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8 Oct 202221:56

TLDRPromptBase is a unique marketplace designed for buying and selling prompts that generate AI imagery. The website offers a platform for prompt engineers to monetize their skills by selling high-quality prompts that produce the best AI-generated images, potentially saving users money on API costs. Users can search for prompts through various filters like Dali, Mid-Journey, GPT3, and categories ranging from 3D to animals and futuristic concepts. The process for selling a prompt is straightforward, with sellers retaining 80% of each sale. The platform also provides a generation tab for users to create their own AI images. The host shares their experience selling prompts on PromptBase, highlighting the potential for making a living from prompt engineering and the joy of creating prompts that resonate with their interests and ethics.


  • 🌐 The website PromptBase allows users to sell and find prompts for AI-generated imagery.
  • 💰 Prompt sellers on PromptBase keep 80% of every sale, with the platform taking a 20% fee.
  • 🔍 Users can search for prompts using filters like Dali, Mid-Journey, GPT3, and categories ranging from 3D to animals and buildings.
  • 📈 The platform is designed to help prompt engineers monetize their skills and save money on API costs.
  • 🎨 Example prompts include futuristic succulents, modern architectural villas, and abstract fractal fluid designs.
  • 📸 PromptBase provides a marketplace, a search engine, and a tool for generating images directly on the site.
  • 📝 To sell a prompt, users need to provide details like the prompt type, a name, a description, an estimated price, and example images.
  • 📈 The platform has gained popularity, with an increasing number of prompts and variations being added regularly.
  • 🌟 PromptBase has been featured in professional articles, such as one by The Verge about AI-generated prompts.
  • ✅ Prompt sellers retain all rights to their prompts and can remove them from the platform at any time.
  • 📈 There are plans for additional features, such as the ability for sellers to upload their own thumbnails and a rating system for prompts.

Q & A

  • What is the purpose of the website PromptBase?

    -PromptBase is a marketplace for buying and selling quality prompts that produce the best results with AI-generated imagery, such as those from Dali, mid-journey, and GPT3. It aims to help prompt engineers make a living from their skills and save users money on API costs.

  • How does the speaker describe the process of finding a prompt on PromptBase?

    -Upon arrival at PromptBase, users can click on 'Find a Prompt' and use various filters such as AI model type and categories to search for prompts. They can browse through thumbnails with example images generated by the prompts and select the ones they are interested in.

  • What are the steps to sell a prompt on PromptBase?

    -To sell a prompt, one must create an account, click on 'Sell a Prompt', provide prompt details including type and description, set an estimated price, paste the prompt, provide extra tips or examples, upload example images generated by the prompt, and submit the prompt for approval.

  • What percentage of the sale does the prompt seller retain on PromptBase?

    -The prompt seller retains 80 percent of every sale, while PromptBase takes a 20 percent fee.

  • How does PromptBase handle the approval process for prompts?

    -Prompts are approved within one to three working days. The approval process ensures that the prompts meet the quality standards set by the platform.

  • What are the benefits of using PromptBase for a logo designer?

    -A logo designer can quickly generate ideas for logos using the prompts available on PromptBase. The platform offers a variety of options produced in different programs, which can be further refined through filters.

  • How does the speaker describe the potential for making a living from selling prompts on PromptBase?

    -The speaker suggests that while it's possible to make some money from selling prompts, it requires time and effort to refine prompts and understand the market. The income is not substantial enough to rely on solely, but it can serve as a way to recoup some of the time invested in prompt engineering.

  • What are some of the features that PromptBase may introduce for prompt sellers?

    -Potential features for prompt sellers on PromptBase include the ability to upload their own thumbnails, a rating system for prompts, and a profile section where more information about the prompt engineer can be displayed.

  • How does the speaker use the PromptBase generator?

    -The speaker uses the PromptBase generator by pasting in a prompt and clicking 'Create'. The generator produces images based on the prompt, which can be downloaded if desired.

  • What is the speaker's opinion on the ethical considerations of selling AI-generated prompts?

    -The speaker is proud that the prompts they produce and sell align with their personal ethics. They believe that PromptBase is a legitimate platform for selling prompts and that the right to remove a prompt from the platform is retained by the seller.

  • How does the speaker view the evolution and growth of PromptBase?

    -The speaker has observed the platform becoming more populated with a variety of images and prompts over time. They are excited to see the continued growth and the potential for more variety, which benefits designers by providing better starting points for their work.

  • What are the speaker's thoughts on the controversy surrounding AI-generated art?

    -The speaker acknowledges the controversy but draws parallels with the initial reactions to digital photography and film. They suggest that as with those technologies, AI-generated art may become more accepted over time.



🎨 Introduction to Prompt Base for AI Imagery

The video introduces Prompt Base, a marketplace for buying and selling prompts that generate AI imagery. It discusses the website's interface, the ability to sell and find prompts, and the various AI models supported. The speaker shares their experience using the site to both sell and find prompts, emphasizing the potential to make a living from prompt engineering.


🖼️ Selling Prompts on Prompt Base

The speaker details the process of selling prompts on Prompt Base. This includes creating an account, uploading prompt details, setting a price, and providing example images generated by the prompt. They also mention the need to link a payment method via Stripe and discuss the revenue split, where sellers keep 80% of sales.


🌐 Exploring the Range of Prompts Available

The video script describes the variety of prompts available on Prompt Base, from futuristic succulents to modern architectural designs. The speaker expresses pride in their prompts aligning with their personal ethics and interests. They also discuss the support section, covering topics like the approval process, payment details, and the rights retained by prompt sellers.


