MagicSchool Walkthrough With the Founder!

MagicSchool AI
21 Jan 202413:07

TLDRThe transcript introduces Magic School, an AI-powered platform designed to assist educators with various tasks such as lesson planning, content creation, and student support. The platform offers a range of tools from rubric generation and question banks to IEP creation and communication aids. It emphasizes the platform's ability to not only automate tasks but also to serve as a creative thought partner, helping educators tailor their teaching methods and enhance student engagement. The speaker shares personal experiences as an educator and highlights the platform's features, including its multilingual capabilities and its potential to transform the educational landscape.


  • 📚 The speaker is an experienced educator, having worked as a teacher and principal, who founded a public high school in Colorado focused on AI and education.
  • 🏠 Magic School is a platform designed for educators, offering a variety of AI tools to assist in lesson planning, content creation, and other educational tasks.
  • 📌 A 'Wall of Love' within the app showcases global user testimonials, highlighting the diverse applications and positive impact of Magic School.
  • 🔖 The platform is user-friendly, allowing anyone to create a free account and explore its features, which are organized into easily navigable icons or cards.
  • 💡 Magic School serves not only to lighten educators' workloads through automation but also to enhance creativity and address common misconceptions in teaching.
  • 📝 Among its tools are a rubric generator, an IEP generator for special education, recommendation letter generators, and email drafting aids for communication with parents.
  • ✏️ The text leveler tool and the multiple-choice assessment generator demonstrate Magic School's ability to adapt educational content to different student needs and levels.
  • 🎧 A unique feature includes the song generator, which allows for the creation of personalized songs for educational or celebratory purposes.
  • 🛠 Magic School offers a free version with basic features, a 14-day trial for Magic School Plus with unlimited usage and advanced exporting options, and an Enterprise version for broader institutional adoption.
  • 👥 The platform is part of a growing community of over 500 schools, providing a space for sharing and learning about AI's role in education.
  • ⚡️ Continuous improvements and new tool additions are driven by community feedback and the evolving needs of the educational sector.

Q & A

  • What is the name of the public high school founded in Colorado focused on AI and education?

    -The name of the school is not explicitly mentioned in the transcript, but it is referred to as 'Magic School'.

  • How can educators access the Magic School platform?

    -Educators can create an account for free to access the Magic School platform.

  • What types of AI tools does the Magic School platform offer to educators?

    -The platform offers a variety of AI tools ranging from lesson planning assistance, content creation for classes, custom word problem generation for math, choice boards, lesson plans, question generators, and tools for addressing common misconceptions.

  • How does the rubric generator tool in Magic School work?

    -The rubric generator tool allows educators to input specific criteria for an assignment, such as the type of essay and the grading scale, and it generates a rubric based on those inputs. The generated rubric can be exported to Microsoft Word or Google Docs.

  • What is the purpose of the YouTube video questions tool?

    -The YouTube video questions tool generates multiple-choice, true or false, or free response questions based on a provided YouTube video URL, which can be used for student assessment or engagement.

  • How does the email tool in Magic School assist with communication to parents?

    -The email tool provides a draft for educators to communicate with parents in a professional and positive manner. For example, it can help draft an email to inform a parent about their child being late to class multiple times in a week.

  • What is the Text Leveler tool and how does it benefit educators and students?

    -The Text Leveler tool rewrites text to match the reading level of the students. It maintains the length of the content but adjusts the syntax and vocabulary to make it more accessible for students who may be below the original grade level of the text.

  • How can the restorative practices reflection tool be utilized in a school setting?

    -The restorative practices reflection tool helps create a structured reflection for students who have been involved in disciplinary issues. It guides them through a process of understanding what happened, why it happened, and how to repair the situation in the future.

  • What features are available in the Magic School Plus version?

    -The Magic School Plus version offers unlimited usage of the platform and includes all the exporting features. It also allows for further modification of the output, providing more flexibility in customizing the generated content.

  • What is the Innovators Program and how does it benefit schools interested in implementing Magic School?

    -The Innovators Program is the Enterprise version of Magic School that offers a lower cost for schools to implement the platform for a larger number of teachers. It also provides access to a community of over 500 schools using Magic School, allowing for sharing of best practices and experiences.

  • How does Magic School ensure continuous improvement and relevance to educators' needs?

    -Magic School is constantly being updated with improvements and new tools inspired by the community of educators using the platform. As AI technology evolves, the product evolves as well to meet the changing needs of the classroom.



📚 Introduction to Magic School and its Features

The speaker, a former educator, introduces Magic School, an AI-powered educational platform founded in Colorado. The platform offers a variety of tools for educators, ranging from lesson planning to content creation, such as custom math problems and choice boards. The 'Wall of Love' within the app showcases the global impact of Magic School. The speaker emphasizes the platform's ability to lighten educators' workloads and serve as a creative thought partner, highlighting tools like the common misconceptions tool and the IEP generator. The platform is free to join, and the speaker invites listeners to explore it further.


