Make $470 PER DAY Posting Affirmations Videos On YouTube with AI (Step by Step Tutorial)

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24 Mar 202420:19

TLDRDiscover how to make up to $470 daily on YouTube by creating sleep affirmation videos without any voice recording, script writing, or editing. This tutorial demonstrates using AI to generate wealth and success themed affirmations, complete with soothing music and visuals. Learn to avoid common pitfalls in monetization and grow a sustainable channel by focusing on quality content and viewer experience. No need to be camera-shy or have editing skills; InVideo AI makes it possible for anyone to start their YouTube journey.


  • 😀 Create sleep affirmation videos on YouTube to potentially earn up to $500 per day.
  • 🎥 No need to record your own voice or write scripts for the affirmations; AI can generate them for you.
  • 💤 Affirmations videos are often long, which increases watch time and thus ad revenue.
  • 📈 Longer videos and repeated listens from viewers can lead to higher monetization.
  • 🚀 Use AI tools like to create videos without the need for manual scripting or recording.
  • 🔊 Incorporate soothing music and B-Neural beats to make the videos suitable for sleep-time listening.
  • 💰 Focus on specific topics like health or wealth for the affirmations to resonate with viewers.
  • 🔄 To avoid YouTube flagging, create unique content every 10 minutes or stitch multiple AI videos together.
  • 👥 Use 'Clone Your Voice' feature in Invideo AI to create a soothing voice for the affirmations.
  • 📊 Monetize your YouTube channel once you reach 500 subscribers and 3,000 watch hours.
  • 🚫 Avoid mid-roll ads in affirmation videos to prevent frustrating viewers and losing repeat listeners.

Q & A

  • What is the potential daily income from creating affirmations videos on YouTube?

    -The potential daily income can range from $470 to over $1,000, as demonstrated by existing channels that post motivational and affirmation videos on YouTube.

  • What are the advantages of creating sleep affirmation videos?

    -Sleep affirmation videos are typically longer, often ranging from 8 to 12 hours, which increases watch time and thus earnings. Additionally, they are often listened to multiple times, providing recurring views and monetization opportunities.

  • How can one create affirmations videos without recording their own voice?

    -By using AI tools like Invideo AI, one can generate videos with soothing music and affirmations without the need to record or write the affirmations themselves.

  • What is the recommended approach for creating long duration videos for sleep affirmations?

    -Instead of creating an 8-hour video all at once, it's suggested to create shorter videos and loop them or stitch multiple videos together to achieve the desired length, avoiding YouTube's flagging for looped content.

  • How can one ensure the AI-generated voice sounds soothing for sleep affirmations videos?

    -By using the 'Clone your voice' feature in Invideo AI and recording a sample in a soft, soothing voice, the AI can replicate this voice for the video narration.

  • What are the monetization milestones one needs to reach on YouTube?

    -To monetize on YouTube, one needs to reach 500 subscribers and 3,000 watch hours for access to Super Stickers, Super Thanks, and membership options. For ad revenue, the threshold is 4,000 watch hours and 1,000 subscribers.

  • Why is it advised not to include mid-roll ads in sleep affirmations videos?

    -Mid-roll ads can disrupt the listening experience and lead to viewer frustration. It's recommended to include ads only at the beginning and end of the video to maintain a positive viewer experience.

  • What is the recommended strategy to reach the monetization milestones organically?

    -Focus on creating high-quality content and optimizing it for the YouTube algorithm, rather than using old-fashioned approaches like sub-for-sub or spamming, which can lead to penalties or channel suspension.

  • How can one edit and customize the AI-generated affirmations video?

    -By using the editing features within Invideo AI, one can change visuals, script, and other elements of the video to match their preferences and ensure it aligns with the intended message.

  • What is the cost of a paid subscription to Invideo AI for exporting videos without watermarks?

    -The cost for a paid subscription to Invideo AI is $20 per month for the Plus version or $48 for the Max version, which provides access to a large library of media for creating YouTube content.

