STARRY AI: Create AI Art in your own style!

Wade McMaster - Creator Impact
13 Nov 202306:04

TLDRThe video script introduces Star AI, a mobile app that enables users to create AI-generated art and train their own styles. The app is available on Android, Google, and Apple devices, and allows for personalized art creation through simple text prompts and style training with uploaded images. The app also offers features like image variation, retouching, and upscaling to high resolutions. The user-friendly interface and powerful features make Star AI an appealing platform for AI art enthusiasts, with continuous improvements enhancing the user experience.


  • 🎨 Star AI is a mobile app for creating AI art, available on Android and Apple devices.
  • 🖌️ Users can create art by inputting text prompts and choosing from various styles and options.
  • 📱 The app is designed for phone use, with a user-friendly interface.
  • 🖼️ Creations can be saved in different aspect ratios like square, mobile, portrait, and landscape.
  • 🔄 The app allows users to create variations, remix, and retouch their AI-generated images.
  • 📸 Users can upscale their images to higher resolutions, such as 8K, for more detailed artwork.
  • 🌟 Star AI offers pre-made styles and the option to train custom styles using personal images.
  • 🏷️ Custom styles can be named and categorized, such as 'Bots versus cons' for character styles.
  • 🎨 New creations can be generated using the user's trained styles for personalized artwork.
  • ✏️ The retouch feature lets users paint over specific areas of an image and then regenerate the artwork.
  • 🔄 The app has improved significantly over the past few months, offering better AI art generation capabilities.

Q & A

  • What is the main purpose of the Star AI app?

    -The main purpose of the Star AI app is to allow users to create AI-generated art and train their own styles on their mobile devices.

  • On which platforms is Star AI app available?

    -Star AI app is available on Google Android and Apple devices.

  • How can users get started with creating art using Star AI?

    -Users can get started by pressing the text area and entering a prompt, such as 'Samurai frog ready for battle', to generate images.

  • What options are available for customizing the generated images?

    -Users can choose canvas size, aspect ratios, and even upscale the resolution of the generated images.

  • How can users download their created images from Star AI?

    -Users can download their images by clicking the cloud button underneath the image on the right, which saves it to their phone's album.

  • What is the process for creating a new style in Star AI?

    -To create a new style, users can tap on 'Styles', then upload up to five images, enter a style name, select a category, and start training the style.

  • How long does it typically take for a style to be trained in Star AI?

    -It usually takes about an hour for a style to be trained in Star AI.

  • What features does Star AI offer for refining the generated art?

    -Star AI offers features such as creating variations, remixing, retouching, and upscaling the resolution of the generated images.

  • How can users remove unwanted elements from their AI-generated art?

    -Users can use the 'retouch' option to paint over the unwanted elements and then create a new image with the modified area.

  • What is the maximum resolution users can upscale their images to in Star AI?

    -Users can upscale their images to a maximum resolution of 15,000 pixels.

  • How has the Star AI app evolved over time?

    -The Star AI app has improved greatly over the past few months, offering more features and a better user experience.

  • How can users access Star AI if they are interested in trying it out?

    -Users can access Star AI by looking for it in their app store or following the link provided in the video description.



🎨 Introducing Star AI: AI Art Creation and Style Training

This paragraph introduces the Star AI app, a platform for creating AI-generated art on mobile devices. It highlights the app's features such as creating art, training personal styles, and compatibility with various devices. The speaker briefly explains how to use the app, including creating images with text prompts, selecting canvas sizes, and exploring different styles. The process of generating an image, from prompt to download, is described. Additionally, the speaker discusses the option to upscale images for higher resolution and the ability to create variations or retouch images directly within the app.


🚀 Enhancing AI Art with Personal Style and Advanced Editing

The second paragraph delves into the advanced features of Star AI, focusing on the ability to add personal style to AI-generated art. It explains how users can explore pre-made styles or create their own by uploading images and training a new style. The process of training a style, naming it, and selecting a category is detailed. The speaker then demonstrates how to use the newly created style to generate images that match the personal style. The paragraph also covers the retouch feature, allowing users to make adjustments to their images by painting over specific areas and generating a new image based on the changes. The speaker concludes by recommending Star AI for those interested in AI art, noting its user-friendly interface and improvements over time.



