I'm Scared Making This Video

12 May 202426:22

TLDRThis video discusses the alarming issues surrounding Boeing's aircraft manufacturing practices, particularly with the 737 Max model. The host expresses fear for their safety due to the mysterious deaths of whistleblowers who have criticized Boeing's safety standards. The video details the financial incentives for Boeing to rush planes into production, leading to fatal accidents and subsequent groundings of the 737 Max fleet. It also touches on allegations of faulty sensors, lack of proper pilot training on new systems, and unethical work conditions at Boeing factories. The host further highlights the broader implications of corporate greed in the aviation industry and the seeming lack of repercussions for Boeing, despite ongoing investigations and lawsuits.


  • 🚨 A whistleblower from Boeing has died, raising concerns about the safety of Boeing aircrafts and the company's culture of silencing critics.
  • 🛫 The Boeing 737 Max model has been involved in fatal crashes, leading to investigations and grounding of the aircraft worldwide.
  • 💸 Boeing, with a market cap of over $110 billion, has a diverse portfolio including aircraft, rockets, satellites, and missiles.
  • 🔍 The company has faced criticism for cutting corners in aircraft manufacturing, particularly with the 737 and 787 models.
  • ✈️ Despite numerous issues and fatalities, Boeing continues to produce aircraft with the 737 Max model still in service after modifications.
  • 🤔 There is suspicion around the deaths of whistleblowers who have spoken out against Boeing, with some dying under questionable circumstances.
  • 🛑 The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has grounded the 737 Max fleet twice due to safety concerns, leading to significant financial and reputational costs for Boeing.
  • 🔧 Boeing has claimed to have made significant updates and improvements to the 737 Max model after the groundings, although skepticism remains.
  • 📉 Employees and whistleblowers have reported unethical work practices and shortcuts in Boeing's production lines, affecting aircraft safety.
  • 📈 Despite the scandals, Boeing's financial performance has remained strong, and they continue to expand their operations, including collaborations with NASA.
  • ✈️ Travel trends show that people are flying more post-pandemic, and Boeing's planes remain a significant part of the global fleet, raising concerns about passenger safety.

Q & A

  • What is the title of the video?

    -The title of the video is 'I'm Scared Making This Video'.

  • What type of aircraft does Boeing manufacture?

    -Boeing manufactures various types of aircraft, including passenger aircraft, rockets, satellites, and missiles.

  • What is the market cap of Boeing?

    -Boeing has a market cap of over $110 billion.

  • What are the two aircraft models that Boeing has been criticized for?

    -Boeing has been criticized for the 737 and 787 aircraft models.

  • What is the MCAS system?

    -The MCAS, or Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System, is a system designed to keep the plane level and autocorrect human error during flight.

  • What happened to the whistleblowers who spoke against Boeing?

    -Several whistleblowers who spoke against Boeing have died under suspicious circumstances, including apparent self-inflicted gunshot wounds and sudden illnesses.

  • What is the significance of the 737 Max model?

    -The 737 Max model is significant because it was involved in two major crashes, leading to its worldwide grounding and subsequent investigations into its safety.

  • What did Ed Pierson, a former Boeing employee, claim about the company?

    -Ed Pierson claimed that he tried to warn about the potential unsafety of the 737 Max planes before the accidents happened, citing unethical work violations and defects in engineering, electricity, control surfaces, and hydraulics.

  • What was the issue with the 737 Max planes that led to their grounding?

    -The issue with the 737 Max planes was with the faulty MCAS system and the lack of proper pilot training and instruction manuals on how the system worked.

  • What is the current state of Boeing's 737 Max line?

    -As of the time of the video, Boeing has made changes and updates to the 737 Max line, and they are working to regain trust and approval to put the planes back into service.

  • What is the role of the FAA in the Boeing aircraft safety issues?

    -The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) is responsible for regulating and overseeing the safety of civil aviation, including investigating issues with Boeing's aircraft and deciding whether they are safe to fly.



