Runway Gen-3 Ai Video Generator Released! Prompts & Tutorial

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1 Jul 202405:38

TLDRThe Runway Gen-3 AI video generator has been released, promising to be the best in the market. This video showcases its capabilities through various prompts, highlighting realistic environments and consistent motions. Despite occasional glitches like scene warping, it delivers impressive results, especially in environmental and landscape videos. However, the cost is steep, with each 10-second video requiring 100 credits, making it a pricey option for creators seeking high-quality AI-generated content.


  • 🚀 The Runway Gen-3 AI video generator has been released and is generating a lot of interest for its capabilities.
  • 🎥 The AI can generate videos from text prompts, with the current focus being on text-to-video functionality.
  • 🔍 The reviewer tested various aspects including camera motion, shot types, subjects, lighting, and video styles.
  • 🏙️ A prompt example included creating a video of a female detective in Istanbul, which was generated with realistic lighting and motion.
  • ⏱️ Videos are created quickly, usually within 1 to 2 minutes, showcasing the efficiency of the AI.
  • 🕵️‍♀️ In some cases, AI-generated characters can appear unrealistic, resembling video game characters.
  • 🌕 A complex camera motion example with an astronaut on the moon showed good adherence to the prompt but had some unrealistic elements.
  • 💥 Some videos experienced unexpected scene changes, which was noted as an occasional but annoying issue.
  • 🌌 A dystopian sci-fi video with a woman wearing futuristic jewelry was highly consistent and closely followed the prompt.
  • 🔥 Despite cinematic visuals, some videos showed warping issues, particularly with limbs and props.
  • 🌲 The AI performed well with a hunter in a forest scene, with no major complaints about the generated video.
  • 🎬 Runway Gen-3 allows for 10-second video generation, which is a unique feature compared to other AI video generators.
  • 💰 The cost of using Runway Gen-3 is high, with 10 credits per second of video, making it expensive for users.
  • 🎨 The AI showed potential in creating environment and landscape videos but struggled with certain styles like anime.
  • 🛒 Users can download generated videos and adjust their length from 5 to 10 seconds, with a resolution of 720p.

Q & A

  • What is the Runway Gen-3 AI video generator?

    -The Runway Gen-3 AI video generator is a newly released AI tool for generating videos based on text prompts.

  • How does the video creation process work in Runway Gen-3?

    -Users enter their prompts into a prompt box, and the AI generates videos based on these prompts, typically within 1 to 2 minutes.

  • What types of prompts did the reviewer test in the video?

    -The reviewer tested prompts involving camera motion and shot type, different subjects, lighting conditions, and various video styles.

  • How did the video of a female detective walking down a dark alley turn out?

    -The video showed the detective walking down a dimly lit alley with consistent lighting and motion throughout the duration, without any warping.

  • What were some issues noted with the video of a man walking through a desert?

    -While the walking motion was fluid, the face and body of the man appeared obviously AI-generated, resembling a video game character.

  • What was the result of the close-up shot on a female astronaut's eyes?

    -The AI followed the camera motion well, starting close up on the eyes and zooming out to reveal the astronaut on the moon, although the astronaut's lower body was unrealistically depicted in shorts.

  • What was a common issue with some of the generated videos?

    -In some cases, the videos would suddenly split into a different scene, which was an annoying issue when it occurred.

  • How did the video of a woman wearing a futuristic neon necklace turn out?

    -This video was one of the best, with consistent motion and identity of the character, a coherent background, and it closely followed the prompt.

  • What was a noted downside of Runway Gen-3?

    -Runway Gen-3 is quite expensive, costing 10 credits for 1 second of video, which amounts to $1 for a 10-second video.

  • How does Runway Gen-3 compare to other AI video generators?

    -While technologically impressive, Runway Gen-3 lacks an image to video feature, making it less competitive with other AI tools like Luma AI, which offers extremely high-quality image to video generation.



