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5 Apr 202414:18

TLDRThis week's AI news highlights include updates to Chat GPT, such as image inpainting and accessibility without logging in. Stability AI's new release, Stable Audio 2, generates music without lyrics, and is commercially usable. The open-source community welcomes a new model, dbrx, which excels in efficiency and performance. Additionally, a discussion on the unreliability of AI detectors and a fun app for naming images with GPT Vision is presented. The news also covers the latest AI avatar advancements by Hen and an innovative benchmarking method using Street Fighter gameplay.


  • 📈 Chat GPT has introduced an image inpainting feature, allowing users to edit specific parts of an image, such as changing the eye color of a subject.
  • 🎨 The image generation capabilities of Chat GPT have been expanded, with users now able to modify images without the need for external editing tools.
  • 🌐 Chat GPT is now accessible without logging in, making it more convenient for users, especially those in regions where it was previously restricted.
  • 🎵 Stability AI's Stable Audio 2 generates music without lyrics and is commercially usable, offering a significant upgrade for background music creation.
  • 🔊 Stable Audio 2 can convert audio to audio, allowing users to create music tracks from recordings, such as beatboxing.
  • 💡 AI tools are extensions of one's skills, emphasizing the importance of having a baseline of skills to fully utilize these technological enhancements.
  • 📚 offers interactive learning in various fields including math, data science, programming, and AI, providing a hands-on approach to understanding concepts.
  • 🔍 Open-source AI models are discussed, with DBRx from Data Breaks being highlighted as a high-performing, efficient model despite not being fully open-source.
  • 🦈 The Mistral 2.8 Dolphin model is an uncensored AI model that can answer any question, representing a significant advancement in AI development.
  • 🔧 AI detectors are not reliable, as demonstrated by a study showing that they can be easily fooled and often misidentify non-AI written content as AI-generated.
  • 🖼️ A Windows app using GPT Vision to name images based on their content has been developed, offering a practical solution for organizing digital photo libraries.

Q & A

  • What new feature has been introduced in the image generation capabilities of Chat GPT?

    -Chat GPT has introduced an inpainting feature that allows users to edit specific parts of an image, such as changing the eye color of the subject in the image.

  • How does the inpainting feature in Chat GPT work?

    -The inpainting feature works by selecting a part of the image and adjusting the brush size to edit specific areas. Users can then make changes, like changing eye color to blue, and the image will regenerate with the specified edits applied to the selected area.

  • What is the significance of the text editing feature in Chat GPT?

    -The text editing feature in Chat GPT allows users to modify the text within an image. However, the speaker found it not very effective during testing, suggesting that external image editing tools might still be necessary for certain tasks.

  • What is the new accessibility update for Chat GPT?

    -Chat GPT is now accessible without logging in, making it easier for users, especially those in regions where certain features might not have rolled out yet, to start using GPT 3.5 for free.

  • What is Stable Audio 2 and how does it generate music?

    -Stable Audio 2 is a tool developed by Stability AI that generates music without lyrics. It can create background music and other audio tracks up to three minutes in length. It can also convert audio to audio, meaning it can take a recording and reproduce it into a music track.

  • What are the key features of Stable Audio 2?

    -Stable Audio 2 is commercially usable, it can generate music tracks based on a licensed dataset, and it offers both text-to-audio and audio-to-audio conversion capabilities.

  • How does the new open-source model DBrx from Data Breaks compare to other models?

    -DBrx is a new best-in-class open-source model that performs better than both LLaMA Mixol and Grock one on the MMLU Benchmark. It is also more efficient to train and has faster inference speeds compared to other models.

  • What is the significance of the new paper on AI detectors?

    -The new paper on AI detectors reveals that these tools are not reliable in detecting AI-generated text. The accuracy varies widely depending on the model used and the techniques applied, suggesting that AI detectors should not be solely relied upon to identify AI-written content.

  • What is the new feature released by Hen that makes virtual avatars more realistic?

