Paw Patrol's Skye, Chase, Marshall, and Rubble Best Baby Pup Episode Compilation!

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6 Sept 201941:24

TLDRThe Paw Patrol pups, Skye, Chase, Marshall, and Rubble, embark on a series of adventures that teach them valuable life lessons. They start by dreaming of joining the Paw Patrol and learning to use the potty like big pups. They play dress-up, have breakfast, and go to the playground, where they learn the importance of safety and kindness. After a Halloween episode filled with trick-or-treating and candy, they face a bully, Romeo, who learns the importance of considering others' feelings. The pups also engage in a cooking contest, learn about energy and mass, and end the day with a lesson on bullying and friendship. The story concludes with a heartwarming moment where Romeo apologizes and the pups all play together, reinforcing the message that bullying is not fun and friendship is a choice.


  • 🐾 The Paw Patrol pups dream of joining the team, but Ryder reminds them they are still puppies and need to grow up a bit more.
  • 🛌 Ryder helps the pups get ready for the day, including changing diapers and picking out outfits, emphasizing the theme of growing up.
  • 🍳 The pups learn about making their own food with a cooking contest, where they prepare dishes like pizza, vegetable soup, and barbecue.
  • 🏫 In school, the pups present their weekend activities and learn about important concepts like the mass-energy equivalence formula.
  • 🍭 During a Halloween episode, the pups learn about the dangers of eating candy without proper wrapping and the importance of sharing and friendship.
  • 🎃 They also learn about empathy and treating others well, as they deal with a bully named Romeo who later apologizes and wants to be friends.
  • 🚗 A key lesson is the importance of safety, such as wearing seat belts and looking both ways before crossing the street.
  • 🥤 The pups have fun with a vending machine competition, learning about entrepreneurship and friendly competition.
  • 🍉 They also learn about healthy eating habits, trying different fruits and vegetables, and the importance of moderation.
  • 🏥 When an injury occurs, the pups learn first aid skills, like using band-aids and calling for help when needed.
  • 👻 The Halloween episode concludes with the pups enjoying trick-or-treating and the value of saying 'please' and 'thank you'.

Q & A

  • What was the dream that the puppies had about joining the Paw Patrol?

    -The puppies dreamt that Ryder finally let them join the Paw Patrol, indicating their desire to be part of the team and not just puppies anymore.

  • Why does Ryder suggest the puppies use the potty like big pups?

    -Ryder suggests that if the puppies start using the potty like big pups, they could potentially join the Paw Patrol, emphasizing the importance of maturing behaviors.

  • What does the phrase 'Reporting for duty, writers sir, Paw Patrol on a roll' signify?

    -This phrase signifies the readiness and enthusiasm of the Paw Patrol members to embark on their missions, showcasing their commitment and teamwork.

  • Why does Skye change her costume from a witch to a fairy princess?

    -Skye initially chooses a witch costume, but after feedback that it might not be friendly enough, she changes into a fairy princess costume to appear more approachable and kind.

  • What is the Halloween tradition mentioned in the script?

    -The Halloween tradition mentioned in the script is pumpkin carving, which is a popular activity associated with the holiday.

  • How does Rubble's candy situation get resolved after discovering peanuts?

    -Skye uses her 'magic powers' to remove peanuts from Rubble's candy, ensuring that he can eat the treats without risking an allergic reaction.

  • What lesson does Romeo learn after his interactions with the Paw Patrol?

    -Romeo learns to consider other people's feelings and realizes that his actions, such as throwing paper and stealing Marshall's car, were hurtful and not nice.

  • Why does Chase want to have a cooking contest?

    -Chase wants to have a cooking contest to prove that he is the best cook and, by extension, the best at everything, after Skye's success in using the potty like a big pup.

  • What is the importance of saying 'thank you' after receiving a treat during trick-or-treating?

    -Saying 'thank you' is a sign of politeness and gratitude, which is an important social etiquette especially when receiving something from others during events like trick-or-treating.

  • What does the vending machine in the script represent?

    -The vending machine represents innovation and entrepreneurship as Skye and Chase set up their own machines to sell snacks, leading to a friendly competition on who can sell the most.

  • Why does Ryder suggest inviting Marshall and Rubble to the playground?

    -Ryder suggests inviting Marshall and Rubble to the playground to help Chase take his mind off the negative experience with the bully, Romeo, and to foster a positive and fun environment.



😀 Morning Routine and Playtime

The video begins with the pups excited about joining the Paw Patrol. They wake up from a dream and start their day with Ryder, who encourages them to use the potty to grow up. They get dressed in various outfits and have breakfast, which includes eggs, toast, bacon, and milk. Afterward, they are eager to go to the playground but must first buckle up for the ride.


🎠 Playful Antics at the Playground

At the playground, the pups engage in various activities, including climbing and sliding. An accident occurs when Pops hurts his foot and Skye injures her head, leading to a trip to the hospital. Once treated with band-aids, they head home for rest and use the potty like big pups, which makes Ryder proud. They are told they can join the Paw Patrol the next day and are played bedtime music to sleep.


🎃 Halloween Fun and Candy Sharing

The pups celebrate Halloween by trying on costumes and going trick-or-treating. They visit several houses and collect candy, ensuring to say 'thank you' after receiving treats. They later sort through their candy, discovering some treats with peanuts which Rubble is allergic to. Skye uses her 'magic powers' to remove peanuts from the candy, and they all enjoy their Halloween treats.


