Midjourney SECRETS - More Midjourney Tips with Niji 6 and Style Reference

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4 Feb 202428:06

TLDRThis video offers an in-depth exploration of mid-journey prompts, showcasing their creative potential with practical and experimental examples. It delves into the new features of 'nii version 6' and style reference, demonstrating how to generate images with specific styles and themes. From anime-inspired cyberpunk portraits to vintage record album covers, the video guides viewers through the process of crafting compelling visual content using AI, highlighting the versatility and dynamism of mid-journey prompts.


  • 😀 The video discusses 'Midjourney Mastery' and explores various prompts for creating images using the mid journey tool.
  • 🎨 It introduces a new feature called 'nii version 6' which allows users to upload a photograph for style reference in image creation.
  • 👁 The video shows an example of creating a thumbnail with the word 'subscribe' cleverly placed on a t-shirt in the image.
  • 🌌 The host demonstrates how to modify prompts to achieve different effects, such as changing a portrait to feature a 'stunning Japanese woman in her 40s'.
  • 📸 The script mentions using 'nii 6' to give images an anime or manga style due to its training on such references.
  • 📀 The video includes a creative exercise in designing vintage record album covers for a band that never existed.
  • 🤵 The host uses style reference to mimic the style of a British graffiti artist named hush, showcasing the tool's capability to capture and replicate artistic styles.
  • 🦍 There's an experiment with creating images of a chimpanzee wearing headphones in various dynamic and stylistic poses.
  • 🌅 The video also plays with the idea of creating a 'Golden Age of Illustration' style image featuring an older surfer.
  • 💿 It concludes with the creation of a fictitious band's album cover, 'Art of Pain,' using a 1970s punk style with newspaper lettering effect.
  • 👙 Lastly, the video humorously notes the differences in image results when using 'nii style' versus a more realistic style, particularly with a 40-year-old Japanese woman on a beach.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video script?

    -The main topic of the video script is exploring various prompts and features in the mid-journey image generation tool, including the new version 6 and style reference feature.

  • What is the 'style reference' feature in the mid-journey tool?

    -The 'style reference' feature allows users to upload a photograph and then instruct the tool to reference that photo for its stylistic elements in the generated images.

  • How does the script creator develop the prompts for mid-journey images?

    -The script creator develops prompts by experimenting with different elements, such as adding 'subscribe' text, changing the subject's age, or specifying a particular style or mood.

  • What is the significance of the 'subscribe' text in the images?

    -The 'subscribe' text in the images is a creative addition to encourage viewers to subscribe, and it also demonstrates the tool's ability to integrate text into the image design.

  • How does the script mention the use of 'nii 6' in creating anime-style images?

    -The script mentions that 'nii 6' is a feature specifically trained on anime and manga, which gives any images created with it an anime-manga blend.

  • What is an example of a creative prompt experiment mentioned in the script?

    -One example is creating vintage record album covers for a band that never existed, using elements like 'vintage music style' and 'Noir style colors'.

  • How does the script describe the process of creating a YouTube thumbnail using mid-journey?

    -The script describes using detailed descriptions and specific elements like 'question marks and hearts' to create a thumbnail that conveys the theme of dating in your 50s.

  • What is the role of 'D-S reference' in the style reference feature?

    -The 'D-S reference' is used to set the amount of influence the uploaded style reference picture has on the generated image, with 100 being the default and 1000 being the maximum.

  • How does the script demonstrate the versatility of mid-journey in creating different styles of images?

    -The script demonstrates this by showing various examples, such as creating images in the style of a British graffiti artist, generating images with a 'trashcore' aesthetic, and producing vintage punk album covers.

  • What is the final example the script provides to illustrate the power of the 'nii' style in mid-journey?

    -The final example is generating images of a 40-year-old Japanese woman relaxing on a beach, showing how the 'nii' style defaults to a younger, anime/manga-style depiction of the woman.



🎨 Creative Prompts & Mid Journey Mastery

The script introduces a video about exploring creative prompts in mid-journey mastery, showcasing a range of prompts from practical to quirky and risky. The video will also feature the new 'nii version 6' and style reference, allowing users to upload a photo for style inspiration. The speaker shares their experience with developing prompts, starting from a different idea and enhancing it, such as adding a 'subscribe' element to a thumbnail design. The video promises to demonstrate the dynamism and anime-like effects achievable with 'nii 6', a tool specifically trained for anime and manga styles.


📸 Experimenting with Thumbnails and Prompts

This paragraph delves into the speaker's experimentation with creating thumbnails for YouTube videos using AI-generated prompts. They discuss how they used chat GPT to generate prompts for a video about dating in your 50s and selected a thumbnail that depicted a thoughtful man in his 50s surrounded by question marks and hearts. The speaker also shares their appreciation for the creativity of the AI in producing images that are not only suitable for thumbnails but also stylistically diverse, such as an image of a chimpanzee wearing headphones, which they find particularly appealing.


🖌️ Artistic Exploration with Mid Journey and Style References

The speaker discusses the use of style references in Mid Journey, a feature that allows users to upload a photograph and instruct the AI to mimic the style for its creations. They demonstrate this by uploading a photograph by British graffiti artist 'hush' and using it as a style reference, resulting in AI-generated images that closely resemble the original artist's style. The speaker expresses admiration for the AI's ability to capture the essence of different artistic styles, including a detailed description of a prompt inspired by the video game character Ryu from Street Fighter.


