Pictory AI Tutorial & Review - How to Create Faceless Videos with Pictory 2024

Youri van Hofwegen
7 Mar 202417:32

TLDRPictory AI is a powerful tool that simplifies the process of creating videos from scripts or articles. Users can paste a URL or write a script, and Pictory AI will automatically generate a video, complete with relevant stock footage and subtitles. The platform allows for extensive customization, including editing text, changing video clips, adjusting font styles and colors, and even animating text. Pictory AI also integrates with 11 Labs for high-quality AI voiceovers, enhancing the final video product. The software is ideal for content marketers, educators, businesses, and social media managers, streamlining the video creation process and enabling users to produce professional videos without the need for advanced video editing skills. With features like video size adjustment for various social media platforms and the ability to create a personalized brand style, Pictory AI offers a comprehensive solution for content creation.


  • 🚀 Pictory AI allows users to convert scripts and articles into videos by pasting a URL and editing with text, eliminating the need for video editing software or skills.
  • ✍️ The platform automatically generates a video from a script, selects relevant stock footage, and adds subtitles to improve engagement.
  • 🎤 Users can apply their own voiceover or choose from high-quality AI voiceovers provided by Pictory AI to finalize the video.
  • 📽 The 'Script to Video' feature enables the creation of a full video from a script, which can be further customized within the storyboard.
  • 📰 The 'Article to Video' feature turns articles into faceless videos that can be uploaded to social media platforms or embedded in blogs.
  • ✂️ 'Edit Videos Using Text' provides the ability to upload and edit personal video clips, trim videos, add text, and change formatting.
  • 🎨 'Visuals to Video' is a feature that lets users upload their own video clips and edit them to create a custom video.
  • 🔍 The customization options include searching a vast stock library for footage, changing text, fonts, colors, and animations.
  • 🔗 Scenes in the video can be unlinked for individual background clips and text customization, keeping the content engaging.
  • 🎵 Background music and voiceover can be added and adjusted for volume to create a balanced audio mix.
  • 🔊 Pictory AI integrates with 11 Labs for premium voiceovers, enhancing the quality of the final video.
  • 💡 The platform offers a Styles library and the ability to create and save personal styles for consistent branding across videos.

Q & A

  • What is Pictory AI and how does it work?

    -Pictory AI is a tool that allows users to convert scripts and articles into videos. It works by pasting the URL of an article or entering a script, and then automatically generates a video with relevant stock footage and AI voiceovers. Users can further edit the videos using text and customize various aspects such as the text, visuals, and audio.

  • How does Pictory AI analyze a script to create a video?

    -Pictory AI analyzes the script to identify the key topics discussed in each scene. It then automatically finds and adds high-quality stock footage that matches the content of the script for each specific scene. Additionally, it can automatically generate subtitles to improve engagement.

  • What customization options are available for the generated videos in Pictory AI?

    -Pictory AI offers a range of customization options including changing the background clips, editing text, adjusting the font, color, and size, applying animations, and customizing the positioning of the text. Users can also unlink scenes to have different background clips for each line of text and adjust the volume settings for background music and voiceovers.

  • How can users apply their own voiceover or choose from AI voiceovers in Pictory AI?

    -Users have the option to upload their own voiceover or select from high-quality AI voiceovers provided by 11 Labs, an integrated tool within Pictory AI. To apply a voiceover, users simply choose the desired voice and click 'apply', and the voiceover is automatically generated and synced with the video.

  • What are the benefits of using Pictory AI for content creation?

    -Pictory AI streamlines the video creation process, requiring no software or video editing skills. It saves time by automatically generating videos from scripts or articles, and allows for easy customization. The tool also enhances engagement through automatically added subtitles and provides a professional finish with AI voiceovers and stock footage.

  • How does Pictory AI handle the creation of videos from articles?

    -Pictory AI can take the URL of an article and automatically turn it into a video. It extracts key messages from the article to create a summary, which is then used to generate the video. Users can select which parts of the summary to include in the video and can further customize the video with text, visuals, and audio.

  • What are the different video creation features available in Pictory AI?