📝 Demonstrating Magic School's Tools: Rubric Generator and YouTube Questions

The speaker demonstrates the Rubric Generator tool within Magic School, explaining how it allows educators to create customized rubrics with adjustable parameters and language options. The YouTube Questions tool is also showcased, which generates questions based on video content, aiding in student comprehension and engagement. The speaker details the versatility of these tools, including the ability to generate multiple-choice or free-response questions, and the potential to translate content into various languages.


💌 Email and Text Leveling Tools for Effective Communication

The speaker highlights the Email Family tool, which assists educators in crafting professional and empathetic emails to parents, and the Text Leveler tool, which adapts reading materials to suit students' grade levels. The Multiple Choice Assessment Generator is also mentioned, allowing educators to create quizzes based on texts and export them to platforms like Google Forms for easy classroom use. Additionally, the speaker discusses the Reflective Practices tool for discipline management and the Teacher Observation tool for providing constructive feedback to teachers.

🎵 Fun and Creative Tools: Song Generator and IEP Drafts

The speaker showcases the Song Generator tool, which creates personalized songs based on user-provided details, as a fun way to celebrate or motivate students and colleagues. The IEP generator is also demonstrated, illustrating how it can quickly produce a first draft of an Individualized Education Program (IEP) with measurable goals, accommodations, and modifications. The speaker emphasizes the ongoing development and improvement of Magic School, with a free version and a 14-day trial of the premium version available for users.




An educator refers to a person who provides education, instruction, or training in a particular field. In the context of the video, the speaker identifies as an educator, having been both a teacher and a principal, highlighting their extensive experience in the education sector.

💡AI and Education

AI and Education refers to the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies into educational practices to enhance teaching, learning, and administrative processes. The video discusses the founding of a public high school in Colorado focused on AI and education, indicating the speaker's initiative to merge AI with traditional educational settings.

💡Magic School

Magic School is a platform mentioned in the video that utilizes AI tools to assist educators in their work. It offers a variety of features designed to streamline and improve educational tasks, such as lesson planning, content creation, and student support.

💡Wall of Love

The 'Wall of Love' is a feature within the Magic School app that showcases the global community of educators using the platform. It serves as a testament to the widespread adoption and positive reception of Magic School among educators worldwide.

💡Lesson Planning

Lesson planning is the process of designing educational experiences and activities for learners. It involves setting goals, selecting content, and arranging activities to achieve those goals. In the video, Magic School's tools are highlighted for aiding in lesson planning, making it more efficient and effective for educators.

💡Content Creation

Content creation refers to the process of producing original educational materials tailored to specific learning objectives. The video emphasizes how Magic School assists educators in creating customized content, such as academic lessons and problem-solving exercises, to engage students in their learning process.

💡IEP Generator

An IEP (Individualized Education Program) Generator is a tool designed to assist educators in drafting personalized education plans for students with special needs. These plans outline the student's learning goals, accommodations, and support services. The video highlights this feature of Magic School as a transformative tool for special educators.

💡Teacher Observations

Teacher observations are evaluations conducted by administrators or peers to assess and provide feedback on a teacher's instructional practices and student engagement. The video discusses a tool within Magic School that aids administrators in generating constructive and detailed feedback reports based on observations.

💡Restorative Practices

Restorative practices are methods used in education to promote a positive school climate by addressing misbehavior and conflicts through reflection, understanding, and reconciliation. In the video, the speaker explains how Magic School includes a tool for creating reflective materials for students to engage in restorative practices after disciplinary incidents.

💡Song Generator

The Song Generator is a creative tool within Magic School that allows users to input specific details and generate a personalized song set to the tune of a chosen track. This tool is designed to add a fun and engaging element to communication and celebration within the educational environment.

💡Magic School Plus

Magic School Plus is a premium version of the Magic School platform that offers users unlimited usage and additional features, such as exporting capabilities and the ability to modify output further. It provides a more comprehensive set of tools for educators compared to the free version.


The speaker is an educator who founded a public high school in Colorado focused on AI and education.

There is a 'Wall of Love' in the Magic School app showcasing the global impact on educators.

The Magic School platform offers various AI tools separated into icons or cards for educators' use.

Tools range from lesson planning to creating custom content like math word problems.

The platform includes a question generator inspired by David, who is present in the call.

AI can serve as a creative thought partner, not just to automate tasks.

The common misconceptions tool helps educators address student misunderstandings before teaching.

The IEP generator is a life-changing tool for special educators to draft individualized education plans.

Letters of recommendation generators assist counselors in writing drafts for student recommendations.

Administrators can use the platform for teacher observations and feedback.

The rubric generator creates customizable rubrics with adjustable length and language translation.

Magic School can generate questions based on YouTube videos for student engagement.

Email tools help educators communicate with families in a professional and positive manner.

The text leveler rewrites content to match students' reading levels.

Multiple choice assessments can be generated from any text for classroom quizzes.

Restorative practices reflection tools aid in student self-reflection and behavior improvement.

Teacher observation feedback can be enhanced with AI-generated narrative feedback and suggestions.

The IEP generator creates a first draft for Individualized Education Plans with goals and accommodations.

The song generator creates personalized songs for celebration or motivation.

Magic School offers a free version, a 14-day trial for Magic School Plus, and an Innovators Program for schools.

The product is continually evolving with new tools and features inspired by the community.