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12 May 202412:06

TLDRIn this engaging video, the narrator invests a significant 15 million coins to acquire a highly-rated Team of the Season Mbappe card, rated at 97. With the aim of building a formidable team around him, the video follows a series of strategic gameplay and pack openings, including the use of the wheel to find teammates. The focus is on teamwork, as any player with a match rating below seven will be discarded. The video is filled with suspense, as the narrator takes risks, hoping to upgrade his players and build a squad with a minimum 93 rating. The excitement builds when he manages to get a 92 rated card and other high-quality players, culminating in a thrilling match where a clean sheet and a Rage Quit from the opponent secure the survival of the entire team. The video is a testament to the unpredictable nature of the game and the thrill of the chase for the perfect team.


  • 😯 The most expensive card in the game is a Team of the Season Mbappe, rated 97, which cost 15 million coins.
  • 🎲 The player plans to use a wheel to get teammates for Mbappe and will play a game focusing on teamwork, discarding any player with a match rating under 7.
  • 😮 The wheel is used to obtain a left-wing player, but the player feels scammed after getting an 81 rated card instead of the desired Team of the Season card.
  • 🤔 The player considers upgrading a card to a 92 rated version to avoid starting the game with a low match rating, which could lead to discarding the expensive Mbappe card.
  • 📱 The player uses Twitter to choose a left center mid by randomly selecting a team submitted by followers, ending up with Kevin De Bruyne, a costly but highly rated card.
  • 🏃 The player gets a 92 rated left wing card with good pace and dribble stats, which is important for the position.
  • 🧐 The player guesses a country in a game of chance to obtain a left back, but incorrectly guesses and gets the lowest rated left back in the game.
  • 😅 The player expresses concern about a PC making a grinding noise, which could indicate a hardware issue.
  • 😏 A bronze pack is opened, and the player hopes to get two lean tots, which would be a great outcome.
  • 🎉 The player successfully upgrades Overdorf to a 96 rated Team of the Season Moments card, which is a significant improvement.
  • 🤑 The player uses an Icon goalkeeper, Birthday Van Desar, which is a good, albeit expensive, addition to the team.
  • ⚽ The player completes the team with a right back, Thiago Santos, who has impressive pace, and a center mid, Jub Hall, adding to the team's strength.

Q & A

  • What is the highest rating of the team of the season mbappe card?

    -The highest rating of the team of the season mbappe card is 97.

  • How many coins did the mbappe card cost the player?

    -The mbappe card cost the player 15 million coins.

  • What is the strategy for discarding players in the game?

    -Any player that gets under a seven match rating will be discarded.

  • What is the player's initial formation preference?

    -The player expresses dislike for the initial formation, preferring to start with a left wing.

  • What is the player's strategy if they can't build a 93 rated squad?

    -If the player can't build a 93 rated squad, they plan to start the game by scoring an own goal with mbappe to lower his match rating and increase the chances of discarding him.

  • How does the player decide on the left center mid for their team?

    -The player decides on the left center mid by randomly selecting a team from Twitter responses, and whoever is at left center mid in that team will become their center mid.

  • What is the player's strategy for guessing the country in the game?

    -The player attempts to guess the country correctly to get any left back they want. If they guess incorrectly, they have to add the lowest rated left back from that country to their team.

  • What is the player's concern about their PC during the game?

    -The player is concerned because their PC is making a horrible grinding noise, which they compare to a woodpecker.

  • What is the player's reaction to getting a 61 rated left back?

    -The player is disappointed and worried about having to use the 61 rated left back, as it is the lowest rated in the game.

  • What is the player's strategy for the center back position?

    -The player uses an upgrade to change a lower-rated player to a 92 rated card, which they believe might be very important for the team's success.

  • What is the player's final decision for the right back position?

    -The player decides to buy Thiago Santos for 50,000 coins because of his 99 Pace, despite not being the most expensive player, as they want to try new cards.

  • What is the player's goal for the match rating in the game?

    -The player's goal is to ensure that no player gets under a seven match rating, as this would lead to discarding players from the team.



🤑 Investing in a High-Rated Player: Mbappe's Acquisition

The speaker discusses their recent purchase of a highly rated football player, Kylian Mbappe, for a significant amount of in-game currency. They express hope that the player will prove his worth and plan to build a team around him using a wheel mechanism. The focus is on teamwork, and any player with a match rating below seven will be discarded. The speaker also talks about their dislike for a particular formation and the wheel's potential to offer a guaranteed high-rated player pack. They express frustration after getting a lower-rated player and discuss the possibility of upgrading the player later. The paragraph concludes with the speaker selecting a random team from Twitter to determine their left center mid player, ultimately choosing Kevin De Bruyne, and hoping he will perform well to avoid being discarded.


🎰 The Wheel of Fortune and Team Building

The speaker continues to build their team, focusing on acquiring a left center mid from Twitter and expressing their admiration for the chosen player, Kevin De Bruyne. They discuss the high cost of the player and the importance of achieving a match rating above seven to avoid discarding the player. The narrative moves on to the unpredictability of the wheel and the speaker's strategy to possibly upgrade a player later in the game. They mention their completed kick-ups and the introduction of skill moves. The speaker then decides to guess a country on a geography challenge to win their desired left back, incorrectly guesses South America, and ends up with the lowest-rated left back from the Philippines. The paragraph concludes with the acquisition of a center back and the speaker's relief at the good fortune of getting a high-rated player despite the wheel's notorious cruelty.


