Leonardo AI - Tutorial for Beginners in 12 MINS! [ FULL GUIDE 2024 ]

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18 Dec 202312:02

TLDRThis video tutorial introduces Leonardo AI, a free online platform for AI-powered image generation and editing. It guides users through signing up, exploring the community feed, and utilizing various tools such as AI Image Generation, AI Canvas, and Texture Generation. The video emphasizes the ease of use, with options for fine-tuning models and generating images from textual prompts. It also highlights the platform's features like Prompt Magic, PhotoReal, and Alchemy for enhanced image quality, along with editing capabilities for personalizing and upscaling images.


  • 🌐 Leonardo AI is an online platform for advanced AI image generation and modification, offering a free alternative to similar services.
  • πŸ“‹ Users can sign in to Leonardo AI using Apple, Google, Microsoft accounts, or an email address for easy access.
  • 🎨 The platform features a range of AI models for image generation, including fine-tuned models for specific styles by the community.
  • πŸ“š The Community Feed provides access to a library of royalty-free images generated with Leonardo AI, while the Personal Feed stores user-generated images.
  • πŸ› οΈ Three main tools are offered: AI Image Generation, AI Canvas for photo editing, and Texture Generation (though the latter is not covered in the beginner guide).
  • βš™οΈ AI Image Generation allows creating images from textual prompts, with options to customize the generation process, such as the number of variations and image settings.
  • 🎟️ Free plan users get 150 tokens daily, with the option to upgrade to a subscription plan for more tokens and premium features like Leonardo Alchemy.
  • πŸ–ŒοΈ AI Canvas enables users to upload and edit images, offering tools like Sketch and Text, and features like zooming, panning, and image manipulation.
  • 🎭 The platform supports editing functionalities like upscaling images, removing backgrounds, and merging elements from different images.
  • πŸ“ˆ Guidance Scale and other AI options can be adjusted for more precise control over the generation and editing process.
  • πŸ’‘ The script provides a comprehensive beginner's guide to leveraging Leonardo AI's tools for generating and editing images, emphasizing the platform's capabilities and ease of use.

Q & A

  • What is Leonardo AI and how does it compare to Midjourney?

    -Leonardo AI is an online platform for advanced AI image generation and modification, serving as a free alternative to Midjourney. It allows users to create and modify images using AI algorithms, offering a range of tools and features that cater to various levels of expertise.

  • How can one sign in to Leonardo AI?

    -To sign in to Leonardo AI, users can utilize their Apple, Google, Microsoft account, or sign in with an email address directly on the platform's website.

  • What features does the main Home page of Leonardo AI offer?

    -The main Home page of Leonardo AI displays the Featured AI models for image generation at the top, and showcases the most recent images created by the Leonardo community.

  • How can users access the complete library of images generated with LeonardoAI?

    -Users can access the complete library of images by opening the Community Feed from the left side menu. This library includes royalty-free and commercially usable images that can be copied, referenced, or downloaded.

  • What are the three main tools offered by LeonardoAI?

    -The three main tools offered by LeonardoAI are AI Image Generation for creating images from textual prompts, AI Canvas for editing and manipulating photos and images, and Texture Generation for creating textures for 3D objects.

  • How does the AI Image Generation process work in Leonardo AI?

    -In AI Image Generation, users type their desired prompt in the prompt line and hit 'Generate' to create images that match their idea. The generation consumes tokens, with 150 tokens provided daily for free plan users.

  • What are the premium features available in Leonardo AI's subscription plans?

    -Premium features include a higher token limit, access to more realistic images through the PhotoReal option, and the Alchemy feature for improved algorithm model usage and the highest quality images.

  • How can users ensure their generated images are private?

    -Users can set their images to private under the 'Public Images' option, which is only available on paid plans. Private images provide an exclusive license and are not freely available to others.

  • What is the role of the 'Guidance Scale' in image generation?

    -The 'Guidance Scale' controls how strictly the AI follows the prompt content, with higher values leading to more strict adherence and less AI creativity.

  • How can users edit their generated images in Leonardo AI?

    -Users can edit their generated images by using the AI Canvas tool, which allows them to upload images, manipulate them with various tools, and apply AI algorithms for further modifications.

  • What are the different AI models available for image generation in Leonardo AI?

    -Different AI models include Absolute Reality for real-like images, DreamShaper for dreamy images, Stable Diffusion as a basic model, and 3D Animation Style for images reminiscent of 3D animation films. Premium models are also available in the Alchemy version.

  • How can users save their final edits and creations in the AI Canvas?

    -Once the edits are complete, users can save their entire canvas by downloading the artwork in PNG format through the 'Download Artwork' option on the left side menu.



🎨 Getting Started with Leonardo AI

This paragraph introduces Leonardo AI, a platform for AI image generation and modification. It explains how to sign up using various accounts and navigate the main Home page. The paragraph highlights the Community Feed for accessing a library of images, Personal Feed for personal images, and Finetuned models for specific styles. It also mentions the three main tools offered by Leonardo AI: AI Image Generation, AI Canvas, and Texture Generation. The focus is on AI Image Generation, detailing the process of generating images through textual prompts, token usage, and various customization options available on the platform.


