Mind-Blowing New AI Video Generator: Text to Video AND Image to Video with Pika Labs

18 Jul 202311:56

TLDRPica Labs' AI text to video tool has made significant advancements, offering free, easy-to-use, and high-quality video generation. The tool stands out with its realistic movement and the ability to prompt with images, outperforming competitors like Runway ML and Xeroscope. The video showcases the tool's capabilities through various examples, highlighting the potential for creative expression and the community's excitement about the technology's future.


  • 🚀 Pica Labs' text-to-video AI tool has made a significant leap in quality and is currently free to use, generating excitement in the AI community.
  • 🎨 The tool offers both text-to-video and image-to-video capabilities, which have been game-changers for content creation and filmmaking.
  • 💡 Pica Labs' AI stands out for its realistic movement and a variety of scenes and subjects, outperforming competitors like Runway ML in terms of movement quality.
  • 💸 Runway ML, a major player, is criticized for its cost structure, with users burning through credits quickly, leading to high expenses.
  • 🌐 Pica Labs also supports image prompting, which is a significant advantage over other tools like Xeroscope, although Xeroscope is open source.
  • 🎥 The AI-generated videos showcase a range of styles, from animating memes to creating horror-themed content and documentaries, demonstrating the tool's versatility.
  • 🎬 The quality of AI-generated videos has improved dramatically in a short span, with the potential to advance further in the coming years.
  • 🤖 The platform operates within Discord and is in closed beta, but interested users can access it by filling out a form on the Pica Labs website.
  • 📸 Users can generate videos with specific parameters like aspect ratio, guidance scale, negative prompting, seed for consistency, and motion likelihood.
  • 🌐 The community shares its creations and experiences in Discord, with channels dedicated to contests, discussions, and support.
  • 🎞 The tool's current video generation is limited to three seconds, but an increase to five seconds is expected soon, with ongoing improvements in quality.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of excitement in the AI tool discussed in the transcript?

    -The main topic of excitement is the AI text to video tool developed by Pica Labs, which has made significant advancements in quality and is currently free to use.

  • What are some of the features that set Pica Labs apart from other text to video tools?

    -Pica Labs stands out due to its high-quality movement in videos, the ability to prompt with images for more accurate scene generation, and the variety of scenes and characters it can animate.

  • How does the cost factor compare between Pica Labs and Runway ML?

    -Runway ML requires users to spend credits each month, which can be depleted quickly and become expensive. In contrast, Pica Labs is currently free to use.

  • What is Xeroscope and how does it differ from Pica Labs?

    -Xeroscope is another text to video tool that is completely open source and free to use. However, it may take longer to generate videos and sometimes does not work as expected, unlike Pica Labs which is more reliable and user-friendly.

  • What kind of content has been showcased using Pica Labs?

    -Showcased content includes animated memes, AI-generated commercials, horror-themed videos, documentaries on creatures, and even a video of Elon Musk and a duck dancing.

  • How does the user suggest utilizing image prompts in Pica Labs?

    -The user suggests using image prompts for the first frame to ensure that the generated video closely resembles the reference image, providing more control over the aesthetics and animation within the scene.

  • What is the current generation time for a video with Pica Labs?

    -The current average generation time for a video with Pica Labs is about one minute.

  • What is the process for accessing Pica Labs?

    -To access Pica Labs, one needs to visit pica.art, fill out a type form, and then wait for an invitation to join their Discord server where the tool is currently operated.

  • How does the user plan to further explore and share their experiences with Pica Labs?

    -The user plans to continue experimenting with Pica Labs, exploring different techniques and ways to control the results, and sharing their findings on Twitter. They may also create more in-depth tutorials if there is interest from the community.

  • What are some of the challenges mentioned in the development of AI-generated videos?

    -Some challenges include the cost associated with using certain platforms like Runway ML, the time it takes for tools like Xeroscope to generate videos, and achieving high-quality, realistic movement and animation in the generated videos.



🚀 Excitement Over AI Text to Video Tools

The speaker expresses great excitement over the recent advancements in AI text to video tools, particularly highlighting Pica Labs, which has been launched recently and offers incredible results in text to video and image to video conversion. The speaker compares Pica Labs favorably to Runway ML, noting that while Runway has been a significant player in the field, Pica Labs offers more realistic movement and a wider variety of scenes and subjects. The speaker also mentions other tools like Xeroscope, which is open-source and free but has its limitations. The focus is on showcasing the capabilities and potential of these AI tools and the impressive creations they have enabled.


🎨 Creative Applications and Showcase of AI Video Tools

This paragraph delves into the creative applications of AI video tools, showcasing a variety of examples created by different artists. The speaker mentions the Door Brothers, who have been creating impressive AI-generated content, and other creators like Winter Garden AI and imposter chicks, who have produced unique and engaging videos. The speaker emphasizes the importance of leaning into surreal or abstract scenes to mask inconsistencies in AI-generated videos. The paragraph concludes with a personal note on the speaker's enjoyment of exploring these new tools and the potential for future improvements.


