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13 May 202428:47

TLDROpenAI has unveiled its latest model, GPT-4o, an AI with real-time response capabilities that can interact through audio, vision, and text. This model, referred to as 'Omni', is a significant upgrade from its predecessor, GPT-4 Turbo, offering faster responses and improved performance across various benchmarks. The AI can engage in conversations, assist with tasks, and even sing songs, demonstrating a human-like interaction. It is set to be available for free tier and plus users, with higher message limits, and is expected to roll out in Alpha within the Chat GPT Plus platform. This advancement raises questions about the future of human interaction and the role of AI in education and daily life.


  • 📢 OpenAI has released a new model called GPT-4o, which is an advanced AI capable of real-time interaction through audio, vision, and text.
  • 🚀 GPT-4o is described as a personal assistant that can respond in real-time, similar to a human conversationalist.
  • 🎥 The model was demonstrated in various scenarios, including interacting with people, describing environments, and even singing.
  • 🤖 GPT-4o can also assist in tasks like language translation, making it a versatile tool for real-time communication.
  • 📈 GPT-4o outperforms its predecessor, GPT-4 Turbo, in benchmarks for vision and audio understanding, and is faster and more cost-effective.
  • 🔍 The model processes all inputs and outputs through a single neural network, which allows it to better understand context and express a wider range of responses.
  • 🆓 GPT-4o will be available in the free tier and to plus users with increased message limits, making it accessible to a wider audience.
  • 📝 It can aid in learning and education, potentially acting as a personal tutor for various subjects, including math.
  • 😹 Despite its advanced capabilities, GPT-4o is not perfect and can sometimes produce erroneous or 'hallucinated' responses.
  • 🐶🐱 The AI can engage in playful and creative tasks, such as generating songs about potatoes or participating in light-hearted debates.
  • 🏆 GPT-4o's performance in language translation and understanding across different languages is superior to other models, making it a leader in multilingual support.
  • 🔗 The implications of GPT-4o's capabilities raise questions about the future of human interaction, education, and the role of AI in society.

Q & A

  • What is the significance of the announcement made by OpenAI regarding GPT-4o?

    -The significance of the announcement is that OpenAI has developed a new model, GPT-4o, which stands for Omni, capable of handling multiple types of inputs and outputs in real time, including audio, vision, and text. It represents a significant leap in AI technology, offering faster and more accurate responses compared to previous models.

  • How does GPT-4o's response time compare to human response time in a conversation?

    -GPT-4o's response time is in the range of 232 to 320 milliseconds, which is similar to the average human response time in a conversation, making it nearly real-time.

  • What are some of the capabilities of GPT-4o that were demonstrated in the video script?

    -GPT-4o demonstrated capabilities such as real-time conversation, understanding and describing visual scenes, singing songs, helping with language learning, summarizing meetings, assisting with math problems, and providing real-time translation.

  • How does GPT-4o's performance in vision and audio understanding compare to its predecessor, GPT-4 Turbo?

    -GPT-4o has shown significant improvement in vision and audio understanding compared to GPT-4 Turbo, outperforming it in various benchmarks and tests.

  • What is the cost and performance improvement of GPT-4o over GPT-4 Turbo for developers?

    -For developers, GPT-4o is two times faster, 50% cheaper in the API, and has five times higher limit rates compared to GPT-4 Turbo.

  • How will GPT-4o be made available to users?

    -GPT-4o will be available in the free tier and to plus users with up to five times higher message limits. It will be rolled out in Alpha within chat GPT plus for subscribers of the plus plan in the coming weeks.

  • What are some potential applications of GPT-4o's real-time voice assistant feature?

    -Potential applications include personal assistance, language learning, tutoring in various subjects, real-time translation, summarizing meetings, and providing entertainment through singing and humor.

  • How does GPT-4o handle real-time audio interactions compared to the previous voice mode?

    -Unlike the previous voice mode, which had a higher latency and was a sequence of three separate models, GPT-4o processes all inputs and outputs through a single neural network, allowing for real-time responses and the ability to observe tone, multiple speakers, and background noises.

  • What are some limitations or challenges that GPT-4o might face?

