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27 Sept 202311:56

TLDRThis informative video outlines a method for creating profitable children's learning videos using AI tools. The process begins with generating a script for an animal-themed children's show using a Chrome extension for chat GPT. Voiceovers are then sourced from, with a focus on a child-friendly voice. Adobe Express is used to animate characters from audio, while Canva provides a platform for designing animated backgrounds. Finally, Wondershare Filmora is utilized to compile the scenes, apply the green screen effect, and add music. The video emphasizes the affordability and ease of use of these tools, with a perpetual license for Filmora being a particularly cost-effective option. The end result is an engaging and educational video that can be quickly produced and uploaded to YouTube.


  • 📈 A YouTube channel is making a significant income by creating minimalistic children's learning videos with simple 2D animations.
  • 🎬 The channel has over 2.8 million subscribers and 24 million views in the last 30 days, with an estimated monthly earning of $6,000 to $97,000.
  • 📱 The process can be replicated using an iPhone and various online tools, starting with a script created by chat GPT via a Chrome extension.
  • 📄 The script is then copied into a Word document for easier editing and organization.
  • 🔊 Voiceovers are created using, which offers a variety of child-friendly voice options.
  • 🎨 Adobe Express is used to animate characters based on the audio, with a feature called 'animate from audio'.
  • 🌐 Canva is utilized to create animated backgrounds for the video, with a focus on matching the length of the scenes to the audio.
  • 🎥 Filmora is the final editing software used to compile the video, apply the chroma key function, and add effects and music.
  • 💲 The cost of the tools mentioned ranges from free to a one-time payment of around eighty dollars for Filmora, with monthly subscriptions available for other services.
  • 📊 Socialblade can be used to check the statistics and earnings of a YouTube channel, which can be informative for aspiring content creators.
  • 📹 The entire process of creating an animation video can be done in under 20 minutes with the right tools and a clear plan.
  • 🌟 Engaging content, such as introducing three amazing animals from around the world, can be an effective way to educate and entertain children.

Q & A

  • How much money is the YouTube channel mentioned in the transcript earning?

    -The YouTube channel is estimated to earn between $6,000 and $97,000 monthly.

  • What type of videos does the channel create to earn money?

    -The channel creates minimalistic children's learning videos using simple 2D animations.

  • How many subscribers does the channel have according to the transcript?

    -The channel has almost 2.8 million subscribers.

  • What is the name of the Chrome extension mentioned for creating children's scripts?

    -The Chrome extension mentioned is called ''.

  • What is the process for creating a children's script using chat GPT?

    -The process involves using the script function in chat GPT to generate a script for a children's show about animals, which is then copied into a Word document.

  • What is the name of the website used for voiceovers in the video?

    -The website used for voiceovers is called ''.

  • How many animals are required to be in the children's script according to the transcript?

    -There must be at least three animals in the children's script.

  • What is the Adobe Express feature used to animate characters from audio?

    -The feature is called 'animate from audio' and is used to create animations based on the audio input.

  • What is the name of the software used to edit and compile the final animation video?

    -The software used to edit and compile the final animation video is called 'Filmora'.

  • What is the estimated monthly cost for using 11 Labs for voiceovers?

    -The cost is $1 per month for over 30,000 characters, with 10,000 characters available for free per month.

  • How much does a perpetual license for Filmora cost?

    -A perpetual license for Filmora costs about eighty dollars as a one-time payment.

  • What is the purpose of using the chroma key function in Filmora?

    -The chroma key function is used to remove the green screen background from the character, allowing it to be placed over other video clips.

  • What is the name of the platform where the final video can be uploaded?

    -The final video can be uploaded directly to YouTube.



📈 YouTube Channel Success with Minimalistic Children's Videos

The video script details the success of a YouTube channel that has amassed significant earnings through the creation of simple 2D animations aimed at children. These videos are minimalistic yet have garnered over 50 million views for some of their most popular content. The channel boasts nearly 2.8 million subscribers and an estimated monthly income ranging from $6,000 to $97,000. The speaker promises to guide viewers on how to create similar content quickly using an iPhone and various online tools.


🎓 Creating a Children's Show Script with AI and Voiceovers

The script outlines a step-by-step process to create a children's show script using AI technology. It begins with obtaining a script from chat GPT through a Chrome extension called The script for a show about animals is requested, specifying at least three animals to be included. The script is then refined and transferred to a Word document for ease of use. For voiceovers, the platform is introduced, where one can select a child-friendly voice. The process continues with adjusting settings and synthesizing speech for each part of the script, which is then downloaded and renamed accordingly.


