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21 Jul 202304:16

TLDRDiscover the simplicity of integrating AI into your daily communication with Magical AI, a tool that effortlessly crafts and replies to emails, saving you time and enhancing your writing skills. This Chrome extension simplifies the process of composing messages, from work emails to social media posts, by generating context-aware responses in seconds. Watch as it revolutionizes written communication, making tasks like requesting a raise or booking a demo effortless and professional.


  • 😀 AI is increasingly accessible and can be used to assist with daily tasks such as writing emails.
  • 📧 The video introduces 'Magical AI', a tool that can help write and reply to emails quickly and efficiently.
  • 🔍 Only a small percentage of people currently use AI in their daily lives, indicating a large potential user base.
  • 💡 Magical AI is positioned as an easy-to-use gateway into AI, requiring no prior knowledge or coding skills.
  • 🛠️ It works across numerous websites and can assist with various forms of written communication.
  • 🖋️ The tool can generate emails from scratch or help respond to an entire inbox by understanding context.
  • 🔑 A universal keyboard trigger can be used to activate Magical AI for writing or replying to emails.
  • 📈 It offers the ability to write professional emails for tasks like salary negotiations or booking meetings.
  • 📝 Templates can be created and saved in Magical AI for quick reuse with customizable variables.
  • ✅ Quick replies feature allows for instant responses to messages with options for 'yes', 'no', or custom replies.
  • 🌐 The video emphasizes the time-saving and communication-enhancing benefits of AI writing tools.

Q & A

  • What percentage of people currently use AI in their daily lives according to the video?

    -Only 27% of people currently use AI in their daily lives.

  • What is the main problem the video suggests AI can solve for email writing?

    -The main problem AI can solve is the struggle to find the right tone and phrases, and the overwhelming volume of written communication that leads to doubt and frustration.

  • What is 'Magical AI' as mentioned in the video?

    -Magical AI is a free AI writing tool that can help write emails and messages from scratch, understand the context of email threads, and generate responses.

  • How easy is it to set up Magical AI according to the video?

    -Setting up Magical AI is extremely easy, requiring no prior AI knowledge or coding skills. It can be installed as a Chrome extension or downloaded through a provided link.

  • How does Magical AI assist in writing an email to a boss asking for a higher salary?

    -By typing forward slash twice to trigger Magical AI and giving it a prompt, it generates the perfect email to send to the boss.

  • What is the universal keyboard trigger to activate Magical AI?

    -The universal keyboard trigger to activate Magical AI is typing forward slash twice.

  • How can Magical AI help with LinkedIn messages?

    -Magical AI can help write messages for LinkedIn, such as requesting a product demo or Zoom call, by typing the trigger and giving it a prompt.

  • What feature of Magical AI allows for quick responses to messages?

    -The 'Quick Replies' feature of Magical AI allows for quick responses with options like 'Yes', 'No', and 'Custom' to generate replies.

  • How can a user save a message template in Magical AI?

    -A user can copy a message, add variables like first name and company, save it as a template in Magical AI, and assign a keyboard trigger to it for easy access.

  • What are the benefits of using AI writing tools like Magical AI according to the video?

    -The benefits include saving time and energy, enhancing communication skills, and providing a professional and well-written approach to correspondence.

  • How can viewers stay updated with more content on productivity and AI apps?

    -Viewers can subscribe to the channel for more videos on productivity and ways to use AI apps.



🤖 Introduction to AI and Magical AI Tool

This paragraph introduces the concept of AI and its current adoption rate, highlighting the challenges of manual writing in daily communication. It presents 'Magical AI' as a solution to overcome these challenges, emphasizing its ease of use and accessibility. Magical AI is described as a free AI writing tool that can help draft emails and messages quickly, understand email context, and generate responses. The tool is compatible with over 10 million websites and requires no AI knowledge or coding skills to set up.