🎥 Runway Gen 3 AI Video Generator Review

The script provides an in-depth review of the newly released Runway Gen 3 AI video generator. The author shares their personal experience after extensive testing, highlighting the generator's capabilities and limitations. The review focuses on aspects such as camera motion, shot types, subject variety, lighting conditions, and video styles. It demonstrates the AI's ability to create realistic environments and motions, although it points out issues like occasional warping and inconsistencies in character details. The author also compares the video length and resolution options to other AI video generators and discusses the cost-effectiveness, noting that Runway Gen 3 is expensive for the output it provides. The script concludes with a comparison to another AI, Luma AI, suggesting it as an alternative for those interested in high-quality image-to-video conversion.


💬 Opinion on Runway Gen 3's Competitiveness and Cost

In the second paragraph, the author expresses their opinion on Runway Gen 3's standing in the market of AI video generators. They acknowledge the impressive technological achievements of Runway Gen 3 but suggest that the platform needs to introduce image-to-video capabilities to compete effectively with other AI services like Luma. The author considers the cost of using Runway Gen 3 to be high relative to the value it offers, sharing their personal viewpoint on the matter. They also invite viewers to explore another tutorial they created on Luma AI for those seeking a different option with potentially better quality and cost.



💡Runway Gen-3

Runway Gen-3 is the latest version of an AI video generator that has been released to the public. It has generated significant hype for its advanced capabilities in text-to-video generation. The video focuses on testing and reviewing its features and performance.


Text-to-Video refers to the technology that converts written text prompts into video content. In Runway Gen-3, users input text descriptions, and the AI generates corresponding video clips. The video illustrates various examples created using this feature.


A prompt is a text input provided by the user to guide the AI in generating videos. The video tests different prompts to evaluate the AI's ability to create accurate and realistic videos based on user instructions.

💡Camera Motion

Camera motion refers to the movement of the camera in a video scene, such as zooming in or out. The video tests Runway Gen-3's ability to follow different camera motions, such as a close-up shot or a long shot, to see how well the AI handles these instructions.

💡Lighting Conditions

Lighting conditions describe the illumination in a video scene, which can affect the video's mood and realism. The video reviews Runway Gen-3's performance under various lighting conditions, such as dimly lit alleys and brightly lit environments.

💡Video Styles

Video styles refer to the artistic or visual approach of a video, such as retro sci-fi or cinematic. The video explores how well Runway Gen-3 can mimic different video styles based on the prompts provided.


Realism in the context of AI-generated videos refers to how lifelike and believable the videos appear. The video assesses the realism of Runway Gen-3's outputs, noting instances where the generated videos look like video game renders or have noticeable AI artifacts.


Warping is a visual distortion that can occur in AI-generated videos, where parts of the image may appear stretched or out of place. The video highlights instances of warping in Runway Gen-3's outputs, such as distorted limbs or sudden scene changes.


Resolution refers to the clarity and detail of a video, measured in pixels. Runway Gen-3 generates videos in resolutions of 720p or 1280x768 pixels. The video mentions these resolution options and their impact on the quality of the generated videos.


Credits are the currency used in Runway Gen-3 to generate videos, with 10 credits required for 1 second of video. The video discusses the cost of using Runway Gen-3, including the price of credits and the limitations of the standard plan.


Runway Gen-3 AI video generator has been released to the public.

AI video generator is considered the best in the market.

Testing includes camera motion, shot type, subjects, lighting conditions, and video styles.

Text-to-video is currently the only available option.

Videos are generated quickly, usually in 1 to 2 minutes.

Example videos include a female detective in Istanbul and a man in a desert.

AI-generated characters may appear unrealistic, similar to video game characters.

Camera motion and zoom are well-followed by the AI.

Occasional scene splits in videos can be annoying.

Photorealistic results are achievable, but motion may not always follow prompts.

Consistency and identity in character and motion are strong points.

Some warping occurs with arms and objects in certain lighting conditions.

Runway Gen-3 can generate 10-second videos directly, unlike other generators.

The cost of Runway Gen-3 is high, at 10 credits per second of video.

A standard plan starts at $15 per month with limited video generation credits.

Runway Gen-3 is impressive technologically but expensive for the output.

Image-to-video feature is needed for Runway Gen-3 to be competitive.

Luma AI is suggested as an alternative for high-quality image-to-video generation.