctly to avoid any confusion in the AI's output.
  • 🚀 **Maximize Job Requests**: Be aware that there's a limit to the number of concurrent jobs you can run, and plan your requests accordingly.
  • 🕒 **Patience is Key**: Wait for your upscaled images to finish processing before moving on to creating variations.
  • 🌟 **Finalize Your Artwork**: Once you have the variations, choose the one that best fits your ideal look and finalize your artwork.

Q & A

  • What is the main purpose of the video?

    -The main purpose of the video is to demonstrate how to create art using Midjourney AI, as shown by the process of modifying and personalizing an image within the platform.

  • What is the first step the presenter takes after signing into Midjourney?

    -The first step the presenter takes is to go to the home tab and preview things, as well as to get inspiration from the community feed.

  • Why does the presenter choose to start from the community feed?

    -The presenter starts from the community feed to get inspiration and see what others have created, which can help in deciding what to modify or change in their own design.

  • What does the presenter do after finding an image they like?

    -After finding an image they like, the presenter clicks the three dots and copies the prompt, which allows them to make modifications to the description and create their own version of the image.

  • How does the presenter modify the original image description in the Discord tab?

    -The presenter modifies the original image description by pasting the copied prompt into the Imagine prompts section and making changes to the elements of the description, such as changing 'cute girl' to 'older black grandmother'.

  • What specific change does the presenter make to the original image description?

    -The presenter changes the subject of the image from a 'cute girl' to an 'older black grandmother' and also changes the lens from 70 millimeters to 24 millimeters.

  • What command does the presenter use to make the image a portrait?

    -The presenter uses the command '--ar 2:3' to make the image a portrait.

  • What does the presenter do after Midjourney completes the image creation?

    -After Midjourney completes the image creation, the presenter reviews the images, selects the ones they like, and decides to upscale them for higher quality.

  • Why does the presenter upscale the images?

    -The presenter upscales the images to get a better quality and more details, which gives them the good vibe they were looking for.

  • What does the presenter do when they reach the maximum number of concurrent jobs?

    -When the presenter reaches the maximum number of concurrent jobs, they wait for the upscaled images to complete before Midjourney can work on the variation they requested.

  • How does the presenter feel about the final outcome of the images?

    -The presenter is very pleased with the final outcome of the images, especially the third one, which they feel fits the ideal look they were going for.



🎨 Customizing AI Art with Mid-Journey

The speaker welcomes viewers to a tutorial on creating AI art using Mid-Journey, a platform for generating images. They start by suggesting users preview and find inspiration from the community feed and artist community. The speaker then demonstrates how to copy an existing prompt, 'Epic Matrix cute girl,' and modify it by changing the subject to an 'older black grandmother.' They also adjust the camera setting from 70mm to 24mm to achieve a candid and sharp look. The process involves creating a portrait by using the command '--ar 2:1' and submitting the modified prompt for image generation. The speaker reviews the generated images, expressing satisfaction with the results and deciding to upscale three of them. They also request a variation of one image due to a potential glitch near the glasses. The speaker emphasizes the importance of checking the spelling and details before submitting the prompt for variations.


🔍 Reviewing and Finalizing AI Artwork

After the image generation process, the speaker reviews the upscaled images and expresses a particular fondness for the third one, which they feel best fits the ideal look they were aiming for. The paragraph ends with an invitation for viewers to watch the rest of the video to see the prompts used in the process. The speaker's satisfaction with the outcome and the mention of a glitch in one of the variations indicate a hands-on approach to refining AI-generated art.



💡Midjourney AI

Midjourney AI refers to a platform or tool that is used for creating art with the assistance of artificial intelligence. In the context of the video, it is the main subject where the host demonstrates how to utilize this AI to generate professional-looking artwork. The script mentions 'mid-journey' several times, indicating it as the central focus of the tutorial.

💡Art Creation

Art creation is the process of generating visual content, which in this video, is facilitated by Midjourney AI. The script describes a step-by-step guide on how to use the AI to create art, emphasizing the ease with which one can produce professional-grade images.

💡Community Feed

The community feed is a feature within the Midjourney AI platform where users can view and draw inspiration from the artwork created by others. The video script mentions starting from the community feed to get inspired, which suggests that it is a valuable resource for artists looking for ideas.


Inspiration in this video refers to the creative ideas or influences that come from observing the work of others within the AI art community. The host suggests using the community feed to find inspiration for modifying and creating new art pieces.


In the context of the video, 'Matrix' is part of a description used to guide the AI in creating a specific type of artwork. The host mentions 'epic Matrix' as a style or theme that they liked and decided to modify, indicating that it is a key element in defining the desired aesthetic of the art.


A prompt in the video is a set of instructions or a description given to the AI to guide the creation of art. The host copies and modifies a prompt ('epic Matrix cute girl') to create a unique piece, demonstrating how prompts are crucial for directing the AI's artistic output.


Discord is the platform where the interaction with the Midjourney AI takes place. The script describes using Discord to send commands to the AI, such as 'Imagine prompts,' which is how the user communicates with the AI to generate art.


Upscaling in the video refers to the process of enhancing the resolution or quality of an AI-generated image. The host upscales the images to get more detail, which is an important step in achieving a professional finish.


A variation in this context is a modified version of the original AI-generated image. The host requests a variation of one of the images to explore different outcomes and to see alternative interpretations by the AI.


In the video, making a portrait means creating an image that focuses on the face and expression of a subject. The host uses the command 'dash dash a r' to specify that they want the AI to create a portrait, which is a key aspect of the final artwork.


The video demonstrates how to use Midjourney AI to create professional-level art.

The process begins with signing into Midjourney and previewing the home tab for inspiration.

The artist community on Midjourney is a source of inspiration, featuring a variety of designs like Snoop Dogg's artwork.

The user chooses an 'epic Matrix, cute girl' design as a starting point for modification.

To customize the design, the user copies the prompt and makes modifications to create a unique piece.

The user changes the subject of the artwork from a young girl to an older, black grandmother.

The user selects a 24-millimeter lens for a candid, sharp look.

The 'Imagine prompts' feature is used to input the modified design description.

The user converts the design into a portrait using the '--ar 2:3' command.

The user reviews the generated images and selects the ones they like for upscaling.

Upscaling enhances the detail and quality of the chosen images.

Variations of the design are created to explore different visual outcomes.

The user encounters a limit on the number of concurrent jobs, which requires waiting for upscaling to finish before creating variations.

The final selection of images is made based on the user's preference for detail and aesthetic appeal.

The user upscales and creates variations of the chosen image to achieve the desired look.

The video concludes with a demonstration of how to remix prompts for improved results.

The user emphasizes the importance of spelling and formatting when inputting prompts for the best results.

The video provides a step-by-step guide for beginners to create art using Midjourney AI.

The user shares their creative process and the final outcome of their Midjourney AI art creation.