    -Hen has released a new feature where the virtual avatar is in motion, meaning the avatar can walk and present the words given to it. This makes the avatars appear more lifelike and engaging, especially for social media content.

  • What is the concept behind the llm Coliseum GitHub repo and how does it benchmark AI models?

    -The llm Coliseum GitHub repo introduces a new way of benchmarking AI models by having them play Street Fighter turn by turn. The model that wins the game is considered the better language model, offering a unique and interactive approach to measuring model performance.

  • How can users improve their understanding of large language models?

    -Users can improve their understanding of large language models by going through the Chat GPT for beginners playlist on the speaker's channel, which is a collection of tutorials organized chronologically to help users get more out of these models.



🚀 AI News & Updates: Chat GPT's New Features

This paragraph discusses the latest updates to Chat GPT, highlighting the new inpainting feature that allows users to edit images by changing specific elements such as the eye color of a depicted subject. It also mentions the accessibility of Chat GPT without logging in, especially for users in regions where this feature has not yet been rolled out. The speaker expresses excitement about these updates and their impact on the user experience.


🎵 Introducing Stable Audio 2: The Free Music Generator

The speaker introduces Stable Audio 2, a tool for generating music without lyrics. It is now freely accessible, a change from the previous model's paid access. The tool is praised for its ability to create background music and its commercial usability, as it is built upon a licensed dataset. The speaker also demonstrates the audio-to-audio feature by transforming a beatboxing recording into a musical track, showcasing the tool's versatility and ease of use.


📚 Acquiring Base Skills with Brilliant: Interactive Learning

The speaker emphasizes the importance of having a baseline of skills to effectively use AI tools, and introduces Brilliant, an educational platform that teaches through interactive examples and exercises. Brilliant offers a wide range of lessons in math, data science, programming, and AI. The speaker recommends a course on how large language models like Chat GPT work and how to fine-tune them. The paragraph concludes with a sponsorship mention, inviting viewers to try Brilliant for free for 30 days and a discount on the annual premium subscription.

🌐 Exploring the Open Source AI Space

The speaker addresses the open source AI space, acknowledging the importance of open source models for app builders and privacy enthusiasts. The paragraph introduces a new model, dbrx from Data Breaks, which is not fully open source due to certain usage restrictions. The model is praised for its performance on the MMLU benchmark, its efficiency in training, and its inference speed. The speaker also mentions the release of a new uncensored model, Mistal 2.8 Dolphin, and discusses the limitations of AI detection tools based on a recent study.

🖼️ Organizing Images with GPT Vision

The speaker introduces an application for Windows that uses GPT Vision to name and organize images on a computer. While it requires an API key for each image named, the speaker finds the tool interesting and potentially useful for users with many unnamed images. The speaker also notes that a similar, more expensive application exists for Mac users.

👾 Evaluating AI with llm Coliseum: A Unique Benchmark

The speaker discusses a novel approach to benchmarking AI models using the game Street Fighter. The llm Coliseum GitHub repo allows large language models to play the game turn by turn, with the winning model deemed the better one. While the method is unconventional, it represents a shift towards more practical and real-world oriented benchmarks for AI models. The speaker expresses a desire for better and standardized benchmarks that truly reflect the utility of AI in everyday life.




Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think and learn like humans. In the context of the video, AI is the central theme, with discussions about various AI tools, updates, and applications such as image generation, text editing, and music composition.

💡Chat GPT

Chat GPT is an AI language model developed by OpenAI, known for its conversational abilities and wide range of applications, from answering questions to creating content. The video highlights new features of Chat GPT, such as image inpainting and text editing capabilities, which enhance its utility as an AI tool.

💡Image inpainting

Image inpainting is a computer graphics technique that involves adding, modifying, or removing parts of an image in a way that looks natural and seamless. In the video, this concept is applied to Chat GPT's new feature, which enables users to edit images by changing specific elements like colors or adding new objects.

