Job action restricted Midjourney - Due to extreme demand we can't provide a free trial right now

12 May 202304:01

TLDRThis tutorial addresses a common issue where users are unable to access a free trial due to high demand on platforms like Midjourney. The solution involves subscribing or trying again later. The presenter then introduces an alternative tool, Blue Willow, which can be added to Discord to bypass the subscription issue. By using Blue Willow, users can generate images, such as an avatar of Obama, without encountering the error. The tutorial provides a step-by-step guide on how to integrate and utilize Blue Willow to overcome the subscription challenge.


  • 😀 The video is a tutorial addressing a common error when trying to use a free trial subscription service due to high demand.
  • 🔒 The error message states that a free trial cannot be provided at the moment because of extreme demand.
  • 📢 The suggested solution is to either subscribe to the service or try again later.
  • 🔍 The tutorial introduces an alternative tool called 'Blue Willow' to bypass the subscription issue.
  • 💻 The user is guided to search for and join a new server on Discord that hosts the Blue Willow tool.
  • 🔗 Once the Blue Willow server is joined, the user can utilize it to generate images without facing the subscription error.
  • 🚀 The Blue Willow tool is described as being faster than the original service when generating images.
  • 🖼️ The example given in the tutorial is generating an image of Barack Obama as an avatar.
  • 🛠️ The process involves using prompts similar to those used in the original service but through the Blue Willow tool.
  • 🔑 The tutorial demonstrates how to add the Blue Willow AI tool to Discord and use it to generate the desired image.
  • 👍 The video encourages viewers to like and subscribe to the channel for more such helpful content.

Q & A

  • What is the common error mentioned in the video tutorial?

    -The common error mentioned is 'Job action restricted Midjourney - Due to extreme demand we can't provide a free trial right now' which occurs when trying to use the free trial version of a service.

  • What does the error message suggest the user should do?

    -The error message suggests that the user should either subscribe to the service or try again tomorrow due to the high demand.

  • What is the solution provided in the tutorial to bypass the error?

    -The tutorial suggests using an alternative tool called 'Blue Willow' to bypass the error and generate images without the subscription restriction.

  • How does the tutorial instruct to add the Blue Willow tool to Discord?

    -The tutorial instructs to click on the 'plus icon' in Discord and add a new server by searching for 'Blue Willow' and then joining it.

  • What is the advantage of using Blue Willow according to the tutorial?

    -Blue Willow is said to be faster than the original platform and can perform the same tasks without the subscription issue.

  • What is the process shown in the tutorial to generate an image using Blue Willow?

    -The process involves opening the Blue Willow server in Discord, using the Boost prompt, and typing the desired image description followed by hitting enter to generate the image.

  • What specific image is used as an example in the tutorial?

    -The example used in the tutorial is to generate an 'Avatar of Obama'.

  • How can users join the Blue Willow server if they have not joined it before?

    -Users can join the Blue Willow server by searching for it in Discord, similar to how the tutorial presenter has already joined it.

  • What is the significance of the 'Boost prompt' mentioned in the tutorial?

    -The 'Boost prompt' in Blue Willow is used to input commands or descriptions for generating images, similar to how prompts are used in other platforms.

  • How does the tutorial suggest users keep up with the channel for future updates?

    -The tutorial suggests liking the video and subscribing to the channel, as well as turning on post notifications for updates.

  • What does the tutorial imply about the original platform's demand?

    -The tutorial implies that the original platform is experiencing extreme demand, which is why they cannot provide a free trial at the moment.



🚫 Fixing Subscription Error in Image Generation Tools

The video tutorial addresses a common error encountered when using the free or trial version of an image generation tool, which is the inability to generate images due to high demand. The host demonstrates how to resolve this issue by introducing a new tool called 'Blue Willow'. The process involves subscribing to the tool, adding it to Discord, and using it to generate images without encountering the subscription error. The host uses the example of generating an avatar of Obama to illustrate the solution's effectiveness and speed compared to the original tool.



💡Job action restricted

The term 'Job action restricted' refers to a situation where the functionality or access to a service is limited due to certain conditions or constraints. In the context of the video, it indicates that the user cannot utilize the free trial of a service because of high demand. This is a common issue faced by users when a service is overwhelmed by the number of requests, leading to restrictions to manage the load.


In the script, 'Midjourney' seems to be the name of a service or platform that the user is attempting to use. It is implied that Midjourney might offer image generation or similar features. The issue arises when the user tries to perform an action on Midjourney but encounters a restriction due to high demand, which is a central problem the tutorial aims to address.

💡Extreme demand

'Extreme demand' is a phrase used to describe a scenario where the number of requests or users for a service or product exceeds the capacity or the ability of the service to handle them. In the video, extreme demand is the reason why the free trial cannot be provided at the moment, as the service is unable to accommodate all the users wanting to access it.

💡Free trial

A 'free trial' is an opportunity for potential customers to use a service or product without cost for a limited time. It is a marketing strategy often used to attract new users. In the video, the user is trying to access a free trial of Midjourney but is unable to do so because of the high demand for the service.


To 'subscribe' in this context means to become a paying member or user of a service. The video suggests that subscribing might be a way to bypass the restriction and gain access to the service when it is experiencing high demand and cannot offer a free trial.


An 'error' in the context of software or online services refers to a message or situation that indicates something has gone wrong and the expected operation cannot be completed. In the video, the user encounters an error message when trying to use Midjourney, which is the problem the tutorial is focused on resolving.


An 'avatar' in digital services often refers to a digital representation of a user or a character. In the script, the user attempts to generate an 'Avatar of Obama' using Midjourney, which is an example of the type of content the service is intended to create.

💡Blue Willow

'Blue Willow' appears to be the name of an alternative tool or service that the tutorial suggests using as a workaround to the issue with Midjourney. It is implied that Blue Willow can perform similar functions and might not be experiencing the same demand issues.


Discord is a popular communication platform designed for creating communities, often used by gamers but also by various groups for text, voice, and video communication. In the video, Discord is mentioned as the platform where the Blue Willow tool is added and used to bypass the Midjourney restriction.


In the context of AI and digital services, a 'prompt' is a command or request given by a user to generate a specific output or action. The video script mentions using a 'prompt' to instruct the AI tool to generate an image, which is a key part of the process being demonstrated.


Tutorial on fixing the common error with free trial subscriptions due to extreme demand.

Error message: 'We can't provide a free trial right now'.

Suggestion to subscribe or try again tomorrow if facing the error.

Demonstration of the error when trying to use a prompt to generate an image.

Introduction of a new tool called 'Blue Willow' as a solution.

Instructions on how to search and join the Blue Willow server.

Explanation of using Blue Willow to generate images without the subscription error.

Comparison of speed between Blue Willow and the original platform.

Step-by-step guide on using Blue Willow to generate an image of Barack Obama.

Demonstration of the quick generation of the Obama avatar image.

Instructions on how to upload and download the generated image.

Recommendation to use Blue Willow as an alternative to avoid subscription issues.

How to add Blue Willow as an AI tool to the existing setup.

Description of the process to use Blue Willow for image generation.

Final note on the effectiveness of Blue Willow in resolving the subscription error.

End of tutorial with a reminder to subscribe and turn on post notifications.