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TLDRIn the dramatic episodes 100-101 of 'Cupid's Curse,' Jennifer, Robert's sister-in-law, reveals to Emma that she is pregnant, causing a whirlwind of emotions. Despite being married to Andrew, Jennifer harbors feelings for Robert, which complicates matters. Emma, initially unaware of the situation, finds herself in the middle of a family conflict when Jennifer confides in her about her pregnancy and her reluctance to have the child due to concerns over societal judgment and the impact on her disabled husband, Andrew. Emma advises Jennifer to consider her love for Andrew and the significance of the child as a symbol of their love. Meanwhile, Robert, unaware of Jennifer's true feelings, insists on the importance of family lineage and the child's right to live. The tension escalates as Jennifer's emotions come to the forefront, and she confronts Robert about his perceived betrayal and her own internal struggle. The story unfolds with a mix of family dynamics, unspoken affections, and the weight of societal expectations, leaving the characters at a crossroads where they must confront their feelings and make difficult decisions.


  • 🤰 Jennifer is pregnant and has a conflicted feeling about her pregnancy due to concerns over societal judgment and her husband Andrew's disability.
  • 🧥 A misunderstanding occurs over a camel-colored coat that Jennifer wears, which Emma thought was bought by Robert for his sister-in-law, not for Jennifer.
  • 😕 Emma feels deceived when she sees Jennifer wearing the coat, believing Robert had lied to her about his intentions with the coat.
  • 😶 Jennifer seeks Emma's advice and comfort, revealing her internal struggle and the argument she had with Andrew over the pregnancy.
  • 🤔 Emma is unsure of her role as a confidante to Jennifer, especially given the complicated relationships and her own feelings towards Robert.
  • 😣 Jennifer opens up to Emma about her fears for her unborn child's future and the potential strain on her marriage to Andrew.
  • 👶 The central conflict revolves around Jennifer's pregnancy and the pressure from Robert and societal expectations to continue with the pregnancy.
  • 😠 Robert is adamant that Jennifer should carry on with the pregnancy, emphasizing the child's right to live and Jennifer's duty to the family.
  • 😔 Emma experiences a range of emotions, from confusion to frustration, as she navigates the complex interpersonal dynamics.
  • 👥 The story highlights the relationships and tensions among Emma, Jennifer, Robert, and Andrew, with secrets and unspoken feelings complicating their interactions.
  • 🍳 A lighter moment is introduced when Robert playfully teases Emma, offering a contrast to the heavier emotional themes of the story.

Q & A

  • Who is pregnant in the story?

    -Jennifer is the one who is pregnant in the story.

  • What was the misunderstanding about the camel-colored coat?

    -The misunderstanding was that Emma thought Robert bought the camel-colored coat for Jennifer, but it was actually bought for his sister-in-law.

  • Why did Jennifer come to talk to Emma outside the school gate?

    -Jennifer wanted to talk to Emma about some pressing matters that were weighing on her heart and to apologize for a previous misunderstanding.

  • What is the conflict Jennifer is facing regarding her pregnancy?

    -Jennifer is conflicted about her pregnancy because she doesn't want to give birth to a child that might face ridicule due to the child's father, Andrew, having a disability.

  • What is the relationship between Robert and Jennifer?

    -Robert and Jennifer have a complicated past, with hints of romantic involvement. However, Jennifer is now married to Robert's brother, Andrew.

  • Why did Emma decide not to give the clothes to Tom?

    -Emma decided not to give the clothes to Tom because she felt embarrassed about the situation with Robert and the misunderstanding about the coat.

  • What was the reason for the argument between Jennifer and Andrew?

    -The argument was about Jennifer's reluctance to give birth to the child due to concerns about the child's future and the potential for ridicule because of Andrew's disability.

  • How does Robert react to the news of Jennifer's pregnancy?

    -Robert insists that Jennifer must give birth to the child, as it is a part of the Ericson family and has the right to live.

  • What does Emma suggest to Jennifer regarding her concerns about the child's future?