💡Stable Diffusion

Stable Diffusion is an AI model used for generating images and art from textual descriptions. It represents a significant advancement in the field of AI and machine learning. In the video, the presenter discusses the release of a new version of Stable Diffusion that is accessible for free, which is a notable development for the AI community.

💡Open source

Open source refers to something that can be modified and shared because its design is publicly accessible. In the context of the video, open source AI models are discussed as tools that can be freely used and modified by the community, which is contrasted with closed-source models that are proprietary and may have usage restrictions.

💡AI detection

AI detection refers to the methods or tools used to identify whether content, such as text, has been generated by an AI system. The video discusses a study that evaluated the effectiveness of various AI detectors, revealing that they are not always reliable and can be fooled by certain techniques.

💡AI avatars

AI avatars are virtual representations or characters that are powered by AI to mimic human movements, expressions, and speech. They are used in various applications, from virtual assistants to digital actors in videos or games. The video highlights a new feature from Hen, an AI avatar company, where the avatar is shown to be in motion, speaking and walking, which is an impressive advancement in AI technology.


Benchmarking is the process of evaluating the performance of a system or model by comparing it to a standard or other models. In the context of AI, it involves testing how well an AI model performs on specific tasks or challenges. The video discusses the challenges of benchmarking AI models and introduces a new, unconventional method of benchmarking by having AI models play a game of Street Fighter.

💡AI news

AI news refers to the latest updates, developments, and trends in the field of artificial intelligence. The video presents itself as a source of AI news that viewers can use, covering new features, updates, and applications of AI that are relevant and practical for the audience.

💡Skill enhancement

Skill enhancement involves improving or developing one's abilities through learning and practice. In the context of the video, it refers to the idea that AI tools can augment and improve a person's existing skills, but it emphasizes that a baseline of skills is necessary for these AI tools to be effective.


New inpainting feature in Chat GPT allows users to edit images, such as changing the eye color of an alpaka, without regenerating the entire image.

Chat GPT's image generation capabilities have been expanded with the addition of inpainting, which can be used to modify specific parts of an image.

The new inpainting feature in Chat GPT lets users adjust brush size and make precise edits to images, such as adding a sun to a picture.

Chat GPT's text editing capabilities were tested and found to be inadequate, suggesting the continued need for external image editing tools.

Chat GPT is now accessible without logging in, marking a change in accessibility for users, particularly in regions like Europe.

Stability AI's Stable Audio 2 offers the ability to generate music without lyrics, providing a valuable tool for creating background music for various purposes.

Stable Audio 2 can transform user-recorded sounds, such as beatboxing, into a musical track, showcasing its versatility and ease of use.

The new DBrx model from Data Breaks is a high-performing, efficient open-source model that excels in programming and math tasks.

The DBrx model is notable for its fast inference speed and low computational cost for training, making it an attractive option for those interested in open-source AI models.

The Mistral 2.8 Dolphin model is a fully uncensored AI model that can answer any question without restriction, appealing to those seeking unrestricted AI interaction.

A new paper studying AI detectors reveals that they are not reliable, with accuracy rates all over the place, and that certain techniques can easily fool these detectors.

The unreliability of AI detectors highlights the need for alternative methods to identify AI-generated text, as adding simple errors can often evade detection.

An app using GPT Vision can rename image files on a computer based on the content of the images, providing a practical solution for organizing digital photo libraries.

Haen's new feature introduces moving virtual avatars that can walk and talk, presenting a significant advancement in AI avatar technology.

The llm Coliseum GitHub repo proposes a novel benchmarking method by having large language models play Street Fighter, offering a unique perspective on AI capabilities.

The transcript discusses the importance of acquiring baseline skills to effectively use AI tools as extensions of one's abilities, emphasizing the value of hands-on learning approaches. is highlighted as a resource for learning math, data science, programming, and AI through interactive lessons, providing a practical approach to understanding concepts.

The transcript emphasizes the value of open-source AI models and their accessibility, while also acknowledging the performance and efficiency of closed-source models.