Music Production with AI? Kits AI Instruments

Archie Beatz
16 Apr 202413:14

TLDRIn this video, the host introduces Kits AI, a powerful tool for music production that utilizes artificial intelligence to streamline the creative process. The tool allows users to clone vocals, sing like anyone, and play any instrument, all with studio-quality results. It's 100% royalty-free, meaning any melodies created are owned by the user. Kits AI offers various features such as vocal removal, blending, AI mastering, and an extensive instrument library. The host demonstrates how to use the tool to convert vocals into different instruments, highlighting its advanced settings for fine-tuning the output. With different plans available, Kits AI is suitable for musicians at all levels, from beginners to professionals. The video concludes with a live example of how the tool can be used to create a unique and organic sound in music production.


  • 🎵 The host introduces Kits AI, a tool that can convert vocals into instruments, which can be used for music production.
  • 🚀 Kits AI is particularly useful for producers, singers, songwriters, and anyone involved in music creation, offering a unique way to produce music.
  • 🔥 The tool is capable of voice cloning, vocal removal, blending, and AI mastering, providing a comprehensive suite for music production.
  • 💡 Kits AI is 100% royalty-free, meaning any melodies created using the tool belong to the user.
  • 📈 The tool streamlines workflow and can help thicken vocals and harmonies, especially useful for those with a weaker voice.
  • 📚 Kits AI offers various plans starting from $9.99 a month, each with different features and download minutes.
  • 🎛 The advanced settings in Kits AI allow for fine-tuning the conversion process, including vocal blend, noise reduction, and autotune.
  • 🎼 The tool includes an AI instrument library with a variety of instruments and styles to choose from, enhancing creative possibilities.
  • 🎧 Kits AI can be used by musicians of all levels, from beginners to advanced, and even by non-musicians to realize their musical ideas.
  • 🔍 The host demonstrates how to use Kits AI to create a drum track from vocals, showcasing the tool's capabilities.
  • 🌟 The video concludes with an encouragement to subscribe to the channel for more content on music production and to try Kits AI for oneself.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of discussion in the provided transcript?

    -The main topic is the use of AI in music production, specifically the capabilities and features of Kits AI, a tool that allows users to convert vocals into instruments and offers various other music production functionalities.

  • How does Kits AI help in music production?

    -Kits AI assists in music production by providing AI voice cloning, instrument generation, vocal blending, vocal removal, AI mastering, and an AI instrument library, which can streamline a producer's workflow and add unique elements to their music.

  • What are some of the unique features that Kits AI offers?

    -Unique features of Kits AI include the ability to clone vocals, sing like different artists, play any instrument, provide a 100% royalty-free experience, and offer advanced settings for audio conversion, such as vocal blend, noise cut, and autotune.

  • What are the different plans available with Kits AI and what do they include?

    -Kits AI offers three plans: a $9.99 plan with custom vocal slots, two download minutes, and 30 minutes a month; a simple plan with custom voice cloning, blend vocals, premium download quality, and an AI vocal toolkit; and a composer plan with 12 custom vocal slots, unlimited download minutes, and access to all features including additional singers and instruments.

  • How does the AI instrument library work in Kits AI?

    -The AI instrument library in Kits AI allows users to select from eight different instruments and generate music based on their vocals. The user can input their vocal melody, and the AI converts it into the selected instrument sound, creating a unique musical arrangement.

  • What are some of the advanced settings available in the instrument generator of Kits AI?

    -Advanced settings in the instrument generator include the ability to remove backing vocals, adjust conversion strength, accent articulation, vocal blend, and options to cut out noise, rumble, and harshness. There's also an autotune feature and effects like reverb and delay that can be applied.

  • How does the process of converting vocals to instruments using Kits AI look like?

    -The process involves recording vocals directly into the Kits AI app, selecting the desired instrument, and then using the advanced settings to fine-tune the conversion. The AI listens to the vocal input and generates the corresponding instrument sound, which can then be further edited and mixed into a music production.

  • What type of artists and genres are represented in the voice selection feature of Kits AI?

