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8 May 202306:18

TLDRThe transcript discusses the importance of prompts in the Midjourney platform for creating artwork. It guides users to explore the community showcase on midjourney.com to understand how different inputs can generate visually appealing outputs. The lesson emphasizes the platform's unique randomness in art creation, which means the output may not match the exact prompt but will still be aesthetically pleasing. It also explains how Midjourney combines a vast database of images to create new pieces, and how users can personalize their feed by following creators and bookmarking art. The transcript highlights the use of detailed prompts to guide the style of the artwork, and the possibility to copy and reuse parameters like aspect ratio, quality, and seeds for consistency. Additionally, it introduces the use of emojis to inspire art creation. The speaker recommends spending time exploring the platform for inspiration and concludes by noting the creative potential of Midjourney's approach to art generation.


  • 🎨 **Importance of Prompts**: The quality of prompts is crucial for generating desired outputs in mid-journey.
  • 🌐 **Community Showcase**: Visiting the community feed on midjourney.com provides insights into what prompts lead to popular and well-liked artwork.
  • 🔍 **Observing Artwork**: Analyzing top-rated images can teach you what inputs are effective for creating appealing outputs.
  • 🧠 **Mid Journey's Randomness**: The AI has its own creative process, which means outputs may differ from the exact prompt, but they can still be great.
  • 💡 **Open-mindedness**: Approach Mid Journey with an open mind; it may surprise you with unexpected but creative results.
  • 🛏️ **Combining Elements**: Mid Journey intelligently combines elements from its vast database to create new images, like blending bedrooms with the ocean.
  • 🐱 **Detailed Prompts**: Including specific details in your prompt, such as subject, composition, and style, helps guide the AI to create a more targeted output.
  • 📷 **Viewing Prompts**: You can view and copy the exact prompts used by creators to generate their artwork, which can be educational and inspiring.
  • 🔧 **Parameters and Seeds**: Understanding and utilizing parameters like aspect ratio, quality, and seeds can fine-tune your output and maintain uniqueness.
  • 📈 **Photorealism**: The 'test P' parameter can be added to prompts to favor photorealistic outputs over abstract ones.
  • 👀 **Parent Image**: Examining the original and final outputs can reveal the creative process and evolution of an image.
  • 📚 **Personalizing Feed**: Personalizing your feed by favoriting and following creators can curate a more tailored experience.
  • 🕒 **Investment in Exploration**: Spending time exploring the community feed can provide inspiration and a better understanding of effective prompts.
  • 🌟 **Emoji Usage**: Mid Journey allows the use of emojis in prompts, which can lead to creative and unique outputs.

Q & A

  • What is the purpose of exploring the community showcase on MidJourney?

    -The purpose is to learn from the community by examining various inputs that create successful outputs, which can provide inspiration and guidance for creating your own artwork.

  • How can one access the community showcase on MidJourney?

    -To access the community showcase, visit midjourney.com and navigate to the 'community feed', where you can explore new and popular content.

  • What can be learned from the most liked photo in the MidJourney community feed?

    -The most liked photo, featuring a kingfisher catching a fish with cinematic lighting, demonstrates that even simple and realistic prompts can produce highly appreciated and engaging art.

  • How does MidJourney handle creativity differently from human artists?

    -MidJourney introduces a level of randomness and a unique artistic process that often results in outputs that are different from the initial human expectations, encouraging users to approach the tool with an open mind.

  • What is an example of a complex prompt used in MidJourney, and what are its components?

    -An example of a complex prompt is 'a kneeling cat night portrait style, finely detailed armor, intricate design, silver silk cinematic lighting and 4K resolution.' This prompt includes the subject, composition style, detailed attributes, and technical specifications.

  • How does MidJourney combine different elements to create artwork?

    -MidJourney uses a large database of images to intelligently merge elements such as rooms and oceans, as shown in the prompt 'bedroom melting into the ocean', blending these themes creatively.

  • What additional parameters can be added to a prompt in MidJourney to influence the output style?

    -Users can add parameters like mood, environment, and emulate a specific photographer or artist's style to the prompt to change the style and feel of the output.

  • What is the significance of copying the full command in MidJourney?

    -Copying the full command is crucial as it not only captures the prompt but also the specific parameters added to it, allowing users to replicate or modify the conditions for future artworks.

  • What is the 'test P' parameter and its effect in MidJourney?

    -The 'test P' parameter is used to instruct MidJourney to prioritize photorealistic outputs over abstract ones, which is significant for users looking for more lifelike artistic creations.

  • How can the MidJourney community feed be personalized?

    -The feed can be personalized by favoring and following other creators, which tailors the displayed art to align more closely with your own style and preferences.

  • What unique feature of MidJourney allows for creative inputs using emojis?

    -MidJourney allows users to use emojis as part of the input, such as an astronaut and a dancing red dress emoji, which it then interprets creatively to generate artistic outputs.



🎨 Exploring Mid Journey's Community Showcase

This paragraph discusses the significance of prompts in the creative process and the importance of exploring the community showcase on midjourney.com. The speaker emphasizes the value of understanding how different inputs can lead to visually appealing outputs. They guide viewers on how to navigate the community feed to discover new and popular artworks, and highlight the top-rated photos. The speaker also explains the concept of randomness in Mid Journey's art creation process, noting that while the output may not always match the exact prompt, it will still be aesthetically pleasing. They encourage an open mind and a willingness to brainstorm, as the platform can introduce ideas beyond one's initial vision. The paragraph also covers how Mid Journey combines a vast database of images to create unique pieces of art, and how users can view and replicate the prompts used by other creators. Additionally, the importance of parameters in shaping the output, such as aspect ratio, quality, and the use of the 'test P' parameter for photorealistic results, is discussed. The speaker concludes by suggesting that viewers personalize their feed and bookmark art they like for future inspiration.


