I TRIED Earning $600 Per Day Typing Names (Google 2024)

Kimberly Mitchell
2 Jan 202408:11

TLDRIn the 'I Tried It' series, the host explores various online money-making schemes, including one promising up to $600 per day by typing names. The video outlines the process of earning money through typing names on a website, with potential earnings ranging from $20 for typing 300 names to $400 or more for typing 20 pages. The host recommends visiting Talent Desire and taking a free typing test on Ratat Type to obtain a certificate, which could increase earnings. However, after attempting to apply through the website, the host receives no response and concludes that the scheme may not be legitimate. The video ends with a suggestion to explore other online job platforms like Indeed and Upwork for writing, proofreading, and transcription jobs, which do exist but require typing proficiency and writing skills.


  • 🎯 The video discusses a claimed method to earn up to $600 per day by typing names online.
  • 💰 Potential earnings are based on the volume of names typed, with rates such as $20 for 300 names, $100 for five pages, and $400 for 20 pages.
  • 🚀 There's no limit to how much one can earn, suggesting the more you type, the more you can potentially earn.
  • ✍️ The word rate is 10 cents per word typed, which is a key factor in calculating potential income.
  • 📝 The website Talentdesire.com is mentioned as a platform to start working from home and earn money online.
  • 🤔 The legitimacy of Talentdesire.com is questioned due to the abundance of ads on the site, which can be a red flag.
  • 📚 The video suggests that online typing jobs require no experience or technical expertise, making them accessible to many.
  • 📝 Ratattype.com is introduced as a site to take a free typing test and obtain a certificate that could enhance job opportunities.
  • 📈 Having a typing certificate from Ratattype.com is said to increase earnings per page and improve the chances of getting hired.
  • 📧 The process of applying for a job on Talentdesire.com is detailed, including signing up for an account and filling out an application form.
  • 🔍 The video creator expresses skepticism about Talentdesire.com's authenticity after not receiving any email response or job offers.
  • ⏰ The video concludes with the creator not having made any money from the process and advising viewers to be cautious about similar opportunities.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video?

    -The main topic of the video is exploring whether it's possible to earn up to $600 per day by typing names online.

  • What is the name of the website mentioned in the video for earning money by typing names?

    -The website mentioned in the video is Talent Desire.

  • What is the potential income for typing names on the website?

    -The potential income ranges from $20 for typing 300 names, $100 for typing five pages, and up to $400 or $600 per day for typing 20 pages.

  • What is the rate at which one earns money for typing names?

    -The rate is 10 cents for every word typed.

  • What is the first step to start earning money from the website mentioned?

    -The first step is to visit the website Talent Desire and sign up for an account.

  • What is the role of a typing certificate in the process?

    -A typing certificate from ratat type.com can enhance the chances of getting a job online by proving typing proficiency, speed, and accuracy.

  • What is the outcome of the video creator's attempt to earn money by following the video's instructions?

    -The video creator did not earn any money and did not receive any confirmation or response from Talent Desire after applying.

  • Why did the video creator consider the website Talent Desire to be potentially sketchy?

    -The video creator considered Talent Desire to be potentially sketchy due to the large number of ads on the website, which is unusual for a legitimate job website.

  • What are some alternative platforms for online writing, content creation, or proofreading jobs?

    -Alternative platforms include Indeed and Upwork, which offer various online job opportunities such as content writing, proofreading, and transcription.

  • What is the importance of having proficiency in typing and writing for online jobs?

    -Proficiency in typing and writing is important as it increases the chances of being accepted for online jobs and can lead to higher-paying opportunities and better career prospects.

  • What was the final verdict of the video creator regarding the specific video they were following?

    -The video creator concluded that the specific video was a bust and a waste of time, as they did not earn any money or receive any response from the website.



😀 Exploring the Potential of Online Typing Jobs

The video introduces the viewer to an online job opportunity recommended by a subscriber, which claims to earn up to $600 per day by simply typing names. The host explains the earning potential based on the number of pages typed, with rates varying from $20 for typing 300 names to $400 for 20 pages. The process involves visiting Talent Desire's website, taking a free typing test on ratattype.com, and obtaining a certificate to increase earning potential. The host then guides viewers through signing up for an account and applying for the job, emphasizing the importance of the typing certificate for higher earnings and better job opportunities.


