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18 May 202404:18

TLDRThis video tutorial demonstrates the creation of 'Mid Journey,' an image generator built in Scratch, a programming platform. The creator guides viewers through setting up a Discord background, using an API for image generation, and integrating it with Scratch sprites. The process includes coding interactions, generating images based on prompts, and displaying them within the Scratch environment. The video showcases the successful generation of images, such as a penguin astronaut, and concludes with a demonstration of the final product, highlighting the potential for creative programming projects.


  • 🌄 The video is about creating a 'mid Journey' image generator in Scratch.
  • 🔥 The creator previously made a chachu and penguin mod which was well-received.
  • 🎨 'Mid Journey' is an image generator that can create any image and is integrated with Discord.
  • 🖼️ The layout of 'mid Journey' is shown and then simplified for the Scratch project.
  • 🐧 The penguin sprite is removed to make room for the new image generator.
  • 🤖 The project uses an API created by movie Lop, which is acknowledged in the video.
  • 🚀 The image generation process is time-consuming but results in unique images like a penguin astronaut.
  • 🔄 The script includes a 'forever loop' for continuous image generation upon user input.
  • 📸 The generated image is imported as a costume in Scratch and displayed on the stage.
  • 📝 Text animation is used to show the process of 'generating image' to the user.
  • 🎉 The video concludes with a demonstration of the image generator's capabilities and a call to check out the creator's other videos.

Q & A

  • What project is the video about?

    -The video is about creating a 'mid Journey' image generator in Scratch, which can generate any image and is integrated with Discord.

  • What is the purpose of the Discord background in the project?

    -The Discord background serves as the setting for the image generator, providing a familiar interface for users.

  • What does the term 'mid Journey' refer to in the context of the video?

    -In the context of the video, 'mid Journey' refers to the name of the image generator being created in Scratch.

  • How does the image generator work in the Scratch project?

    -The image generator works by using an API to generate images based on user input and then displaying them within the Scratch environment.

  • What is the role of the 'penguin GPT' in the script?

    -The 'penguin GPT' is used to generate images based on prompts provided by the user within the Scratch project.

  • Why was the penguin sprite removed from the project?

    -The penguin sprite was removed because the focus shifted to the image generation aspect of the project, requiring a clean slate for the new functionality.

  • What is the significance of the 'API' mentioned in the video?

    -The API is crucial as it allows the Scratch project to communicate with external services to generate images based on user input.

  • How does the video demonstrate the image generation process?

    -The video demonstrates the image generation process by showing the Scratch code and user interaction, leading to the display of generated images.

  • What issues were encountered during the testing of the image generator?

    -During testing, the issue encountered was that the generated image was not initially displayed correctly due to a missing command to 'say' the result.

  • What adjustments were made to the generated image display?

    -The adjustments made to the generated image display included resizing the image to fit the page better and positioning it correctly.

  • How does the video conclude?

    -The video concludes by showing the successful generation of images with text overlays and expressing hope that viewers enjoyed the content.



📚 Introduction to Mid Journey Image Generator

The video begins with the creator's recap of the previous week's project, the Chachu and Penguin mod, which was well-received. This week, they introduce a new project: Mid Journey, an image generator built in Scratch. The generator is designed to create images on Discord with a background that can be customized. The creator guides viewers through setting up the layout, adjusting its size, and centering it appropriately. They also demonstrate how to remove unnecessary elements to focus on the image generation process.

🎨 Customizing the Image Generator Interface

The creator proceeds to customize the Mid Journey image generator's interface. They remove the default penguin sprite and replace it with a new 'penguin GPT' script, which is an API for image generation. The script was created by 'movie Lop', to whom the creator gives credit. The video shows how to import the script and set up the initial costume for the image generator, which is a blank slate that will be replaced with generated images.

🚀 Setting Up the Image Generation Process

The video continues with the setup of the image generation process. The creator uses Scratch's 'when green flag clicked' block to initiate the process and a 'forever' loop to continuously ask for user input. They demonstrate how to generate an image by using the 'generate penguin space' command and how to import the generated image as a costume named 'answer'. The creator also shows how to switch the costume to display the newly generated image.

