I Made a Movie Trailer with Runway AI

9 Dec 202319:47

TLDRThis video offers a behind-the-scenes look at creating a movie trailer using Runway AI, highlighting the challenges and learning process. The creator shares insights on concept development with Chat GPT, the limitations of human faces in Runway Gen 2, and the use of music and special effects to enhance the trailer. The summary also touches on the cost and time investment involved, providing tips to avoid common mistakes and make the most out of the AI tools available.


  • 🎬 The creator made a movie trailer using Runway AI and shared their experience in the video.
  • 🤖 They used chat GPT to generate a concept for the trailer, but faced challenges with human anatomy in Runway AI.
  • 🎵 The video features a memorable tune 'Right Round' which inspired the trailer's direction and editing.
  • 💡 The creator learned through trial and error, implementing what they learned to create the trailer.
  • 💰 The process was more expensive and time-consuming than anticipated due to mistakes and the learning curve.
  • 📚 They took a trailer editing course and researched extensively to understand the trailer-making process.
  • 🖌️ Runway AI is better for creating simple objects or scenes rather than complex ones with human figures.
  • 👽 The creator combined elements from Mid Journey for more advanced scenes and used Runway for animation.
  • 🎞️ The video explains the process of using Runway AI, including text-to-image and start-with-image features.
  • 🛠️ The creator discovered useful editing techniques, such as using motion brushes and aspect ratio adjustments.
  • 📉 The creator bought credits for Runway AI and emphasized the importance of managing them wisely to avoid unnecessary costs.
  • 🎹 They purchased a track for the trailer, ensuring it was copyright-free, and credited the source in the video.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video?

    -The main topic of the video is the creator's experience in making a movie trailer using Runway AI and discussing its capabilities, challenges, and the process involved.

  • What software did the creator initially consider for generating the concept of the movie trailer?

    -The creator initially considered using Chat GPT to generate the concept for the movie trailer.

  • What was the concept suggested by Chat GPT for the movie trailer?

    -Chat GPT suggested a concept involving a mystical forest with a tree that keeps the darkness away, and a girl who realizes it's her destiny to save the tree.

  • Why did the creator decide not to use human faces in the trailer created with Runway AI?

    -The creator decided not to use human faces in the trailer because Runway AI's depiction of human anatomy was not accurate, with issues like legs growing and eyes opening and closing unnaturally.

  • What was the inspiration the creator found on YouTube for the trailer's music?

    -The inspiration for the trailer's music came from a video called 'How to Make a Blockbuster Movie Trailer' by Oral Knuts, which featured the tune 'Right Round Baby'.

  • How did the creator handle the issue of matching the trailer's music to the visuals?

    -The creator bought the track 'Right Round Baby' from AudioJungle, ensuring it matched the visuals and had the right tempo for the trailer.

  • What are some of the features of Runway Gen 2 that the creator found useful?

    -The creator found features like text-to-image generation, motion brush for animating specific parts of an image, and the ability to adjust camera motion particularly useful.

  • What is the issue with the default aspect ratio of Runway clips compared to 1080P?

    -The default aspect ratio of Runway clips is 286 by 1536, which is not a perfect fit for 1080P, resulting in small black bars on the sides of the video.

  • How did the creator address the problem of Runway's watermark appearing on the clips?

    -The creator made sure to check the 'Remove Watermark' option before generating the clips to avoid the watermark appearing on the final video.

  • What additional effects did the creator use to enhance the trailer?

    -The creator used muzzle flashes and bullets from a pack by Action Essentials to enhance the shooting scenes in the trailer.

  • What advice does the creator give regarding the use of Runway AI for creating elaborate scenes?

    -The creator advises that Runway AI is better for creating simple objects and scenes like explosions, and suggests using Mid Journey for more elaborate and realistic scenes.



🎬 The Challenge of Creating with Runway Gen 2

The speaker begins by setting the scene with a dramatic musical introduction, hinting at a mysterious 'thing' that could destroy us all, and suggests that the viewer is the one to stop it. The main focus then shifts to the challenges faced while creating a movie trailer using Runway Gen 2 AI software. The speaker shares personal experiences, including the time-consuming and costly process due to learning mistakes, such as wasting credits on unwanted features like watermarks. The video promises insights into the nuances of Runway AI, comparing it to other software like mid Journey, and discussing the concept development for the trailer using chat GPT, which generated an epic forest-based storyline.


🎼 Inspiration and the Creative Process Behind the Trailer

In this paragraph, the speaker finds inspiration from a 'Blockbuster movie trailer' video and decides to use the tune 'You Spin Me Right Round' as a central theme for the trailer. The process of selecting the right note and music for the trailer is detailed, including the struggle to match the tune and the eventual purchase of the track from Artlist. The speaker also discusses the importance of voiceover for adding narrative depth and the initial steps in using Runway, including the economical use of credits and the trial-and-error method of generating images and videos.