    -Kits AI's voice selection feature offers a wide range of artists and genres, including male and female R&B singers, pop singers, gospel singers, and even specific styles like Chicago drill and afrobeat.

  • How can Kits AI be beneficial for someone who is not a professional musician?

    -Kits AI can be beneficial for non-professional musicians by allowing them to generate music from their vocal ideas without needing to play an instrument. It can also help in creating demos and prototypes quickly, making the music production process more accessible and creative.

  • What are the potential creative uses of Kits AI in music production?

    -Kits AI can be used to create unique instrumental tracks from vocal melodies, add different elements to existing music genres, and blend AI-generated sounds with traditional instruments. It can also be used to produce music for different sections of a song, such as breakdowns or intros, to add variety and depth.

  • How does the Kits AI tool impact the dynamics and feel of a song?

    -By converting vocals into various instruments and offering different vocal styles, Kits AI can significantly change the dynamics and feel of a song. It can add a new breakdown, create a unique vibe, or enhance the song with a different creative element, making it sound organic and professional.

  • What are the steps to use Kits AI for music production as described in the transcript?

    -The steps include selecting the voice or instrument, recording vocals directly into the app, choosing the desired instrument for conversion, adjusting advanced settings for sound quality, and then editing and mixing the generated music into a final production.



🎵 Innovative AI in Music Production

The first paragraph introduces the topic of AI's role in music production. The speaker, a music creator, expresses excitement about the advancements in AI technology and its application in the music industry. The speaker shares their experience using AI to create an entire musical arrangement from their vocals, mentioning the use of an AI tool called 'Kids AI' to mimic instruments with vocals. The paragraph also discusses the benefits of AI in music, such as streamlining workflow, voice cloning, and the availability of a 100% royalty-free tool that can generate melodies and harmonies. The speaker highlights the various features of Kids AI, including vocal removal, blending, mastering, and an instrument library. The paragraph concludes with an invitation to subscribe to the channel for more content on music production, recording, and mixing.


🎶 Exploring Kids AI's Features and Music Production Process

The second paragraph delves into the specifics of Kids AI's features, including voice selection, AI modeling, and music production capabilities. The speaker discusses the variety of artist voices available for selection and the ability to choose from eight different instruments. The paragraph also covers the advanced settings for the instrument generator, such as the option to remove backing vocals, adjust conversion strength, and blend vocals. The speaker demonstrates the process of converting vocals into drum sounds and emphasizes the tool's ability to recognize and recreate the nuances of different drum hits. The paragraph concludes with a teaser about showing the audience how the music production was done using Kids AI in a Pro Tools session.


🚀 Creative Applications of AI in Music

The third paragraph focuses on the creative potential of AI in music, showcasing the different instrument bases available in Kids AI and how they can be used across various music genres. The speaker talks about the possibility of using AI to add a unique element to a song or to blend it with existing sounds. The paragraph also includes a brief demonstration of the music production process using the AI-generated drums and bass, and the potential for using AI to create dynamic and organic breaks in a song. The speaker encourages viewers to consider AI as a tool for creativity and experimentation in music production, regardless of their level of musical expertise. The paragraph ends with a reminder to subscribe to the channel and a sign-off from the speaker.



💡AI Instruments

AI Instruments refers to the use of artificial intelligence to create or emulate the sounds of musical instruments. In the context of the video, the host discusses using AI to convert vocals into various instrument sounds, which can be a game-changer for music production by allowing creators to generate unique sounds without needing to physically play the instruments.

💡Music Production

Music Production is the process of creating a music track or album, which involves recording, editing, and mixing sounds to produce a final product. The video emphasizes how AI can enhance this process by offering tools to clone vocals, create harmonies, and even generate entire instrumental arrangements.

💡Voice Cloning

Voice Cloning in the video refers to the AI technology's ability to replicate and mimic a singer's voice. This technology can be used to thicken vocals, create harmonies, or even imitate the singing style of different artists, providing a new level of creativity and efficiency in music production.


