Midjourney V6 Absolute Beginner Tutorial 2024

3 Jun 202427:26

TLDRThis tutorial offers an in-depth guide on using Midjourney V6, a powerful AI art tool that transforms text prompts into stunning artworks. The host walks beginners through the process of signing up, creating their first image, and exploring advanced features like aspect ratio customization and style variations. Tips for enhancing prompts and achieving desired results are also provided, making this a comprehensive resource for aspiring digital artists.


  • 🎨 The tutorial is an introduction to Midjourney V6, a tool for creating AI-generated art from text prompts.
  • 🌐 The platform is accessible through the website midjourney.com and uses Discord for user authentication and interaction.
  • 🔑 Users need to sign up or log in via Discord to use Midjourney, even if they already have a Discord account.
  • 💡 The tool can transform simple text prompts into detailed artworks, such as 'a happy monkey playing in the forest'.
  • 🖼️ Users can view and explore other artists' creations on the platform to get inspired or understand trending topics.
  • 📈 Midjourney offers different subscription plans, ranging from $10 per month for 200 images to more extensive plans for higher usage.
  • 🛠️ The platform includes features for upscaling images to improve quality and creating variations of a single image with subtle or strong differences.
  • 📝 Advanced users can customize their prompts with more detail, aspect ratios for specific uses (like Instagram), and styles inspired by different artists or art movements.
  • 🔄 The 'chaos' feature allows for more adventurous and varied image results by introducing randomness into the generation process.
  • ✍️ Tips for enhancing prompts include being descriptive, using commas to add details, and experimenting with styles to achieve the desired outcome.
  • 🔄 The 'rerun' function lets users generate different images from the same prompt, leveraging the unique 'seed' code associated with each image for variations.

Q & A

  • What is the purpose of the tutorial titled 'Midjourney V6 Absolute Beginner Tutorial 2024'?

    -The purpose of the tutorial is to guide absolute beginners on how to use the AI art tool called Midjourney, transforming text prompts into stunning artworks.

  • How can someone get started with Midjourney if they are a complete beginner?

    -A beginner can start by visiting midjourney.com, signing in, and following the step-by-step instructions to create an account using Discord for authentication.

  • What is the role of Discord in the Midjourney sign-up process?

    -Discord is used for authentication in Midjourney. Users need to have a Discord account to log in to Midjourney.

  • What are the different subscription plans offered by Midjourney?

    -Midjourney offers different subscription plans including a $10 per month plan that allows the creation of around 200 images, as well as a Pro Plan and a Mega plan, each catering to different budgets and needs.

  • How does the process of creating an image in Midjourney work?

    -After logging in and subscribing, users can create an image by typing a prompt and hitting enter. They then wait for the image to be generated and can choose from several options like upscaling or rerunning the prompt to refine the result.

  • What is the difference between 'upscale subtle' and 'upscale creative' in Midjourney?

    -The 'upscale subtle' option makes minimal changes to the image, increasing its resolution with small detail adjustments. The 'upscale creative' option, on the other hand, adds more creative details and significantly enhances the image.

  • How can users create images with different aspect ratios in Midjourney?

    -Users can specify the desired aspect ratio by typing '--AR' followed by the ratio (e.g., '4x5' for Instagram) in their prompt to generate images in the correct format.

  • What does the 'chaos' parameter in Midjourney do and how is it used?

    -The 'chaos' parameter introduces randomness and variety to the generated images. Users can add '--chaos' followed by a number to their prompt to create more distinct images, with higher numbers resulting in greater variability.

  • How can users get more variety in their generated images without changing the prompt?

    -Users can rerun the same prompt multiple times, as each image has a unique 'seed' code that ensures different results even with the same prompt.

  • What are some tips for enhancing prompts in Midjourney to achieve better results?

    -Being descriptive, adding more details to the prompt, trying different styles, and using the 'chaos' parameter can enhance the quality and variety of the generated images.

  • How can users find inspiration or ideas for their prompts in Midjourney?

    -Users can explore the latest works, trending images, and top images of the day or week on the Midjourney website to get ideas for their own prompts.



🎨 Introduction to Mid Journey: AI Art Tool Basics

The script introduces viewers to the Mid Journey platform, an AI art tool that transforms text prompts into visual art. It emphasizes the platform's user-friendliness for beginners and outlines the process of signing up through Discord. The narrator guides users through accessing the website, signing in, and navigating the interface to view other users' creations and start creating their own art pieces.


📈 Subscription and Image Creation Process

This paragraph explains the necessity of a subscription to create and view images on Mid Journey. It details the different subscription plans available and their respective benefits. The narrator demonstrates how to create the first image by entering a text prompt and describes the image generation process, including the options for upscaling the image to improve quality and the differences between 'subtle' and 'creative' upscaling.


