Ruger Ft. BNXN fka Buju – POE (Official Lyric Video)

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11 Apr 202403:24

TLDRThe lyric video for 'POE' by Ruger featuring BNXN fka Buju showcases a rhythmic and energetic performance. The song's lyrics emphasize the artist's pride in being a good citizen and the importance of respecting one's community. With a catchy beat and a strong message, the video encourages viewers to dance and celebrate their identity, highlighting the theme of financial success and personal growth. The artist's charisma and the vibrant visuals make the video a compelling watch, appealing to fans of both the artists and the genre.


  • 🎶 The song features a collaboration between Ruger and BNXN fka Buju.
  • 💃 The lyrics suggest a theme of dancing and enjoying the moment.
  • 🤝 There's an emphasis on respect and not making assumptions about others.
  • 🌎 The artist identifies as a good citizen and seems to be proud of his continent.
  • 💰 Money is a recurring theme, with mentions of earning and spending it.
  • 🕺 The song encourages the listener to dance and enjoy the music.
  • 👀 The lyrics mention seeing and experiencing things to the full extent.
  • 👗 The line 'freshy know she money' implies a confident and financially independent woman.
  • 🎵 The song has a catchy rhythm and is likely to be popular among fans.
  • 🎥 The video is described as an 'official lyric video', indicating a focus on the words of the song.

Q & A

  • Who are the artists featured in the 'POE' lyric video?

    -The artists featured in the 'POE' lyric video are Ruger and BNXN fka Buju.

  • What does the acronym 'BNXN' stand for in the context of the artist's name?

    -In the context of the artist's name, 'BNXN' does not have a specific meaning, it is a stylized version of the artist's name, Buju, who is now known as BNXN.

  • What is the theme of the 'POE' lyric video?

    -The theme of the 'POE' lyric video seems to revolve around the celebration of success, wealth, and the artist's status as a good citizen contributing to the continent's rise.

  • What does the phrase 'respect you no guess cuz never Dam you' mean in the context of the lyrics?

    -The phrase 'respect you no guess cuz never Dam you' suggests that the artist does not make assumptions about others and has never caused harm or damage to them.

  • What is the meaning behind the lyrics 'to full extent see you never experience, full Wess but mind you I'm s maybe I'?

    -This line is a bit cryptic, but it could be interpreted as saying that the listener has never fully experienced the artist's full potential or 'Wess', and the artist is perhaps hinting at their significant capabilities.

  • What is the significance of the line 'government I'm a good citizen of this continent rise'?

    -The line signifies the artist's pride in being a responsible and contributing member of society, highlighting their role in the upliftment of their continent.

  • What message is conveyed by the lyrics 'comp on your back back now back to back, back money back your take'?

    -The lyrics suggest a call to action for resilience and perseverance, urging the listener to keep pushing forward, making money, and taking back what is rightfully theirs.

  • What is the role of the character 'freshy' in the lyrics?

    -The character 'freshy' seems to be a person who is aware of their financial status and is encouraged to dance by the artist, indicating a celebration of success and wealth.

  • How does the artist use the phrase 'I my, money what you, need, like yeah you get only f i check I'm my, favorite'?

    -This phrase suggests that the artist is self-reliant and financially secure, only needing what they can afford and are content with what they have.

  • What is the overall mood of the 'POE' lyric video?

    -The overall mood of the 'POE' lyric video is upbeat and confident, with a focus on self-assuredness, wealth, and the artist's positive contributions to society.



😖 Incomprehensible Script

The content within this paragraph is a series of seemingly random words and phrases, possibly due to transcription errors or formatting issues. It includes references to music, dancing, respect, and money, but lacks a clear narrative or theme. The paragraph is difficult to summarize due to its disjointed nature.




Dance is a form of expressive art that involves rhythmic movement, typically set to music. In the context of the video, 'dance' is likely used to convey a sense of celebration, enjoyment, or a call to action for the audience to engage with the music. The script mentions 'you dance for me make,' suggesting a direct address to the audience or a character in the song, inviting them to dance as a form of participation and enjoyment of the music.


Respect is a concept that denotes a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements. Within the script, 'respect' is mentioned alongside 'no guess cuz never Dam you,' which implies a sense of unwavering admiration or trust that is not based on speculation but on experience or recognition of the subject's true value.


Experience refers to the knowledge or skill acquired by a person through involvement in or exposure to events. The term is used in the script to suggest that the speaker has a profound understanding or realization of something, as indicated by 'see you never experience, full Wess but mind you I'm s maybe I.' It implies a depth of insight or wisdom that comes from direct encounters or participation.


Government is the group of people who have the authority to govern a country or state. In the script, the line 'government I'm a good citizen of this' indicates a relationship between the speaker and the governing body, suggesting that the speaker identifies as a responsible and law-abiding member of society.


A citizen is a person who has rights and responsibilities within a particular country or state. The term is used in the script to emphasize the speaker's identity and relationship with a larger community or nation, as in 'government I'm a good citizen of this,' which underscores a sense of belonging and civic duty.


A continent is one of the main continuous masses of land on Earth, such as Africa, Asia, or Europe. The script mentions 'continent rise,' which could be a metaphorical call for unity or empowerment among the people of a particular continent, or it could be a reference to a specific region's cultural or political identity.


The term 'comp' is short for 'compliment' or 'complimentary,' which means an expression of praise or admiration. However, in the context of the script, 'comp' might be used colloquially or as a slang term, possibly referring to a competition or a comparison. The script says 'comp on your back back now back to back,' which could suggest a competitive spirit or a call for support and solidarity.


Money is a medium of exchange in the form of coins and banknotes, used to purchase goods and services. In the script, 'money' is mentioned in several contexts, such as 'back money back your take,' which could imply financial transactions, gains, or the importance of financial stability and success.


Return can refer to the act of giving back or yielding something, often in the context of investment or a favor. The script includes 'my, return,' which might suggest a reciprocal action or a consequence of previous events, possibly indicating a cycle of give and take or a reflection on past actions.


Freshy, or 'fresh,' is a slang term often used to describe something or someone that is new, stylish, or impressive. In the script, 'freshy know she money' likely refers to a confident and attractive individual who is aware of their financial status or success, embodying a sense of self-assuredness and modernity.


A favorite is a person or thing liked, preferred, or chosen above all others. The script includes 'I my, favorite,' which could be an expression of self-love, self-endorsement, or a declaration of personal preference, suggesting that the speaker values themselves highly or feels a strong sense of self-worth.


[Music] U what I

I dance for me make

respect you no guess cuz never Dam you

to full extent see you never experience

full Wess but mind you I'm s maybe I

need your full content show your ideo

government I'm a good citizen of this

continent rise

comp on your back back now back to back

back money back your take

my return

take be tot like

freshy know she money

you going dance me

baby, I my

money what you need

like yeah you get only f i check I'm my