OpenAI "SHOCKED" Everyone! Voice, Vision, & Free?!

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13 May 202408:57

TLDROpenAI has made a significant announcement at their spring update event, unveiling a new model of Chat GPT that is free for everyone, albeit with some limitations. The new voice assistant, which is a significant upgrade from its predecessor, is capable of sounding natural and even emotional. It can mimic and detect emotions, and allows users to interrupt it, a feature not present in the previous version. OpenAI also demonstrated the model's ability to act as a universal translator and introduced a new desktop app, initially for Mac, with Windows support coming soon. The model's response speed has been improved through end-to-end speech processing. While the model is free, there is a premium version offering prioritized access and higher request limits. The summary also touches on the model's capabilities in text generation, 3D object creation, and font creation. The event did not mention the rumored deal with Apple or phone capabilities, which might be revealed in future announcements.


  • 😀 OpenAI introduced a highly advanced voice assistant that simulates emotions and conversational interaction, similar to the AI character from the movie 'Her'.
  • 😀 The new ChatGPT model is free for everyone, with some conditions attached, enhancing accessibility.
  • 😀 The voice assistant showcased can respond more naturally and conversationally, significantly improving upon previous iterations.
  • 😀 New capabilities include emotional detection and real-time response, enabling the AI to interact more dynamically with users.
  • 😀 OpenAI demonstrated enhanced vision capabilities, allowing the model to interact with live video, which opens up numerous personalized use cases.
  • 😀 The desktop app for the new model will initially be available for Mac, with a Windows version to follow, allowing users to operate ChatGPT without a web browser.
  • 😀 Significant improvements were noted in multilingual support, reducing token costs and enhancing translation capabilities.
  • 😀 The model can now generate 3D objects and perform complex summarizations, indicating substantial advancements in its capabilities.
  • 😀 Despite being free, the premium version offers advantages like higher request limits and priority during high traffic, which could justify its cost.
  • 😀 Potential future integrations include phone capabilities and an unannounced deal with Apple, suggesting more updates and features could be revealed soon.

Q & A

  • What major update did OpenAI announce during their spring update event?

    -OpenAI announced a significant update with the release of a new model of their voice assistant, which is more advanced, conversational, and capable of mimicking emotions. Additionally, they introduced a desktop app and revealed that the new model, Chat GPT, is free for everyone, with certain conditions.

  • How does the new voice assistant model differ from the previous version?

    -The new voice assistant model is more natural and conversational compared to the previous version, which was described as verbose. It can also express emotions and has the ability to be interrupted, unlike the previous model.

  • What was the surprising aspect of the voice assistant's capabilities during the live demo?

    -The surprising aspect was the voice assistant's ability to not only sound natural but also to convey actual emotions, making it more engaging and interactive.

  • How does the new model handle interruptions?

    -The new model allows users to interrupt it, which was not possible with the previous version. This feature makes the interaction more dynamic and similar to a real conversation.

  • What additional feature did OpenAI introduce with their desktop app?

    -OpenAI introduced a desktop app that allows users to use Chat GPT without being tethered to the website. When combined with the vision capabilities, it enables features like screen sharing, which can be utilized for personalized use cases such as real-time tutoring or acting as an assistant editor.

  • What is the significance of the model's ability to work with end-to-end speech?

    -The ability to work with end-to-end speech means the model listens to the speech directly rather than transcribing it first. This allows for faster responses and a more seamless interaction.

  • What are the conditions for using the new Chat GPT model for free?

    -The new Chat GPT model is free, but there's an asterisk indicating certain conditions. Free users will have access to the model, but they will be limited in the number of requests they can make and may be downgraded to Chat GPT 3.5 during periods of heavy use.

  • How does the new model compare to other models in terms of benchmarks?

    -The new model has impressive benchmarks, beating other models by a large margin in some aspects and by a smaller margin in others, indicating its superior performance.

  • What additional capabilities were mentioned for the new model that were not shown in the demo?

    -The new model is capable of generating text, creating fonts, summarizing lectures, and even generating 3D objects, showcasing its versatility and advanced capabilities.

  • What is the advantage of having a Plus subscription to OpenAI's services?

    -With a Plus subscription, users get five times the amount of requests to the new model and are prioritized during periods of heavy use, ensuring a smoother and more reliable experience.

  • What was the speculation about the Apple and OpenAI deal mentioned in the script?

    -The script mentioned an upcoming deal between Apple and OpenAI, although it had not been finalized or publicly announced at the time of the recording. It was expected to be a significant announcement, potentially to be revealed at the Apple event.

  • How does the new model's multilingual capabilities enhance its utility?

    -The new model's multilingual capabilities allow it to act as a universal translator, translating between English and Italian in real-time, which opens up a wide range of applications for users who require language translation services.