🏟️ In-Game Tactics and Player Performance

The speaker begins by discussing the addition of an icon goalkeeper to their team and the potential use of a birthday van Dijk. They mention the cost of the goalkeeper and the continuous spinning of the wheel until a 'like' on the video is achieved, urging viewers to subscribe to increase the channel's subscriber count. The narrative then shifts to the anticipation of obtaining a high-rated team of the season player, with the speaker expressing their typical bad luck with such chances. They discuss the possibility of upgrading a player and acquiring a 93-rated center back, which they consider an incredible addition to the team. The speaker then engages in a football quiz, attempting to guess a player's jersey number to win the right to choose any right back they want. They successfully guess Thiago Santos for the right back position and proceed to build the rest of the team, expressing their dislike for the randomness of blind pack picks. The paragraph concludes with the speaker's strategy for selecting a center mid, opting for a sensible choice over the potential risk of a twist, and the excitement of packing a high-rated player for the right wing position, ensuring the team's safety.



💡Team of the Season (TOTS)

Team of the Season refers to a special selection of football players in a video game like FIFA, who have performed exceptionally well over the course of a season. In the context of the video, the creator has acquired a TOTS Mbappe card, which is highly rated and expected to contribute significantly to the team's performance.

💡Match Rating

A match rating is a numerical value assigned to a player's performance in a single game, based on their in-game statistics and actions. In the video, the creator emphasizes the importance of achieving a match rating above seven to avoid discarding players from the team.

💡Wheel of Players

The wheel of players is a game mechanic where players can spin a wheel to acquire new team members. It is often associated with a degree of randomness and luck. In the video, the wheel is used to find teammates for Mbappe.


In the context of FIFA's Ultimate Team mode, coins are the virtual currency used to buy player cards, enter auctions, and make various transactions. The script mentions spending 15 million coins on Mbappe, indicating a significant investment.


An upgrade in the game refers to the ability to improve a player card to a higher-rated version. This is a strategic element that allows the team to become stronger. The video script discusses upgrading a player to a 92 rated card.

💡Left Wing

A left wing is a position in football played by a player who operates from the left side of the field, typically responsible for crossing the ball into the opposition's goal area. The video script mentions starting with a left wing as part of the team formation.

💡Center Mid

The center mid is a central position in football, often associated with controlling the game and linking the defense and attack. The video script discusses selecting a center mid player from a fan's team via Twitter.

💡Rage Quit

Rage quitting is the act of leaving a game abruptly out of frustration. In the context of the video, a rage quit would result in no players being discarded from the team, which is a favorable outcome for the player.


Pace in football games like FIFA refers to a player's speed and acceleration. A high pace rating is desirable for players, especially those in attacking positions. The video mentions a player with 99 pace as a potential addition to the team.

💡Skill Moves

Skill moves are special dribbling techniques that players can execute to evade opponents. They are an important aspect of FIFA gameplay and can significantly impact the outcome of matches. The video script discusses introducing skill moves to the team.

💡Discarding Players

Discarding players in the context of the video means removing them from the team due to poor performance, specifically if they receive a match rating below seven. This is a key risk mentioned in the script as the player builds their team.


The acquisition of a Team of the Season Mbappe rated 97, costing 15 million coins.

Using the wheel to get teammates for Mbappe, focusing on teamwork where players with less than a seven match rating will be discarded.

Dissatisfaction with the current formation and the wheel's outcome, feeling scammed out of FC points.

A strategic decision to possibly start the game with an own goal to discard a low-rated Mbappe.

Introduction of skill moves and a random selection process for the left Center mid from Twitter responses.

The addition of Kevin De Bruyne to the team, costing nearly 2 million coins.

Getting a 92 rated card with the potential to upgrade, which is crucial for building a 93 rated squad.

A geographical guessing game to determine the country and subsequently the left back for the team.

Dealing with a 61 rated left back after an incorrect guess in the geographical game.

The importance of the wheel's outcome for the left back position and the high stakes of the team's rating.

A big pack opening with the potential of two lean tots and the excitement of packing a French striker.

The successful upgrade of a player to a 93 rated card, a significant boost to the team.

The challenge of guessing a player's jersey number in a football quiz for the right back position.

Adding Thiago Santos to the team for his 99 Pace, despite not being the most expensive player.

The tension of selecting a CDM from a blind club pick with no knowledge of the player's identity.

Jub Hall being added to the team as an 87 rated player, a surprising and welcome addition.

A risky strategy of sticking or twisting in the transfer market for a Center mid, opting for a sensible choice.

The final composition of the team with a focus on high match ratings to avoid discards.

The game's outcome hinges on the performance of the team, especially Mbappe, with a clean sheet being crucial.

A successful game with no discards, despite initial concerns about match ratings.