    -Pictory AI offers several video creation features including 'Script to Video', where users enter a script to generate a video; 'Article to Video', which converts articles into videos; 'Edit Videos Using Text', allowing users to upload and edit their own video clips; and 'Visuals to Video', where users can upload and edit their own clips without any text.

  • How does Pictory AI assist with editing and customizing text in videos?

    -Pictory AI allows users to edit and customize text within the videos easily. Users can change the font, color, and size of the text, apply animations, and adjust the placement of the text. There's also an option to apply these text settings to all scenes in the video for consistency.

  • What are the different audio options available in Pictory AI for videos?

    -Pictory AI provides options to add background music and voiceovers to videos. Users can choose from a selection of background songs filtered by mood, purpose, genre, and duration. For voiceovers, Pictory AI integrates with 11 Labs to offer a variety of premium AI voiceover options.

  • How can users ensure their videos match their brand identity when using Pictory AI?

    -Pictory AI allows users to create a brand profile where they can upload their logo, select brand colors, and choose a preferred font. This branding information can then be applied to all videos, ensuring consistency and alignment with the user's brand identity.

  • What kind of discount is being offered for new Pictory AI users following the tutorial?

    -New users of Pictory AI can receive a 20% discount on any plan by using the code 'Creator 20' at checkout. This discount is a lifetime offer, meaning users will continue to receive the 20% discount on their monthly subscription as long as they use the service.

  • How does Pictory AI handle the downloading and quality of the final video?

    -Once the video is edited and customized to the user's satisfaction, they can preview it and then download it to their device. The quality of the downloaded video depends on the plan the user has. Higher-tier plans offer higher quality AI voiceovers and the removal of watermarks, which are present only for preview purposes.



😀 Introduction to Pictory AI's Video Creation Capabilities

The first paragraph introduces Pictory AI, a tool that simplifies the process of turning scripts and articles into videos. Users can paste a URL or write a script, and Pictory AI will automatically generate a video with relevant stock footage and subtitles. The platform requires no software or editing skills and allows for customization, including the addition of voiceovers and text editing. The tutorial covers various features such as script-to-video, article-to-video, text editing, and visual customization. The process is demonstrated by creating a video about the French Alps, showcasing how to customize scenes, text, and audio.


🎨 Customizing Text and Backgrounds in Videos

The second paragraph focuses on customizing the text and background of videos created with Pictory AI. It explains how to change the font, color, and animation of the text, as well as how to adjust the placement and background color. The paragraph also covers how to split text across multiple scenes and unlink scenes for individual background customization. Additionally, it discusses adjusting video sizes for different social media platforms and applying voiceovers and background music, emphasizing the importance of volume settings for a balanced audio mix.


🌟 Applying Styles and Branding to Videos

The third paragraph delves into applying styles and branding to videos using Pictory AI. It describes how to choose from a library of styles, save favorite styles, and customize video text for better digestibility. The paragraph also explains how to create a brand within Pictory AI, allowing users to set consistent colors, fonts, and logos for their videos. It highlights the ability to upload intros, outros, background songs, and preferred AI voices to streamline the video creation process. Furthermore, it mentions the option to insert emojis and gifs into videos and the process for previewing and downloading the final video.


📝 Converting Articles into Videos and Advanced Editing

The fourth paragraph discusses converting articles into video summaries and advanced video editing with Pictory AI. It outlines the process of extracting key messages from an article and turning them into a video, allowing users to select which parts of the article to include. The paragraph also covers editing videos using text, inserting YouTube links or video files, and customizing these videos with styles, branding, and additional elements like b-roll clips and audio. The tutorial concludes with an invitation to sign up for Pictory AI, use a discount code, and receive support from the presenter.



💡Pictory AI

Pictory AI is an innovative tool that allows users to convert scripts or articles into videos. It automates the process by analyzing the text and adding relevant stock footage, subtitles, and voiceovers. This tool is particularly useful for content creators, educators, businesses, and social media managers, streamlining the video creation process and requiring no prior video editing skills. In the script, Pictory AI is used to demonstrate how a simple script about the French Alps can be quickly transformed into an engaging video with minimal user input.

