Make AI Images Worth Paying For (Midjourney Tutorial)

David Ondrej
28 Feb 202426:48

TLDRDavid Andre presents an extensive course on mastering Midjourney, an AI image generation tool. The tutorial covers setup, common mistakes to avoid, and how to write effective prompts for creating detailed images. It also discusses monetization strategies, such as creating templates and designs, and explores advanced features like in-painting and face-swapping. Andre offers tips on saving costs with Midjourney and concludes with advice on choosing the right subscription plan and staying updated with the rapidly evolving AI field.


  • 😀 David Andre presents an extensive mid Journey course aimed at teaching users how to generate high-quality AI images.
  • 🎨 Mid Journey offers total control over image generation, state-of-the-art images, flexible pricing, and fast generation, though it can consume fast hours quickly.
  • 🔧 A setup in Discord is required for using Mid Journey, including creating a server and adding the Mid Journey bot.
  • ⚠️ The course warns against common mistakes like using vague prompts, not testing features, copying from others, and settling for mediocre images.
  • 🔑 Understanding parameters like aspect ratio, chaos, negative prompts, image weights, and stylization is crucial for creating great prompts.
  • 💰 Users can save on costs by using the rating function on the Mid Journey website to earn free fast hours.
  • 👨‍🏫 The importance of developing one's own style and experimenting with different prompts is emphasized.
  • 🖼️ Mid Journey uses a diffusion model for image generation, starting with a noise pattern and refining it according to the user's prompt.
  • 💡 The transcript provides tips on how to write effective prompts, including structure and the use of various parameters.
  • 💼 The course explores different business models for monetizing Mid Journey, such as creating templates, business cards, tile designs, logo designs, and mockups.
  • 🚀 Advanced features of Mid Journey like functions (e.g., SL blend, SL describe) and the importance of choosing the right plan based on user needs are discussed.

Q & A

  • What is the purpose of the mid Journey course presented by David Andre?

    -The purpose of the mid Journey course is to provide extensive training on how to use the mid Journey AI tool to generate high-quality images, gain control over image generation, and demonstrate one's creativity to the world.

  • Why might someone consider using a private Discord server with mid Journey instead of a public one?

    -Using a private Discord server allows for more personalized settings and control over the AI image generation process, which can be important for maintaining privacy and tailoring the experience to individual needs.

  • What is the 'remix mode' in mid Journey and why is it important to enable it?

    -Remix mode in mid Journey allows for the generation of variations based on the original image. Enabling it is important as it provides more flexibility and creative options during the image generation process.

  • What are some common mistakes to avoid when writing prompts for mid Journey image generation?

    -Common mistakes to avoid include writing vague prompts, not testing all features of mid Journey, copying from others without developing one's own style, and not trying multiple prompts to find the best results.

  • How can users save money on their mid Journey subscription?

    -Users can save money by utilizing the rating function on the mid Journey website to earn free fast hours, which can significantly reduce the cost of their subscription.

  • What is the significance of understanding parameters in mid Journey for writing effective prompts?

    -Understanding parameters is crucial as they allow users to fine-tune the image generation process, affecting aspects like aspect ratio, chaos, image weights, style, and other elements to create more detailed and relevant images.

  • How does the 'in painting' feature in mid Journey work and what are its potential use cases?

    -The 'in painting' feature allows users to adjust specific parts of an image. For example, changing the color of a person's eyes. Its potential use cases are vast, including editing photos for personal or commercial projects, such as showing a finished construction project to potential clients.

  • What are some business models that can leverage mid Journey for generating income?

    -Some business models include creating templates for resumes, designing business cards, tile designs for various applications, on-demand services for logo creation, and selling digital art or mockups.

  • How can the 'face swapping' feature be used to enhance mid Journey-generated images?

    -The 'face swapping' feature, which requires an external app, can be used to replace the face in an image with another, creating a new and unique image. This can be useful for personalizing images or creating composite characters for various projects.