💡AI art

AI art refers to the creation of artistic images or designs using artificial intelligence. In the context of the video, it involves using the Star AI app to generate images based on text prompts or styles input by the user. The app is capable of producing unique visual content that reflects the user's creative direction.

💡Star AI

Star AI is a mobile application that enables users to create AI-generated art and train their own styles for personalized artwork. It is available on both Android and Apple devices and serves as the primary tool discussed in the video for generating and customizing AI art.

💡Text prompt

A text prompt is a string of text entered by the user to guide the AI in generating a specific type of image. It serves as a creative input for the AI to interpret and visualize into an artwork. In the video, text prompts are used to instruct the Star AI app to produce images that match the described concept.

💡Canvas size

Canvas size refers to the dimensions of the digital space where the AI art is created. It determines the shape and size of the output image. In the video, the user can choose from various canvas sizes such as portrait, landscape, and square to fit their artistic needs.

💡Style training

Style training in the context of AI art involves uploading a set of images to the app, which the AI then uses to learn and emulate a specific visual style. This allows users to create AI-generated art that matches their own or a predefined style, adding a personal touch to the artwork.


Upscaling refers to the process of increasing the resolution of an image, making it larger while maintaining or improving its quality. In the video, the user upscales an image from 512x640 pixels to 4096x5120 pixels, resulting in a high-resolution image suitable for detailed viewing.


Retouch is the process of editing or altering an existing image, typically to correct flaws or enhance certain elements. In the context of the video, the user uses the retouch feature to manually paint over unwanted parts of the AI-generated image and then generates a new image based on the edited area.

💡User-friendly interface

A user-friendly interface is a design that allows users to interact with a software application easily and intuitively. In the video, the Star AI app is praised for its user-friendly interface, which makes it accessible for creating and customizing AI art without requiring advanced technical skills.

💡Free to try

Free to try indicates that the basic version of a software or app is available at no cost, allowing users to test its features before deciding whether to upgrade or purchase additional features. In the video, Star AI is mentioned as being free to try, which encourages potential users to explore the app's capabilities without financial commitment.


A sponsor is an individual, organization, or company that supports or promotes an event, activity, or content, often in exchange for advertising or recognition. In the video, Star AI is the sponsor, which means they have supported the creation of the video content, likely in the hope of increasing awareness and usage of their app.

💡Platform improvement

Platform improvement refers to the ongoing enhancements made to a software or service to increase its functionality, user experience, or performance. In the video, the presenter notes that Star AI has shown significant improvements over the past few months, indicating that the app's developers are actively working to refine and add to its capabilities.


Star AI is a mobile app for creating AI art on your phone, available on Google Android and Apple devices.

The app allows users to create art and train their own styles for personalized AI art creations.

Star AI can be signed up and used on a computer, but the demonstration is focused on the mobile app experience.

Creating images is as simple as entering a text prompt, with options to change canvas size and style.

Users can choose from various aspect ratios and random seeds to start the image creation process.

Images created can be downloaded to the phone's album, with the option to upscale for higher resolutions.

The app offers the ability to create variations, remix, and retouch images for further customization.

Users can explore pre-made styles within the app or create their own by uploading images and training a new style.

Creating a new style involves uploading up to five images, naming the style, and selecting an appropriate category.

Once a style is trained, users can create new images using that style, which will reflect the characteristics of the uploaded images.

The retouch feature allows users to paint over areas of the image and then create a new image based on the painted area.

The app is user-friendly and offers a free trial, with a continuous improvement in features and performance.

The video tutorial demonstrates the process of creating AI art, training styles, and editing images using the Star AI app.

The app is endorsed as a powerful platform for AI art creation, with a noticeable improvement in the past few months.

Star AI is recommended for those interested in experimenting with AI art, offering a robust and evolving tool.