Midjourney + ChatGPT-4 = INSANE Prompts and Images!

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16 Mar 202315:24

TLDRExplore the revolutionary integration of GPT-4 with Midjourney V5 in this video, showcasing how to generate innovative photography prompts for AI-driven image creation. The presenter demonstrates the priming of GPT-4 with Midjourney settings, followed by the generation of diverse and vivid prompts ranging from historical figures to modern cuisine. The results reveal impressively detailed images, highlighting the potential of AI in transforming photographic creativity and design.


  • 🚀 Two significant releases this week: GPT-4 and Midjourney V5, which may revolutionize the future of photography.
  • 📸 The video demonstrates how to prime GPT-4 to create prompts for Midjourney V5, focusing on photography.
  • 💡 The process of priming GPT-4 involves providing it with information about Midjourney's workings and examples of prompts.
  • 🎭 GPT-4 is instructed to act as a professional photographer, using rich and descriptive language for photo prompts.
  • 🖼️ The first prompt created by GPT-4 is for a 1930s female influencer, showcasing the AI's ability to generate detailed and realistic images.
  • 📝 GPT-4 successfully generates prompts with camera settings and other photography-related details, based on the examples provided.
  • 👽 The video includes a variety of prompts, such as a screaming female Viking, a perfect pasta dish, and an Iron Man-inspired sports car.
  • 🌟 The generated images are highly realistic, with some minor imperfections like extra fingers or off details in certain images.
  • 🔍 The video creator suggests that AI-generated images could potentially replace traditional food photography due to cost savings.
  • 🌌 Midjourney V5's capabilities are praised for their high quality and realism, with the Viking girl image being a standout favorite.
  • 📚 For those interested, the full priming prompt used for GPT-4 is available in a PDF through the video creator's newsletter.
  • ✅ The overall impression of Midjourney V5 is very positive, with the potential for AI to greatly assist in creative fields like photography and design.

Q & A

  • What is the purpose of 'priming' GPT-4 in the context of using Mid Journey V5 for image generation?

    -Priming GPT-4 involves providing it with detailed information about how Mid Journey V5 operates, including parameters and example prompts, to enhance its ability to generate specific, high-quality image prompts that cater to photographic themes or other requirements.

  • How does the presenter ensure that GPT-4 properly understands the Mid Journey tool?

    -The presenter feeds GPT-4 comprehensive data about Mid Journey, including its latest model features and operational parameters, then checks comprehension by asking direct questions like 'Do you understand how Mid-journey works?' ensuring it can process this information accurately.

  • What kind of photographic focus is emphasized in the video for the image generation?

    -The video emphasizes photography related to historical and thematic subjects, such as a 1930s female influencer or a Viking, demonstrating how Mid Journey can generate realistic and stylistically appropriate images based on textual prompts.

  • What specific steps does the presenter take to create prompts in Mid Journey V5?

    -The presenter starts by priming GPT-4 with information about Mid Journey V5, then uses pre-selected prompts to ensure GPT-4's readiness, and finally instructs it to generate new prompts using a format that includes camera settings and descriptive language to convey the desired photographic style.

  • What are some examples of the custom parameters used in the image prompts for Mid Journey?

    -In the video, the image prompts include custom parameters such as camera setups, aperture settings, ISO levels, shutter speed, and aspect ratios, which help simulate realistic photographic techniques in the generated images.

  • Can you describe the process of generating and evaluating the first image in Mid Journey as shown in the video?

    -The first image is generated by pasting a GPT-4 created prompt into Mid Journey and executing it without alterations. The resulting image of a 1930s female influencer is then evaluated for its realism and detail, highlighting both its strengths and minor flaws like an extra finger.

  • What kind of images does the presenter plan to generate following the 1930s influencer theme?

    -Following the 1930s influencer theme, the presenter plans to generate diverse themes such as Vikings, a photorealistic portrait of a screaming female Viking, and an idealized pasta dish, demonstrating Mid Journey’s versatility across different subjects.