  • What advice does David Andre give regarding the choice of mid Journey subscription plans?

    -David Andre suggests choosing a plan based on one's needs and usage. The Basic plan is suitable for beginners, the Standard plan offers more fast GPU time, and the Pro plan is ideal for more advanced users who require additional features like stealth mode and higher concurrent job limits.



😎 Introduction to Mid Journey AI Art Tool

David Andre introduces the Mid Journey AI course, emphasizing its comprehensive nature and the control it offers over image generation. He mentions the state-of-the-art image quality, flexible pricing, and speed of generation. David addresses potential weaknesses like fast hours being used up quickly and the necessity of setting up a Discord UI. He promises to reveal a solution later and aims to prove that anyone can achieve high-quality results with the right guidance. The module then shifts to setting up a Discord server for Mid Journey, adding the bot, and enabling remix mode.


🛠️ Avoiding Common Mistakes and Understanding Prompt Structure

The script outlines common mistakes to avoid when using Mid Journey, such as writing vague prompts and not testing all features. It stresses the importance of developing a unique style and trying multiple prompts to achieve the best results. The speaker provides examples of detailed prompts and explains how Mid Journey works, including the diffusion model used for image generation. It also offers a tip on saving money by using the rating function on the Mid Journey website to earn free fast hours.


📝 Writing Effective Prompts and Using Parameters

This section delves into the parameters of Mid Journey, explaining how they can be overwhelming but essential for creating great images. It covers aspects like aspect ratio, chaos, negative prompts, image weights, stylization, and the use of repeat parameters. The speaker also encourages users to get inspired by others' work without copying and provides examples of how different parameters affect the final image, emphasizing the importance of being descriptive in prompts.


🎨 Advanced Features: In-Painting and Face Swapping

The script introduces advanced features of Mid Journey, such as in-painting, which allows users to adjust parts of an image, and face swapping, which requires an external app. It provides a step-by-step guide on how to use these features for various applications, like construction visualization or personalizing images with different faces. The potential for creative and business applications of these features is highlighted.


💰 Monetizing Mid Journey: Business Opportunities

The speaker explores various ways to monetize Mid Journey, including creating templates for resumes, business cards, tile designs, and logo designs. They suggest targeting niche markets, using AI for brainstorming, and creating on-demand services. The script also mentions the potential for selling digital art and using AI to create vector images or mockups, emphasizing the broad opportunities for generating income with Mid Journey.


🚀 Hyperbolic Module and Advanced Functions

This section discusses the most advanced module in Mid Journey, focusing on functions like SL blend for merging images and SL describe for generating descriptions and new images based on those descriptions. It also covers practical functions like SL info for subscription details and SL turbo for faster image generation at the cost of more fast hours. The importance of staying updated with the rapidly changing AI field and choosing the right plan for one's needs is also highlighted.

🔧 Customization and Version Control for Image Creation

The final paragraph covers various parameters and functions in Mid Journey for customizing image creation, such as SL prefer for presets, SL stylize for custom styles, and functions for panning, remixing, and zooming out. It also touches on the importance of using version control to achieve desired results and the value of experimenting with different parameters and versions for optimal image generation.



💡Mid Journey

Mid Journey is an AI image generation tool that allows users to create high-quality images with detailed prompts. It is central to the video's theme, as the tutorial focuses on maximizing the potential of this tool. For example, the script mentions 'the most extensive mid Journey course,' indicating the depth of content covered in relation to this AI technology.

💡Image Generation

Image generation refers to the process of creating visual content using computational methods. In the context of the video, it is the primary function of Mid Journey, enabling users to produce state-of-the-art images. The script emphasizes the fast and flexible nature of this generation process, highlighting its advantages over traditional image creation methods.


