Invideo Tutorial For Beginners | Best Online Video Editor 2023

Vince Opra
28 Mar 202320:59

TLDRIn this tutorial, Vince introduces 'Invideo,' a web-based online video editor tailored for beginners. The platform offers a plethora of customizable templates for various social media formats, which simplifies the creation of promotional content. Invideo also provides a text-to-video feature that converts scripts into video slideshows, saving users significant time compared to traditional editing software. The platform boasts an extensive library of over 1 million premium stock photos, videos, and music, which can be easily integrated into projects. Users can also utilize the full-featured video editor to make advanced adjustments to their videos, such as cropping, color correction, and adding animations or text overlays. Invideo's paid plans start at $22.5 per month, offering excellent value with access to all editing tools, stock media, and 24/7 live support. A discount code 'vince25' is available for new subscribers, making Invideo an attractive choice for those looking to enhance their video editing capabilities without a steep learning curve.


  • 🎬 InVideo is a web-based online video editor suitable for beginners with no prior editing experience.
  • 📚 Offers a variety of templates for creating graphics and promotional materials for businesses or personal brands.
  • 📸 Provides access to stock photos, videos, and music for subscribers.
  • 🆕 Features upcoming AI enhancements and a text-to-video feature that creates slideshows from input text.
  • 👥 The dashboard includes project folders, a trash can, and team setup options.
  • 🔍 Templates can be searched by industry, offering specific options like real estate or motivational quotes.
  • 🌐 Templates cover various formats including landscape, square, and portrait for different social media platforms.
  • 📝 Text can be edited and customized within templates, and media elements can be replaced with personal content.
  • 🎵 Background music can be added or removed, and its volume can be adjusted to fit the video's needs.
  • 📚 The text-to-video feature allows conversion of scripts into video format with various base templates.
  • 📉 The stock media library contains over 1 million premium videos and photos for project use.
  • ✂️ The video editor offers basic to advanced editing features, including trimming, cropping, color adjustment, and animation.

Q & A

  • What is the name of the software being discussed in the video?

    -The software being discussed is called InVideo.

  • What type of editor is InVideo?

    -InVideo is a web browser-based online video editor.

  • What are some of the features that InVideo offers to its users?

    -InVideo offers features such as a variety of templates for creating graphics, a video editor function, stock photos, stock videos, stock music, and AI features including a text to video feature.

  • How user-friendly is InVideo compared to other video editing software?

    -InVideo is more beginner-friendly than advanced editors like Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut.

  • What kind of templates does InVideo provide for its users?

    -InVideo provides templates for various formats including Instagram stories, Facebook ads, and YouTube videos, covering a wide range of industries.

  • How does the text to video feature in InVideo work?

    -The text to video feature allows users to input text, which is then converted into a video format with the option to choose from different base templates, and it can automatically suggest images and videos to match the script.

  • What kind of media assets are available in InVideo's stock library?

    -InVideo's stock library contains over 1 million premium videos, photos, and a wide selection of stock music and sound effects.

  • How much does a paid plan with InVideo start at?

    -Paid plans with InVideo start at $22.5 per month.

  • What kind of support does InVideo offer to its users?

    -InVideo offers 24/7 live support to help users with any questions or issues they encounter during the editing process.

  • How can a new user get a discount on their InVideo subscription?

    -New users can get a 25% discount on their subscription by using the code 'vince25'.

  • What aspect ratios does InVideo support for video editing?

    -InVideo supports landscape, square, and portrait aspect ratios for video editing.

  • How does InVideo assist users in customizing their videos?

    -InVideo allows users to customize their videos by changing text, replacing media elements, adjusting music and sound effects, and applying various video editing tools such as cropping, color adjustment, and adding animations.



🚀 Introduction to Video Editing Software for Beginners

The video introduces an accessible video editing software called 'InVideo', suitable for beginners with no prior experience. The presenter, Vince, outlines the features of InVideo, emphasizing its user-friendly interface, template availability, and upcoming AI features. The software offers a text-to-video feature and a variety of stock media options. The dashboard overview and the process of signing up for the service are also discussed.


📚 Customizing Templates for Business and Personal Branding

The presenter demonstrates how to use InVideo's template feature to create promotional content. He guides viewers on selecting and customizing templates for various social media formats, including Instagram stories and Facebook ads. The process of replacing media elements, adjusting text, and modifying design aspects like color and rotation is shown. The video also covers how to mute background music and replace it with custom audio tracks.


📈 Text-to-Video Feature and Stock Media Library

Vince explains the text-to-video feature that allows users to convert scripts into video formats using different base templates. He shows how to create scenes, customize images, and select stock videos from a vast library. The presenter also discusses the extensive stock media library, which contains over a million premium videos and photos that can be searched and utilized in projects.


✂️ Advanced Video Editing Features and Functions

The video showcases the advanced editing capabilities of InVideo, including trimming, cropping, color adjustment, and adding filters to videos. The presenter also covers how to add b-roll footage, adjust the speed of clips, apply effects, and insert text with various animations and styles. The process of exporting videos in high quality and the convenience of receiving a download link and email notification upon completion are highlighted.


