Our New AI Image Upscaler Is CRAZY GOOD! 🤯 Watch What It Can Do!

6 Mar 202406:03

TLDRDiscover the incredible capabilities of the new AI image upscaler in KD, which transforms AI-generated designs into high-quality prints. The video demonstrates how the upscaler enhances image resolution without compromising quality, making it ideal for large posters, print-on-demand products, and book covers. With a simple click, images go from basic to sharp artwork. The upscaler is available for paid KD customers, costing one AI credit per use, and can handle images up to 4,096x4,096 pixels. The original and upscaled images are both saved for easy access.


  • 🚀 The AI upscaler has been launched in KD, promising high-quality results for AI-generated designs.
  • 🔍 Users can eliminate worries about print quality by using the AI upscaler to enhance image details.
  • 🖼️ The upscaler works by generating extra pixels and smoothing out images, making them suitable for large prints.
  • 🐱 An example given is an image of a cozy cat, which after upscaling, shows significant improvement in clarity and detail.
  • 📈 The AI upscaler is particularly useful for creating large posters, print-on-demand products, and book covers without losing resolution.
  • 💡 The process of upscaling involves enhancing the image by scaling its dimensions and resolution without compromising quality.
  • 📷 Users can upscale uploaded images in KD, with each use costing one AI credit.
  • 💳 The upscaler is a special feature available only to customers on paid plans, not on the free plan.
  • 🚫 One click per image is enough to upscale it to its maximum capability; multiple clicks are not necessary.
  • 🎚️ The maximum resolution achievable with the upscaler is 4,096 x 4,096, with support for both landscape and portrait aspect ratios.
  • 📐 The minimum image size accepted by the upscaler is 128x128 pixels.
  • 📁 The upscaled images are automatically saved in a folder called 'upscaled images' in the uploads panel, while the original images are saved separately.
  • 🛒 A promo code is offered for new users to get a discount on their first purchase if they decide to try KD AI.

Q & A

  • What is the main feature of the AI upscaler discussed in the video?

    -The main feature of the AI upscaler is its ability to enhance the quality of AI-generated images by scaling their dimensions and resolution without compromising the quality, making them suitable for high-resolution printing.

  • How does the AI upscaler improve the image quality?

    -The AI upscaler improves image quality by smoothing out the image, embedding more pixels, and making the colors much more accurate, which results in a sharper and more detailed image.

  • What is the aspect ratio chosen for the demonstration image of the cat?

    -The aspect ratio chosen for the demonstration image of the cat is 16x9.

  • What issues were observed in the original image before upscaling?

    -Issues observed in the original image included distortion, gradation, weird color effects, and graininess, especially in the fur and the curtains, making it unsuitable for high-quality printing.

  • What is the DPI of the image after using the AI upscaler?

    -The video does not specify the exact DPI after upscaling, but it implies that the image quality is significantly improved, allowing for a 300 DPI comparison to show the difference.

  • What are some use cases where an image upscaler can be helpful?

    -An image upscaler can be helpful for creating large posters, selling print-on-demand products like shower curtains or pillowcases, and making book covers for Amazon KDP, where larger images are needed without a loss of resolution.

  • Is it possible to upscale an uploaded image using the AI upscaler?

    -Yes, if you upload an image to KD using the native upload feature, you can easily upscale it using the AI image upscaler button, which costs one AI credit each time it is used.

  • Why is upscaling not available for users on the free plan?

    -Upscaling is not available for users on the free plan because it uses advanced technology and is a special feature in KD, available only for customers on paid plans.

  • Can the same image be upscaled multiple times to further enhance its quality?

    -No, one click per image will upscale it to the maximum scaled capability, so it is not beneficial to use multiple credits to upscale the same image repeatedly.

  • What is the maximum resolution the AI upscaler can achieve?

    -The maximum resolution the AI upscaler can achieve is 4,096 x 4,960, supporting both landscape and portrait aspect ratios without exceeding these dimensions.

  • Is there a minimum image size requirement for the upscaler to work effectively?

    -Yes, the minimum image size the upscaler will accept is 128x128 pixels; anything smaller than that may cause difficulty for the AI to interpret.

  • Where can the upscaled image be found after the process?

    -The upscaled image is automatically placed onto your artboard in place of the original one and is also saved in a folder called 'upscaled images' in the uploads panel.

  • Is the original image saved after the upscaling process?

    -Yes, the original image is saved in the 'original AI art' folder in the uploads panel, allowing users to access both the original and upscaled versions.