📧 Magical AI's Email Writing and Response Features

The second paragraph delves into the specific features of Magical AI for email writing and response. It demonstrates how the tool can be activated using a keyboard shortcut and how it can generate an email to ask for a raise from a boss. The paragraph also explains the process of using Magical AI to respond to LinkedIn messages and suggests the ability to customize and save message templates for quick use in various scenarios.

🔄 Magical AI's Quick Replies and Template Features

The final paragraph showcases Magical AI's quick replies feature, which simplifies the process of responding to messages on LinkedIn and emails on Gmail. It describes the use of predefined buttons for 'yes', 'no', and 'custom' replies, and how the tool can embed user-typed responses into professionally written messages. The paragraph concludes by highlighting the transformative impact of AI writing tools on time-saving, energy conservation, and communication enhancement, and encourages viewers to explore these tools further.




AI, or Artificial Intelligence, refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think and act like humans. In the context of the video, AI is used to streamline the process of writing and responding to emails, making communication more efficient. For example, the video discusses 'magical AI', a tool that helps to generate emails and responses, showcasing AI's role in enhancing productivity.


Emails are a form of electronic communication used in both personal and professional settings. The video emphasizes the struggle of writing emails and the time-consuming nature of responding to them. 'Magical AI' is introduced as a solution to this problem, offering to write and reply to emails, thus reducing the manual effort involved.


Productivity refers to the efficiency of an individual or system in producing desired outcomes. The video highlights how AI writing tools can boost productivity by automating the email writing process, saving time and energy that would otherwise be spent on crafting each message.

💡Chrome Extension

A Chrome Extension is a software module that adds functionality to the Google Chrome web browser. The video mentions the installation of a 'magical AI' Chrome extension as a simple way to integrate AI writing capabilities into daily email communication, demonstrating the ease of use and accessibility of AI tools.


Context refers to the circumstances or setting in which something occurs, which can affect its meaning. The video script mentions that 'magical AI' understands the context of an email thread, which allows it to generate appropriate responses, showing the importance of context in AI-generated communication.

💡Universal Keyboard Trigger

A universal keyboard trigger is a key combination that activates a specific function across different applications or platforms. In the script, typing 'forward slash twice' is described as the trigger to activate 'magical AI', illustrating how keyboard shortcuts can simplify the use of AI tools.


Templates are pre-designed formats or structures that can be filled in or customized for specific purposes. The video describes using templates in 'magical AI' to save commonly used messages, such as a product demo request, and customize them with variables like a first name and company, streamlining the process of sending similar messages.


Sales refer to the process of selling goods or services. The script mentions that 'magical AI' can assist in writing sales-related emails, such as cold outreach messages, which is crucial for initiating business relationships and driving sales.


LinkedIn is a professional networking platform often used for business connections and job searches. The video script provides an example of using 'magical AI' on LinkedIn to request a product demo or a Zoom call, highlighting the tool's versatility across different communication platforms.

💡Quick Replies

Quick Replies are pre-written, easily accessible responses that can be used to quickly reply to messages. The video showcases 'magical AI's quick replies feature, which offers options like 'yes', 'no', and 'custom' to rapidly generate responses to incoming messages, enhancing the efficiency of communication.


Only 27% of people currently use AI in their daily lives.

AI can be an easy gateway for those not yet using it.

Magical AI is a tool that can write and reply to emails.

It can save time and effort in written communication.

Magical AI can write emails from scratch in under a second.

It can respond to emails by understanding the context.

Magical AI is one of the best free AI writing tools available.

Installation of the Chrome extension is required to use Magical AI.

No prior AI knowledge or coding skills are needed to use Magical AI.

It works across over 10 million websites.

Magical AI can assist in crafting emails, social media posts, and comments.

Use the keyboard trigger to invoke Magical AI for email responses.

It can generate emails for asking a raise or booking a demo.

Magical AI can help write cold outreach emails quickly.

Templates can be created and triggered with a keyboard shortcut.

Quick replies feature allows for instant positive or negative responses.

Custom replies can be generated for specific situations.

AI writing tools are revolutionizing communication and saving time.

The video encourages viewers to explore AI writing tools for productivity.