🚨 Boeing Controversy: Whistleblower Deaths and Aircraft Safety Concerns

The video discusses the alarming trend of whistleblower deaths within Boeing and the safety issues surrounding the Boeing 737 and 787 aircrafts. It highlights the massive scandal at Boeing, where critics and whistleblowers have reportedly died under suspicious circumstances. The speaker expresses fear for their safety while discussing the topic. Boeing's diverse product line, which includes aircraft, rockets, satellites, and missiles, is also mentioned. The video further covers the issues with Boeing's 737 and 787 models, which have been criticized for being poorly constructed. It also touches on the company's long history and its current legal and safety challenges, including the crashes of Boeing 737 Max aircraft and the subsequent investigations and grounding of the fleet.


🛫 The Rise and Fall of Boeing's 737 Models

This section delves into the history of Boeing's 737 models, discussing their popularity and the issues that arose with the introduction of the 737 Max. The video contrasts the 737 models with Airbus's A320, highlighting market competition. It also humorously compares the different generations of the 737 to video game consoles. The 737 Max is described as having design flaws, including a faulty maneuvering characteristics augmentation system (MCAS) and lack of proper pilot training, which led to tragic crashes and the grounding of the aircraft. The speaker also mentions the financial costs and reputational damage Boeing has faced as a result of these issues.


💸 Corporate Greed and Its Impact on Boeing's Aircraft Safety

The paragraph discusses the role of corporate greed in Boeing's decision-making process, leading to safety compromises. It recounts the experiences of a former Boeing employee who tried to warn the company about potential safety hazards before accidents occurred. The video outlines the pressure on workers to quickly produce aircraft, which may have contributed to the problems with the 737 Max. It also highlights additional issues with Boeing's aircraft, including a door plug failure on an Alaska Airlines flight, which led to another round of inspections and groundings. The speaker criticizes Boeing's corporate officers for being out of touch with the operational realities and for prioritizing profits over safety.


🛬 The Challenges of Flying a Boeing 737 Max

This part of the video addresses the difficulties passengers face when they unexpectedly find themselves booked on a Boeing 737 Max flight. It talks about the steps airlines have taken to address the issue, such as Alaska Airlines requesting compensation and United Airlines canceling orders. The video also describes allegations made by a whistleblower regarding the production of the 737 Max and the unethical practices he witnessed at Boeing's factories. The speaker emphasizes the lack of transparency and the failure of corporate oversight in Boeing's operations.


🔍 Investigating Boeing's Aircraft Production Practices

The video details the claims made by another whistleblower about the poor production practices he observed while working on Boeing's aircraft. It describes the makeshift methods used to align panels and the subsequent investigations by Boeing and the FAA. The company's response to these claims, including improvements and inspections, is also covered. The video discusses the ongoing scrutiny from regulatory bodies and the public's continued trust in Boeing despite the controversies.


🌟 Boeing's Future Amidst Controversy

In this final paragraph, the video reflects on Boeing's ongoing operations and its collaboration with NASA to launch a shuttle to the International Space Station. It contrasts the company's involvement in space exploration with the serious safety concerns raised by whistleblowers and the public. The video concludes with a critical view of Boeing's priorities and a tongue-in-cheek suggestion to avoid flying, highlighting the apparent disconnect between the company's ambitions and its recent track record on safety.



💡Boeing whistleblower

A Boeing whistleblower refers to an individual who was employed by the Boeing company and chose to disclose confidential information about the company's practices, particularly those related to safety concerns with their aircraft. In the video, it is mentioned that these whistleblowers have died under suspicious circumstances, which adds to the fear and controversy surrounding Boeing's aircraft safety.

💡Boeing 737 Max

The Boeing 737 Max is a series of aircraft models produced by Boeing. The script discusses the 737 Max in the context of safety issues and accidents, including the MCAS (Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System) problem that played a role in two major crashes. The 737 Max has been a focal point of controversy and investigations due to these incidents.