    -Although not explicitly mentioned in the script, one can infer that GPT-4o, like other AI models, might face challenges such as the potential for misinformation or 'hallucination,' where it generates responses based on incorrect assumptions or lacks understanding of certain contexts.

  • How does the introduction of GPT-4o impact the future of education and personal companionship?

    -The introduction of GPT-4o raises questions about the future role of traditional education and human companionship. It suggests a future where AI could potentially serve as a personalized tutor or companion, available anytime and anywhere, capable of teaching and guiding individuals on a wide range of topics.

  • What is the general sentiment expressed by the narrator towards the advancements in AI, particularly GPT-4o?

    -The narrator expresses a mix of excitement and trepidation. While they are mind-blown by the capabilities of GPT-4o, they also express a sense of fear and concern about the implications of such advanced AI on society and the future.



🤖 Introduction to GPT 40 and Personal AI Assistant

The speaker introduces the new GPT 40 model by OpenAI, expressing a mix of excitement and apprehension about its capabilities. GPT 40 is highlighted as a personal AI assistant that can interact in real-time through text, audio, and vision. The assistant is compared to a character from the movie 'Her,' emphasizing its conversational abilities. Demo clips showcase the AI's interaction with humans, its ability to describe environments, and even its capacity for humor. The AI's potential to make announcements and reveal itself as the subject of an announcement adds a dramatic twist to the narrative.


🎤 GPT 40's Multimodal Interactions and Creativity

The paragraph delves into GPT 40's multimodal capabilities, showcasing its ability to interact with the environment through vision and audio. It describes a scenario where the AI can describe its surroundings and even respond to playful human interactions. The AI's creative side is demonstrated through its ability to sing songs, including 'Happy Birthday,' and engage in light-hearted requests like singing about majestic potatoes. The paragraph also touches on the AI's utility in professional settings, such as preparing for an interview, and its potential to replace traditional language learning tools.


👶 GPT 40 as a Helper in Daily Life and Learning

This section of the script highlights GPT 40's role in assisting with everyday tasks and learning. It covers the AI's ability to tell dad jokes, sing lullabies, provide real-time translations between English and Spanish, and help learn new languages. The AI's interaction with a dog named Bowser is used to illustrate its capacity for companionship and engagement. The paragraph also mentions the Royal Standard flag at Buckingham Palace, suggesting the AI's awareness of current events.


📚 GPT 40's Educational and Interactive Capabilities

The speaker discusses GPT 40's potential as an educational tool, particularly for teaching math. A scenario is presented where the AI tutors a student through a math problem, guiding him to find the solution without giving away the answer. The AI's ability to interact in online meetings, summarize discussions, and express opinions on topics like the dogs versus cats debate is also covered. The paragraph emphasizes the AI's real-time interaction and its potential to replace traditional educational methods.


🗣️ Real-time Voice Assistant and GPT 40's Performance

The focus of this paragraph is on GPT 40's real-time voice assistant feature and its performance metrics. It explains the technical differences between GPT 40 and previous models, highlighting the reduced latency and improved performance in handling multiple inputs and outputs. The paragraph also discusses the AI's superior performance in benchmarks for language understanding and vision analysis. It outlines the improvements in the voice mode, moving from a pipeline of separate models to a single, unified model that processes all inputs and outputs more efficiently.


🚀 GPT 40's Availability and Future Implications

The speaker announces that GPT 40 will be available in the free tier and to plus users with increased message limits. It mentions the need for a plus subscription to access the real-time voice assistant feature, which will be rolled out in an alpha version. The paragraph also addresses the model's potential impact on society, questioning the need for human interaction, companionship, and traditional education systems. It concludes with a call to action for viewers to share their thoughts on the implications of such advanced AI technology.



💡GPT-4 Omni

GPT-4 Omni is a new flagship model of AI developed by OpenAI. The 'Omni' in its name signifies its ability to handle multiple types of inputs and outputs, including audio, vision, and text in real time. This model is a significant upgrade from its predecessors, offering faster response times and improved performance across various benchmarks. It is central to the video's theme as it represents a leap in AI capabilities, enabling more natural and efficient interactions with users.

💡Real-time interaction

Real-time interaction refers to the ability of the AI to respond to user inputs immediately, similar to human conversational speeds. In the context of the video, GPT-4 Omni's real-time interaction is highlighted as a key feature, with an average response time of 320 milliseconds, which is comparable to human response times. This capability is crucial for creating a more natural and engaging user experience.