🖼️ AI Image Upscaler Introduction and Demo

The script introduces an AI image upscaler recently launched in KD, designed to enhance the quality of AI-generated designs for printing purposes. The speaker demonstrates the upscaler's capabilities by generating an image of a cat and then enlarging it to fit an artboard, revealing distortions and graininess at high resolution. They then use the AI upscaler to improve the image quality, resulting in a much sharper and smoother image, especially in areas like the cat's fur and the curtains. The upscaled image is shown to be significantly better for printing on various products. The speaker also addresses common questions about the upscaler, including its use cases, the cost of using it in terms of AI credits, and the availability for free and paid plan users.


📚 Additional Insights on AI Image Upscaler

This paragraph provides further information on the AI image upscaler, including the process of upscaling, its benefits for creating larger images without losing resolution, and the various scenarios where it can be useful, such as for posters, print-on-demand products, and book covers. It also clarifies that the upscaler can be used on uploaded images at a cost of one AI credit per use and is available only to paid plan customers. The script explains that while the upscaler can enhance images, it should not be used repeatedly on the same image, and it outlines the maximum and minimum image sizes supported by the upscaler. The paragraph concludes with details on where to find the upscaled images and the original ones, and an invitation for viewers to ask questions or try KD with a promo code offered.



💡AI Image Upscaler

An AI Image Upscaler is a technology that uses artificial intelligence to increase the resolution of images without losing quality. In the video, it is described as 'truly amazing' and capable of transforming AI-generated designs into high-quality prints. The script demonstrates how the upscaler can enhance an image of a cat, making it suitable for printing on various products.


Quality in this context refers to the visual clarity and sharpness of an image, which is crucial for printing purposes. The video emphasizes that the AI upscaler eliminates worries about quality, as it can produce images that are 'crispy' and 'sharp', suitable for large posters or print-on-demand products.

💡Aspect Ratio

Aspect ratio is the proportional relationship between the width and height of an image, described in the script as '16x9'. It is an important factor when resizing images for different applications, ensuring that the image maintains its original proportions without distortion.


Distortion in the video refers to the visual artifacts that occur when an image is enlarged without proper scaling techniques, leading to a loss of clarity and the appearance of 'weird color' and 'grainy' textures, as mentioned in the script when discussing the cat's fur and the curtains.

💡300 DPI

DPI, or dots per inch, is a measure of print resolution. The script mentions '300 DPI' as a desirable print quality standard. The AI upscaler is shown to produce images that can achieve this high resolution, making them suitable for professional printing.

💡AI Credit

AI Credit in the script represents a form of currency or resource within the platform that allows users to utilize the AI upscaler feature. It costs 'one AI credit' per use, indicating that there is a cost associated with enhancing images to a higher quality.


Upscaling is the process of increasing the size of an image while maintaining or improving its quality. The video explains that the AI upscaler generates 'extra pixels' to make the image 'bigger' without losing resolution, which is essential for creating large prints or products.


Print-on-demand refers to a service where products such as shower curtains or pillowcases are printed with custom designs only when a customer orders them. The script mentions that the AI upscaler is useful for creating high-quality images for these types of products.

💡Maximum Resolution

The maximum resolution mentioned in the script is '4,096 x 4,960', which is the highest size an image can be upscaled to using the AI tool. This information is important for users to understand the limitations of the upscaler's capabilities.

💡Minimum Image Size

The minimum image size that the upscaler will accept is '128x128 pixels'. The script points out that images smaller than this size may not be suitable for upscaling due to the AI's difficulty in interpreting such small images.

💡Cropped Image

A cropped image, as discussed in the script, refers to an image that has been trimmed to focus on a specific area. The AI upscaler can still process and enhance these cropped images, maintaining the quality of the selected area.


Launch of AI upscaler in KD to enhance AI-generated design quality for printing.

AI upscaler eliminates worries about quality loss in large prints.

Demonstration of image generation with specific scene elements like a cozy cat and a fireplace.

Comparison of image quality before and after upscaling to 300 DPI.

AI upscaler's ability to smooth out distortions and improve color accuracy.

The surprising effectiveness of the image upscaler on the first trial image.

Instructions on how to use the AI image upscaler button in KD.

Explanation of the difference in image quality between the original and upscaled versions.

The practical applications of the AI upscaler for large posters and print-on-demand products.

Clarification on when to use the image upscaler and its necessity.

Capability of upscaling uploaded images using AI upscaler with a cost of one AI credit.

Availability of the upscaler feature only for customers on paid plans.

Limitation of one click per image for upscaling to avoid wasting credits.

Maximum resolution capability of the upscaler up to 4096x496 pixels.

Minimum image size requirement for the upscaler to function effectively.

Process of finding the upscaled image in the 'upscaled images' folder.

Confirmation that the original image is saved in the 'original AI art' folder.

Invitation for additional questions and promo code offer for new KD users.