💡MCAS (Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System)

MCAS is a system designed to improve the flight handling characteristics of the Boeing 737 Max aircraft. It is an automated system that adjusts the aircraft's trim to prevent the plane from stalling. The video highlights that faulty sensors and lack of pilot training on MCAS contributed to the crashes of Lion Air JT Flight 610 and Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302.

💡Corporate greed

Corporate greed in this context refers to the unethical pursuit of profit by Boeing at the potential expense of safety and integrity. The video script suggests that Boeing may have prioritized profits over safety, leading to cost-cutting measures and a lack of transparency that contributed to the aircraft's issues.

💡Grounding of aircraft

The grounding of aircraft refers to the action taken by regulatory authorities to withdraw an aircraft type from service due to safety concerns. In the script, it is mentioned that the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) grounded the Boeing 737 Max fleet after two fatal crashes, highlighting a significant response to the safety issues presented.

💡Quality control manager

A quality control manager is a professional responsible for overseeing the quality control processes within a company. John Barnett, a former quality control manager at Boeing, is mentioned in the video as having testified against Boeing before his death, emphasizing the severity of the issues with the 737 Max aircraft.

💡Unethical work violations

Unethical work violations refer to actions or behaviors that go against professional ethics and standards within a workplace. The video discusses allegations that Boeing employees witnessed and reported unethical work violations, such as long hours and rushed production, which impacted the quality and safety of the aircraft.

💡Aerospace safety

Aerospace safety involves the research, development, and enforcement of safety standards and regulations in the aviation and space industries. The video's theme of aerospace safety is central to the discussion of Boeing's aircraft models, the consequences of their design and production processes, and the impact on passengers and crew.

💡737 Next Generation

The 737 Next Generation refers to a series of Boeing 737 aircraft that include the 737-600, -700, -800, and -900 models. These models are part of the discussion when contrasting the safety and design features with the newer 737 Max models, which have faced significant scrutiny.

💡Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

The FAA is the United States governmental body responsible for the regulation and oversight of civil aviation. The video mentions the FAA in relation to its role in grounding the Boeing 737 Max and conducting investigations into the aircraft's safety issues.


Airbus is a European multinational corporation that manufactures aircraft, and it is mentioned in the video as a competitor to Boeing. The script contrasts Airbus with Boeing, particularly in terms of safety and market preference, with the implication that Airbus may have a better safety record.


Another Boeing whistleblower has died following a series of aircraft crashes.

Boeing, a company with a market cap of over $110 billion, has been involved in controversies due to apparent safety issues with their aircraft.

The 737 Max model has been a focus of criticism and concern, with reported faulty sensors and lack of pilot training on a critical system.

Whistleblowers who have spoken out against Boeing have reportedly faced severe consequences, including death.

Boeing's 737 and 787 models have been subject to numerous complaints and investigations.

A former Boeing employee, Ed Pi, alleged unethical work violations and potential unsafety of 737 Max planes before accidents occurred.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and other air authorities grounded 737 Max flights following fatal crashes.

Boeing spent over $9 billion on testing and appeals to convince authorities of the airworthiness of their planes.

Despite public knowledge of issues, passengers may still unknowingly board a 737 Max due to last-minute flight changes.

Airline companies are seeking compensation from Boeing for the costs incurred from groundings and cancellations.

Boeing continues to produce aircraft despite ongoing investigations and safety concerns.

John Barnett, a former quality control manager at Boeing, was found dead after testifying against the company.

Joshua Dean, another whistleblower, died of a sudden illness after raising concerns about the 737 Max.

Sal Calell, a whistleblower, testified that the 787 Dreamliner could fall apart mid-flight due to panel gaps.

Boeing claims to have made significant improvements to the 787 model, including adding shims and fasteners to address panel issues.

Despite the controversies, Boeing is collaborating with NASA for space missions, indicating its ongoing importance in aerospace.

The International Air Transport Association reports that post-pandemic, a third of people are choosing to fly more.

Boeing's corporate greed and corner-cutting have led to a crisis in safety and trust, yet the company continues to operate and expand.