🌅 Vintage Records and Golden Age Illustrations

The script describes the creation of vintage record album covers for an imaginary band, inspired by the speaker's school days when they wanted to form a band but couldn't play instruments. The speaker uses Mid Journey to generate images with a vintage feel, incorporating elements like newspaper letters and a monochrome color scheme. They also explore the 'Golden Age of illustration' style, creating images of an old man with grotesque imagery, and discuss the artistic quality and technological combination of that era.


🌊 Beach Scenes and Anime Influence

In this section, the speaker experiments with prompts for images of a 40-year-old Japanese woman relaxing on a beach, initially using a style reference that leads to unrealistic and posed results. They then adjust the prompt to include 'nii 6', which changes the outcome to a more anime and manga-influenced style, showing younger-looking women in bikinis. The speaker reflects on the cultural differences in age representation and the impact of anime training on the AI's output.


🎭 Final Thoughts on Mid Journey's Creative Potential

The speaker concludes the video script by reflecting on the creative potential of Mid Journey, particularly its ability to generate diverse and interesting images based on user prompts. They express a particular interest in the realistic and painterly styles produced by the AI and invite viewers to explore more of their Mid Journey videos for further insights. The speaker also encourages viewers to like, subscribe, and enable notifications for more content like this, highlighting the importance of viewer engagement.




Midjourney refers to a phase in a process that is halfway completed. In the context of the video, it is the name of a software or tool used for creating images based on textual prompts. The video discusses various ways to utilize Midjourney to generate unique and interesting visual content.


In the context of content creation, especially with AI tools like Midjourney, prompts are textual descriptions or commands that guide the generation of content. The video provides examples of different types of prompts used to create various images, emphasizing their importance in achieving desired outcomes.

💡Niji 6

Niji 6 appears to be a specific version or feature within the Midjourney tool, possibly related to the style or quality of the image generation. The script mentions experimenting with this version, indicating it offers new capabilities or improvements for users.

💡Style Reference

Style Reference is a feature that allows users to upload a photograph to be used as a reference for the style of the generated images. The video explains how this feature can be utilized to create images that mimic the style of a provided photograph, showcasing its application in creating artwork inspired by existing styles.


Cyberpunk is a genre of science fiction that features advanced technological and scientific achievements, juxtaposed with a degree of breakdown or radical change in the social order. In the video, 'cyberpunk' is used as a descriptor in prompts to generate images with a futuristic, high-tech aesthetic, as seen in the description of a 'female cyberpunk' character.


Anime is a style of animation that originated in Japan and is characterized by vibrant characters and fantastical themes. The script mentions 'nii', which seems to refer to a specific anime/manga style within Midjourney. This style is used to create images with a distinct Japanese animation influence, as demonstrated by the character with 'different color eyes'.

💡Vintage Records

The term 'vintage records' in the video refers to the concept of creating imaginary album covers for a band that never existed. It is part of a creative exercise using Midjourney to generate images that resemble old LP (Long Play) records from a bygone era, capturing a nostalgic music style.

💡YouTube Thumbnail

A YouTube thumbnail is a small, compelling image that represents a video and is used to attract viewers. The video script discusses using Midjourney to create custom thumbnails for videos, such as one about 'dating in your 50s', emphasizing the practical application of the tool for video content creators.

💡Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine is a game engine used for creating visually impressive video games and interactive experiences. In the script, it is mentioned as a style reference for generating dynamic action scenes, indicating the use of the tool to create images with a high level of detail and realism.

💡Golden Age Illustration

The Golden Age of Illustration refers to a period in the late 19th and early 20th centuries known for high-quality artwork in books and magazines. The video discusses using Midjourney to create images in the style of this era, capturing the artistic quality and technological advances of the time, as seen in the description of an 'older surfer' in a 'Golden Age illustrations' style.


Introduction to mid Journey Mastery and exploration of new prompts, features, and nii version 6.

Demonstration of creating a thumbnail with a 'subscribe' prompt integrated into the image.

Experimentation with prompts leading to the development of unique and dynamic photographs.

Use of 'nii 6' for an anime-style effect in images, showcasing different color eyes for added interest.

Customization of prompts to depict a 'stunning Japanese woman in her 40s' with an anime quality.

Upscaling of images with the incorporation of 'Subscribe' in the corner for branding purposes.

Creating vintage record album covers for imaginary bands with a noir style.

Experiment with a prompt for a YouTube thumbnail about dating in your 50s, resulting in a joyful image.

Inclusion of 'nii 6' in prompts to generate images with an anime and manga blend.

Exploration of the 'style reference' feature by uploading a photograph and using it for style inspiration.

Impressive results from the 'style reference' feature, closely mimicking the style of a British graffiti artist.

Creating images with dynamic action scenes and characters from video games like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat.

Experimentation with a 'Golden Age of illustration' style, capturing artistic and grotesque imagery.

Designing a record album cover for an imaginary band called 'Art of Pain' with a 1970s aesthetic.

Observation of how the 'nii 6' style affects the depiction of age and attire in images of a 40-year-old Japanese woman.

Discussion on the power of 'nii' in mid Journey and its impact on the style and realism of generated images.

Conclusion emphasizing the utility and creative potential of mid Journey's features for various applications.