Royalty-free means that once a payment is made for the use of a piece of music or a sound, no further fees are due for future use. In the context of the video, the host mentions that using AI to generate melodies results in 100% royalty-free music, which is advantageous for creators as it allows them to use the generated music without worrying about ongoing royalty payments.

💡AI Voice Cloning

AI Voice Cloning is a technology that allows the replication of a person's voice using artificial intelligence. The video demonstrates how this can be used in music to create vocal arrangements, offering a solution for those who may not have strong vocal abilities or wish to achieve a specific vocal sound without the need for a particular singer.

💡AI Mastering

AI Mastering is the process of using artificial intelligence to finalize a music track by adjusting its overall sound quality, ensuring it is polished and ready for distribution. The video suggests that AI can assist in this final stage of music production, potentially saving time and effort for the producer.

💡AI Instrument Library

An AI Instrument Library is a collection of instrument sounds generated by artificial intelligence. The video showcases how the host used such a library to create the intro music by converting his vocals into various instrument sounds, demonstrating the versatility and creative potential of AI in music creation.

💡Vocal Removal

Vocal Removal is the process of taking the vocals out of a music track, often to create an instrumental version or for karaoke purposes. The video mentions this feature, indicating that AI can be used to separate and remove vocals from a mix, which can be a valuable tool for music producers and remixers.

💡Vocal Blending

Vocal Blending is the technique of mixing different vocal tracks to create a harmonious and balanced sound. The video discusses how AI can assist in this process by adjusting the volume and dynamics of the input audio to blend with the AI model, potentially making it easier to achieve a professional vocal mix.

💡Conversion Strength

Conversion Strength in the context of the video refers to the intensity with which AI converts vocals into instrument sounds. The higher the conversion strength, the more pronounced the AI-generated sound becomes, but it may also introduce artifacts. This feature allows users to fine-tune the conversion process to achieve the desired sound quality.


Artifacts in audio production are unintended sounds or effects that are introduced during the recording or processing of a track. The video mentions that increasing the conversion strength of AI voice to instruments may lead to the introduction of artifacts, which are the byproducts of the conversion process that can sometimes add a unique character to the sound but may also need to be managed or reduced.


AI is being used to revolutionize music production with tools like Kits AI, which can clone vocals and convert them into instruments.

Kits AI offers studio-quality AI tools that can play any instrument and sing like anyone, making it a powerful addition to a musician's toolkit.

The AI-generated music is 100% royalty-free, allowing creators to use the melodies and tunes generated by the AI without any copyright issues.

Kits AI can simplify the workflow for music producers by offering AI voice cloning to thicken up vocals and harmonies.

The platform provides vocal removal, blending, mastering, and an AI instrument library to enhance music production.

Kits AI has received positive reviews from major music industry publications like SOS, Business Insider, and Billboard Music Business Worldwide.

The AI tool can be used by musicians, singers, songwriters, and engineers to add a unique twist to their music production process.

Kits AI offers different subscription plans starting from $9.99 per month, providing various features like custom vocal slots and unlimited download minutes.

The platform allows users to select from a wide range of artist voices and instruments to create a personalized music production experience.

Kits AI's advanced settings enable users to fine-tune the conversion strength, vocal blend, and even apply effects like autotune and reverb.

The tool can convert vocals into various instrument sounds, such as drums, bass, guitar, and more, offering a creative way to produce music.

Kits AI's instrument generator is powerful enough to recognize and recreate the nuances of different drum hits and instrument sounds.

The platform provides options for different music genres, including EDM, pop, R&B, and jazz, allowing users to blend AI-generated music with their own.

Kits AI can be used by both advanced and beginner musicians, as well as those who are not musicians but want to get their musical ideas out.

The tool offers an autotune feature within the instrument generator, helping users who may not be great singers or instrumentalists.

Users can upload their own instrument sounds and see how they are transformed by Kits AI, providing a new layer of creativity in music production.

Kits AI is a valuable tool for music creators looking to incorporate AI into their production workflow for a unique and efficient process.