  • How can one extend the duration of an AI-generated video to create longer sleep affirmations videos?

    -One can use the Invideo Studio platform to take the AI-generated video and extend its duration by looping it or creating additional similar videos and adding them sequentially.

  • What is the recommended approach to building a sustainable source of income on YouTube?

    -Focus on creating valuable content, optimizing it for the platform, and allowing the YouTube algorithm to find the right audience. This approach builds a loyal viewer base that will return and recommend the channel, leading to a sustainable income.



🎥 Making Money with Sleep Affirmation Videos on YouTube

The video script introduces a method to earn up to $470 daily on YouTube by creating sleep affirmation videos without the need for voice recording, script writing, or editing. The speaker promises to demonstrate how to create such videos and monetize them, providing proof of income potential from existing YouTube channels that post motivational and affirmation videos. The script emphasizes the monetization benefits of long watch times and repeated views, and suggests using AI to create videos without the hassle of scripting or recording affirmations.


🌙 Crafting Wealth Affirmation Videos with AI

The speaker outlines the process of creating wealth and success affirmation videos for sleep, using AI to generate content and visuals. They discuss the importance of soothing music and neural beats, and ensuring that the affirmations are centered around a specific topic like health or wealth. The script also covers strategies to avoid YouTube flagging for looping videos, such as adding timestamps or using AI to generate multiple videos that can be stitched together. The speaker demonstrates using to create a 5-minute video, emphasizing the need for a soft voice suitable for sleep affirmations and detailing a method to clone one's voice for use in AI-generated videos.


📈 Monetization Strategies for YouTube Affirmation Channels

This section focuses on monetizing YouTube channels with affirmation videos. The speaker explains the requirements for monetization, including 500 subscribers and 3,000 watch hours for access to Super Stickers, Super Thanks, memberships, and shops, and 4,000 watch hours and 1,000 subscribers for ad revenue. They advise against using mid-roll ads in sleep affirmation videos to maintain viewer satisfaction and recommend focusing on creating quality content that will naturally attract viewers and monetization. The speaker also warns against quick-fix approaches to gaining subscribers, suggesting that patience and quality will lead to sustainable income.


🛠 Editing and Exporting AI-Generated Videos

The speaker demonstrates how to edit and export AI-generated videos using invideo AI. They show how to make adjustments to the video content and script, and how to replace visuals and wording to better fit the video's theme. The script mentions the option to export videos with watermarks for free or without watermarks for a paid subscription, highlighting the benefits of a subscription, including access to a large media library that can be used royalty-free on YouTube. The speaker concludes by guiding viewers on how to use the exported video to create longer videos on the invideo platform.


🚀 Final Thoughts and Encouragement for Aspiring YouTubers

In the final paragraph, the speaker wraps up the video with a summary of the process and a call to action for viewers. They encourage viewers to subscribe to the channel, share the video with friends and family who might be interested in starting a YouTube channel, and to check out the provided link to invid AI. The speaker emphasizes that creating videos has become accessible without the need for being in front of the camera or knowing how to edit, thanks to AI tools like invideo AI.



💡Affirmations Videos

Affirmations videos are a type of content on YouTube that feature positive statements or affirmations intended to shape the viewer's mindset and reality. In the context of this video, they are specifically designed to be listened to while sleeping, often set to soothing music or binaural beats to facilitate relaxation and absorption of the messages. They are monetized through YouTube's platform, with the potential to earn significant income as demonstrated by the channels mentioned in the script.

💡AI (Artificial Intelligence)

AI, or Artificial Intelligence, refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think like humans and mimic their actions. In the video, AI is used to create the affirmations videos without the need for voice recording, script writing, or editing. This technology allows for the automation of content creation, making the process faster and more efficient.


Monetization in the context of YouTube involves the process of generating income from the platform. This can be achieved through various methods such as ads, channel memberships, super chat, and merchandise sales. The video discusses strategies for monetization, emphasizing the importance of reaching certain subscriber and watch hour milestones to qualify for different monetization options.