💡Script to Video

The 'Script to Video' feature in Pictory AI enables users to create videos directly from a script. By pasting the script into the software, Pictory AI matches each part of the script with appropriate stock footage and creates a storyboard. This feature is showcased in the video where the script about the French Alps is used to generate a video, highlighting the efficiency and ease of use of the platform.

💡Article to Video

The 'Article to Video' function allows users to take an online article, paste its URL into Pictory AI, and have it automatically converted into a video. The software extracts key points from the article to create a summary that can be edited and enhanced with additional footage and voiceovers. This is demonstrated in the script where an article about visiting the French Alps is turned into a video summary.

💡Text Editing

Text editing in Pictory AI refers to the ability to modify the text within the video using a simple text interface. Users can change the font, color, size, and animation of the text to fit their preferences. This feature is highlighted in the script when the presenter customizes the text for the French Alps video, emphasizing the customization options available to users.


A voiceover is a spoken commentary recorded on an audio track of a video, which is used to narrate or explain what is happening on screen. Pictory AI offers the option to apply high-quality AI voiceovers to videos. The script demonstrates this by showing how an AI voice can be selected and applied to the French Alps video, enhancing the storytelling aspect of the video.


Subtitles are text versions of the dialogue or narration in a video, usually displayed at the bottom of the screen. Pictory AI automatically adds subtitles to videos, which can significantly improve engagement rates. In the script, subtitles are mentioned as a feature that is automatically included when a script is converted into a video.

💡Stock Footage

Stock footage refers to pre-existing video material that can be used in various projects. Pictory AI analyzes the script or article and automatically selects relevant stock footage to match the content. In the context of the video, stock footage of the French Alps is automatically chosen to accompany the script about the region.


Customization in Pictory AI involves the ability for users to tailor various aspects of their videos, including changing clips, text, and audio. The script details how users can select different stock footage, adjust text styles, and apply their own voiceovers or choose from premium AI voiceovers to create a unique video that aligns with their vision.


Branding in the context of Pictory AI means setting up a consistent visual and audio identity for all videos created with the tool. This includes defining colors, fonts, logos, intros, outros, and preferred AI voices that represent a user's brand. The script explains how users can create a brand profile in Pictory AI to ensure that all their videos maintain a consistent style and feel.

💡AI Voiceover Tool

An AI voiceover tool uses artificial intelligence to generate human-like voice narration for videos. Pictory AI has integrated with 11 Labs, which is mentioned as the best AI voiceover tool available. This allows users to apply premium voiceovers to their videos, making them sound professional and engaging. The script demonstrates the application of an AI voiceover to the French Alps video.

💡Video Download

After creating and customizing a video in Pictory AI, users have the option to download the final product to their device. The script mentions the process of previewing the video and, once satisfied, downloading it in high quality, which requires a paid plan subscription to access.


Pictory AI allows conversion of scripts and articles into videos by pasting a URL.

No software or editing skills are required to create and edit videos with Pictory AI.

Users can apply their own voiceover or use high-quality AI voiceovers for videos.

Pictory AI automatically analyzes scripts to add relevant stock footage.

The platform automatically adds subtitles to improve engagement rates.

Content creation is streamlined for marketers, educators, professionals, and social media managers.

The 'Script to Video' feature automatically generates a video from a script.

The 'Article to Video' feature converts articles into faceless videos.

Text editing allows users to trim videos, add text, and change formats.

Visuals can be customized with a search function for stock footage and text editing tools.

Pictory AI provides a storyboard for video creation and customization.

Users can change video clips, fonts, text colors, and apply animations to text.

Scenes can be split to distribute text across multiple segments for clarity.

The platform supports unlinking scenes for individual background customization.

Pictory AI offers various video sizes for different social media platforms.

Voiceovers can be applied and customized with volume settings for background music and speech.

The platform integrates with 11 Labs for premium AI voiceover services.

Users can select from a Styles library or save their own styles for future use.

Branding features allow users to create and apply a consistent brand identity to their videos.

Pictory AI provides an easy way to download high-quality videos with various subscription plans.

A discount code 'Creator 20' is available for a 20% lifetime discount on any Pictory AI plan.