I made 60 YouTube shorts in 60 mins with just 2 AI tools

InVideo For Content Creators
30 Jul 202310:05

TLDRThis video outlines a strategy for creating 60 YouTube shorts in just 60 minutes using two AI tools, Chat GPT and InVideo. The process begins with finalizing ideas for the shorts, categorizing them into six buckets with 10 quotes each. The script explains how to use Chat GPT to generate relatable and short quotes in a specific format, and then organize them in an Excel-like format for easy tracking. Next, the video demonstrates how to use InVideo to create video templates, customize them with different background videos and text colors, and quickly produce multiple shots. The importance of effective headlines and hashtags for each short is emphasized, with a method for generating compelling headlines using Chat GPT. The video concludes with a plan to upload the shorts to a new YouTube channel twice daily and monitor the results over a month.


  • 😀 The video demonstrates creating 60 YouTube shorts in 60 minutes using two AI tools.
  • 🎯 The channel featured in the video gets over 7 million views a month and is monetized, showing the potential of simple YouTube shorts.
  • 📈 The process involves selecting and creating content in six different categories, with 10 shots per category, totaling 60 shots.
  • 📝 The AI tool 'chat GPT' is used to generate a list of 60 quotes in a specific format, ensuring relatability and brevity.
  • 📑 The quotes are organized into an Excel-like format with three columns for easy tracking and reference.
  • 🎬 'In Video' is the second AI tool used for creating video templates, with six different styles provided for customization.
  • 🖼️ Customization of the video templates includes changing text, background videos, and text effects to add variety.
  • 📱 The video creation process is streamlined for both desktop and mobile, though desktop is recommended for efficiency.
  • 📈 The importance of effective headlines and hashtags is highlighted for video uploads, with strategies for creating engaging titles.
  • 📅 A consistent posting schedule is suggested, with twice daily uploads at specific times to maintain viewer engagement.
  • 🔍 The video concludes with a plan to monitor the performance of the new YouTube channel over the next month.

Q & A

  • What is the monthly view count of the faceless YouTube channel mentioned in the script?

    -The faceless YouTube channel gets over 7 million views a month.

  • How many YouTube shorts did the creators aim to make in 60 minutes?

    -The creators aimed to make 60 YouTube shorts in 60 minutes.

  • What is the significance of choosing six buckets for the quotes?

    -Choosing six buckets allows for 10 shots under each category, totaling 60 shots, which can be posted twice a day for an entire month.

  • How does the structure of the quotes used in the YouTube shorts contribute to their success?

    -The quotes are divided into two parts: a build-up that lasts about five to six seconds to create anticipation, followed by a lesson that lasts about two seconds. This structure hooks the viewer and makes them want to know the end of the quote.

  • Which AI tool was used to generate the list of quotes for the YouTube shorts?

    -Chat GPT was used to generate the list of quotes for the YouTube shorts.

  • How did the creators format the quotes to make them easy to track?

    -The creators asked Chat GPT to provide the quotes in an Excel-like format with three columns: number, the first part of the quote, and the second part.

  • What is the recommended video resolution for exporting the YouTube shorts?

    -The recommended video resolution for exporting the YouTube shorts is 180p for the best results.

  • How long did it take to create all 60 YouTube shorts using the described process?

    -It took less than an hour to create all 60 YouTube shorts using the described process.

  • What is the strategy for uploading the YouTube shorts to the new channel?

    -The strategy is to upload all 60 shorts over the next month, posting twice a day at 11 am and 5 PM.

  • How does the headline and hashtags play a role in the success of the YouTube shorts?

    -The headline and hashtags are crucial for searchability and viewer engagement. They use formats that generate a sense of FOMO and are concise, alongside relevant hashtags like 'shorts', 'psychology facts', and 'subscribe'.

  • What additional step can be taken to customize the YouTube shorts further?

    -To customize the shorts further, one can replace the background video, change the colors of the fonts, choose different fonts, and select different animations.

  • How can one duplicate a project to apply the same customization to multiple shots?

    -One can duplicate a project by going to the top right corner of the screen, choosing the aspect ratio option, and selecting the desired aspect ratio to duplicate the project in a new tab.



📈 Monetizing a Faceless YouTube Channel

This paragraph discusses the success of an anonymous YouTube channel that garners over 7 million views monthly and generates significant revenue. The channel's content consists of simple, formatted videos that follow a consistent style across various categories like 'boy facts' or 'love facts'. The speaker aims to replicate this success by creating 60 videos in under an hour using AI tools. They plan to post two videos daily for a month across six categories, with each video consisting of a build-up and a lesson. The process involves using 'chat GPT' to generate 60 quotes and organizing them in a tabular format for ease of tracking. The paragraph concludes with the speaker demonstrating how to create videos using templates on 'in video' and customizing them with different backgrounds and text colors.