💰 Pricing and Subscription Benefits of InVideo

Vince discusses the pricing plans for InVideo, starting at $22.5 per month, and the value it provides, including access to video editing tools, text-to-video, and a vast stock media library. He emphasizes the cost-effectiveness of the subscription, especially when compared to licensing individual stock assets. The presenter also mentions the convenience of 24/7 live support and provides a discount code for new subscribers.

🔗 Additional Resources and Closing Remarks

The video concludes with additional resources for learning more about InVideo, including a link in the description for signing up and a discount code for a reduced subscription fee. The presenter also directs viewers to InVideo's channel for more detailed tutorials and expresses hope that the information provided was helpful, encouraging viewers to try out the platform for themselves.




Invideo is a web-based online video editor that is designed to be user-friendly, particularly for beginners in video editing. It offers a range of templates for creating graphics and videos, as well as a full video editor function. The platform also provides stock photos, videos, and music, enhancing the capabilities of users to produce professional-looking content without the need for extensive prior experience or more complex software like Adobe Premiere Pro.


Templates in the context of Invideo refer to pre-designed video and graphic layouts that users can customize for their own content. These templates cover a wide array of formats and styles, suitable for various social media platforms and professional uses. They are a significant time-saver and allow users to create polished videos without starting from scratch, as demonstrated by the script where the presenter chooses a template for an Instagram story.

💡Stock Media

Stock media includes a collection of ready-to-use photos, videos, and music that are available for users to incorporate into their video projects. Invideo boasts a vast library of over 1 million premium stock media assets, which can be searched and selected based on the user's needs. This feature is particularly beneficial for users who require high-quality visual and audio content without the hassle of creating it from scratch or sourcing it elsewhere.

💡Text to Video

The 'Text to Video' feature in Invideo allows users to convert written scripts into video format by automatically generating visuals based on the text provided. This feature is useful for creating slideshow-style videos or summarizing blog posts in a more engaging video format. It simplifies the process of turning text content into a multimedia presentation, as illustrated in the script where the presenter inputs a script and the software creates a storyboard.


The editor in Invideo is the section where users can perform detailed video editing tasks. It allows for the uploading of media files, trimming, cropping, color adjustment, and the addition of various effects, text, and music. The editor is crucial for users looking to refine their videos and add professional touches before exporting the final product, as shown when the presenter edits a YouTube video and adds b-roll footage.

💡Social Media Content

Social media content refers to the various types of media, such as images, videos, and stories, that are created and shared on social media platforms. Invideo is particularly useful for creating social media content due to its templates and easy-to-use editor, which are tailored to the dimensions and formats preferred by platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

💡AI Features

AI features in Invideo refer to the artificial intelligence capabilities that the platform is developing or has implemented to enhance the video editing process. While the script does not delve into specific AI functionalities, it suggests that these features will assist in areas such as content creation and personalization, making the platform more advanced and user-friendly.


Pricing in the context of Invideo pertains to the cost of using the platform's services. The script mentions that paid plans start at $22.5 per month, which includes access to video editing tools, text to video, and the entire stock media library. This pricing model is aimed at providing value to users by offering a comprehensive suite of tools at an affordable rate.

💡Live Support

Live support is a customer service feature offered by Invideo, where users can receive assistance in real-time through text support. This is particularly helpful for beginners or users who encounter technical issues or have questions during the editing process. The availability of 24/7 live support sets Invideo apart by providing immediate help, enhancing the user experience.

💡Drag and Drop

The term 'drag and drop' in the video script refers to the user interface feature that allows users to move elements around, such as text, images, or videos, by clicking and dragging them with the mouse. This is a fundamental aspect of Invideo's user-friendly approach, enabling even those without advanced video editing skills to create professional-looking content with ease.


Exporting in the context of video editing is the process of finalizing and saving the edited video in a specific format for sharing or further use. In Invideo, once users have completed their edits and are satisfied with their project, they can export the video in high definition, ensuring they have a high-quality final product ready for distribution.


InVideo is a web-based online video editor with a variety of templates for beginners.

The platform offers a text-to-video feature that creates slideshows from input text.

InVideo provides access to stock photos, videos, and music for subscribers.

The platform is beginner-friendly compared to advanced editors like Adobe Premiere Pro.

Users can create promotional videos for social media with customizable templates.

InVideo's templates cover a wide range of industries, making it versatile for various users.

The editor allows for basic video editing, including trimming, cropping, and adding effects.

Subscribers have access to over 1 million premium videos and photos for project use.

InVideo offers a 24/7 live support for users needing assistance with editing.

The platform's paid plans start at $22.5 per month, including access to all stock media and features.

InVideo provides a drag-and-drop interface for ease of use.

Users can adjust text, colors, and elements within the templates to match their branding.

The editor includes features for changing video speed, flipping, and adding animations.

InVideo allows users to add background music and sound effects to their videos.

The platform supports the creation of videos in landscape, square, and portrait formats.

InVideo offers a search function to find specific stock media quickly.

The service provides a discount code 'vince25' for 25% off subscription.

InVideo has a dedicated channel with more detailed tutorials for users.