🚀 Runway Gen 2's Capabilities and Limitations

The speaker explores Runway Gen 2's features, such as text-to-image and starting with an image, while pointing out the limitations, especially with human faces and complex scenes. The paragraph delves into the specifics of using Runway, like the importance of removing watermarks and the option to use the same seed for consistent results. It also touches on the use of motion brushes for animating objects and the process of refining video clips to fit the desired cinematic style. The speaker shares personal experiences with the software, including the time and credits spent on creating various clips for the trailer.


💥 Special Effects and Final Touches on the Trailer

In the final paragraph, the speaker discusses the use of special effects to enhance the trailer, such as adding muzzle flashes and bullets to shooting scenes for more impact. They mention using assets from a pack manager and provide an affiliate link for viewers interested in such resources. The speaker also talks about the technical aspects of editing, like adjusting the aspect ratio and using fade to black effects. The paragraph concludes with a reiteration of the challenges and costs associated with using Runway Gen 2 and a teaser of the final trailer, inviting viewers to subscribe for more video-making content.



💡Runway AI

Runway AI is a creative tool that uses artificial intelligence to generate images and videos from textual descriptions. In the video, the creator uses Runway AI to make a movie trailer, highlighting its capabilities and the challenges faced during the process. The tool is instrumental in bringing the video's apocalyptic theme to life through generated visuals.

💡Movie Trailer

A movie trailer is a short promotional clip designed to generate interest in an upcoming film. The script describes the process of creating a movie trailer using Runway AI, emphasizing the creative and technical challenges involved in teasing a fictional movie's narrative.

💡Chat GPT

Chat GPT is an AI chatbot capable of generating human-like text based on prompts. In the context of the video, the creator consults Chat GPT for a concept for the movie trailer, illustrating the integration of AI in the creative process.


In the video, 'concept' refers to the initial idea or premise for the movie trailer. The creator uses Chat GPT to brainstorm a mystical forest setting with a tree that repels darkness, which becomes the central theme of the trailer.

💡Mystical Forest

The 'mystical forest' is a key setting in the movie trailer's concept, representing a fantastical environment where a tree with magical properties exists. It sets the stage for the trailer's narrative and is visualized using AI tools like Runway AI.


Text-to-image is a feature within Runway AI that generates images based on textual descriptions. The video demonstrates how this feature can be used to create scenes for the movie trailer, showcasing the tool's ability to interpret and visualize concepts.

💡Mid Journey

Mid Journey is an alternative AI tool mentioned in the script for creating more advanced scenes, like an alien invasion. It is used when Runway AI's capabilities are insufficient for the desired outcome, indicating the complementary nature of different AI tools in the creative process.

💡Special Effects

Special effects are techniques used in film to create illusions or enhance reality. The creator delves into special effects by adding muzzle flashes and bullets to the trailer, using assets from a pack to enhance the visual impact of the video.

💡Aspect Ratio

Aspect ratio refers to the proportional relationship between the width and height of an image or video. The script discusses adjusting the aspect ratio to create a more cinematic look for the trailer, using black bars to frame the content appropriately.


Copyright is a legal right that grants the creator of an original work exclusive rights to its use and distribution. The video mentions the importance of copyright when using music tracks, emphasizing the need for clearance or purchase to avoid infringement.

💡Muzzle Flash

A muzzle flash is the burst of light and gas that occurs at the muzzle of a firearm when it is discharged. In the video, muzzle flashes are added as special effects to enhance the visual representation of gunfire in the movie trailer.


Creator used Runway Gen 2 to make a movie trailer, highlighting its capabilities and limitations.

The process was more difficult and time-consuming than anticipated due to learning curve and making mistakes.

A concept for the trailer was generated using chat GPT, resulting in a mystical forest story.

Runway AI struggled with creating realistic human faces, leading to the use of other tools for certain scenes.

Inspiration for the trailer's music came from a YouTube video, 'How to Make a Blockbuster Movie Trailer'.

The creator followed the instructions from the YouTube video to improve their trailer-making skills.

Runway's text-to-image feature was used to create scenes, but had limitations with complex human movements.

Free preview feature in Runway was essential to avoid wasting credits on unwanted video generations.

Mid journey was preferred for creating certain scenes due to its advanced capabilities with detailed imagery.

The creator bought a track from Nots for the trailer, hoping it was copyright-free.

Runway's motion brush tool was used to animate objects in a scene, such as a spaceship.

Special effects like muzzle flashes were added to enhance the trailer's action sequences.

The creator learned the importance of removing watermarks before generating final videos to save credits.

Runway's Gen 2 is good for simple objects and scenes but challenging for complex or human-centric visuals.

The creator combined images from Mid journey with Runway's animation capabilities for better results.

AICE's asset pack was used to add muzzle flashes and bullets to the trailer for a more realistic effect.

The final trailer was a combination of creative learning, trial and error, and effective use of AI tools.