πŸ–ŒοΈ Customizing Image Generation with Prompts and Models

This paragraph delves into the specifics of customizing image generation using prompts and models. It discusses the selection of AI models like Stable Diffusion and 3D Animation Style, and the option to add custom models. The paragraph explains how to use Add Elements for further customization and Image Guidance to start from existing images. It also covers the editing process for generated images, including upscaling, background removal, and the use of AI Canvas for more in-depth modifications. The paragraph emphasizes the versatility of the AI algorithms in creating and editing images.


πŸ› οΈ Advanced Editing with AI Canvas and Masks

The final paragraph focuses on advanced editing techniques using AI Canvas, including the manipulation of images on the canvas, the use of tools like Sketch and Text, and the generation frame. It explains how to merge details from one image to another and the importance of masks in directing AI modifications. The paragraph also mentions the options for correcting and saving the artwork, and the different modes available in AI Canvas such as Inpaint-Outpaint, Img2Img, and Sketch2Img. The summary ends with a call to action to visit the YouTube channel and website for more information on Leonardo AI's free tools.



πŸ’‘Leonardo AI

Leonardo AI is an online platform that specializes in advanced AI image generation and modification. It serves as a free alternative to other platforms like Midjourney. The video is dedicated to explaining how to use Leonardo AI from the basics of signing in to achieving stunning results with AI-generated images. It represents the core service and focus of the video tutorial.

πŸ’‘Image Generation

Image Generation refers to the process of creating new images from scratch using textual prompts with the help of AI algorithms. In the context of the video, this is one of the main tools offered by Leonardo AI, allowing users to generate images that match their ideas or descriptions they type into the prompt line.

πŸ’‘AI Models

AI Models are the algorithms used by Leonardo AI to generate images based on user input. These models can be fine-tuned for specific styles, such as realism or dreamy aesthetics, and are either created by the Leonardo team or the community. The selection of the appropriate AI model is crucial for achieving the desired style and quality in the generated images.


Prompts are textual descriptions that users input into the AI system to guide the generation of images. They define the main subject, background, environment, and other details that the user wants to be included in the image. The quality and specificity of the prompt directly influence the coherence and relevance of the generated images to the user's idea.


Tokens are a form of in-platform currency used within Leonardo AI that determines how many images a user can generate. Free plan users receive a daily allowance of tokens, and they can acquire more by subscribing to a paid plan, which also unlocks premium features. Tokens are essential for understanding the usage limits and costs associated with the service.


PhotoReal is a feature available on paid plans that enhances the generated images to achieve a more realistic and cinematic look. This feature is important for users who aim to create images that closely resemble real-life photographs, providing a higher level of detail and authenticity.


Alchemy is a premium feature of Leonardo AI that improves the usage of the algorithm model for the highest quality image generation. It represents an advanced technique for fine-tuning the AI's output, resulting in images that are more coherent with the user's prompt and have a greater level of detail and aesthetic quality.

πŸ’‘AI Canvas

AI Canvas is a tool within Leonardo AI that allows users to edit and manipulate existing photos and images. It provides a range of functionalities, such as adding elements, drawing, and text, as well as more advanced features like erasing, masking, and merging images. The AI Canvas is essential for users who want to perform deeper modifications and customizations on their images beyond the initial generation.

πŸ’‘Texture Generation

Texture Generation is a feature of Leonardo AI that enables the creation of textures for 3D objects. While it is not covered in the beginner's guide presented in the video, it represents an additional capability of the platform for users who work with 3D modeling and design, adding an extra layer of utility for specialized tasks.

πŸ’‘Community Feed

The Community Feed is a feature of Leonardo AI that displays the most recent images created by the broader user community. It serves as a source of inspiration and a library of ideas from which users can copy prompts or download images for reference or use. The Community Feed highlights the collaborative and shared nature of the platform, encouraging users to learn from and build upon each other's creations.

πŸ’‘Personal Feed

The Personal Feed is a section within Leonardo AI that retrieves and displays the images generated by an individual user. It serves as a personal gallery and archive, allowing users to revisit their creations, make edits, or reuse elements in future projects. The Personal Feed emphasizes the user's individual creative journey and the ability to manage their own generated content.


Introduction to Leonardo AI, an advanced AI image generation and modification platform.

Signing in to Leonardo AI using Apple, Google, Microsoft accounts, or email.

Access to the main Home page with featured AI models and recent community creations.

Community Feed offers a library of royalty-free images for commercial use.

Personal Feed allows retrieval of user-generated images.

Finetuned models and AI algorithms available for specific styles.

Three main tools: AI Image Generation, AI Canvas, and Texture Generation.

AI Image Generation process through textual prompts.

Daily token system with free and subscription plans.

Options for image variations, PhotoReal, and Alchemy features.

Prompt Magic for coherent image generation with the prompt.

Guidance Scale to control the strictness of AI in following the prompt.

Tiling option for pattern or subject group generation.

Writing effective prompts with detailed descriptions and Negative Prompt.

Selection of AI models for different graphic styles and image types.

Add Elements for customization of the model style.

Image Guidance using existing images for new creations.

Editing generated images with upscaling, background removal, and more.

AI Canvas for in-depth image manipulation and corrections.

Tools for sketching, text addition, and mask drawing on the canvas.

Merging details from one image to another with the Erase and generation frame tools.

Saving and downloading the final artwork in various formats.