Discord is a communication platform used in the script to set up a server for the Mid Journey bot. It is integral to the setup process described in the tutorial, allowing users to have a personalized environment for image generation. The script instructs viewers to 'create your own Discord server' as part of the correct setup for Mid Journey.

💡Aspect Ratio

Aspect ratio is a parameter in Mid Journey that determines the proportions of an image, whether it is horizontal, square, or vertical. It is a fundamental concept in image composition and is mentioned in the script as one of the parameters users need to understand to write great prompts for image generation.


In the context of Mid Journey, 'chaos' is a parameter that introduces randomness or unpredictability to the image generation process. It can be used to add a creative twist to an image, as indicated in the script where it suggests adding chaos to a prompt to achieve a desired effect that is 'almost there but not quite.'

💡Negative Prompt

A negative prompt is a directive used in image generation to exclude certain elements from the final image. The script uses the term in the context of specifying what should not be included in an image, such as 'no bananas' if the user wants an image of fruit without bananas.

💡Descriptive Prompts

Descriptive prompts are detailed instructions provided to AI image generation tools like Mid Journey to guide the creation of specific images. The script emphasizes the importance of being descriptive in prompts to achieve more relevant and detailed images, contrasting it with vague prompts that yield less satisfactory results.

💡Diffusion Model

A diffusion model is an AI technique used for image generation, starting with a random noise pattern and incrementally transforming it into a detailed image based on a user's prompt. The script explains how Mid Journey uses this model, comparing it to other AI models and highlighting its advanced nature.

💡Rating Function

The rating function on the Mid Journey website is a feature that allows users to earn free fast hours by rating images. The script provides a tip on how to use this function to save money, suggesting that users can 'get 10 free fast hours every single month' by rating a certain number of images.


In-Painting is a feature in Mid Journey that enables users to adjust specific parts of an image. The script describes how it can be used to change elements within an image, such as giving a character blue eyes, by selecting the area and adding a descriptive prompt for the adjustment.

💡Face Swapping

Face swapping is a technique mentioned in the script where one can replace the face in an image with another, using an outside app in conjunction with Mid Journey. It is presented as a feature with potential for creative and practical applications, such as changing the face in a generated image to match a specific person.


David Andre presents an extensive mid Journey course for image generation with total control and state-of-the-art results.

Mid Journey offers flexible pricing and fast image generation, but has the weakness of fast hours being consumed quickly.

A cure for the fast hour consumption issue will be revealed, requiring setup and Discord UI.

The course aims to prove that anyone can achieve high levels of creativity with the right setup and practice.

Creating a Discord server is the first step in the correct setup for producing the best images with Mid Journey.

Serious mistakes to avoid include writing vague prompts and not testing every feature of Mid Journey.

Developing your own style is crucial, and not just copying others' work will lead to better image generation.

Being descriptive in prompts leads to more detailed and relevant images.

Mid Journey works on a diffusion model, starting with random noise and refining it into a detailed image based on the user prompt.

Using the rating function on the Mid Journey website can save users money by earning free fast hours.

Understanding parameters within Mid Journey is key to writing great prompts and achieving desired results.

Parameters such as aspect ratio, chaos, negative prompts, and image weights are crucial for image customization.

The 'stylize' parameter adjusts the application of Mid Journey's style to the generated image.

Using 'repeat' can generate multiple images at once, increasing productivity.

Inspiration from others' work can be valuable, but developing a unique style is essential for creative expression.

The structure of prompts includes style, subject, setting, composition, lighting, and details for comprehensive image generation.

Mid Journey's advanced features like in painting and face swapping offer extensive possibilities for image manipulation.

Monetizing Mid Journey is possible through creating templates, business cards, tile designs, logo designs, and more.

Experimenting with different styles and understanding camera terms enhances the quality and creativity of generated images.

The 'stealth mode' is useful for creating private images, especially when working with clients or on sensitive projects.

Choosing the right Mid Journey plan depends on the user's needs, with options ranging from basic to mega for serious business applications.