🎉 OpenAI's Major Updates and Innovations

OpenAI introduced a significant update at their spring event, generating buzz with the release of a new AI model, ChatGPT. The event debunked various speculations, including the anticipated release of ChatGPT 5 or a search engine. The highlight was the introduction of an advanced voice assistant that resembles 'Samantha' from the movie 'Her.' This new assistant exhibits conversational capabilities and emotional intelligence, a notable improvement over previous versions. OpenAI showcased this by demonstrating the assistant's ability to handle emotional nuances and engage in real-time interaction. Moreover, the event revealed that this new model, which also includes enhanced speech-to-speech functionalities, would be available for free, with some limitations.


📊 New Desktop App and Future Insights

The second part of OpenAI's event focused on the technical advancements and broader accessibility of their new AI model. Initially exclusive to Mac, a Windows version of the desktop app will soon follow, enhancing the AI's usability in various applications like video editing and real-time tutoring. The new model outperforms predecessors, notably in multilingual capabilities and text-to-image functions, while also being efficient in generating 3D models and summarizing lectures. Pricing models were discussed, highlighting that while the basic model is free, a premium option offers more resources and priority during high traffic. OpenAI hinted at more upcoming features and potential collaborations, notably with Apple, and set the stage for future announcements at major tech events.




OpenAI is a research and deployment company that develops artificial general intelligence (AGI), which is the ability of an intelligent agent to understand or learn any intellectual task that a human being can do. In the video, OpenAI is the organization that has released a significant update, which includes advancements in voice and vision technology.

💡Chat GPT

Chat GPT refers to the chat-based General Purpose Technology developed by OpenAI. In the context of the video, a new model of Chat GPT is introduced which is free for everyone to use. It is described as being more advanced and conversational compared to previous versions.

💡Voice Assistant

A voice assistant is a software agent that uses voice recognition to interpret voice commands and carry out tasks. In the video, OpenAI's new voice assistant is highlighted for its ability to not only sound natural but also to convey emotions, which is a significant advancement in AI technology.

💡Emotion Detection

Emotion detection is the ability of a system to identify and respond to human emotions. In the video, the new model of Chat GPT is shown to detect emotions based on visual cues, such as facial expressions in a selfie, which is a new and impressive feature of the technology.

💡End-to-End Speech

End-to-end speech refers to a system that processes speech directly, from input to output, without the need for intermediate transcription. The video mentions that the new model works with end-to-end speech, allowing for faster and more natural responses.

💡Desktop App

A desktop app is a software application designed to run on a computer rather than in a web browser. The video discusses the release of a new desktop app by OpenAI that allows users to use Chat GPT independently of a website, enhancing its accessibility and utility.

💡Vision Capabilities

Vision capabilities in the context of AI refer to the ability of a system to interpret and understand visual information. The video highlights the new model's improved vision capabilities, allowing it to process live video as opposed to static images, which opens up new possibilities for its use.

💡Multilingual Support

Multilingual support is the ability of a system to function in multiple languages. The video mentions that the new model has improved token costs for multilingual languages, which allows it to act as a universal translator, translating between English and Italian in the example provided.

💡3D Object Generation

3D object generation is the process of creating three-dimensional models of objects. The video script reveals that the new model of Chat GPT can generate 3D objects, which is an extraordinary capability that wasn't expected in the context of a chat-based AI.

💡Lecture Summarization

Lecture summarization is the process of condensing a lecture into a shorter form while retaining the key points. In the video, it is mentioned that the new model can perform lecture summarization, which is a useful feature for educational purposes.

💡Free Model vs. Paid Plus

The video discusses the new model being free to use, which raises questions about the value of the paid Plus version. It is explained that Plus subscribers will have priority access and a higher number of requests to the new model during periods of high demand.


OpenAI has released a new voice assistant that is significantly more advanced than previous versions, offering a more natural and conversational tone.

The new model, referred to as 'Chat GPT', is available for free to everyone, with certain conditions.

The voice assistant demonstrated the ability to convey emotions, a significant leap from previous models.

Users can now interrupt the model, which was not possible with the previous version.

The model can also detect emotions based on visual cues, as demonstrated in a selfie analysis.

OpenAI has introduced a new desktop app, initially for Mac, with a Windows version to follow.

The app includes vision capabilities, allowing for real-time video interaction and enhanced personalized use cases.

The model's response speed has been improved through end-to-end speech processing.

Token costs for multilingual languages have dropped, enabling the model to act as a universal translator.

The model can generate text with high accuracy, surpassing other text-to-image models.

It can also generate 3D objects, a new and impressive capability for an AI model.

Lecture summarization is another feature of the model, potentially outperforming human summarization.

Users can create fonts within Chat GPT, expanding its creative applications.

While the model is free, there is a tiered system where Plus subscribers get prioritized access and higher request limits.

The upcoming deal between Apple and OpenAI was not mentioned, but could be a significant development.

The model's capabilities are expected to expand, with potential phone integration hinted at.

The AI Community live stream provided real-time reactions and insights into the OpenAI spring update event.

Google's response to OpenAI's advancements is anticipated at their upcoming Google I/O event.