  • What challenges or errors are noted in the generated images, and how are they addressed?

    -The presenter notes some errors in the generated images, such as extra fingers or unrealistic elements. These issues are typically addressed by revising the prompts or running multiple generations to refine the results.

  • How does the video suggest using AI-generated images in professional settings?

    -The video explores using AI-generated images for professional applications such as replacing traditional food photography or enhancing interior design visualizations, suggesting significant cost savings and creative flexibility for businesses.

  • What is the overall impression of Mid Journey V5 based on the video's experiments?

    -The overall impression of Mid Journey V5 is highly positive, with the presenter praising the realistic and detailed quality of the images, particularly noting the potential of combining GPT-4’s text prompts with Mid Journey’s image generation capabilities to achieve superior results.



📸 Introducing Mid-Journey V5: The Future of Photography

The video begins with the host discussing two significant releases, GPT4 and Mid-Journey V5. The host expresses excitement about exploring the potential of these technologies as the future of photography. The process of priming GPT4 to understand and perform tasks related to Mid-Journey V5 is demonstrated. This includes feeding it information about Mid-Journey's diffusion model, its parameters, and examples of prompts used in photography. The host then instructs GPT4 to act as a professional photographer, using descriptive language to create photo prompts in a specific format. The first prompt generated by GPT4 is used to create an image of a 1930s female influencer using Mid-Journey, showcasing the potential of the technology despite some minor imperfections.


🏺 Creating Dynamic and Realistic Images

The host continues to explore the capabilities of Mid-Journey V5 by generating prompts for various scenarios, including a fierce female Viking warrior in mid-battle cry and a perfect pasta dish. The video highlights the level of detail and realism achieved in the images, such as the Viking's intense eyes and the pasta dish's appetizing appearance. The host also demonstrates how changing the input prompt can lead to different interpretations, such as a prompt for a Viking sharpening his blade or a gladiator hunting in the forest. The host expresses amazement at the quality of the images and the potential for AI to revolutionize photography and other creative fields.


🌸 A Closer Look at AI-Generated Imagery

The video moves on to showcase more AI-generated images, including a close-up of a bee on a flower, an interpretation of dreaming, and a scene depicting artificial intelligence ruling over humans. The host is particularly impressed by the details in the bee's fur and pollen, as well as the peacefulness of the dream interpretation. Despite some minor flaws in certain images, such as a cyborg robot and a 19th-century female police officer, the host is overall pleased with the quality and realism of the AI-generated images. The host also discusses the potential applications of this technology in fields like architecture, interior design, and car design, suggesting that AI can provide inspiration and efficiency in these industries.


🚀 Final Thoughts and Next Steps

In the concluding part of the video, the host shares their first impressions of Mid-Journey V5, expressing a high level of satisfaction with the technology's capabilities. They highlight the Viking girl image as a favorite due to its exceptional realism. The host encourages viewers to experiment with the technology and suggests that combining it with GPT4 can yield impressive results. The video ends with a call to action for viewers to sign up for the host's newsletter to receive the prompts used to prime GPT4 and to explore the host's membership for more content.



💡Mid Journey V5

Mid Journey V5 refers to the latest version of the Mid Journey software, which is a tool used to generate AI-driven images based on text prompts. In the video, the host explores its capabilities and compares it with previous versions to evaluate enhancements in creating photorealistic images. The video demonstrates how this version can be primed to generate specific types of images, like those of historical figures or thematic scenes, highlighting its application in various fields like photography and design.


ChatGPT-4 is a version of the AI language model developed by OpenAI, used in this video to generate detailed prompts for the Mid Journey software. The host describes the process of 'priming' ChatGPT-4 with specific instructions and examples to ensure it produces effective prompts that result in high-quality images. This interaction showcases the synergy between language processing AI and image generation AI, emphasizing the creative potential of combining these technologies.


Priming in the context of the video refers to the process of preparing ChatGPT-4 to generate specific types of content by feeding it detailed information and examples. The host inputs data about Mid Journey V5 and specific photography-related prompts to tailor the AI's output. This technique is critical in achieving precise and contextually relevant results from the AI, illustrating a strategic approach to leveraging AI capabilities.