🖌️ Adding Text and Finalizing the Generator

In the final part of the video, the creator adds text to the image generator. They discuss the importance of text size and positioning, and how to set the font and color to ensure visibility against the background. The creator tests the generator by inputting 'LOL' and shows the image generation process, which takes some time due to the complexity of image generation. They adjust the size of the generated image and the text to fit the interface and provide a clean user experience.



💡Mid Journey

Mid Journey refers to an image generator that the creator is building within the video. It is a software tool that can produce images based on given prompts or descriptions. In the script, the creator is developing this generator using Scratch, a programming language designed for educational purposes, to demonstrate its capabilities and the process of creating such a tool.

💡Chachu and Penguin Mod

Chachu and Penguin Mod is a modification or custom version of a game or software that the creator had previously worked on and which was well-received by the audience. It serves as a context for the current project, showing the creator's history of engaging with the community and building upon previous successes.

💡Image Generator

An image generator is a type of software that creates images based on user input or predefined parameters. In the context of the video, the creator is building an image generator named 'Mid Journey' in Scratch, which is capable of generating images related to the prompts given by users, such as 'penguin astronaut'.


Scratch is a visual programming language and online community targeted primarily at children. It allows users to create their own interactive stories, games, and animations. In the video, the creator is using Scratch to build the Mid Journey image generator, showcasing the platform's versatility and educational value.


Discord is a popular communication platform designed for creating communities, often used by gamers and content creators. In the script, the creator mentions that the Mid Journey image generator will be integrated with Discord, implying that users will be able to interact with the generator directly within the Discord environment.


API stands for Application Programming Interface, which is a set of rules and protocols for building software applications. In the video, the creator uses an API to facilitate the image generation process within Scratch, allowing the program to access external services or data sources to create images.


In the context of Scratch, a 'costume' refers to the visual representation of a sprite. The creator uses the term 'costume' to describe the images generated by the Mid Journey tool, which are then imported and displayed as the appearance of a sprite within the Scratch project.


A sprite in Scratch is an object that can be moved, rotated, and changed in various ways. The creator initially uses the 'penguin' sprite but later replaces it with the generated images, demonstrating how the image generator can dynamically alter the visual elements of a Scratch project.


In the script, 'generate' refers to the action of creating something new, specifically images, based on input data. The Mid Journey tool is designed to 'generate' images that correspond to the descriptions provided by users, showcasing the creative potential of the tool.


A loop in programming is a sequence of instructions that is continually repeated until a certain condition is met. In the video, the creator uses a 'forever loop' in Scratch to continuously ask for user input and generate images, demonstrating a fundamental programming concept in the context of the project.

💡Text Animation

Text animation refers to the process of making text move or change in appearance to create visual effects. In the script, the creator adds text animation to the project to enhance the user interface and provide feedback, such as 'generating image,' indicating the status of the image generation process.


Introduction to creating a mid-journey image generator in Scratch inspired by the success of the chachu and penguin mod.

Setting up the Discord background and HD upload feature for the mid-journey image generator.

Centering and resizing the layout to fit the image generator's interface.

Erasing unnecessary elements to streamline the image generator's user interface.

Using the drawing feature to create a square that will serve as the image display area.

Deleting the penguin sprite and preparing to integrate the penguin GPT for image generation.

Introducing the image generation API created by Movie Lop and its integration into the project.

Switching from chatbot management to image generation in the code setup.

Demonstrating the image generation process with the 'generate penguin space' command.

Importing the generated image as a costume named 'penguin'.

Creating an interactive experience by asking users to input a prompt for the image generator.

Using a forever loop to continuously ask for user input and generate images.

Debugging the code to ensure the generated image is displayed correctly on the screen.

Adjusting the size and position of the generated image for better presentation.

Adding text animation to the image generator's output for a dynamic display.

Customizing the text appearance with font, color, and position settings.

Final testing of the image generator with various prompts to showcase its capabilities.

Sharing additional images created using the mid-journey image generator to highlight its versatility.

Conclusion and invitation to watch the Chach BT video for more creative projects.