🏪 Vending Machine Competition and Snack Time

Skye and Chase set up vending machines and engage in a competition to see who can sell the most snacks. Various drinks and snacks are offered, and both machines prove popular. The contest ends in a tie, and they celebrate with a cooking contest. The pups prepare different dishes, including pizza, vegetable soup, and a fruit salad, before enjoying their creations.


🍳 A Cooking Showdown and School Lessons

The pups continue their cooking contest with Chase making a barbecue and Skye preparing a vegetable soup and hot dog. They grill various meats and assemble their dishes精心地. Friends taste their food and give scores out of ten. The results are tallied, and Skye wins with more points. The video transitions to a school setting where the pups share what they learned over the weekend, and Romeo faces consequences for his disruptive behavior.


🚗 Dealing with Bullies and Making Amends

Romeo's bullying behavior is addressed when he takes Marshall's car and is stopped by a remote-controlled fire truck. After a talk about considering others' feelings, Romeo realizes his mistakes and apologizes to the pups. They forgive him and suggest that treating him kindly might change his behavior. Romeo arrives at their home to apologize in person, and the pups warmly accept his apology, leading to a resolution and new friendship.


🤸‍♂️ Learning to Play Nicely and Overcoming Bullying

The video concludes with the pups playing together on a roller coaster and other playground equipment. They express their happiness that bullying is not fun and that Romeo has decided not to bully them anymore. The pups are proud of their growth and friendship, and the viewer is left with a positive message about dealing with bullies and the importance of kindness and understanding.



💡Paw Patrol

Paw Patrol is a popular children's animated television series featuring a team of rescue dogs. In the context of the video, Skye, Chase, Marshall, and Rubble are characters from this show. They are portrayed as learning and growing, with a focus on teamwork, responsibility, and overcoming challenges together.


Diapers are a type of absorbent garment worn by babies and young children to collect urine and feces. In the script, the characters Skye and Chase are still in diapers, symbolizing their youth and immaturity. The conversation around diapers suggests a theme of growing up and becoming more independent.

💡Potty Training

Potty training is the process of teaching a child to use the toilet instead of wearing diapers. In the video, Ryder encourages the pups to start using the potty, which is a significant milestone in their development. This concept is central to the narrative as it represents a step towards maturity for the characters.


A playground is an outdoor area designed for children to play on, usually containing equipment such as swings, slides, and climbing frames. The mention of the playground in the script signifies a place for the characters to have fun, engage in physical activity, and socialize with each other.


Halloween is a holiday celebrated on October 31st, often associated with costumes, trick-or-treating, and festive activities. In the video, the characters participate in Halloween festivities, including choosing and wearing costumes, which adds a thematic element of celebration and imagination to the narrative.


Allergies are a common immune system response to certain substances, which can cause symptoms such as itching, rash, or swelling. In the script, Rubble is allergic to peanuts, which is a significant detail as it introduces the concept of food allergies and the importance of being cautious with what one consumes.


Bullying is the use of force, coercion, or threat to abuse, aggressively dominate, or intimidate others. The character Romeo is portrayed as a bully in the video, which allows for a discussion on the negative effects of bullying and the importance of empathy and kindness in interactions.

💡Cooking Contest

A cooking contest is a competition where participants prepare and present food to be judged. In the video, a cooking contest takes place between Skye and Chase, which serves as a plot device to showcase their skills, creativity, and the value of friendly competition.


School is an institution designed for the teaching of students under the direction of teachers. In the script, the characters attend school where they learn and interact, which is a setting that introduces themes of education, social development, and personal growth.


Friendship is a close and supportive relationship between two people. The video emphasizes the importance of friendship through the interactions between the characters. It shows how conflicts can be resolved and how treating others with kindness can lead to lasting friendships.

💡Vending Machine

A vending machine is a automated machine that provides items such as snacks, drinks, and sometimes candies to consumers after money or credit is inserted. In the video, Skye and Chase set up vending machines, which becomes a point of competition and later collaboration, illustrating themes of entrepreneurship and fair play.


Ryder finally lets the pups join the Paw Patrol, marking a milestone in their growth from puppies to active team members.

The pups experience a dream where they believe they have joined the Paw Patrol, showcasing their aspirations.

Ryder encourages the pups to use the potty like big pups, indicating a developmental step towards maturity.

The pups get dressed in various outfits, reflecting their individual personalities and the fun of dressing up.

Skye and Chase have a playful morning routine, emphasizing the camaraderie among the Paw Patrol members.

The pups learn about making healthier choices as they realize their outfits are too hot and need something cooler.

Ryder helps the pups with their breakfast, highlighting the nurturing aspect of the Paw Patrol's dynamic.

The pups enjoy a playful moment at the playground, showcasing their energy and joy.

An accident at the playground leads to a teaching moment about safety and care for one another.

The pups learn to use the potty, demonstrating their progress and growth.

Ryder rewards the pups for their good behavior, reinforcing positive habits.

The pups get ready for Halloween, engaging in the festive spirit and showcasing their creativity through costumes.

Rubble discovers he is allergic to peanuts, leading to an important lesson about food safety.

Skye uses her 'magic powers' to help Rubble with his allergy issue, illustrating teamwork and friendship.

The pups go trick-or-treating, emphasizing the fun and community aspect of the holiday.

A cooking contest between Skye and Chase reveals their competitive spirits and culinary skills.

The pups learn valuable lessons about sharing, winning, and losing through their interactions.

Romeo's behavior in school leads to a discussion about bullying and its effects on others.

Romeo apologizes to the pups for his behavior, demonstrating a change in attitude and growth.

The pups and Romeo play together, signifying the end of bullying and the start of a new friendship.