🎬 Creating and Uploading Videos for a New YouTube Channel

The second paragraph details the process of creating and uploading videos to a new YouTube channel. It starts with exporting the videos in 180p for optimal results and seeking support from a 24/7 team if needed. The speaker then describes how to customize video templates by changing background videos and text colors to add variety. They mention duplicating projects for efficiency and provide a step-by-step guide on uploading the videos to YouTube, including tips on headlines and hashtags. The paragraph also covers the strategy of posting twice daily and using 'chat GPT' to generate engaging headlines. The speaker plans to monitor the channel's progress over the next month and share the results with the audience, encouraging viewers to subscribe for updates.


🛠️ Utilizing AI Tools for Video Creation

The final paragraph is a brief mention of the use of AI tools for creating videos, which is a continuation of the process described in the previous paragraphs. Although it is a short paragraph, it emphasizes the efficiency and ease with which AI can be used to produce content, particularly for a faceless YouTube channel. The speaker suggests that the audience should follow the steps outlined in the video to create their own videos using AI tools, indicating that the process is not only replicable but also scalable.



💡YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts are short-form videos that can be up to 60 seconds long, created to compete with platforms like TikTok. In the video, the creator discusses making 60 of these in 60 minutes, highlighting the efficiency and potential for growth on the platform.

💡AI Tools

AI tools refer to artificial intelligence software that can automate tasks. In this context, the video mentions using two AI tools to create content quickly and efficiently, which is central to the video's theme of rapid content creation.


Monetization is the process of generating revenue from a digital asset, such as a YouTube channel. The video discusses how a faceless YouTube channel can make thousands of dollars through monetization, emphasizing the financial potential of the platform.

💡Faceless YouTube Channel

A faceless YouTube channel is one where the creator's identity is not revealed, focusing solely on the content. The video aims to grow a new faceless channel by creating simple and engaging short videos.

💡Chat GPT

Chat GPT is an AI language model used for generating human-like text. In the script, it is used to generate quotes for the YouTube Shorts, showcasing how AI can assist in the content creation process.


Templates in this context refer to pre-designed video layouts or formats that can be customized. The video mentions using templates to quickly create a series of YouTube Shorts, demonstrating a method to streamline the video production process.


InVideo is a video editing platform that offers tools to create and customize videos. The video script describes using InVideo to edit and finalize the YouTube Shorts, highlighting its role in the content creation workflow.

💡Google Sheets

Google Sheets is a cloud-based spreadsheet tool used for data organization and manipulation. The script mentions using Google Sheets to track and organize the quotes generated by Chat GPT, illustrating its utility in managing content creation data.

💡Headlines and Hashtags

Headlines and hashtags are crucial elements for video discoverability on platforms like YouTube. The video discusses the importance of crafting compelling headlines and using relevant hashtags to increase the visibility of the YouTube Shorts.

💡Trending Music Tracks

Trending music tracks refer to popular songs or tunes that are currently favored by the audience. The video mentions adding trending music to the Shorts to enhance viewer engagement and align with platform preferences.

💡Psychology Facts

Psychology facts are interesting tidbits related to human behavior and mental processes. The video script discusses using 'psychology facts' as part of the headlines and content for the Shorts, aiming to captivate the audience with intriguing information.


FOMO stands for 'Fear of Missing Out', a psychological phenomenon where people feel anxious about missing out on experiences others are having. The video script mentions creating headlines that generate a sense of FOMO to attract viewers, showing an understanding of audience psychology in marketing.


The channel achieves over 7 million views a month and is monetized, likely earning thousands of dollars from simple YouTube shorts.

The channel's videos follow a consistent format, often categorized by themes like 'boy facts' or 'love facts'.

The process of creating 60 YouTube shorts in under 60 minutes is outlined using two AI tools.

The AI tool Chat GPT is used to generate 60 quotes, divided into six categories, in a tabular format.

The structure of quotes includes a build-up and a lesson, designed to create anticipation and engagement.

Google Sheets is used to organize and track the generated quotes efficiently.

InVideo is the platform chosen for video creation, offering templates that can be customized.

Customization of video templates includes changing the background video and text colors.

The process of creating 60 videos takes under 10 minutes per video, totaling less than an hour.

Uploading the videos to a new YouTube channel is straightforward, with a focus on engaging headlines and hashtags.

Chat GPT is also used to generate engaging headlines for the videos.

A posting schedule of twice a day at specific times is recommended for consistency.

The channel's progress will be monitored over the next month to assess the performance of the shorts.

The entire process, from idea generation to video creation and uploading, is designed to be replicable for viewers.

The video also mentions the creation of 30 Instagram reels in a single day, suggesting the scalability of the method.

The use of AI tools to create a faceless YouTube channel is presented as a complete and efficient workflow.