💡Sleep Affirmations

Sleep affirmations are positive statements that are listened to while a person is falling asleep or during the sleep cycle. The idea is that the subconscious mind is more receptive to positive suggestions during this time. In the video, the creator guides viewers on how to make such videos using AI, which can potentially earn money on YouTube.

💡Watch Time

Watch time on YouTube refers to the total amount of time that viewers spend watching videos on a channel. It is a critical metric for monetization, as it is one of the requirements for a channel to become eligible for the YouTube Partner Program. Longer videos, like the sleep affirmation videos discussed, can contribute to increasing watch time and thus help channels meet the criteria for monetization.

💡Mid-Roll Ads

Mid-roll ads are advertisements that play during the middle of a YouTube video, typically after a certain amount of time has passed. They are a common way for content creators to generate revenue. However, the video script advises against using mid-roll ads in sleep affirmation videos, as they can disrupt the listening experience and potentially lead to viewer frustration.

💡AI Voice Cloning

AI voice cloning is a technology that allows the creation of a synthetic voice that sounds like a specific individual. In the video, the creator uses this technology to generate a soft, soothing voice for the affirmations video, which is more suitable for a sleep-inducing context. The process involves recording a sample of one's voice and uploading it to the AI tool for analysis and replication.

💡Video Looping

Video looping is the technique of repeating a video or a section of it to extend its length. In the context of the script, looping is suggested as a method to create longer sleep affirmation videos that can run for several hours. However, it is noted that simply looping the same video can lead to YouTube's algorithm flagging the content as an attempt to game the system for longer watch times.

💡Subscriber Milestone

A subscriber milestone refers to a specific number of subscribers that a YouTube channel must reach to unlock certain features or monetization options. The video mentions the milestone of 500 subscribers and 3,000 watch hours as a prerequisite for a channel to become eligible for monetization through memberships and shops, while 4,000 watch hours and 1,000 subscribers are needed to start earning ad revenue.

💡InVideo AI

InVideo AI is a platform mentioned in the video that provides tools for creating videos using artificial intelligence. It offers features like voice cloning, media library access, and video editing capabilities. The platform is used to automate the process of creating affirmations videos, making it easier for creators to produce content without the need for extensive video editing skills.

💡Content Optimization

Content optimization refers to the process of enhancing a video or any digital content to improve its visibility, engagement, and performance on platforms like YouTube. This includes strategies such as using relevant keywords, creating compelling titles and descriptions, and ensuring the content is of high quality. The video emphasizes the importance of optimizing videos to attract the right audience and gain traction without resorting to practices that could lead to penalties from YouTube's algorithm.


Make up to $470 per day from YouTube by creating affirmations videos without voice recording, script writing, or editing.

Demonstration of earning potential with proof of channels making thousands per month.

Creating sleep affirmation videos can lead to higher earnings due to longer watch times.

Affirmations videos are often listened to repeatedly, increasing monetization opportunities.

Introduction of using AI to create videos without the need for scripting or recording affirmations.

Step-by-step guide on creating a YouTube channel and videos for sleep affirmations.

Explanation of why sleep affirmation videos are a great niche for passive income.

Details on how to use to create videos with AI, including account creation and prompts.

Importance of soothing music and visuals for sleep affirmation videos.

Technique to create a long video by looping shorter AI-generated videos or stitching multiple videos together.

Method to clone your voice for the video using the Voice Memos app and invideo AI's voice cloning feature.

How to ensure the AI-generated voice is soft and suitable for sleep affirmations.

Tips for monetization on YouTube, including reaching the subscriber milestone and watch time hours.

Recommendation against using mid-roll ads in sleep affirmation videos for better viewer experience.

Advice on building a sustainable income on YouTube by focusing on content quality and algorithm optimization.

How to edit and customize the AI-generated video to fit your preferences.

Details on the invideo AI subscription plans and the benefits of a paid subscription.

Final steps to export the video and use to create longer videos for YouTube.