📈 Prompt Base as a Marketplace and Generator

The speaker discusses the multifaceted nature of Prompt Base, which serves as a marketplace, a search engine for prompts, and a software for generating AI images. They highlight the user experience, from generating prompts to the potential for sellers to upload their own thumbnails and the introduction of a rating system for prompts.


📈 The Growth and Future of Prompt Base

The video concludes with the speaker's observations on the growth of Prompt Base and their excitement for its future. They note the increasing variety of prompts and the potential for designers to find specific starting points for their creative work. The speaker also invites viewers to explore the site and share their thoughts.




PromptBase is a marketplace specifically designed for buying and selling prompts that are used to generate AI imagery. It serves as a platform where individuals can monetize their skills in prompt engineering by creating and selling high-quality prompts that produce the best results for AI models like Dali, mid-journey, and GPT3. In the video, the creator discusses their experience with PromptBase, highlighting its utility for both sellers looking to make a living from their prompt engineering skills and buyers seeking to find or generate AI imagery.

💡Prompt Engineering

Prompt engineering refers to the skill of creating detailed and effective prompts that guide AI models to produce specific types of imagery or text. It is a crucial aspect of working with AI generative models as it determines the quality and relevance of the output. The video emphasizes the importance of prompt engineering in the context of generating AI imagery and how PromptBase provides a platform for those skilled in this area to sell their prompts.

💡AI Generated Imagery

AI generated imagery is the visual output created by AI models when given a set of instructions or prompts. These images can range from abstract art to highly detailed scenes and are becoming increasingly popular for various applications, including design, advertising, and entertainment. The video script discusses the use of PromptBase to find and sell prompts that generate high-quality AI imagery.

💡API Costs

API costs refer to the expenses incurred when using an application programming interface (API) to access a particular service or data. In the context of AI imagery generation, these costs can accumulate as the process often requires multiple API calls to generate images. PromptBase is mentioned as a way to save money on API costs by providing quality prompts that yield better results, thus reducing the need for multiple iterations.

💡Dali, Mid-Journey, and GPT3

These are names of AI models capable of generating images or text based on prompts. Dali, Mid-Journey, and GPT3 are used in the video to illustrate the types of AI models for which prompts are being sold on PromptBase. The video discusses how these models can be programmed using prompts to produce specific imagery, and how sellers can provide prompts tailored to these models.


Thumbnails in the context of the video are small preview images that represent the AI-generated imagery that a particular prompt would produce. These are used on PromptBase to give potential buyers a visual idea of what kind of images they can expect from purchasing a specific prompt. The video mentions that each prompt listing on PromptBase includes thumbnails to showcase example images.

💡Selling Prompts

Selling prompts on PromptBase involves creating an account, providing details about the prompt such as its name, description, and estimated price, and uploading example images generated by the prompt. The video script outlines the process of selling prompts, including the steps a seller must take to list their prompts on the marketplace and the revenue-sharing model where sellers keep 80% of each sale.

💡Search Filters

Search filters are tools on PromptBase that allow users to narrow down their search for prompts based on specific criteria such as the AI model they are using (e.g., Dali, Mid-Journey, GPT3) or the category of imagery they are interested in (e.g., 3D, animals, buildings). The video script highlights how these filters help users find the exact type of prompts they are looking for.


Stripe is a payment processing platform that PromptBase uses to handle transactions and pay sellers for their sales. It is mentioned in the video as the method through which sellers receive their earnings from prompt sales. Stripe provides a dashboard for sellers to track their sales and revenue, making it a convenient tool for managing financial transactions on the platform.

💡Copyrights and Infringement

Copyrights and infringement relate to the legal rights and protections of creative works. In the context of the video, it is mentioned that sellers retain all rights to their prompts, which they can remove from PromptBase at any point. This indicates that the platform respects the intellectual property of its users and operates within legal guidelines regarding copyright.

💡Profile Page

A profile page on PromptBase is an individual page for each seller where they can manage their prompts, track sales, and provide information about themselves. The video script suggests that the platform may introduce features like customizable thumbnails and a rating system, which would further enhance the profile pages and help buyers make informed decisions about which prompts to purchase.


PromptBase is a marketplace for buying and selling prompts for AI-generated imagery.

The platform allows users to sell prompts for AI models like Dali, mid-journey, and gpt3.

Prompt engineering is a skill that can be monetized on PromptBase.

Users can browse through featured and newly approved prompts on the homepage.

PromptBase offers a search function with filters for different AI programs and categories.

Sellers can create an account and upload prompts with example images and descriptions.

Prompt sellers receive 80% of the sale, with PromptBase taking a 20% fee.

Prompts are reviewed and approved within one to three working days.

Sellers can use Stripe for payouts, linking their bank account for direct deposits.

Users retain all rights to their prompts and can remove them from PromptBase at any time.

PromptBase may introduce a rating system and profile pages for prompt engineers.

The platform provides a generate tab for users to create AI-generated images using the site's software.

PromptBase utilizes a credit system for image generation, with credits replenishing daily.

The website is designed to be a marketplace, search engine, and software for AI-generated content.

PromptBase is a place for designers to find unique and specific prompts for their creative work.

The platform has seen growth in the variety and quality of prompts available.

PromptBase is a place for early adopters of AI-generated art to start and be involved.