😕 Challenges and Reality Check for Online Typing Jobs

The host shares their experience after following the steps outlined in the video. They express disappointment at not receiving any communication from Talent Desire after applying, which raises doubts about the legitimacy of the website. The host also notes the abundance of ads on the site, which is typically a red flag. Despite the lack of success with Talent Desire, the video acknowledges the existence of similar online jobs on platforms like Indeed and Upwork, suggesting that proficiency in typing and writing is necessary for these positions. The host concludes by advising viewers to be cautious and not to waste time on opportunities that may not be genuine.



💡Earning $600 Per Day

This phrase refers to the potential income that can be made by participating in the discussed online job. It's the central theme of the video, which is about exploring the feasibility of earning such an amount by typing names online. The video provides a detailed breakdown of how much one could earn based on the volume of names typed, with examples such as earning $20 for typing 300 names.

💡Typing Names

The core activity proposed in the video for making money online. It involves inputting names into a system, which is presented as a simple task that can yield significant income. The video script outlines the process and potential earnings from this activity, emphasizing its accessibility and the lack of required experience or technical expertise.

💡Talent Desire.com

A website mentioned in the video as a platform where one can work from home and earn money online. It is presented as a resource for finding online typing jobs and other remote work opportunities. However, the video later expresses skepticism about the legitimacy of the site due to the abundance of ads and lack of communication after application.

💡Ratat Type.com

This is the website where viewers are directed to take a free typing test. The test is said to provide a certificate upon completion, which is suggested to increase one's chances of securing online typing jobs by demonstrating typing proficiency. The video emphasizes the importance of this certification in enhancing one's earning potential.

💡Online Proofreading

One of the work-from-home opportunities listed on Talent Desire.com. It is mentioned as an alternative to typing jobs for those looking to earn money online. The video briefly touches on this option, indicating that it requires a different set of skills compared to typing names.

💡Free Typing Test

A feature offered by Ratat Type.com that allows users to assess their typing speed and accuracy. The video presents this test as a prerequisite for obtaining a typing certificate, which is believed to improve job prospects and earnings in online typing roles.


A common theme in the video, referring to the type of employment being explored. It highlights the flexibility and convenience of working remotely, which is particularly appealing to many viewers. The video discusses various work-from-home opportunities, with a focus on online typing jobs.

💡Income Potential

The video discusses the income potential of typing names online, providing specific figures such as $20 for typing 300 names, $100 for five pages, and $400 per day for typing 20 pages. This keyword is central to the video's appeal, as it addresses the viewer's primary concern of earning money.

💡Online Writing

Another form of remote work mentioned in the video, which includes content writing and proofreading. It is suggested as an alternative for those with writing skills, indicating that there are various online jobs available beyond just typing names.


A well-known online platform for freelancers where viewers are encouraged to look for online writing, content writing, and proofreading jobs. The mention of Upwork in the video serves to provide an alternative resource for finding legitimate remote work opportunities.


A concern raised in the video regarding the authenticity of the job opportunities presented, particularly regarding Talent Desire.com. The video expresses doubts about the site's legitimacy due to the prevalence of ads and the lack of follow-up after application, which is a crucial consideration for viewers seeking reliable online work.


The video discusses earning up to $600 per day by typing names online.

Potential income includes $20 for typing 300 names, $100 for five pages, and $400 for 20 pages.

There is no limit to the amount one can earn by typing more names.

The word rate is 10 cents per word typed.

Each page contains approximately 300 words, allowing for quick earnings.

The website Talentdesire.com offers work-from-home opportunities without any upfront cost.

The website offers a range of online jobs including proofreading, blogging, translation, and surveys.

Ratattype.com is the main site for taking a free typing test and obtaining a certificate.

A typing certificate can enhance job opportunities and earnings per page.

The process involves signing up for a free account and completing a typing test for certification.

After obtaining the certificate, one can apply for jobs on Talentdesire.com with increased compensation.

The application process on Talentdesire.com includes providing personal information and agreeing to terms and conditions.

The video creator did not receive any response from Talentdesire.com after applying.

The video suggests that Talentdesire.com may not be a legitimate platform due to the abundance of ads.

There are alternative online typing jobs available on platforms like Indeed and Upwork.

Proficiency in typing and writing is required for most online writing, proofreading, and transcription jobs.

The video concludes that the specific method discussed was not successful and may have been a waste of time.

The creator encourages viewers to share their experiences with Talentdesire.com in the comments.