Prompts are instructions or text inputs given to an AI system to generate specific outputs, in this case, images. In the video, prompts are carefully crafted by the host using ChatGPT-4 and then used in Mid Journey V5 to create images. These prompts often include detailed descriptions, camera settings, and thematic elements, showcasing how nuanced inputs can lead to richly detailed and varied outputs in AI-generated imagery.


Photorealistic refers to images generated by AI that closely resemble real photographs in detail and authenticity. In the video, the host aims to create photorealistic images using Mid Journey V5, such as those of a female Viking and a pasta dish. This term underscores the high level of visual accuracy that Mid Journey V5 can achieve, making it a potential tool for replacing traditional photography in certain contexts.

💡camera settings

Camera settings in the video are simulated parameters used in the AI prompts to influence the style and quality of the images produced by Mid Journey V5. These settings include aperture, ISO, shutter speed, and lenses, mimicking real-world photography techniques. By including these details in prompts, the host demonstrates how users can exert creative control over the AI-generated images, enhancing their utility for professional and artistic applications.

💡1930s female influencer

The '1930s female influencer' is a creative concept explored in the video where the host uses Mid Journey V5 to generate an image based on this historical and cultural figure. The term illustrates the ability of AI to recreate and interpret historical and thematic personas, providing a visual representation that could be used for educational, entertainment, or design purposes.


In the video, 'Viking' refers to prompts related to Viking-themed images, such as a female Viking warrior and a Viking sharpening his blade. These images demonstrate the AI's capability to render complex historical themes with accuracy and dramatic effect, which could be useful for storytelling, gaming, or cinematic visuals.


Interpretation in this context refers to how the AI, once primed, translates abstract concepts into visual images. The video showcases several prompts where the host asks the AI for its 'interpretation' of themes like dreaming or artificial intelligence ruling over humans, showing how AI can creatively visualize complex or abstract ideas in detailed and surprising ways.


The newsletter mentioned in the video is used as a medium to distribute the prompts used to prime ChatGPT-4. This suggests a way to engage the audience by offering additional resources and insights, facilitating a deeper understanding and application of the content discussed in the video. It represents an extension of the educational content, enriching the viewer's experience and providing practical tools for AI exploration.


Two major releases this week: GPT-4 and Midjourney V5, explored for future of Photography.

Priming GPT-4 to understand Midjourney's workings and expected performance.

Feeding GPT-4 with data on Midjourney's newest model, version 5, for comprehension.

Setting parameters such as quality, chaos seed in Midjourney for GPT-4 to learn.

Providing GPT-4 with examples of prompts used in Midjourney V5 focused on photography.

GPT-4 confirms understanding of Midjourney after being primed with information and examples.

GPT-4 is instructed to act as a professional photographer, using rich and descriptive language for prompts.

Creating a prompt for a 1930s female influencer photo with specific camera setup details.

First prompt result from GPT-4 showcases an image with a few imperfections but overall impressive quality.

Using the generated prompt from GPT-4 in Midjourney to produce a realistic 1930s female influencer image.

Generating a photorealistic portrait of a screaming female Viking in mid-battle cry.

Impressive result of the Viking portrait with intense eyes and detailed background, despite minor flaws.

Prompt for a perfect pasta dish results in a highly realistic and detailed image, raising questions about the future of food photography.

GPT-4's interpretation of 'dreaming' and 'artificial intelligence ruling over humans' prompts produce striking and thematic images.

Highly realistic image of a 1950s female police officer, with minor imperfections.

A mysterious cabin by the Fjord in Norway prompt results in a detailed and reflective image, though with some inconsistencies.

Star Wars inspired living room interior prompt demonstrates the potential use of AI in interior design and architecture.

Iron Man inspired sports car prompt showcases the potential of AI in automotive design and inspiration.

Overall, the presenter is highly impressed with Midjourney V5's quality and potential in various creative industries.