PoE Necropolis | Checking out Mana Righteous Fire again

Pohx Kappa
14 May 202410:01

TLDRIn this video, the player revisits the Path of Exile (PoE) game, focusing on a budget-friendly version of the Righteous Fire build. They discuss the challenges of scaling the build in Solo Self-Found (SSF) mode and the benefits of the new Haunted mod for gaining more Intelligence. The player shares their leveling experience, gear setup, and strategies for dealing with the lack of energy shield and life. They also highlight the potential of Arcane Devotion for more damage and the use of various skills like Scolding Ray and Herald of Ash. The video concludes with thoughts on improving the character for end-game content and a tease of possible future gameplay.


  • 🔥 The player is revisiting the Righteous Fire build in the game Path of Exile (PoE) within a trade league context.
  • 🎮 The player encountered difficulty with the build when reaching the endgame, particularly with the Indigon helmet.
  • 🧢 A new Haunted mod allows for gaining moner Intelligence on the helmet, which changes the playstyle and makes it more comfortable.
  • 💰 The player is considering the budget aspect of the build and its viability in solo self-found (SSF) mode.
  • 🛡️ The character is using campaign gear with a few crafted and acquired items, which are obtainable in SSF.
  • 📈 Arcane Devotion is highlighted as a build that scales off spell damage, offering more damage with Righteous Fire than the regular build.
  • 💡 The player discusses the use of low life mechanics and how they might not be budget-friendly, affecting the build's progression.
  • 🛑 The character's lack of energy shield and life makes it squishy, which could be problematic in higher tier maps.
  • 🔮 The player plans to explore options like Aus, Aurora, and Meld of the Flesh for scaling the character's power.
  • 🤔 The player mentions the interaction between Mind Over Matter and Hierophant ascendancy, which affects mana regeneration.
  • 🔄 The player discusses the use of Agnostic for leveling purposes and how it can be used to counteract Righteous Fire's mana cost.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic discussed in the video?

    -The main topic discussed in the video is revisiting the budget starting form of Mono Righteous Fire in the Path of Exile game.

  • What is the issue with the typical playstyle of Righteous Fire?

    -The typical playstyle of Righteous Fire involves turning it on and using shield charge, which does not involve juggling other mechanics, and the speaker does not enjoy this style.

  • What is the significance of the Indigon helmet in the context of Righteous Fire?

    -The Indigon helmet is significant because it allows for spell damage scaling, which Righteous Fire of Arcane Devotion scales off of, but it creates an odd playstyle that the speaker does not prefer.

  • What is the new Haunted mod mentioned in the video?

    -The new Haunted mod allows players to gain moner Intelligence on the helmet, which enables skipping the Indigon helmet and creates a more comfortable playstyle.

  • What is the speaker's current objective in the game?

    -The speaker's current objective is to recreate the character in solo self-found (SSF) mode and determine if it would be worth making compared to their typical Righteous Fire build.

  • What is the issue with scaling off of very expensive or gated mechanics in SSF?

    -Scaling off of very expensive or gated mechanics in SSF can be problematic because these mechanics are sometimes unattainable in SSF, making it difficult to progress with certain builds.

  • What are the speaker's thoughts on the campaign gear and leveling process?

    -The speaker finds the campaign gear and leveling process to be quite easy and not as painful as they initially thought, with Mage Blood being just a skin over their leather belt.

  • What are some of the items the speaker has acquired during the leveling process?

    -The speaker has acquired a fire multi on the scepter, a Kiser ring, and has put on Rise of the Phoenix, all of which can be found in SSF.

  • What is the role of Arcane Devotion in the context of Righteous Fire builds?

    -Arcane Devotion is a true Righteous Fire build that does more damage with RF than regular RF, and it is more comparable to Ivory Tower Righteous Fire builds.

  • What are some of the challenges the speaker anticipates when progressing to red Maps or late yellow Maps?

    -The speaker anticipates challenges with the character's survivability due to having very little energy shield and life, making it difficult to be viable in more advanced maps.

  • What is the speaker's plan for improving the character's survivability?

    -The speaker plans to look into options like Aus, Aurora, and melding of the flesh, which are easier to get in SSF, to improve the character's survivability and make the transition to low life.



🔥 Revisiting Mono Righteous Fire in Trade League

The speaker revisits the Mono Righteous Fire build in a new trade league, encountering challenges with the Indigon helmet that affects spell damage scaling. They discuss the new Haunted mod that allows for Intelligence gain on the helmet, skipping the need for Indigon and creating a more comfortable playstyle. The speaker also shares their experience with leveling the build on a budget, using campaign gear and a few crafted items, and mentions the ease of the campaign with this setup. They talk about the potential of Arcane devotion as a true Righteous Fire build, which scales off spell damage and allows for the use of items like Herald of Ash for increased damage. The speaker acknowledges the character's lack of energy shield and life, indicating a need for transition to a low life setup for viability in higher-level content.


💼 Mind Over Matter and Agnostic Interactions in Mono Righteous Fire

The speaker discusses the interaction between Mind Over Matter and the Hierophant ascendancy, which diverts 50% of the damage taken to the mana pool, affecting mana regeneration. They demonstrate a leveling trick using the Agnostic unique jewel, which drains mana to zero but can be manipulated to act as life regeneration when combined with the life mastery support gem. The speaker also talks about different life build strategies, including full life, low life, and what they refer to as 'scuffed life' builds, which struggle to sustain Righteous Fire. They conclude by mentioning their Twitch VOD for viewers interested in the leveling process and hint at potential future content, including a possible switch to the D4 season.