📝 How to Use Pica Labs for AI Video Creation

The speaker provides a practical guide on how to use Pica Labs for AI video creation, explaining the process of accessing the platform, which is currently in closed beta and operated within Discord. The paragraph outlines the steps to generate videos, including using the create command, adjusting parameters like aspect ratio, guidance scale, negative prompting, and motion. The speaker shares their own experience in creating a wildlife documentary using text prompts and image prompting, highlighting the ease of use and the potential for high-quality results. The paragraph ends with a mention of the speaker's intention to explore and share more about these tools on Twitter.



💡AI text to video

AI text to video refers to the technology that converts written text into a video format, creating visual content based on the input text. In the context of the video, this technology has made significant advancements, allowing for high-quality and free video generation, as demonstrated by the tool from Pica Labs.

💡Pica Labs

Pica Labs is the company responsible for the AI tool that has made significant strides in converting text to video, offering a free and easy-to-use platform that has been met with enthusiasm in the AI community. The tool stands out for its ability to generate videos with a variety of movements and styles, as well as its image prompting feature.

💡Runway ML

Runway ML is a platform that has been a major player in the AI text to video space. It allows users to generate videos but is limited by a set amount of credits each month, which can be quickly used up and lead to high costs. Despite its quality, the cost and limited movement features make it less appealing compared to newer tools like Pica Labs.

💡Image prompting

Image prompting is a feature in AI text to video tools that allows users to input an image as a reference for the generated video, ensuring that the initial frame of the video closely resembles the provided image. This feature enhances the control and customization of the generated content, making it more aligned with the creator's vision.


Xeroscope is an open-source AI text to video tool that has gained attention for its quality and the fact that it is freely available to use. However, it may have limitations in terms of processing time and reliability, especially when busy.


In the context of AI-generated videos, movement refers to the animation and motion of subjects within the video. High-quality movement makes the generated content appear more realistic and natural. Pica Labs is highlighted for its ability to create realistic movement for various scenes and subjects.


Discord is a communication platform where communities can interact through text, voice, and video. In the context of the video, Pica Labs operates within Discord, using it as a platform for its closed beta testing, where users can generate videos, participate in contests, and share their experiences.

💡Aspect ratio

Aspect ratio refers to the proportional relationship between the width and height of a video or image. It is a key parameter in video generation, determining the shape and size of the video frame. In the script, aspect ratio is mentioned as a main parameter to adjust when using the AI tool.

💡Guidance scale

Guidance scale is a parameter in AI text to video tools that adjusts how closely the generated image or video adheres to the text prompt. A higher guidance scale results in content that is more strictly tied to the input text, while a lower scale allows for more creative freedom and potential deviation from the prompt.


Mid-journey refers to a generative AI tool that is used for creating images. It is mentioned in the context of the video as a tool that can be used in conjunction with Pica Labs to create more complex and creative video content by starting with a close-up image and then zooming out to different scenes.


Aesthetics in this context refers to the visual style and the overall look and feel of the AI-generated videos. Users can control and maintain a consistent aesthetic throughout their videos by using image prompts, ensuring that the generated content matches their creative vision.


AI text to video technology has made a significant leap forward, offering high-quality results and being freely accessible at the moment.

Pica Labs is the latest platform to excite the AI community with its innovative text to video capabilities.

Pica Labs has not only advanced text to video but also introduced image to video, which is a game changer for content creation.

Compared to Runway ML, Pica Labs offers more realistic movement and a wider variety of scenes and subjects.

Pica Labs allows for image prompting, a feature that sets it apart from other text to video tools like Xeroscope.

Xeroscope, while open source and free, can be slow and unreliable compared to Pica Labs.

Pica Labs' platform operates within Discord, offering a community space for users to share ideas and improvements.

The process for generating videos on Pica Labs is straightforward, using commands like '/create' and specifying parameters for aspect ratio and motion.

Pica Labs allows for the generation of three-second videos, with plans to increase this duration soon.

The use of AI in creating commercials and other media content has improved dramatically, as demonstrated by the evolution of AI-generated food commercials.

The door Brothers have been creating impressive AI-generated content, including a Van Gogh-style animation and a documentary on ants.

AI-generated videos can effectively lean into surreal or abstract styles, which can mask inconsistencies and create a more engaging viewing experience.

Mr. Allen T's short run demonstrates the potential for combining AI-generated video tools with creative editing to produce high-quality content.

Scotty Wick has created a range of AI-generated content, from animating memes to a cyberpunk Futurama trailer, showcasing the versatility of the technology.

AI-generated videos of complex subjects like Elon Musk and a duck dancing show the significant progress made in the field, particularly in animating realistic movement.

The progress of AI in image generation over one year is remarkable, going from crude images to photos indistinguishable from real ones,预示着 the rapid advancements in AI video generation.

Users can request access to Pica Labs' closed beta through the website pica.art, and once granted, can participate in daily contests and discussions within the Discord community.

The use of text prompts in AI video generation can lead to unexpected and entertaining results, while image prompts offer more control over the final output.