Mokker ai Review- Honest Review + FULL DEMO

6 Jan 202303:56

TLDRThis video review introduces, a cloud-based application designed to create professional photos for e-commerce products. The demonstration showcases the process of selecting product type, naming, categorizing, and choosing a template. The user uploads images, and after processing, receives a set of professional product photos with various backgrounds. The review highlights the ease of use and the impressive results, encouraging viewers to explore for their e-commerce needs.


  • 🌐 is a cloud-based application designed for creating professional photos of e-commerce products.
  • 🛋️ Users can select the type of product they want to create photos for, such as furniture, clothing, or bags.
  • 📝 After selecting the product type, users need to name their product and choose a category to proceed.
  • 🏞️ The software offers various templates, like 'Crazy Sunset Cabin', for users to create their product photos.
  • 📷 Users upload their product images to the platform, which then processes them to create professional photos.
  • ⏱️ Processing the uploaded images can take around 30 minutes to complete.
  • 🖼️ Once processed, users can download the professional photos created by
  • 🔍 The output images can have different backgrounds, such as sand, nature, or other creative settings.
  • 📈 can enhance the visual appeal of e-commerce products, potentially increasing sales and customer engagement.
  • 🔗 Interested users can learn more about through the provided link in the description.
  • ❓ Users are encouraged to ask questions or share queries in the comment section for further assistance.

Q & A

  • What is and what does it do? is a cloud-based application that allows users to create professional photos of their e-commerce products. It provides various templates and backgrounds to enhance the appearance of the product images.

  • How does the process of creating product photos with begin?

    -The process starts by logging into the application and selecting the type of product you want to create photos for, such as furniture, clothing, bags, etc. In the example provided, furniture was selected.

  • What is the next step after selecting the product type in

    -After selecting the product type, you need to name your product and choose a category. In the script, the product was named 'test one two three' and the category 'other' was selected.

  • How do you choose a template for your product photos in

    -After naming the product and selecting a category, you choose a template in which you want to create your photos. The script mentions selecting a template called 'Crazy Sunset Cabin'.

  • What is required after selecting a template in

    -After selecting a template, you need to upload your product images. The script mentions that the user has already collected the photos and is ready to upload them.

  • How long does it take for to process the uploaded photos?

    -According to the script, it takes around 30 minutes for to process the uploaded photos.

  • What kind of output can you expect from after processing the images?

    -After processing, provides output images with different backgrounds, such as sand, nature, and other professional-looking backgrounds, enhancing the e-commerce product photos.

  • Can you see all the generated images at once in

    -Yes, once the images are ready, you can view all the output images at once, as demonstrated in the script where the user downloads and shows the images.

  • How does help in creating a variety of images for e-commerce? allows users to generate multiple sets of images with different backgrounds and effects for their e-commerce products, providing a diverse range of professional photos to choose from.

  • What can be done if you have questions or queries about

    -If you have any questions or queries about, you can leave a comment in the comment section of the video, and the creator will respond to you there.

  • How can one learn more about

    -To learn more about, you can click on the link provided in the video description, which will take you to more information about the tool.



📷 Introduction to for E-commerce Product Photography

This paragraph introduces the video and the cloud-based application,, designed for creating professional photos of e-commerce products. The host showcases an example of the high-quality images that can be produced using the software. The process begins with logging into the application and selecting the type of product, such as furniture in this case. The user is then guided through naming the product, choosing a category, and selecting a template for the photo. The host demonstrates uploading product images and mentions the processing time of approximately 30 minutes. Finally, the output images are revealed, showcasing the transformation of simple product photos into professional, themed images suitable for e-commerce use.



💡cloud-based app

A 'cloud-based app' refers to software that operates on remote servers accessed over the internet, rather than being installed directly on a user's device. In the context of the video, is described as a cloud-based app, which implies that users can create professional photos of their e-commerce products from any device with internet access, without needing to install any software locally.

💡e-commerce products

E-commerce products are goods or services that are sold online through electronic transactions. In the video, the main theme revolves around using to create professional photos for these products, which can enhance their presentation on online marketplaces and potentially increase sales.


In computing, an 'interface' is a point where two systems meet and interact, typically referring to a graphical user interface (GUI) that allows users to interact with software. The video script describes the interface of, where users can select the type of product they want to create photos for, indicating a user-friendly design.

💡product category

A 'product category' is a classification used to group products with similar characteristics together. In the script, the reviewer selects a category for the product, such as 'furniture' or 'basket', which helps the software to apply appropriate templates and settings for the photo creation process.


A 'template' is a pre-designed layout or model that can be used as a starting point for creating content. In the context of, templates are used to create the backdrop and style for the professional photos of the e-commerce products, as demonstrated when the reviewer selects a 'Sunset Cabin' template.


To 'upload' refers to the process of transferring files or data from a local system to a remote server, typically over a network. In the video, the reviewer uploads product images to, which is a necessary step before the software can process and create professional photos.


In computing, to 'process' data or files means to perform operations on them, often to transform or analyze them. The script mentions that after uploading, the photos are processed by, which takes some time and results in the creation of professional product photos.


The 'output' in computing is the result produced by a system or process. The video script describes the output images generated by, which are the professional photos of the e-commerce products that the software creates after processing the uploaded images.


In graphic design and photography, the 'background' refers to the area behind the main subject of an image. The video demonstrates how allows users to create different backgrounds for their product photos, such as a 'sand' or 'nature' background, enhancing the visual appeal of the e-commerce products.


A 'dashboard' in software is a feature that provides an overview of information, often in the form of a control panel. The reviewer mentions the dashboard in, where they can view different sets of images generated for the product, indicating a feature that allows users to manage and review their work.


Introduction to, a cloud-based app for creating professional e-commerce product photos.

Demonstration of creating amazing product photos using software.

Step-by-step guide on how to use to create product photos.

Selecting the type of product for photo creation in

Naming and categorizing the product within the interface.

Choosing a template for the product photo in

Uploading product images to for processing.

The processing time for creating professional photos in

Preview of the output images created using

Examples of professional basket guide photos created with

Different background options available for product photos in

The ability to create professional e-commerce product photos with various backgrounds.

Review of the quality of the generated images by

Selecting the best mesh from the generated images.

Link provided in the description for more information on

Invitation for viewers to ask questions or provide feedback in the comments.

Closing remarks and a teaser for the next video.