    -Emma suggests that not all children will dislike their parents because of others' ridicule and that as long as the children are taught to be kind, things may not go as Jennifer believes they will.

  • Why does Emma dislike smoking?

    -Emma dislikes smoking because her mother was a heavy smoker during her late-stage depression, which created a negative association with the habit.

  • How does Robert show his affection towards Emma?

    -Robert shows his affection towards Emma by teasing her, seeking her approval on his appearance, and helping her in the kitchen.



🤰 Jennifer's Pregnancy and Emma's Discovery

In the first paragraph, Emma is busy at school when she receives a call from Jennifer, who is pregnant and waiting outside the school gate. Jennifer wants to discuss some matters with Emma. Upon meeting, Emma notices Jennifer wearing a coat that Jennifer had wanted from a store, which Robert had actually bought for his sister-in-law. Jennifer reveals that she's pregnant and has had a big argument with her husband, Andrew, over the pregnancy. Jennifer is conflicted about continuing the pregnancy due to concerns about societal judgment and the impact on her disabled husband and their potential child.


😔 Jennifer's Dilemma and Emma's Advice

In the second paragraph, Jennifer shares her reluctance to have a child due to her husband Andrew's disability and the potential societal ridicule their child might face. Emma, puzzled by Jennifer's concerns, suggests that with the family's resources, raising a child wouldn't be too difficult. Jennifer expresses her desire to personally care for her child and her worry about the emotional impact on the child and Andrew. Emma advises Jennifer to consider her love for Andrew and the significance of having a child together. Jennifer remains conflicted and seeks Emma's opinion, which Emma provides, emphasizing the importance of love and family.


😠 Emma's Confrontation with Robert

In the third paragraph, Emma returns to the office feeling down and discusses with her colleague Fred about a man buying expensive clothes for an ex-girlfriend. Emma is upset and confronts Robert about the clothes he bought for Jennifer, which he denies. To prove his innocence, Robert calls the store and confirms that it was Andrew who bought the coat for Jennifer. Emma feels guilty for the misunderstanding. Robert then tries on the suit Emma bought for him, and despite her initial refusal, they reconcile. Emma tells Robert about Jennifer's visit and her pregnancy, and Robert calls Jennifer, advising her to return home and have the child.


😤 Robert's Firm Stance on Jennifer's Pregnancy

In the fourth paragraph, Robert calls Jennifer and insists that she must give birth to the child, emphasizing the child's right to live and Jennifer's duty to carry on the family line for her disabled husband, Andrew. Jennifer expresses her emotional turmoil and her feelings for Robert, causing tension. Robert remains firm, reminding Jennifer of her commitment to Andrew and the responsibilities that come with it. The conversation ends with Jennifer feeling humiliated and Robert disappointed in her selfishness.


🚬 Emma Stops Robert from Smoking

In the fifth paragraph, Emma stops Robert from smoking, associating the habit with her depressed mother. Robert reassures her that he wasn't actually smoking and promises not to smoke in her presence. They share a moment, and Emma returns to her cooking. The next day, Emma is back at work, where she hears rumors about her relationship with Samuel Erikson, a student. She dismisses the rumors, clarifying her professional relationship with Samuel.


🏀 Rumors About Emma and Samuel

In the sixth and final paragraph, Emma's colleagues at the school discuss the rumors about her and Samuel Erikson. Lucas, a coworker, pulls Emma aside to talk about the 'Golden Goose' in her class, referring to Samuel as a prince due to his family's status. Fred, another coworker, nearly chokes on his drink when he hears the rumors. Emma denies any romantic involvement with Samuel, stating that she is his counselor and that it's natural for him to seek her out. Despite the rumors, she remains focused on her professional responsibilities.




Pregnancy is the state of carrying a developing embryo or fetus within the female body. In the script, Jennifer's pregnancy is a central theme, causing emotional turmoil and conflict. It is a source of joy for some characters and a source of concern for others, reflecting the complex emotions and social implications associated with pregnancy.


Conflict refers to a struggle or disagreement between opposing forces or ideas. The script illustrates several conflicts, such as Jennifer's internal struggle with her pregnancy and the external conflict between her and Robert over the future of the unborn child. These conflicts drive the narrative and highlight the characters' values and relationships.