📚 Learning from Others' Art and Emoji Creativity

The second paragraph focuses on how users can derive inspiration from the art of others on the platform. It suggests that by spending time exploring different styles and aesthetics, one can gather more ideas to inform their own creative process. The speaker recommends bookmarking favorite pieces and examining the prompts used to create them for further insight. They also touch on the ability to personalize the feed by favoriting and following other creators, which can lead to a more tailored experience. The paragraph concludes with a unique aspect of Mid Journey, which is the use of emojis to generate art. An example is given where an astronaut, combined with the dancing red dress emoji, resulted in a digital photograph. The speaker reiterates that while the final output may not be exactly as inputted, the platform's vast image database allows it to create something in the intended direction, showcasing the creative potential of even simple inputs.



💡Mid Journey

Mid Journey refers to a hypothetical platform or tool mentioned in the transcript that is used for creating artwork. It is characterized by its ability to generate images based on prompts provided by users. The platform incorporates elements of randomness and its own thought process, which results in unique and often unexpected outputs that differ from human-created art. It is central to the video's theme as it is the main subject being discussed and demonstrated.

💡Community Showcase

The Community Showcase is a feature within the Mid Journey platform where users can view and learn from the artwork created by others. It includes sections for new and popular creations, as well as all-time top-rated photos. This showcase serves as a source of inspiration and a way to understand what prompts and parameters yield successful and visually appealing results, which is a key focus of the video's content.


Prompts are the inputs or instructions given to the Mid Journey platform to generate specific types of artwork. They are crucial as they guide the platform's algorithm in creating the desired output. In the context of the video, prompts are discussed as a significant aspect of the creative process, with examples provided to illustrate how different prompts can lead to varied and imaginative results.

💡Cinematic Lighting

Cinematic lighting refers to the style of lighting used in the creation of movies, which is often dramatic and mood-enhancing. In the video, it is mentioned as a detail that can be included in a prompt to influence the lighting style of the generated artwork. It is an example of how specific details in prompts can shape the final output's aesthetic.


Photorealistic is a term used to describe images that closely resemble photographs, with a high level of detail and realism. In the context of the video, the 'test P' parameter is mentioned as a way to instruct Mid Journey to create photorealistic images rather than abstract ones, which is the default style of the platform.


Parameters are additional settings or options that can be adjusted when using the Mid Journey platform to fine-tune the output. They include aspects like aspect ratio, quality, and a random number (seed) that contributes to the uniqueness of each image. Parameters are discussed as a way to customize and replicate specific looks and feels in the generated artwork.


Seeds, in the context of Mid Journey, are random numbers that are used to introduce variability and uniqueness to the generated images. When a user finds a particular style or look they like, they can copy the seed and use it in future prompts to recreate a similar output. Seeds are an important concept in the video as they allow for some level of control over the randomness inherent in the platform's image generation process.

💡Portrait Style

Portrait style refers to a specific way of composing an image where the main focus is on a person or an animal's face or figure. In the video, it is used as an example of a composition detail that can be included in a prompt to guide the platform in creating artwork that features a subject in a portrait orientation.


Emojis are small digital icons used to express ideas or emotions in electronic communication. Interestingly, the video mentions that Mid Journey can use emojis as part of the input prompts to create art. This demonstrates the platform's flexibility and the creative potential of incorporating modern communication elements into the art creation process.

💡Open Mind

Having an open mind is emphasized in the video as a crucial approach when using Mid Journey. Because the platform's outputs are often different from what is explicitly described in the prompts, maintaining an open mind allows users to appreciate the unique and unexpected results. It is presented as a key attitude for getting the most out of the creative experience with Mid Journey.


Personalization refers to the customization of the user experience based on individual preferences. In the context of the video, personalization is mentioned in relation to the community feed, where users can follow other creators and favor certain styles, leading to a more tailored and personalized selection of artwork.


Prompts play a crucial role in generating high-quality outputs in Midjourney.

Exploring the community showcase helps understand effective prompt creation.

Midjourney's outputs can be unpredictably unique, differing from initial user expectations.

Open-mindedness enhances the creative process with Midjourney, offering unexpected results.

Midjourney intelligently combines extensive image databases to create new artworks.

Detailed prompts involving character descriptions and settings can yield more precise results.

Adding mood, environment, or artist emulation to prompts can alter the style of outputs.

Users can copy commands and prompts directly from the community feed for replication.

Midjourney offers customization through parameters like aspect ratio, quality, and random seeds.

The 'test P' parameter can be used to guide Midjourney towards producing photorealistic images.

Observing the transformation from the initial to final output reveals Midjourney’s iterative process.

Personalizing the community feed by following creators can tailor the content to user preferences.

Spending time exploring community art can significantly inspire and improve users' prompt crafting skills.

Midjourney can creatively interpret even simple inputs like emojis into complex artworks.

The tutorial encourages embracing the platform's inherent unpredictability as part of the artistic journey.