💡AI personal assistant

An AI personal assistant is an artificial intelligence application that performs tasks or services for an individual without human intervention. In the video, the concept is demonstrated through the AI's ability to engage in conversations, answer questions, and even perform tasks like singing a song or helping with math problems. The AI personal assistant is portrayed as a futuristic tool that can enhance productivity and entertainment.

💡Vision and audio understanding

Vision and audio understanding are the AI's capabilities to process and comprehend information from visual and auditory inputs. The video showcases GPT-4 Omni's advanced vision and audio understanding through demos where the AI describes a scene or responds to audio cues. These capabilities are significant for the theme as they enable the AI to interact with the world more effectively and provide more immersive user experiences.


API stands for Application Programming Interface, which is a set of protocols and tools that allows different software applications to communicate with each other. In the video, it is mentioned that GPT-4 Omni is faster and 50% cheaper in the API compared to its predecessor, GPT-4 Turbo. This is important as it implies that developers can access the advanced features of GPT-4 Omni more efficiently and at a lower cost.

💡Language translation

Language translation is the AI's ability to convert speech or text from one language to another. The video script includes a scenario where GPT-4 Omni acts as a real-time translator between English and Spanish, demonstrating its linguistic capabilities. This feature is particularly relevant to the video's theme as it exemplifies the AI's utility in facilitating communication across language barriers.

💡Educational tutoring

Educational tutoring refers to the process of providing guidance or instruction to students to help them understand and learn a subject. In the video, GPT-4 Omni is shown assisting a student with a math problem, guiding him to find the solution rather than providing the answer directly. This illustrates the AI's potential role in personalized education and its ability to support learning.

💡Online meetings

Online meetings are virtual gatherings where participants can communicate and collaborate in real time over the internet. The video mentions GPT-4 Omni's ability to participate in online meetings and summarize discussions afterward. This feature is significant as it shows the AI's utility in enhancing productivity and organization in remote work settings.


Sarcasm is a form of verbal irony involving the expression of one's meaning in a way that is opposite to the literal sense of the words. In the video, the AI is instructed to be sarcastic, which it does by responding with exaggerated and humorous remarks. This demonstrates the AI's advanced language processing capabilities and its ability to understand and use complex human communication nuances.

💡Blind tests

Blind tests are evaluations where the identity or nature of the items being tested is not disclosed to the evaluator. The video refers to blind tests conducted by Hugging Face, where different AI models are compared without revealing their sources. This method is used to objectively assess the performance of GPT-4 Turbo and GPT-4 Omni, showcasing their superiority over other models in various benchmarks.

💡Model limitations

Model limitations refer to the constraints or weaknesses inherent in an AI model's design or functionality. The video acknowledges that GPT-4 Omni, despite its advanced capabilities, is not perfect and may sometimes produce inaccurate or 'hallucinated' responses. This is important for understanding the video's theme as it provides a balanced view of the AI's potential and its current limitations.


OpenAI announces GPT-4o with real-time response capabilities, emulating human interaction times.

GPT-4o integrates audio, vision, and text inputs, expanding AI interaction modes.

Demonstration of AI’s ability to understand and interact in a professional production setting.

AI interacts and provides feedback in real-time, simulating a conversational partner in various scenarios.

GPT-4o offers a personal AI assistant feature, similar to the concept in the movie 'Her'.

The new model supports enhanced understanding of contexts and environments through vision and audio.

GPT-4o allows for real-time translations, enhancing communication across languages.

AI capabilities include singing, an indication of the model's advanced audio processing.

GPT-4o promises significant improvements in non-English text interactions.

OpenAI aims for GPT-4o to be accessible on free and plus tiers with higher message limits.

AI demonstrates ability to tutor in math, ensuring students understand concepts without directly giving answers.

GPT-4o capable of engaging in and summarizing online meetings, enhancing virtual communication.

Potential implications of GPT-4o in replacing traditional educational and social interaction methods discussed.

Concerns expressed about the future of human interactions with the rise of advanced AI technologies.

GPT-4o described as a groundbreaking development in AI, capable of 'mind-blowing' and potentially disruptive innovations.