Marriage is a legally or formally recognized union of two people as partners in a personal relationship. In the script, Jennifer's marriage to Andrew is a significant plot point. It is complicated by her feelings for Robert and her reluctance to have a child with Andrew, which leads to tension and reveals the characters' moral dilemmas and personal desires.

💡Sibling Rivalry

Sibling rivalry is a competition or conflict between siblings for parental attention, affection, or resources. The script alludes to a complex relationship between Robert and Andrew, with Jennifer's pregnancy bringing underlying tensions to the surface. This rivalry influences the characters' actions and decisions, adding depth to the family dynamics.


Loyalty is the quality of being faithful to a person, group, or cause. Emma's loyalty to Robert is tested throughout the script, as she becomes entangled in the family's conflicts. Her decisions and actions reflect the theme of loyalty, showing the impact of personal relationships on one's sense of duty and commitment.


Deception is the act of causing someone to believe something that is not true, often for personal gain or advantage. The script involves instances of deception, such as Jennifer's wearing of the coat and the misunderstandings that arise from it. These acts of deception serve to complicate the plot and reveal the characters' true intentions and moral complexities.

💡Family Dynamics

Family dynamics refer to the interactions, roles, and relationships within a family system. The script explores the dynamics within the Ericson family, particularly focusing on the relationships between Robert, Andrew, and Jennifer. The family dynamics are central to the story, illustrating how personal histories and family ties influence the characters' behaviors and decisions.


Responsibility is the state or fact of having a duty to deal with something or someone. The script highlights the theme of responsibility, particularly in the context of Jennifer's pregnancy and the expectations placed on her by Robert and Andrew. The characters' willingness or reluctance to take responsibility for their actions and the unborn child is a key element of the narrative.

💡Love Triangle

A love triangle is a romantic situation involving three people, where each of the three has a different and usually incompatible relationship with the other two. The script presents a love triangle involving Jennifer, Robert, and Andrew. This dynamic creates emotional tension and drives the plot, as the characters navigate their feelings and the consequences of their choices.

💡Personal Beliefs

Personal beliefs are the convictions or principles that guide a person's actions and decisions. In the script, Jennifer's personal beliefs about motherhood and the well-being of her child conflict with societal expectations and the desires of her husband. Her beliefs play a crucial role in the story, shaping her character and the outcomes of the conflicts she faces.


Trust is the reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, or surety of someone or something. The script explores the theme of trust within relationships, particularly between Emma and Robert. Trust is tested and sometimes broken, as characters face challenges and make choices that impact their relationships and the overall narrative.


Jennifer is pregnant and seeks Emma out to discuss a personal matter.

Jennifer reveals that Robert did not buy the coat for her, but for his sister-in-law.

Emma is surprised by Jennifer's revelation and contemplates Robert's character.

Jennifer expresses her reluctance to have the child due to concerns about societal judgment.

Emma advises Jennifer based on her own values, emphasizing the importance of love in a relationship.

Jennifer's internal conflict is deepened by her feelings for Robert and her marriage to Andrew.

Robert confronts Jennifer about her pregnancy and insists on the child's right to live.

Emma finds a bag of men's clothing meant for Robert and decides against giving it to him.

Robert discovers the bag of clothes and, despite Emma's reluctance, decides to keep them.

Emma and Robert have a moment of tension regarding the clothes and their relationship.

Robert calls the clothing store to verify whether he bought the coat for Jennifer, clearing his name.

Emma expresses her concern for Robert's well-being in light of Jennifer's pregnancy news.

Robert and Emma share a moment of intimacy, highlighting their close relationship.

Emma is seen as a confidante by Jennifer, who shares her deepest fears and conflicts.

Robert's concern for his family's future is evident as he discusses Jennifer's situation with Andrew.

Emma's influence on Robert is shown when she stops him from smoking, invoking her mother's struggle with depression.

Rumors about Emma and Samuel's relationship circulate at school, causing a stir among the staff.