🔄 Rerunning Prompts and Creating Variations

The script discusses the features that allow users to rerun the same prompt to generate different images or correct typos. It introduces the concept of 'seeds' as unique identifiers for each image. The narrator also explains how to create variations of a single image using 'very subtle' and 'very strong' options, illustrating how these settings result in different levels of change from the original image.


📐 Customizing Aspect Ratios and Advanced Prompts

The paragraph covers advanced features of Mid Journey, such as customizing the aspect ratio of images to fit different platforms like Instagram. It shows how to manually input aspect ratios and use the web-based toolset to change image dimensions. The narrator also discusses adding commas in prompts to include more details and customize the image further.


🌌 Enhancing Creativity with Chaos and Styles

This section explores advanced features like adding 'chaos' to prompts to increase the variety of generated images. The script explains how different levels of chaos result in more distinct images. It also touches on specifying styles within prompts, such as 'Sci-Fi' or 'cyberpunk,' to direct the artistic direction of the AI-generated images.


🛠️ Tips for Enhancing Prompts and Final Thoughts

The final paragraph offers tips and tricks for using Mid Journey effectively. It emphasizes the importance of descriptive prompts for better results and suggests experimenting with different styles. The narrator invites viewers to ask for help in the comments section and encourages subscription and engagement to support the creation of more tutorial content.




Midjourney refers to a specific AI art tool that the video is focused on. It is a platform that transforms text prompts into visual art, allowing users to create stunning images from their imagination. In the video, the term is used to describe the tool that the tutorial is based on, and it is central to the entire content as the host guides viewers on how to use it.

💡AI Art

AI Art, or Artificial Intelligence Art, is a form of creative expression that utilizes AI algorithms to generate visual content. The video script introduces AI Art as the broader category of which Midjourney is a part, emphasizing the use of technology to create art from text descriptions, such as 'a happy monkey playing in the forest'.

💡Text Prompts

Text prompts in the context of the video are the textual descriptions provided by users to the AI tool, which then generates corresponding images. They are a crucial element in the creative process with Midjourney, as they directly influence the outcome of the generated artwork, as demonstrated when the host types 'a happy monkey playing in the forest'.


Discord is mentioned as the platform Midjourney uses for authentication and possibly for community interaction. In the script, the host instructs viewers on how to sign in to Midjourney through Discord, indicating that having a Discord account is a prerequisite for using the AI art tool.


A subscription in the video refers to the payment plan required for users to access the full features of Midjourney. The host explains the different subscription tiers, such as $10 per month for creating around 200 images, and how to manage the subscription to create and upscale images.


Upscaling in the context of the video is the process of enhancing the resolution and detail of an initially generated AI artwork. The host describes two types of upscaling: 'subtle' for minor changes and 'creative' for more detailed alterations, using the example of a monkey in a forest image.

💡Aspect Ratio

Aspect ratio is an important concept in image composition, referring to the proportional relationship between the width and height of an image. The script explains how to change the aspect ratio in Midjourney to suit different formats, such as 4x5 for Instagram, by manually entering the desired ratio after the prompt.


In the video, 'chaos' is a parameter that can be adjusted to increase the variability and uniqueness of the generated images. By adding a 'chaos' value, such as 5, 20, or 50, the AI creates images with more distinct differences, offering users a wider range of creative outcomes.


Variations in the script refer to the different versions of a single image that can be created by adjusting certain parameters in Midjourney. The host demonstrates how to make 'very subtle' and 'very strong' variations, showing how these options can produce a range of images from slightly different to significantly altered from the original.


Styles in the context of the video are artistic influences or categories that can be applied to the AI-generated images to give them a specific aesthetic. The host suggests adding 'in the style of' to the text prompt to achieve different looks, such as 'cyberpunk' or 'anime', to customize the visual output of the AI tool.


Introduction to Midjourney V6, a powerful AI art tool that transforms text prompts into stunning artworks.

The tutorial is designed for absolute beginners, even those with zero knowledge of AI art.

Step-by-step guide on how to sign up and get started with Midjourney using Discord for authentication.

Explanation of how to navigate the Midjourney website and explore the works of other artists.

The requirement of purchasing a subscription to create images or view others' creations.

Demonstration of creating the first image prompt, 'a happy monkey playing in the forest'.

Description of the upscaling process to enhance image quality and resolution.

Difference between 'subtle' and 'creative' upscaling options and their effects on the image.

Utilizing the 'rerun' feature to generate different images from the same prompt.

Understanding the importance of the 'seed' in creating unique image variations.

Creating variations of a single image using 'very subtle' and 'very strong' options.

Adjusting the aspect ratio of images to fit specific platforms like Instagram.

Adding details to prompts using commas to create more customized and detailed images.

Using the 'chaos' feature to introduce more variety and distinctness in the generated images.

Tips for enhancing prompts: being descriptive and adding details for better results.

Experimenting with different styles by specifying the style within the prompt.

Encouragement to rerun prompts and explore variations to find the most appealing image.

Closing remarks, offering further help and inviting viewers to subscribe for more tutorials.