Mid Journey Tutorial

Joshua Lye
18 Jul 202211:10

TLDRThis tutorial introduces users to Mid Journey, a popular text-to-image model. It guides viewers on how to access Mid Journey through Discord, join the beta program, and start generating images. The platform offers 25 free images, with subscription options for more. The tutorial covers navigating the Discord channels, creating prompts, generating images, and managing subscriptions. It also highlights the importance of detailed prompts for generating high-quality images and provides resources for optimizing the image creation process.


  • 🌐 Mid Journey is a popular text-to-image model, comparable to OpenAI's DALL-E model.
  • 📚 To use Mid Journey, you need to sign up on Discord and visit the Mid Journey website.
  • 🔗 Join the Mid Journey beta program through a link provided on their website.
  • 💡 Mid Journey is accessed and managed through Discord channels.
  • 🎁 New users receive 25 free images to start with.
  • 💰 There are two subscription options: $10/month for 200 images or $30/month for unlimited personal use.
  • 📝 The platform includes detailed documentation and FAQs to guide users on creating images.
  • 📈 Users can generate images by typing a prompt in the 'newbies' channel and using the '/imagine' command.
  • 📊 To keep track of your images, use the '/info' command to check remaining free images.
  • 🔄 The '/upscale' (u) and '/variations' (v) commands allow enhancing and modifying generated images.
  • 🛒 Subscriptions can be managed through the Mid Journey website, which also shows all generated images and associated prompts.

Q & A

  • What is the Mid Journey platform?

    -Mid Journey is a popular text to image model that allows users to generate images based on text prompts. It is one of the most developed models alongside OpenAI's DALL-E model.

  • How can I access Mid Journey?

    -To access Mid Journey, you need to sign up on Discord and then navigate to the Mid Journey website where you can join the beta program.

  • What does the Mid Journey interface look like?

    -The Mid Journey interface is accessible through Discord, where you will find channels for announcements, server issues, rules, questions, and documentation.

  • How many free images do you get when you start with Mid Journey?

    -You start with 25 free images, after which you will need to subscribe to one of their membership plans.

  • What are the two types of memberships offered by Mid Journey?

    -There is a $10 USD per month membership that gives you 200 images, and a standard membership that offers unlimited personal use for $30 USD per month.

  • How can I subscribe to a Mid Journey membership?

    -You can subscribe by using the 'slash' command in Discord to access the subscription page and choose your desired plan.

  • What is the purpose of the 'newbies rooms' in Mid Journey?

    -The 'newbies rooms' are channels where new users can start creating images by typing in message prompts and interacting with the Mid Journey bot.

  • How do I generate an image using Mid Journey?

    -To generate an image, type 'imagine' followed by your text prompt in the Discord channel, and the Mid Journey bot will start creating the image.

  • What do the 'U' and 'V' buttons in Mid Journey do?

    -The 'U' button is used to upscale an image, while the 'V' button is used to create variations of an image.

  • How can I keep track of the images I've generated with Mid Journey?

    -You can sign in to the Mid Journey web app with your Discord account to view and manage all your generated images and their associated prompts.

  • What are the different GPU usage modes available with Mid Journey subscriptions?

    -There are two modes: 'Fast' which provides instant GPU access, and 'Relax' which puts you in a queue behind other users. The standard plan offers 15 GPU hours with 'Fast' and 200 GPU minutes per month on the basic plan.



🖌️ Introduction to Mid Journey Text-to-Image Model

This paragraph introduces the tutorial's focus on accessing and utilizing the Mid Journey text-to-image model, which is one of the most popular and developed models alongside OpenAI's DALL-E. The speaker provides a brief background, mentioning that Mid Journey operates through Discord and offers a free trial of 25 images. The user is guided to sign up for Discord and navigate to the Mid Journey website to join the beta program. The platform's interface and the initial steps to start image generation are also outlined, including the subscription options available for continued use.


🔍 Navigating Mid Journey's Discord Interface and Image Generation

The second paragraph delves into the process of navigating Mid Journey's Discord platform. It explains how to join the beta program, access the documentation for creating images, and participate in the community channels. The tutorial demonstrates how to generate an image by using the '/imagine' command, starting a new thread for personalized image creation, and using the 'u' and 'v' buttons to upscale or vary images. It also covers how to check the remaining free images, save the generated images, and subscribe to a membership plan for more images and GPU usage options.