🎨 Animating Characters and Crafting Backgrounds for the Video

The video script explains how to animate characters and create backgrounds for a children's educational video. Adobe Express is used to find characters and animate them based on audio cues. The process involves changing the background to a green screen and selecting characters that fit the theme. After choosing a character, the first scene is animated and reviewed. The same process is repeated for each scene, ensuring they align with the audio. Canva is then introduced for designing a clean and simple background and to add animated elements like birds and an elephant to match the audio's narrative about different animals from around the world.

🚀 Finalizing the Video with Editing and Uploading to YouTube

The final steps in producing the children's video involve editing the content to match the audio's length and applying visual effects. Filmora, a video editing software, is used to import clips, apply the chroma key function to remove the green screen, and adjust character sizes and positions. The video's scenes are edited to fit seamlessly, and additional features like stickers and music are added to enhance viewer engagement. Once satisfied with the editing, the video is exported and can be uploaded directly to YouTube or saved to a computer. The script concludes with a recap of the services used, their pricing, and an encouragement for viewers to like and subscribe for more content.



💡AI Animation Video

AI Animation Video refers to animated content that is created using artificial intelligence tools to assist in the design and production process. In the context of the video, AI is utilized to generate scripts and automate certain aspects of animation creation, making the process faster and more efficient. This is exemplified by the use of '', a Chrome extension for chat GPT, which helps in creating children's scripts quickly.

💡Minimalistic Children's Learning Videos

Minimalistic Children's Learning Videos are educational content designed for children, characterized by simple 2D animations and straightforward concepts. The video script mentions that these videos are not only simple but also very engaging, with some amassing over 50 million views, indicating their popularity and effectiveness in educating young audiences.


Subscribers are individuals who have signed up to receive updates and new content from a particular YouTube channel. In the script, it is highlighted that the channel has 'almost 2.8 million subscribers', which speaks to the channel's reach and the size of its audience.

💡Monthly Earnings

Monthly Earnings refer to the income generated by a YouTube channel on a monthly basis. The script provides an estimated monthly earning range for the channel, 'between 6 and 97,000', which underscores the potential profitability of creating and managing a successful YouTube channel.


The iPhone is a series of smartphones designed and marketed by Apple Inc. In the script, it is mentioned as a tool that can be used to create animations, indicating that high-quality content can be produced using widely accessible and popular devices, not just specialized equipment.


Voiceovers are the audio parts of a video or film that are recorded by a voice actor or narrator, separate from the main action. The script discusses using '' for voiceovers, emphasizing the importance of selecting a fitting voice that aligns with the childish theme of the children's show.

💡Adobe Express

Adobe Express is a suite of online design tools provided by Adobe Inc., which includes features for creating animations, social media graphics, and video content. The script mentions using Adobe Express to create characters and animations, highlighting its role in the animation production process.


Canva is an online design platform used for creating visual content such as graphics, presentations, and videos. In the script, Canva is used to create animated backgrounds and to design elements for the video, showcasing its versatility and ease of use for video production.


Filmora is a video editing software developed by Wondershare. It is used for editing and enhancing video content. The script describes using Filmora to import clips, apply green screen effects, and add transitions and effects, which are crucial steps in assembling the final animation video.

💡Educational Adventure

Educational Adventure refers to a learning experience that is both fun and informative, often involving exploration or discovery. The script uses this term to describe the theme of the video, where children are introduced to 'three amazing animals from around the world', making learning an exciting journey.


A YouTube channel earns substantial money by creating minimalistic children's learning videos.

Simple 2D animations have garnered over 50 million views on some viral videos.

The channel has 2.8 million subscribers and an estimated monthly earning of $6,000 to $97,000.

A guide on creating similar videos in under 20 minutes using an iPhone is provided. is a Chrome extension for Chat GPT used to generate children's scripts.

Chat GPT can create scripts with at least three animals to explore.

Scripts are transferred to a Word document for ease of use. is used for voiceovers, offering a variety of child-friendly voices.

Voice Lab's voice library provides numerous options to fit a childish theme.

Adobe Express offers quick actions like animate from audio for character creation.

Different characters can be customized in Adobe Express for the animation. is used for creating backgrounds and adding animated elements.

Canva Pro provides access to a wider range of images for backgrounds. is used for editing and adding effects to the animation.

Filmora's snapshot function helps in aligning scenes with the timeline.

The final animation includes educational content about animals from different parts of the world.

A breakdown of the costs for the tools used in the animation creation process is provided.

The video concludes with a call to action for likes, shares, and subscriptions.