💡PoE Necropolis

PoE Necropolis refers to the Necropolis league in the game Path of Exile (PoE), which is a popular online action role-playing game developed by Grinding Gear Games. The Necropolis is a type of endgame content where players can earn currency and items. In the video, the creator is revisiting this league to discuss and demonstrate a specific build.

💡Mana Righteous Fire

Mana Righteous Fire is a term used in Path of Exile to describe a build that focuses on the Righteous Fire skill, which is fueled by the player's mana pool instead of life. This build is known for its high damage potential but also for being squishy due to the reliance on mana. In the script, the creator discusses a budget version of this build.

💡Arcane Righteous Fire

Arcane Righteous Fire is another term for the Righteous Fire build that scales off of spell damage. This build is mentioned as being more powerful than the regular Righteous Fire, especially when combined with the Arcane Devotion ascendancy class. The video discusses how this build can be played with a budget approach.


Indigon is a unique helmet in Path of Exile that provides the 'Arcane' suffix to the player's spells, which increases spell damage at the cost of life. The script mentions that Indigon creates an odd playstyle for the Righteous Fire build, as it requires a specific strategy to balance mana and spell damage.

💡Haunted Mod

In the context of Path of Exile, a Haunted Mod is a type of mod that can be applied to items, particularly helmets, to provide additional benefits. The script mentions a new Haunted mod that allows players to gain moner Intelligence, which helps to circumvent the need for Indigon and create a more comfortable playstyle.


SSF stands for Solo Self-Found, a game mode in Path of Exile where players do not trade with others and find all their items themselves. The creator is trying to recreate the Mana Righteous Fire character in SSF mode to see if it can be viable without trading for expensive or gated mechanics.

💡Arcane Devotion

Arcane Devotion is an ascendancy class in Path of Exile that focuses on spell damage and provides bonuses to spell-based skills. The script explains that this ascendancy is particularly powerful with the Righteous Fire build, as it allows for higher damage output and different playstyles.

💡Scorching Ray

Scorching Ray is a skill in Path of Exile that shoots a beam of fire, dealing damage over time to enemies in its path. In the context of the Arcane Devotion build discussed in the video, Scorching Ray is used to trigger infusion, which enhances the player's fire damage and reduces fire damage taken.

💡Low Life

Low Life is a playstyle in Path of Exile where players have a small amount of life and rely on other defensive mechanisms, such as energy shields or life regeneration, to survive. The script mentions that transitioning to a Low Life build might be necessary for the Mana Righteous Fire character to become viable in endgame content.

💡Sanctuary of Thought

Sanctuary of Thought is a notable passive skill node in Path of Exile that grants a large amount of energy shield. The script discusses how this node can be used to increase the character's survivability, especially when combined with the Low Life strategy.

💡Aus, Aurora, Meld

Aus, Aurora, Meld refers to a specific combination of unique items in Path of Exile: Ausotis, Aurora's Tear, and Meld of the Flesh. These items are mentioned in the script as potential targets for farming to improve the character's build, although they are not as easily obtainable in SSF mode.

💡Mind Over Matter

Mind Over Matter is a unique jewel in Path of Exile that interacts with the Hierophant ascendancy passive, allowing a portion of the damage taken to be redirected to the mana pool. The script describes an odd interaction where this jewel, combined with Divine Guidance, affects the character's mana regeneration.


Agnostic is a unique body armor in Path of Exile that drains the player's mana to zero but provides life regeneration based on mana regeneration. The script explains how Agnostic can be used during the leveling phase to counteract the life drain from Righteous Fire without needing high-end gear.


Revisiting the trade league with a budget starting form of Mono Righteous Fire.

Discussing the challenges faced with the playstyle involving Indigon helmet.

Introduction of a new Haunted mod allowing to skip Indigon for a more comfortable playstyle.

Exploring the possibility of recreating the character in SSF and comparing it to typical Righteous Fire build.

Mentioning the difficulty of obtaining expensive or gated mechanics in SSF for Mono Righteous Fire.

Current leveling strategy using budget gear and Mage Blood as a cosmetic skin.

Crafting fire multi on the scepter and acquiring a Kiser ring for the build.

Using Arcane blessing and Divine guidance for the campaign, which has been quite smooth.

Explanation of Arcane devotion as a true Righteous Fire build with more damage.

Discussing the use of Scorching Ray in the build for triggering infusion and dealing more fire damage.

Scaling off spell damage allows for unique mechanics like low life and Herald of Ash.

Concerns about the character's survivability with low energy shield and life.

Transitioning to low life or other strategies for viability in endgame maps.

Considering options like Aus, Aurora, and melding of the flesh for SSF viability.

Demonstration of a boss fight with the current build and its performance.

Interaction of Mind Over Matter and Hierfin ascendency affecting mana regeneration.

Using Agnostic and life mastery to counteract Righteous Fire during the leveling phase.

The importance of not using Agnostic in endgame for maintaining energy shield.

Showing leveling gear and discussing its components for a successful build.

Announcement of potential streaming of D4 season alongside the trade league.