📚 Exploring Advanced Prompts and Subscription Management

The final paragraph discusses the importance of detailed prompts in determining the quality and style of the generated images. It highlights the variety of parameters available for customization, such as image dimensions and rendering styles, and encourages users to explore the documentation for optimal results. The paragraph also touches on managing subscriptions through the Mid Journey website, including the ability to toggle between 'fast' and 'relaxed' GPU usage modes. The tutorial concludes with a mention of additional resources and a thank you note to the viewers.



💡Mid Journey

Mid Journey is a text-to-image model that has gained significant popularity for its ability to generate images based on textual prompts. It is considered one of the most developed models in this field, alongside OpenAI's DALL-E model. In the context of the video, Mid Journey is the primary subject, with the tutorial focusing on how to access and use it to create images. The script mentions that it is accessible through Discord and offers a beta program for users to join.


Discord is a communication platform that the script mentions as the medium through which Mid Journey operates. Users are instructed to sign up for Discord to access Mid Journey, navigate to its website, and join the beta program. It serves as the interface for interacting with the Mid Journey platform, where users can create and manage their image generation tasks.

💡Text-to-Image Prompts

Text-to-image prompts are textual descriptions provided by users to the Mid Journey model to generate corresponding images. These prompts are a key aspect of the video's tutorial, as they guide the user on how to create prompts that will lead to the desired image outcomes. The script provides examples of prompts such as 'wooden facade in high-density cities with CLT timber angular elements'.

💡Image Generation

Image generation refers to the process of creating visual content from textual descriptions using the Mid Journey model. It is the core functionality that the video aims to teach viewers how to utilize. The script explains that users can generate images by providing prompts and using commands within the Discord platform.

💡Beta Program

The beta program mentioned in the script is an early access phase for the Mid Journey platform where users can try out the service before it is officially released. It is through this program that users can start creating images with Mid Journey, and the script guides viewers on how to join this program.


Membership in the context of the video refers to the subscription plans offered by Mid Journey for continued use of the image generation service. There are two types of memberships: one for $10 a month that provides 200 images, and another for $30 a month that offers unlimited personal use. The script explains how users can subscribe to these plans.


Upscaling an image, as mentioned in the script, is the process of enhancing the resolution or quality of an image generated by Mid Journey. The 'u' command is used to upscale an image, allowing users to improve the detail and clarity of their creations.


Variations in the context of the video refer to the creation of multiple altered versions of an image based on the original prompt. The 'v' command is used to generate variations, providing users with different interpretations or styles of the initial image concept.


Threads in the script refer to individual discussion threads within the Discord platform where users can isolate their image generation tasks. This feature allows users to focus on their own work without being distracted by others' activities.


The documentation mentioned in the script is a set of instructions and guidelines provided by Mid Journey to help users understand how to create images and troubleshoot common issues. It includes frequently asked questions and parameters for image generation, serving as a valuable resource for users new to the platform.

💡Subscription Plan

A subscription plan, as discussed in the video, is a payment model that allows users to access the Mid Journey service on an ongoing basis. The script outlines the different subscription options available, including the number of GPU hours or minutes that come with each plan.


Introduction to Mid Journey, a popular text to image model.

Accessing Mid Journey through Discord.

Signing up for Discord and navigating to the Mid Journey website.

Joining the Mid Journey beta program.

Starting with 25 free images and subscription options.

Different membership tiers: 10 USD for 200 images and 30 USD for unlimited personal use.

Exploring the Mid Journey platform through Discord channels.

Announcements and development updates on Mid Journey.

Accessing the Mid Journey documentation for creating images.

Navigating to the newbies room for image creation.

Using the '/imagine' command to generate images.

Creating a new thread for personalized image generation.

Checking remaining free images with the '/info' command.

Upscaling and creating variations of images with 'u' and 'v' commands.

Saving generated images for personal use.

Subscribing to a Mid Journey membership plan.

Managing subscriptions and GPU usage options on the Mid Journey website.

Understanding the impact of detailed prompts on image generation.

Further resources for optimizing image generation on Mid Journey.